16 Apr

Cliché Mottos May Be The Most True

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 16.04.10 by John Meloche

In yesterday's blog, we touched on a few of the popular phrases or mottos that many of our Synergy Marketing Consultants staff say to themselves and to their team to motivate them throughout the day. These phrases help not only communicate a certain amount of energy but insist upon treating customers with respect and gratitude.

Mottos including ?if you're not interesting, they won't be interested? and ?you gotta give some, to get some? speak to the upbeat and positive attitude required to develop strong business relationships with customers.

Today, we will take a look a few more of our favourite sayings to help shed more light on what may help your business when dealing with the public. With help from Barry Farber from a November 2001 article in Entrepreneur, we discovered that many of the things our sales staff believe in and practice are staples in the sales industry. Farber writes that some catchy phrases become clichés, only because they happen to be true.

Who hasn't heard of the phrase ?actions speak louder than words?? We all know that if you cannot back up what you say, your credibility will be questioned almost indefinitely. We believe strongly, that as much as we excitedly inform our clients about the wondrous effects our promo items can have for their businesses, if the products don't live up to their billings, we may go out of business.

Says Farber: ?Anyone can talk a great game. It's what you do after the talk, after the sale has gone through, and after the promises have been made. It's follow-up and follow-through. That's where trust, service and future business are built.? As a result, one of our most popular sayings around the Synergy office is, ?be sure to call me back to tell me what a great job I did!?.

And although, some of us use this request in a joking fashion, we truly believe that our clients will be just that impressed with what we have provided them. Since our actions actually do speak louder than our words, many of our clients have, in fact, called us back to not only thank us but ask for more product.

How's this for cliché? ?Honesty is the best policy?. You've heard it time and time again. But this may be one of the truest statements anyone could ever utter. Standing behind your product is easy when you truly believe in its quality. Embellishing or outright lying about a product will hurt your company's reputation for good.

Being honest is especially helpful when you have news to provide that may not be so welcome by the average customer. As Farber writes: ?Customers never want to hear bad news. They don't want to hear that they have to pay extra or that delivery may take longer. But the best salespeople always tell customers the truth to ensure there are no misunderstandings later on.?

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15 Apr

Practicing What You Preach

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 15.04.10 by John Meloche

There are a number of terms and phrases that have flown around the Synergy Marketing Consultants offices over the past few months. Call them mottos, or even mantras, if you will. At the end of the day, these terms and phrases make up a belief system that we believe helps to generate long-term business. As always, we will allow our awesome blog to be the vessel that transports our awesome ideas to you…free of charge!

One of our esteemed associates tends to use the phrase, ?If you ain't interesting, they won't be interested!? We believe strongly in this one. Our team member is referring to the methods by which one can promote his product over the phone. And while this motto can be used through a variety of methods ? television advertising being one of the most obvious – we will discuss his literal meaning.

Our staff proudly stands behind the promotional items that they offer their clients. And as we have mentioned before, they get quite enthusiastic in many of their phone calls to clients when introducing these products to them. Want to know why? Picture the following scenario.

Imagine receiving a phone call from someone who just visited a new restaurant for dinner. This friend of yours recommends the restaurant by claiming that the food was good, but does so in a monotone and almost bored sounding voice.

How convinced would you be that the food was all that great? Imagine another phone call from another friend who ate at a different restaurant. For all you know, the food was much worse at this establishment. However, the energy and excitement in your friend's voice makes it all too convincing that this restaurant must be checked out.

Enthusiasm most certainly goes a long way when promoting a product. So, of course, if you do a lot of business on the phone, it pays to be ?interesting? so that your customer is ?interested?.

?You gotta give some to get some.? Does this phrase sound familiar? There are a number of things that this saying could be referring to. But as one of our favourite team members, put it, ?it's all about respect?.

Respecting your clients means that you are looking out for their best interests. It proves you are listening to their concerns and are willing to ease them. And while a sale is always important, a long-lasting business relationship is that much more important. We feel it necessary to ensure that each and every one of our clients are happy with both the products and the service that they receive.

That way, we guarantee that the next time they are in need of promo items, they come to us. You've got to give respect, to earn respect, right? We hope you'll respect our advice and practice some of our mantras while creating and abiding by some of your own. We'll touch base with this topic in tomorrow's blog, as well.

