28 Feb

Communication Is The Key To Boosting Morale

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.02.13 by John Meloche

communicationNo one will every accuse the Synergy Marketing staff of being boring. Our energetic group of sales reps are among the most enthusiastic employees one could ever find. They know that the more fun they have, the more money they’ll make. And this is a philosophy that is not exclusive to our office. Just ask any business owner you know.

If your staff is unhappy, chances are they are not performing at the levels that you would like them at. This week, we have been blogging about various ways to help your staff have fun in the office. But we know that, at the end of the day, it’s all about increasing productivity and maintaining good momentum in your workplace.

On BusinessInsider.com, Vivian Giang discusses the importance of employee morale by quoting Morgan Norman, founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “When employee morale is high, productivity rises. When employee morale is low, it’s hard to retain the best and brightest workers,” he says. Simply put, you make money when you make happy.

“The foundation of strong employee morale,” says Norman, “is communication – that means collaboration, feedback and recognition.” So perhaps over and above all of the frills that you can add to your office, constantly keeping the lines of communication open at your business is the true way to ensuring that you have a happy and productive staff. So how to do that?

Be clear and transparent. It’s important for employees to feel that they can discuss anything with their bosses. This isn’t different than couples feeling that they should be able to share everything with each other. Open communication is at the heart of any strong relationship. So being as open to feedback, questions and opinions as possible is key.

Keep your staff abreast of organizational news and team shakeups, insists Norman. Let them know how things should operate and be encouraging about they roles they play in making your business function smoothly. It will work in your favour if your employees feel open to coming to you about the various concerns of the business. It will make them care about the business that much more.

Know how they work. Your job is to get the most out of your staff. This means knowing each individual well enough so that you are aware of what to do to get the best out of them all. Flex your managing style, suggests Giang, and your employees will be able to carry out their assignments more effectively.

At Synergy, we know that certain members of our team are more outspoken than others. We encourage these individuals to lend helping hands to those who may be quicker to keep to themselves. It helps to build a family atmosphere that is encouraging to all. We’ll examine a few more methods of boosting office morale in tomorrow’s blog.

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27 Feb

Stand Up For Your Staff To Secure Strong Workers

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.02.13 by John Meloche

HappyEmployeeEmployee morale counts for quite a lot in any business. This week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been exploring this topic in an effort to help your company become that much more productive. We know a thing or two about employee morale, here at Synergy. Firstly, our promotional products are quite often used as awards in offices throughout Canada to acknowledge those who are performing at high standards.

As mentioned in Monday’s blog, the handing out of awards is a great way to boost spirits in any office space. Secondly, our staff is comprised of some of the most energetic and enthusiastic workers in any industry. We know, first hand, that a motivated staff that works in a high-morale environment is the most productive staff you can ask for. On the IAAP website, Kathryn Hawkins seems to agree.

She writes that boosting morale is a surefire way to build a better workplace. In yesterday’s blog, we looked at several unique ways that this can be accomplished. Giving your staff time to play, keeping your kitchen stocked and making sure that your employees aren’t overworked are just a few of them. In today’s blog, we’d like to explore some more of Hawkins’ suggestions.

Bring your team together for out-of-office events. “When there’s friction at the office, a day together off the job could be just what’s needed to relax the tension and boost your employees’ moods,” writes Hawkins. This isn’t much different than the class field trip concept. Think about how excited you used to get when you were in school and knew that you had a day coming up when you would get to spend outside of class.

Excursions, field trips and other out-of-office activities are fun. They are great ways to help for your staff members to get to know each other better while feeling better about the company they all work for. To get the most out of these events, “consider activities in which your employees will need to rely on one another for help in fulfilling a common goal”, says Hawkins.

Give employees more input into how the company runs. Employees want to know that they matter. The easiest way to confirm that this is the case is to keep them informed. Offer all of your staff members the opportunity to express their opinions and offer feedback about the workplace. Don’t ignore their suggestions. They may help for you to see things in ways you didn’t before.

Perhaps your office will run more efficiently if you implement some of their ideas. There’s nothing wrong with accepting feedback from even your lowest-level employees. Help them to feel that they are accountable and that their contributions have value. They will take greater pride in being your employees which will, in turn, encourage them to work harder.

