04 Dec

Avoid Hassles During The Holidays

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 04.12.09 by John Meloche

We have talked a lot about the holiday season as of late. How could we not? But most of what we have talked about involvs gift-giving, smart spending and utilizing promotional items as the best source of advertising for your business.

But even the busiest business owners have to take some time off to enjoy the holidays. And when it really comes down to it, that is what the holiday season is truly all about. It is the sharing and caring for friends and family members that make this time of year so very special.

The Toronto Sun's Stefania Moretti reports today that there are a number of things that we can all do to help us, not only enjoy the season, but get ourselves recharged for the new year. One of those things is to ensure that all necessary work has been completed before the holiday season.

Too often, business owners find themselves in a situation where they have no choice but to work straight through the holidays. When this is the case, it is nearly impossible to have a relaxing holiday that allows for the necessary ?recharge? that will help you start the new year strongly.

Executive Director Robert Hosking of the staffing firm OfficeTeam offers up a number of tips to avoid this dilemma. Says Hosking: ?Those who don't lay the proper groundwork before they leave may find themselves constantly connected to the office while on holiday breaks or overloaded when they return.”

His first tip is simply to post a calendar. Doing so, says Hosking, will help you to co-ordinate vacation dates with your team early so that scheduling conflicts do not arise. This will also help you to easily determine which dates you will be out of the office. Letting your staff know of this early will help to avoid miscommunication and excess burden on your colleagues.

Hosking also suggests that you take a page out of Santa Claus' book. ?Make a list, check it twice? he recommends. This will help to minimize work disruptions as a detailed record of projects and their statuses will help for organization and timely work completion.

Being ?tech-savvy? can also be of great assistance during the holidays. Firstly, Hosking suggests that you supply an alternate email contact so that you can be of service, if necessary, even when outside of the office. Secondly, he recommends that you update any soon-to-expire computer passwords before the new year so that your staff doesn't get off to a slow start when they return.

Don't forget to ?trim your inbox? as well. Allow for enough space to receive large files while you are away. Do the same with your voicemail box.

Here is a final tip that we would like to add ourselves. Let your staff know that they are appreciated. They will be back after the holidays with a very positive outlook for the new year. And that, of course, is good for your business. Hey, a promo gift couldn't hurt! Happy holidays!

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04 Dec

Canadians To Spend Conservatively This Season

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 04.12.09 by John Meloche

As we have made pretty clear for the past few weeks, Synergy Marketing Consultants is all about gift-giving. And while we enjoy this topic and this practice all year round, we know that there is no better time than the holiday season to give gifts.

For some, it may go without saying that it is wise to not spend more than what your budget can manage when doing your holiday shopping. For others, it is not even a matter of choice. Spending this holiday season will have to significantly decrease for those who have been greatly affected by the recession of this past year.

And while a report from the QMI Agency, appearing on the website of The Toronto Sun yesterday, revealed that the economy seems to be slowly creeping its way out of recession, consumers are still reeling from its effects. The report comments that the outlook of many Canadians, with respect to their holiday spending, is ?bleak?.

It reveals that the 2009 Air Miles Reward Program Holiday Survey shows that only 6% of Canadians believe that the economy is actually on the road to recovery. As a result, 71% of survey respondents indicate that they plan on spending less on gift-giving this season.

When put into dollar figures, the differences between last year's spending to this year's is as follows: ?The average person will spend $676 on gifts this year compared with $736 in 2008. Atlantic Canadians have the biggest budgets this festive season with $794, while Quebec residents plan to spend the least with $522.?

The survey also discovered that one-third of Canadians feel stressed ?because they're strapped for cash?. Naturally, most will be bargain-hunting this shopping season as approximately 60% of those who took the survey admitted that they will be trying to take advantage of loyalty points and other incentives offered by retailers.

In addition, 84% of respondents plan to exchange reward points or miles for gifts this year.

Neil Everett, chief marketing officer for the Air Miles reward program had this to say: “Consumer trends show that Canadians have become smarter shoppers during the past year by adding value like reward miles to their purchases that can be redeemed during the holidays as a supplement to their budget.?