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14 Apr

Heating Up For Summer Promotions

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 14.04.10 by John Meloche

Dare we say it? Is summer in the air? Of course, it is only mid-April but one can't help but conjure up images of the summer season when warm weather and sunshine are the norm. It is never too soon for business owners to consider the many ways in which they can utilize the awesome summer weather to promote their businesses in ways that the winter would not allow.

At Synergy Marketing Consultants, we spend a fair amount of time discussing with our clients the many different opportunities they can use to hand out their promotional gifts to both clients and associates. The summer provides, arguably, the most opportunities to do so, especially as outdoor events become more commonplace.

As EbooksNowOnline.com reminds us, depending on what type of business you own, you may tailor make summer events to suit the needs of your customer base. Attracting more business by hosting certain events will, of course, also provide ample opportunities to have your promo gifts leave with important clientele.

One of the most popular functions to put on is the family or work barbeque. Fun for just about everyone who enjoys activities and good food, barbeques are excellent social gatherings that will help draw a lot of attention to your business. In addition to providing a time for handing out promo items, you may also want to hold a BBQ in conjunction with a sale or promotion of some kind. Perhaps a raffle or contest would do the trick in securing a number of new contacts.

EbooksNowOnline.com also recommends that business owners hold events that may allow for demonstrations. Hardware stores, for example, could present outdoor workshops that show home owners how to repair their homes using their products. Make your event fun, interactive and most certainly safe. Chances are you will generate new business all throughout the summer and well into the following seasons.

Such events should also be fun for children. Perhaps including a workshop for kids so that they may create a presents for Mother's Day and Father's Day would be beneficial.

Restaurants and other eateries as well as grocery stores and food markets can all benefit from the following idea from EbooksNowOnline.com. How about an outdoor cooking display? Even department stores that sell cookware can benefit from these interactive events that demonstrate not only the food, but the cookware used to conjure about the dishes.

Keeping adults, youth and children all in mind when planning your summer events is very important. Again, depending on your industry, you will want to ensure that you draw in as much new business as possible from all age groups. The summer is generally enjoyed by most people. Make the most of your summer, and you will be making even more out of your business.

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13 Apr

Twitter Introduces New Ad Feature

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 13.04.10 by John Meloche

Back in the beginning of March, the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog touched on the various ways in which business owners can utilize the internet's most popular social networking sites to promote their businesses. Among the most popular of today's websites is Twitter.

Yes, everyone seems to be ?tweeting? these days. And while many people tend to flock to Twitter to reveal every menial moment of their days, many others are using it to make a name for themselves.

The Associated Press reminds us today, in an article posted on The Toronto Star's website that ?Twitter has grown quickly in popularity since it started in 2006, with celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher 'tweeting' messages of 140 characters or less alongside everyday users.?

More importantly than allowing users to follow the every move and thought of your favourite celebrity, Twitter has now become a premium marketing tool for businesses. The Associated Press article also reveals that just today, Twitter announced that it will now allow companies to pay to have their messages show up first in searches on its site.

Known as ?Promoted Tweets?, Twitter is clearly doing its best to cash in on its widespread popularity. The article explains that Twitter has been generating income thus far by providing Google Inc. and Microsof Corp. with access to messages for their search engines. Now that Twitter has introduced a new way for companies to advertise using its site, it clearly intends to increase profits.

Today, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone blogged that it took the company time to introduce this new feature because they ?wanted to optimize for value before profit.? Already, companies such as Best Buy Co., Sony Pictures, Starbucks Corp. and Virgin America are making use of Promoted Tweets.

The Associated Press explains how this new feature works: ?The new Promoted Tweets are to be 'called out' as ads on top of search results on Twitter, much as sponsors can pay for listings atop rankings on search engines such as Google, Microsoft?s Bing and Yahoo. That means Twitter users would see the new ads when they search broadly for topics being tweeted about.?

The article notes, however, that many users of Twitter do not use the service through search engines or even visits to the website. Instead, ?tweeting? is most commonly done through mobile and desktop software. Nowadays, you'll find many people ?tweeting? away on their cell phones.

Perhaps then, it is questionable if the new Promoted Tweets feature will have much of an impact for companies trying to utilize it. Twitter is already thinking of taking the service further so that it will show up on mobile feeds. According to Stone, if a Promoted Tweet is not replied to or forwarded by other users, it may disappear.

