30 Jun

Give Yourself A Gift

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 30.06.11 by John Meloche

We are sure that it would be no surprise for you to log on to your favourite blog – the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog, of course – and read about the various promotional gifts we offer and how amazingly they have helped business owners everywhere to grow their businesses. We speak the truth!

Our experience has shown us over and over again that when effectively used, promotional items can help a business to gain large and loyal client bases. Not to mention, gaining favor with industry professionals is always a nice feather in the cap to have. This, of course, is the gift that a business owner gives him or herself when giving away a promo gift.

You know the term “the gift that keeps on giving”? Well, when entrepreneurs take advantage of the marketing strategy that is the dispensing of promotional gifts, they are constantly giving back to themselves. They do this by gaining more customers through their kind gestures. It is always important for companies to make good impressions on their customers.

This is because customers most often remember their bad experiences over their good ones. It is often said that word of mouth promotion is the best type of advertising there is. It can also be the worst kind. If someone is sharing a bad dealing with a business with members of their families as well as friends, it has widespread ramifications.

Our clients, on the other hand, often tell us about how many new customers they received because of the good impressions they leave on their current customers. Giving away a promotional gift shows that you are appreciative of their business. It is an example of going over and above the call of duty to please those who keep your business running.

This sentiment is often so well appreciated, that the news is shared by the recipient to his and her colleagues. These colleagues often become those new customers. Hey, sometimes it’s the free gifts they are really looking for! But, whatever gets them into your store, right?

It’s time to give yourself a gift. And that would be the gift of building your client base and increasing the sense of loyalty to your business that your current clients have. Call us up and find out which of our many amazing promotional items would best suit the needs of your business and its customers.

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29 Jun

Introducing Some Great New Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 29.06.11 by John Meloche

Synergy Marketing Consultants is proud to announce the unveiling of a few new promotional items that we know are bound to dazzle and delight your clients and colleagues. One of the reasons that we are confident that we provide our customers with the best promo products in the business is because of their impeccable quality.

However, another reason is the functionality and usefulness of each of the products that we offer. As always, we talk to our clients about selecting the items that would best suit their businesses and their own clients. But there are also those amazing products that are suitable for just about everyone.

Take, for example, the new ProVision Xtreme. These awesome sunglasses can obviously be used by anyone. And they most certainly can be used at anytime. Good for any season and certainly ideal for physical activity, the ProVision Xtreme sunglasses are equipped with spring hinges and shatter proof lenses!

Must importantly, they give your eyes 400% U.V. protection. Before getting our hands on these bad boys, we didn’t even know that was possible! The ProVision Xtreme sunglasses are top-notch quality items that are often reserved for a company owner’s favourite and most prestigious clients.

Something that may also catch their eyes is the “Timberline Commando”. This is perfect for the fishing and hunting lover of the outdoors. Complete with a triple blade, perhaps this knife’s coolest feature is the camouflage handle! It also comes with a belt pouch and gift box. It would be impossible not to impress the recipient of this great new gift.

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler and more cost effective, look no further than the Illuminator Solar Powered 3 LED Keychain Flashlight. Keychains are used by everybody every day. These great gifts ensure that your company name remains with the recipient on a regular basis.

As long as they don’t forget their keys, they won’t forget you either! And how could they? These incredible keychains double as bright flashlights and come in great gift boxes. Talk about usefulness and effective marketing all wrapped up in one small package! Be sure to give us a call today to decide upon which of our new promotional products is right for your business.

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28 Jun

Building Better Business Relationships

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.06.11 by John Meloche

Naturally, your good friends at Synergy Marketing Consultants Inc. often champion the concept of building and maintaining strong business relationships. Our experience has shown us that effective business promotion through the dispensing of promo gifts is an excellent way to begin these great relationships.

Now, of course, the maintaining of those relationships requires a lot more effort than simply providing gifts. Sure, you’ve made an excellent first impression. But how do you continue to grow your business after that initial interaction? StrategicBusinessTeam.com lists a few important criteria to creating effective business relationships that we agree with. We’d like to share them with you.

Understanding is first. If you are fully aware of what is important to your client or colleague, it helps for clear communication to be commonplace. If you are unsure about the needs of your associates, be sure to ask so that they are aware that you care about what is important to them.

Respect is also very important. In fact, StrategicBusinessTeam.com lists respect as the key to relationships. Sometimes, simply listening to your clients is the best way to show respect. Be sincere in trying to understand how they feel. The site also notes that when you make judgments too quickly, it is a sign of disrespect.