The name of the game, evidently, is to save money while spending on gifts this year. That way, after enjoying the holiday season, the new year will be void of additional financial burden.

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02 Dec

Use On Demand Promotion

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 02.12.09 by John Meloche

One of today's greatest fads ? and to be fair, it is probably one that will be around for a very long time ? is the concept of ?on demand?. You know how nowadays, you don't necessarily have to be at home in front of your television to watch your favourite shows during their regularly scheduled broadcasts?

Now, with the ?on demand? feature, you can choose to view your show at a time that is convenient to you. This cable feature has grown, and continues to grow dramatically as it provides an incredible convenience to just about anyone with a busy life schedule.

At Synergy Marketing Consultants, we like to see our wealth of amazing promotional products as an ?on demand? service of its own. How so, you ask?

Well, with our many years of experience in the marketing and promotional industry, we are well aware of the many different ways that a business can choose to advertise. The thing is, with most of these avenues, the advertising takes place at a time that is not necessarily convenient for the business doing the advertising.

Take magazine ads, for example. Often, these ads get sold on a ?per month? basis. So if a business wants to advertise in a magazine, the publication may request for there to be a commitment of several months in order to secure the advertising space. Sometimes, what ends up happening is that there is no space for your advertisement until another company's agreement has run its course.

The same can be said for television commercials. While businesses may have some say in the TV shows that they advertise on, they do not necessarily know when the actual ad will run. If someone has missed it, he or she will have to ? by chance ? wait for an unknown period of time to view the commercial again.

This is not to say that TV commercials and magazine ads are not effective modes of advertising. They simply represent a company's lack of control to completely determine when they advertise their product to the public.

Our promotional items put the power in the hands of the business owner. The items are delivered to who you want, when you want. They allow for owners to carefully select the exact target market as often as they wish and for as long as they choose.

Our promo items are truly an ?on demand? service that we recommend business owners take great advantage of. They are convenient, useful and best of all, will help your business to become more ?in demand?.

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01 Dec

Storied Hockey Rivalry Continues Tonight

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 01.12.09 by John Meloche

Tonight, the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Now, of course, there are two ways that you may have known that already. You are either a huge hockey fan and one of those two bitter rivals is your favourite team. Or you own one of Synergy Marketing Consultants' specially designed, original 2010 Hockey Schedule Pens.

Created exclusively by Synergy, these extremely handy hockey pens each include an awesome pull out schedule that rolls out from around the barrel of the pen. The schedule, of course, is that of each and every home and away game played by each of Canada's six professional hockey teams. In addition to the the Buds and the Habs, you'll also get the home and away schedules for the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers and the Ottawa Senators.

There's just something about a Leafs/Canadiens game though that makes it one of the most important dates on the hockey calendar. First of all, being part of the National Hockey League's original six teams along with the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings, it naturally gives these two franchises a very long and storied rival. This is especially because they are the only two Canadian teams out of the ?Original Six?.

However, these two teams also represent the two most successful franchises in the league's history. The Canadiens and the Maple Leafs rank numbers one and two respectively for most Stanley Cup championships ever won. Montreal has won a record 24 Stanley Cups, while the second place Toronto Maple Leafs follow with 13 championships. The Detroit Red Wings are the only other team in the NHL with Stanley Cup wins in the double digits.

As many already know, much has changed since the glory days of these two teams. While it is still considered early in the hockey season, neither the Leafs nor the Habs are currently in playoff contention. With only six wins on the season so far, the Leafs are barely escaping the NHL's basement, having just four points more than the dead-last Carolina Hurricanes.

Celebrating the franchise's 100th year, the Canadiens cannot brag that they are doing all that much better. With 26 points, they currently sit 12th spot in the Eastern Conference. Nevertheless, ravenous hockey fans from both Montreal and Toronto in addition to the rest of the country for that matter, will be glued to their television sets for an exciting night of hockey action tonight.

If you haven't yet picked up the 2010 Hockey Schedule Pen with your company's name on it yet, you better do so now. That way, you and your clients won't miss another important game this season!

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