Advocate for your staff. It’s important to stand up for your employees, says Hawkins. Believe it or not, the customer isn’t actually always right. If you notice a customer mistreating your employee, be sure to move in (with a smile) to his or her defence. This shows both respect and professionalism. Even if potential business is lost, you will have secured your staff member as an integral part of the team.

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26 Feb

Get Big On Boosting Employee Morale

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 26.02.13 by John Meloche

moraleIn yesterday’s blog, we discussed the concept of awarding the members of your staff to help build the morale in your office. Strong morale is important in any business. As we’ve said many times, a happy staff is a productive staff. So there’s no reason to not keep them motivated, while rewarding them for jobs well done. It’s important to get your employees excited about their jobs.

On the IAAP website, Kathryn Hawkins writes about the various ways that you can present your staff with awards. But she also unveils a number of other methods that business owners can use to keep their employees motivated and energized about their work days. She writes that there are several proven strategies that help to boost employee morale in the workplace. We’d like to take a look at those ideas in today’s blog.

Give your employees the chance to play. Hawkins points out Google as one of the world’s most innovative companies – not just because of its resounding worldwide success, but because of the way it treats its employees. “Staff members don’t spend all their time hunched over their computers,” she reveals, “The company is renowned for its world-class perks.”

Among them are ping-pong tables, a video game room, and even a rock-climbing wall. Although Hawkins acknowledges that such treats may not be in your company’s budget, she insists that business owners invest in a some sort of play area and activities. This will give employees that chance to de-stress, build friendships and take breaks during the day that will re-energize them for work.

Keep the kitchen stocked. Cutting back on free office snacks is a bad move, says Hawkins. In fact, “nothing’s more likely to send a staff member into a downward spiral than knowing he can’t even count on his free morning coffee anymore,” she writes. Instead, she recommends that business owners go in the opposite direction by making sure that staff members have access to high-quality food.

This may sound unconventional – and perhaps it is – but you want your company’s workers to be of a higher class than other companies, do you not? Offer healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt, suggests Hawkins. This will not only keep people in your office instead of leaving during their breaks, but it will clearly make them happy. Many will be likely to even grab their quick snacks and keep on working while eating them.

Make sure that your employees aren’t being overworked. It’s important for everyone to be able to maintain a good work-life balance. Overwhelming your staff members will only add to their stress levels and inevitably produce poor results. No one likes to work in a stress-filled environment. It’s important to set a positive example yourself, says Hawkins.

Don’t miss your child’s Little League game to handle a client’s emergency, she insists. This sends the message that work is more important than family. Be aware of which members of your staff may be “burning the midnight oil”. Do what you can to reduce the number of hours they are working. This way, you will truly be able to get the most out of them. We’ll continue to explore these ideas in tomorrow’s blog.

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25 Feb

Time For Some Oscars Of Your Own

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 25.02.13 by John Meloche

awards2Last night, the Academy Awards had millions of viewers across North America – and most likely the world – tuning in to see which actors, actresses and films would earn the prestigious awards. Also known as the Oscars, the award show garners such great attention each and every year. And do you ever wonder why? People seem to be very intrigued by the concept of award shows.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to recognizing a job well done,” explained one our esteemed Synergy associates, “People not only like to feel valued, but they appreciate when others are shown such gestures. We all have our favourites, and we like to them to be acknowledged. The same thing goes for workers in the workplace. Actors aren’t the only ones who deserve awards, you know.”

We couldn’t agree more. In fact, we believe that award-giving shouldn’t be relegated to a once-a-year event. And, as our associate mentioned, award-giving isn’t a Hollywood-only phenomenon. We’re big believers, here at Synergy, that a happy staff is a productive staff. So perhaps, implementing an occasional award ceremony – even if it’s not as extravagant as the Oscars – is due at your place of business.

On the website for IAAP – the online home of the International Association of Administrative Professionals – Kathryn Hawkins writes that acknowledging your employees through the giving out of awards can do quite a lot for office morale. After all, your staff deserves to get credit for a job well done, don’t they? Failing to appreciate those who work hard for the betterment of your business actually benefits no one.