Let your clients know that you will do everything you can after hearing their concerns so you know that they are truly being met. This, in turn, will gain you and your company a great deal of respect. You always want to leave the impression that you can be approached with any concern.

That being said, it is important to be open, says StrategicBusinessTeam.com. Don’t be afraid to tackle the differences between you and your associates head on. This is especially important when dealing with business partners. The least you could do is consider suggestions made to you before shooting them down.

Finally, “work towards a win-win solution,” says the website. “This can be done when at least one party acknowledges that the relationship is important. That party would then exert more time, effort and energy to understand the other party’s needs and deal with it to get it out of the way. Should they fail, it is comforting for that party to know that they tried.”

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27 Jun

Get To Work…On Vacation!

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.06.11 by John Meloche

There’s nothing better than a vacation to get some real work done. Now, at first glance, we’re sure that first sentence may read a bit weird. But it is not altogether untrue. Now, in actuality, most people go on vacation to get away from the stresses of everyday life. But, for a business owner, every time a new person is met, a  new opportunity has presented itself. And you always meet new people on vacation!

For the past couple of weeks, the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog has been on a vacation of its own. But fear not, it is back and better than ever! And with that being said, we’d like to offer some simple advice to business owners who may also be taking a little bit of time off this summer.

You can make the most of your summer vacation by going out of your way to introduce yourself to new people. Think about it, when you’re off on a resort, you’re bound to bump into individuals from all parts of the world.  Chances are, you may never see these people again, so wouldn’t it make sense to make a great first impression to keep them in your lives?

Again, as a business owner, you’ll want to spread the word about your company whether you are technically “working” or not. Usually, one of the first questions that a complete stranger will ask you during a friendly chat is what you do for a living. Now, when you go ahead and tell him or her that you own a business, don’t you want that business of yours to be remembered?

Just about everyone hands over a business card when making this revelation. But not you. Your business is a cut above its competition. You want to stand out. You want to be different. So what do you do? You hand over to this new friend of yours one of the best promo products available! This is how you will leave a lasting impression.

Consider taking some promo items along with you on your trip this summer. Practical and inexpensive gifts like pens and keychains are always big hits. They won’t weigh down your luggage, and you’ll be sure to impress and please everyone you meet. You won’t just be making new friends, but you could be introducing your business to new clients.

All with the simple gesture of a promotional gift, your vacation may just be the best thing to happen to your business all year. You’ll be meeting people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. And the fact that you’ll be spreading the word about your  business in a unique way will pay dividends that most advertising can’t achieve. Bon voyage!

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10 Jun

Facebook Now Able To Book Your Face!

Posted in News on 10.06.11 by John Meloche

This week, the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog has been all about utilizing the internet to help promote your business. Practicing what we preach, we often encourage our clients to peruse our very own website in an effort to pick out the promotional items that would best suit the needs of their customers.

As well, we acknowledge the widespread use of social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook as extremely useful outlets for business owners to expand the reach of their companies. Very interestingly, we discovered this week that France is putting a stop to promoting Facebook in television ads. Check out yesterday’s blog for more details.

Nevertheless, Facebook is still looking to expand its many ways that it allows users to connect with each other. On Wednesday, Alexei Oreskovic of Reuters reported that Facebook is unleashing yet another new technology that will automatically be able to identify people in photographs.

And to be honest, this seems to have many people a bit more concerned than they are excited. Perhaps, Facebook is now literally trying to live up to its name by being able to identify or “book” a person’s face by suggesting to a user to “tag” that person in a photo. But this new feature raises the issue of privacy, says Oreskovic.

Maybe this is another reason why France is attempting to limit Facebook’s power in the advertising world. Perhaps not, but Facebook did mention earlier this week that the new feature is being expanded outside of the United States to other countries. And apparently, this new facial recognition system was enabled earlier this week without giving Facebook users any notice.

Sophos senior technology consultant, Graham Cluley feels that this is the first sign that Facebook is breaching privacy regulations. Said Cluley: “Yet again, it feels like Facebook is eroding the online privacy of its users by stealth.” To this, Facebook responded by admitting that they “should have been more clear with people during the roll-out process when this became available to them.”

Facebook did go on to reveal that this new feature only suggests tagging a person by facial recognition when new photos are added to Facebook. As well, only friends can be suggested for tagging and users may disable this feature at any time. The way we figure it, if a person is so greatly concerned about privacy, he or she shouldn’t be on Facebook to begin with!

