02 Jun

Japan Encourages “Super Cool Biz”

Posted in News on 02.06.11 by John Meloche

Readers of the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog are well aware of the many tips that we’ve doled out over the past year or so. Often encouraging business owners to think of new and innovative ways to promote their businesses, our blogs are all about helping business owners think outside the box. We hope that you have been paying attention!

The promotion of one’s business is always at the forefront of an entrepreneur’s mind. And sometimes, one must think of ways to make changes so that running the business can be a smoother process. This is especially the case when unforseen circumstances arise that may motivate changes that would otherwise have gone unneeded.

In Japan, the recent tsunami and earthquake has unleashed widespread disaster throughout the nation. And as Metro News reports today, the Japanese government is now suggesting one way to make things easier for businesses all across the country. “Go light” is the message. Referring specifically to business dress codes, Japan is certainly looking to lighten things up.

The Metro News article reports that Japan is launching a “Super Cool Biz” campaign. Inspired mainly by the destruction of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, the new initiative is encouraging business people all over Japan to dress casually during the hot days of summer.

The loss of the plant means that electricity will likely be in short supply, especially around Japan’s capital of Tokyo. The government, therefore, is asking both companies and government offices to reduce their usage of electricity by 15 per cent. Since this also involves less use of air conditioning systems, it will be important for workers to remain comfortable.

Metro News does note that the “Super Cool Biz” idea isn’t a brand new one. In 2005, Japan launched the campaign in an effort to fight global warming. However, it would appear as if the nation will need to take advantage of the idea now more than ever. So to kick things off, the government sponsored a fashion show yesterday to inform the nation of how to dress for work this summer.

So what can one wear? Polo shirts, Aloha shirts, Khakis, white pants and airy polyester dresses for women are all acceptable. Sneakers may also be worn. In some cases, so are jeans and sandals. Said Japan’s environment minister Ryu Matsumoto: “This is not just a temporary measure to survive this summer. This is going to be a big event to change the way of life in Japan and people’s lifestyles.”

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01 Jun

Stanley Cup Bets Laid Down

Posted in News on 01.06.11 by John Meloche

Newsflash: Synergy Marketing Consultants loves hockey! And can you blame us? Of course, being headquartered in Toronto, Canada may be a dead giveaway as to what sport we tend to follow the most closely. (Don’t get us wrong, we love the Raptors, the Blue Jays and Toronto FC too!). So even though our beloved (or is it “hated”?) Maple Leafs never stood a chance to make it very far this past season, reps around the office are still amped for the Stanley Cup finals.

Tonight, the Vancouver Canucks square off against the Boston Bruins in the first game of the series to decide it all. For the most part, Canadian fans are insistent upon cheering for the Canucks to take home the Cup. The name of the team alone, say many Canadian hockey fans, insinuates that they are the team to cheer for if you live north of the border.

Some others, however, (particularly those who bleed blue and white in Toronto) believe that if the tables were turned, Vancouver natives would not be cheering for the Leafs. “They hate the Leafs in western Canada,” proclaimed one of our reps earlier today, “Hockey brings about the greatest rivalries in sports. And within Canada, we do not like each other’s teams.”

“Maybe so,” responded a co-worker, “but how can you cheer for our division rival?” The Bruins, of course, took first place in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference. This is the same division that is home to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. Needless to say, the bets are on!

In fact, earlier today, the Canadian Press reported that a bet has been placed between two unlikely rivals. See, both Vancouver and Boston each have a “Stanley Park”. The managers of each park have bet each other a park bench based on the winner of the Stanley Cup.

Robert McKean manages the park named for Frank Stanley Beveridge who donated the land in 1949. It is located 160 kilometres west of Boston. His counterpart, Malcolm Bromley manages the 1,000 hectare Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver, created in 1888. It is named after the Governor General Lord Stanley. Yep, this is the same man who also donated the highly sought-after Stanley Cup.

Does this give Vancouver the edge? Does it provide Canadians with even more incentive to cheer for the Canucks? Statistics may place the Canucks as the favourite to win it all as they did secure the best regular season record in the NHL this season. However, they will need to win another four games to call themselves Stanley Cup Champions. It all starts tonight!

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