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12 Apr

Blue Jays Fall Short In Home Opener

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 12.04.10 by John Meloche

A couple of weeks ago, as March was coming to a close, the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog discussed car maker Honda becoming the new official sponsor of the Toronto Blue Jays. Regarding the move as a ?calculated risk? considering the low expectations for the team in their 2010 campaign, our blog visited the idea that Honda's sponsorship of the team may be a move that could pay off greatly in the long run.

With the team not considered a contender for the time being, reports surmised that Honda was spending what could be relatively referred to as ?a little? with the hopes of getting ?a lot? in return, should the Blue Jays pick up steam in the coming seasons. The hope, of course, is that the Jays will continue with their rebuilding process in an effort to become a dominant team in the league as they once were in the early 90's.

Earlier tonight may have given Honda extra confidence that their sponsorship of the team was the right move, as the Toronto Blue Jays played in their home opener against the Chicago White Sox at the Rogers Centre. Firstly, the team played in front of a sellout crowd of 46,321 fans.

Honda's sponsorship of the team was made evident thoughout the game, as they branded each an every highlight pack under the ?Honda Blue Jays Baseball? slogan. In addition, Honda had on display a large window ad in centre field that evidently stay for the duration of the season. Obviously, tons of fans took this all in.

Most importantly for fans however, and maybe for Honda as well, the Blue Jays played a very competitive game. Although very early in the season, fans can already take pride in the fact that the Jays currently sit atop the always-tough American League East with a 5-2 record.

And although the home side did experience their second loss of the season tonight, it came at the end of an exhilirating back and forth struggle that saw the Jays lose and reclaim the lead three separate times until being forced into extra innings.

With two men out in the bottom of the eleventh inning, the Jays put two runners on setting up a potential game-winning hit to send the capacity crowd into a frenzy. It was not to be unfortunately. However, both the Toronto fans and the team's sponsor would likely agree that the on-field product, thus far, has been very entertaining.

As TSN.ca put it: ?Baseball fans were treated to elements of nostalgia in the home-opener but they were also given an idea of the realities facing the Toronto Blue Jays as they delve deeper into another rebuilding season.?

That being said, it would appear as if Honda has already made a solid investment. Hopefully, Blue Jays fans have as well. Here's to a successful season guys!

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09 Apr

Promo Calendars Help Build Your Image

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 09.04.10 by John Meloche

This past week, the ever-fantastic Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog covered two main themes. Those being the power of the promotional calendar and ensuring that your company develops a strong image. In today's blog, we will cap off the week by combining the two concepts to discuss how you may utilize the promotional calendar to strengthen your company's image.

Remembering that your ?image? refers to the ways in which your business makes its customers feel, it is important to consider that while calendars are excellent year-round promotional tools, they should properly represent your brand. Auto mechanics, for example, love the new Exotic Cars calendar we offer. However, they are also pretty big fans of the Swimsuits design! Hanging these calendars in their shops and giving them out to their customers only help their brands, not hurt them.

A real estate agent, on the other hand, may want to consider a design other than the Swimsuits edition for his or her clients. The Homes calendar, of course, works just fine for them. ArticlesBase.com also suggests five ways that companies can use promotional calendars to effectively market their businesses to maintain a strong company image.

One of the smartest ways to use the calendars as promo items, advises the site, is to insert your company's sale periods into the calendar. It is a great idea to tell customers what the best times are to shop at your store and perhaps take advantage of some of your best promotions and sales. Instead of shading out the squares representing the dates, however, it may be better to add a little reminder to the main picture area.

Another tip suggested by ArticlesBase.com is to insert car service or regular appointment reminders into the calendar. This tactic, of course, works great for mechanics or other businesses that offer services that are booked by appointment. Dentists and doctors have made great use of this strategy.

Third, ArticlesBase.com advises that ?If your business follows similar patterns to many, you will have several times of year when you are very busy and many more weeks when you are quite quiet. Use giveaway calendars for little marketing messages during your busy times.? The site lists Mother's Day and Christmas as prime examples.

Calendars should aslo be used as ?pure branding for sub-niches of your customers.? ArticlesBase.com descibes: ?Many people actually have plenty of emotion associated with their business ? you just need to tap into what the customer is using your product for, in emotional terms…Find the emotion that is applicable to your business and use it in your calendars.?

Finally, it is also recommened that you utilize the promo calendars as a coupon delivery system. Companies like McDonalds have mastered the technique of supplying calendars that includ different specials for every week.