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09 Jun

France Bans Social Media Plugging On TV

Posted in News on 09.06.11 by John Meloche

We’ve been spending the week discussing the importance of marketing your company online. We’ve mentioned how a recent conference in Toronto pretty much insisted that companies use their websites along with social media networks to plug their products and services. Not doing so, it is now believed, is simply bad for business.

So how crazy is this? Earlier this week, The Associated Press reported that France has officially condemned the plugging of Twitter accounts and Facebook pages on French broadcast airwaves! What appears to be part of the norm, here in Canada – the inclusion of a company’s social networking website address in a TV commercial – is now illegal in France!

According to The Associated Press article, France’s audiovisual authority believes that pushing Twitter and Facebook pages on TV is part of “unfair” advertising. French citizens, however, feel that the country is simply out of touch with the modern-day digital age. One can only wonder how this will impact sales in the country.

As the article reports, “on May 27, the Superior Audiovisual Council, or CSA, said that broadcasters could legally point viewers or listeners to their sites on generic ‘social media’ but they may not cite services like Facebook or Twitter by name.” So is this a personal attack on the world’s most popular social networking websites?

Christine Kelly, a member of the council, insists that it is not. Quite simply, she explains, French broadcasting is different than it is in the United States. Said Kelly: “We are not in the United States where you buy frequencies to get a TV channel and then you do pretty much whatever you want on your channel.”

Kelly is referring to a rule stated in a 1992 decree that eliminates what is considered “secret advertising” on radio and television. This was not even an issue until online bloggers recently took notice of it. Apparently, making specific references to social networking sites in television ads violates the law.

Even though The Associated Press describes the creation of the The CSA in 1989 as a move to ensure “fairness”, many French citizens aren’t so sure their policies are all that fair. One such citizen is blogger, Loic Le Meur who tweeted: “French regulation forbids TV networks to say Facebook or Twitter? My country is screwed.”

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08 Jun

Online Browsing Benefits The Masses

Posted in News on 08.06.11 by John Meloche

In yesterday’s blog, we examined the modern-day phenomena of online shopping. Essentially, it has become a necessary part of any business owner’s marketing strategy to have their products and services available for examination on the internet. In other words, if you’re not online in today’s business world, you’re sunk! Either that, or you’re up the river without a paddle – whatever analogy you like best.

On Monday, The Toronto Star‘s Dana Flavelle reported on the events of the STORE 2011 conference at the Toronto Congress Centre. The overriding theme of the event was that today’s digital technology provides retailers with the best opportunities to serve their customers…and not just sell them.

One of the great things about having your company represented online is that it provides consumers with the opportunities to contact you before even visiting your store. This immediate type of service helps for customers to get better acquainted with both your business and the products it offers.

Not to mention, your website’s ability to service the client will go a long way in determining his or her impression of your store. These days, many customers learn of a company and what it offers from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Gone are the days when a billboard or television commercial was all that was needed to sell someone.

In fact, when it comes to commercials, your customers can make the best ones! Today’s digital world allows for web-savvy individuals to post their own videos online through websites such as the incredibly popular YouTube. For example, at the conference, Melissa Schaefer of IBM global business services, described the rising popularity of “haul videos”.

These are videos that showcase everyday consumers discussing products that they have purchased and what their opinions of them are. Sometimes they demonstrate the products they have bought and discuss what they paid and how happy or disappointed they are in their purchases.

Needless to say, if these types of customers are not happy, it makes for the worst commercials ever! Of course, a happy customer can provide the best commercial available…and it’s free for your company to produce! It only makes sense to take advantage of the internet in order to make shopping at your store as beneficial as possible to your customers.

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07 Jun

Online Shopping Rules

Posted in News on 07.06.11 by John Meloche

As we have discussed a number of times on the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog, the internet has changed the way that business is done. The bottom line is that the world wide web has revolutionized both the way companies sell their products and services and the way that consumers shop.

This is why we, here at Synergy, encourage our great clients to check out our website to take a look at the many different promotional items that we have available. We figure if they can “window shop” before making a purchase, they will be more comfortable with their options.

One of the main reasons that people enjoy online browsing is so that they may compare prices. Of course, it’s much easier to jump from website to website than it is to travel from one store to the other. If your website is able to present your products in a unique way and demonstrate that your prices are the best in the business, it’s certainly doing its job.

Yesterday, Dana Flavelle commented on this current phenomena in the Moneyville section of The Toronto Star‘s website. She writes that when customers are aware of how much they will pay for something before even walking into your store, you are no longer selling them. Instead, you are serving them!