So mark this down on your calendar. Remind yourself that this coming Monday, you'll be giving Synergy Marketing Consultants a call to place an order for your favourite promo items to take advantage of The Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway. Those 50 new calendars will really help make a difference in strengthening your company brand for years to come.

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08 Apr

Image Continues To Be Everything

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 08.04.10 by John Meloche

Yesterday, the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog visited the concept that ?image is everything?. Researching some very helpful tips from SmallBusinessNotes.com, our entry championed the idea of ensuring that your company's image is a strong one. Keeping in mind that the definition of ?image? is the impression left with your client base and not simply your name and logo, we would like to further our point in today's blog.

As SmallBusinessNotes.com advises us, your company image represents your identity in the marketplace. Remember that your competitors may have the same image as you. The site cites the example of two different grocery stores that operate in the same region. They may both offer quality products and reasonable prices and therefore make most customers feel comfortable shopping at either establishment.

By contrast, one of the two grocery stores may not be as clean or brightly lit as the other. Perhaps the customer service is poor in one of the stores as well. As a result, the images of each company will most certainly differ. To reiterate, when your customer base feels confident about your brand, you have been successful in developing a strong company image.

Again, image is all about your customers' thoughts, feelings, beliefs and opinions about what you have to offer. SmallBusinessNotes.com offers up a number of ways in which companies can create strong images for their brands. This may be some of the most useful information that we have ever provided…so in advance, you're welcome!

As expected, your company logo ? right on down to the colour ? should evoke the desired thoughts and feelings from your audience. Does your physical image make customers feel comfortable? Is it inviting? Interesting? Innovative? Your logo is one of the very first things to consider when developing the image of your brand.

This needs to be considered for all of your company's materials and packaging including business cards, letterheads and invoices. SmallBusinessNotes.com also asks for store owners to keep in mind the presentation of their establishments. How does it look and even smell? Are your window and floor displays attractive? You know what they say about first impressions.

You also want to consider your store's location and hours of operation. Convenience is a big deal for most customers. Quite often, the mere fact that a store is closed during the time a customer is in need will be a big turn-off. You may notice that many brands feature advertising about being open either late or 24 hours. Gas stations, fast-food restaurants, banks and variety stores are especially known for this.

Another extremely important consideration is your company's interaction with customers. How are your phones answered? How are your employees dressed? How user-friendly and informative is your website? These are all very important questions to answer. Doing so will help to ensure that your company image is among the most reputable in the marketplace.

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08 Apr

Image Is Indeed Everything

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 08.04.10 by John Meloche

Your company is not just your means of earning an income. For most business owners, their businesses is an extension of themselves. We find that the most successful of these owners are the ones who truly care about their brands. They, in fact, feel a personal connection to what they offer and therefore, stand behind the product and/or service being provided by their companies.

We have all heard the term ?image is everything?. And especially for those owners who feel that they, themselves, are represenations of their companies, it is imperative to maintain a good image. For this reason, one of the most important things a business owner can ask him or herself is ?what message am I trying to send??.

So we pose the following questions. How do you want your company to be perceived by the public? What is your image? SmallBusinessNotes.com asks a question of its own: ?What visions, feelings and thoughts come to mind when you think of Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream or Nike??

Thankfully, they also provide an answer: ?The mention of each company name probably called to mind some type of thought, feeling or vision, whereas Sally's Imports (a store you are probably not familiar with) does not. That's because each of the first four companies has created a distinguishable company image.?

SmallBusinessNotes.com explains that ?a company image is the combination of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and visions people have about you, your products and services, or your company.? Keeping in mind that we are not simply talking about a logo or slogan, a company's image has everything to do with what others think and feel about the brand. It is not necessarily what the advertising and sales staff have to say.

This is why developing and communicating a strong image to your client base is of such extreme importance. If you are unable to make a connection with customers, and if they do not feel strongly about your brand, your chances of succeeding in the marketplace are very slim.

The key, according to SmallBusinessNotes.com, is to make sure that your image is easily identifiable. It should be easy for your target audience to describe and recognize. For this reason, it is a simple concept.

As the website explains, however, it is also a complex concept at the same time: ?It's complex because it takes many discreet elements working together to create an image. Some of the elements that create an image are advertising, marketing communications, publicity, store locations, prices and product positioning.?

There are a number of other elements that help to determine the creation of a strong image that we will visit in later blogs. However, if you haven't accurately defined your company image yet, there is no better time than now to tackle this important task.