These are the sentiments coming out of the STORE 2011 retail conference that took place at the Toronto Congress Centre yesterday. At the conference, Melissa Schaefer exclaimed that today’s consumers are no longer the type who buy products because a television ad has convinced them too. Schaefer, who is a worldwide retail leader with IBM global business services, insists that convenience, speed and service is what counts today.

One’s shopping experience, she believes, is to be “fast, fun and interactive.” This is why new technology has come in so handy, especially for time-pressed individuals who would rather spend their time taking care of other tasks than shopping around for deals. The internet provides the solution to consumers who wish to be served…not sold.

At yesterday’s conference, retailers were encouraged to take advantage of today’s digital technology. Giving customers the opportunities to compare products and prices online helps business owners to become the heads of leading retailers. The internet allows for comparisons to be made continent-wide, not just between neighbouring stores. In today’s society, online shopping rules.

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06 Jun

Start Your Summer Off Right

Posted in Promotional Products on 06.06.11 by John Meloche

Oh, it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! And we hope that wherever you are in the world, that the weather is as nice as it is in Toronto today. A beautiful sunny day without a cloud in the sky, today is a day that most Canadians look forward to each and every summer. We know that we certainly do!

At Synergy Marketing Consultants, we especially enjoy days like this because we know what they mean to our clients. When the summer time comes, the weather presents many opportunities for outdoor corporate functions including barbeques and picnics. It just so happens that these are the best places to meet new clients and hand out your promotional gifts.

For the most part, business owners walk around with business cards. There is no problem with doing this, of course, but handing a card to someone isn’t the most ideal method of being remembered. Even something as simple and sleek as one of our many great promotional pens would be a better idea because you know that it will be used by its recipient.

Remember, of course, that all promotional items supplied by Synergy Marketing Consultants come with your company name and/or logo and contact information. So essentially, it’s a business card…that does more than a business card! With so many meeting places popping up this summer, you won’t want to arrive at one without a promotional item to give.

This way, you’ll stand out among all of the other entrepreneurs in attendance. In addition to our pens, there are many other items that we have available that may be suitable for you to bring to an event this summer. You may want to begin perusing our website in the “Summer Sizzlers” section!

Just one of the many summer items you will be able to read more about in this section is the Floating Keychain. Along with pens, keychains are among our most popular gifts. Like a pen, it is lightweight, simple to carry around and obviously very useful. Your company logo on this keychain is all that will be needed to ensure that your new friends remember when the summer is long over.

Consider that the summer time is when people enjoy the water. Whether you decide to go swimming or fishing, the Floating Keychain is a surefire way to not lose your keys should they happen to fall into the wet stuff! Be sure to look for the item that best suits your business and give us a call. Let’s get your summer started right!

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03 Jun

Taking Care Of Business…And The Kids!

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.06.11 by John Meloche

Summer is coming. And school is about to let out. For many business owners across Canada, that means finding new ways to run the company while entertaining the kids. With so many business owners sharing double duty as parents, running a business and raising children at the same time is quite the daunting task for a lot of Canadians. After all, no one said it would be easy!

And while we know you love your kids, we’re also aware that the summer season brings about certain challenges with being able to balance your time. So how do we make sure our kids are having fun and are safe while we take care of business? HomeBizWomen.com has a number of suggestions which they say are especially helpful for businesswomen.

One of the first suggestions is to try to organize a “babysitting swap” in your neighborhood. Chances are that there are other parents in your area who are facing the same dilemma. If each family could take turns being a “designated sitter”, you would be able to take care of your business needs while ensuring your child is in a trusted and safe environment.

You may also want to look into summer day camps for children. Not only do these camps provide great fun for kids, but they also allow for you to focus on work during the day. As HomeBizWomen.com points out, this tip helps to keep your children’s minds “fresh” as they engage in a variety of artistic and athletic activities.

Another bright idea may be to contact a local high school or college to let them know that you are looking for an intern. The website insists that someone majoring in early childhood education would likely be very happy to watch your children. They could work in exchange for valuable experience while you handle the tasks of your job as an entrepreneur.

Is there any way to get your kids involved with your business? Depending on their ages, of course, having them help you with work may be your best bet. As HomeBizWomen.com writes, “you can assign them various business tasks that are within their capacity to complete successfully. This can be great fun for kids and will help give them an understanding of business and increase their self esteem.”

We know that the summer time can present many challenges for parents, especially those who run their own businesses. There are, however, a number of ways to either work around this…or work with it! It’s all about finding a good balance between running a good business and being a great parent. We know you can do it. Good luck!

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