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07 Apr

The Promo Calendar Is The Perfect Choice

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 07.04.10 by John Meloche

In yesterday's blog, we announced The Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway. Already, numerous business owners have taken advantage of this great promotion as they are not only utilizing the promo gift to further develop brand loyalty with their customers, but they are also ensuring that their client base remembers them all year round, all through next year.

What an awesome way to promote your business at such a low cost! You don't have to just take our word for it though. As always, we do our best to research the views of other industry professionals to get a wide-ranged take on the best ways in which a business owner can better market his or her company.

A recent post on ArticlesBase.com confirms the promotional calendar is one of the best ways to go. The site offers some suggestions on the type of calendars that may be most adequately suited for your brand and what you should print on them. Of course, with The Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway, each calendar provides ad space for you to communicate whatever you like to your client base.

As well, we have a number of incredible designs to choose from. It is important that you not only select the appropriate print but the right design as well. Here's a tip from ArticlesBase.com: ?You need to choose a theme that allows your company's culture and personality reflect through. Try to add some element of surprise on each page as it would delight and surprise its receiver as months go by.?

The site also suggests that you add some sort of interesting text to accompany your company name and logo. It should be something that you would like for your customers to read every day, knowing that it will be readily available for them to read for a full year. Suggests the site: ?You can imprint some famous sayings, quotes, holy verses, your company's ideology, goals and history onto your promotional calendars.?

ArticlesBase.com also reminds us that promotional calendars are practical, effective and functional items. They are reliable, consistent reminders of your services to your client base. Think of the many things that people use calendars for and picture your company name and logo being present while the calendar is put into use.

Often, we use calendars for reminders of special events. They are used for personal record-keeping and the marking of certain important dates. Your company will essentially become associated with birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and other significant days of the year simply by being represented by the promotional calendar.

And of course, there are numerous opportunities to distribute your calendars. As the site informs us: ?Custom calendars might be given as new employee gifts, patient and client reminders, student recruitment events and client gifts.?

Once again, the promo calendar is a very cost-effective choice to advertise your business by keeping your message visible 24-7, 365 days a year. According to ArticlesBase.com: ?Recent marketing surveys suggested that promotional calendars have outperformed newspapers, radio, magazines, internet and TV.?

So what are you waiting for? It's definitely the perfect time to take advantage of The Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway.

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05 Apr

The Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 05.04.10 by John Meloche

Back in the beginning of February, Synergy Marketing Consultants introduced our first- ever Great Calendar Giveaway. We offered up a number of free personalized 2010 calendars with the purchase of select items. We would like to thank all of the great business owners out there who invested into their businesses by picking up some awesome promo items and taking advantage of our calendar giveaway.

The promotion actually went so well that with April now upon us, we are excited to introduce The Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway! Not only are the 2011 calendars that much more amazing, but the way in which you can get your hands on these bad boys is that much easier! This amazing offer is available to business owners who order ANY of the incredible products that we have available.

You can secure yourself a total of 50 free calendars that bear your company's name and contact information by simply ordering $400 worth of any promotional item you like, not including the shipping and handling. Calendars are one of the most effective promo gifts you can give out as they literally hang around all year long.

With the 2011 designs already available, this will give your business a ?one up? on the competition as you'll know you will have a number of your clients thinking about you all of next year! And the new designs are awesome! Be sure to check out our website's home page to view the designs for yourself as we're sure you won't be disappointed.

There are five to choose from including our Homes and Exotic Cars designs. The Food & Recipes calendars will both get your mouth watering as well as be extremely informative for those wanting to step up their culinary skills. There is also the Gold Medal Inspirations calendars which is quite motivational and the always-a-big-hit, Swimsuits calendar! How could you go wrong with that?

Again, 50 of these amazing calendars are available with any $400 purchase. Remember that Synergy has the widest selection of top-notch promotional gifts in the business today. Pens, mugs, mouse pads, keychains, knives, tools, sunglasses, watches, clocks, fans, cell phone chargers and so much more…we offer them all!

Be sure to peruse our site to get more information on the items that you may like to order and be sure to give one of our reps a call right away at 1-877-748-9884. As we mentioned in our blog last week, we are officially in the second quarter of the year ? the perfect time to think about what you can do to further promote your business well into the summer.

It's the perfect time to take advantage of our Great 2011 Calendar Giveaway as it will ensure that you are promoting your business well into next year. With the number of awesome gifts we have available, we are sure that you will be able to find the right one to promote your company.

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