“Employees can become fed-up with the workplace when they feel as though their hard work isn’t being recognized,” writes Hawkins, “Be sure to closely follow every employee’s job progress, and take special note when someone comes up with an innovative solution to a problem or surpasses a goal. If your company is large, it can be most effective if the recognition comes from the top-level staff.”

There are many different ways to present your awards to your staff, she continues, and there are many different types of awards you can give. Individual milestones can be recognized. Acknowledging an employee that has been with your company for a certain amount of time – be it a year, five years, ten or more – is a great way to show your staff that you appreciate them.

Promotional gifts, in case you were wondering, are often used for such esteemed awards. Synergy Marketing, of course, has an excellent array of high-end gifts that are great for rewarding your staff members. Check out the Made In Italy section of our catalogue for some fantastic examples. Included are elegant neck ties, money clips and the most incredible pens and key chains you’ve ever seen!

Of course, there are other ways to reward your staff. Employee votes can be cast to select particular staff members to recognize for their contributions to the company. Hawkins suggests that you “consider offering monthly employee awards, in which winners will receive gift certificates and other prizes.” Don’t let last night’s Academy Awards be the only award ceremony that your staff talks about this week. It’s time for an Oscars of your own!

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22 Feb

Boosting Your Business Without Breaking The Bank

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 22.02.13 by John Meloche

No rational business owner starts up a company without the intent of making it a huge success. Even though many entrepreneurs find themselves in tough positions being business owners, it is a professional choice that can reap many benefits. That is, of course, if you are taking the appropriate steps in marketing your company to the right audience.

One of the biggest fears that entrepreneurs have about business marketing is the amount of money that is necessary to pull it off successfully. Synergy Marketing knows about this fear all too well. This is why our sales reps speak to their clients about the most important needs of their businesses and how they can be achieved – without having to spend big bucks.

MicrosoftBusinessHub.com agrees that there are many ways to market a business using inexpensive methods. All week long, we have been blogging about these fascinating, yet simple ideas in an effort to build your business acumen without breaking your bank. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at this list.

Court Local Media. Why pay all of that money to make a television commercial when you can get television coverage for free? According to Microsoft, “editorial features convey more credibility with prospective clients than paid advertising does.” But how does one attract the media to his or her business? The key is in having a fresh and timely story.

Investing in a publicist may be the start you’re looking for. MicrosoftBusinessHub.com notes that this can be worthwhile as someone in this position is usually best suited to position your stories in a way that they target the appropriate audiences and get you the right media representatives. Writing and sending out press releases is good way to spread the news about your brand.

Don’t Let Your Customers Slip Away. A couple of blogs back, we mentioned Microsoft’s idea that dropping “break-even customers” was good for business. As always, you want to attract customers who will actually help you to generate profits. This means putting in effort with the customers who mean the most to your company. They are the ones to concentrate on.

As the site points out, “it costs a lot less to retain a disgruntled or inactive customer than to acquire a new one.” So if you haven’t seen or heard from a customer in a while, be sure to get in contact with that person. Send a personalized email or go ahead and pick up the phone. Let your most important customers know how much they mean to you. Kind gestures are among the most effective and inexpensive ways to market your brand.

Naturally, we don’t want our customers to slip away either. This is why our sales reps go out of their way to ensure that their clients are receiving the best possible products for their businesses, as well as the best possible customer service. Let us show you how much you mean to our company. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 and let’s discuss our inexpensive methods of boosting your business.

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21 Feb

Executing Excellent Customer Experiences

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.02.13 by John Meloche

Over the past couple of days, we have been exploring various ways that you can boost your company’s profile “on the cheap”. In addition to using useful and practical promotional gifts to remind your customers of where to shop, there are a number of sound strategies that can be used to grow your business without costing you a bundle in the process.

On MicrosoftBusinessHub.com, a list of ideas is presented in order to assist entrepreneurs with concepts that will help them to increase business. After all, when business is going well, it makes everyone involved happy, doesn’t it? And, as we’ve learned, that all starts with making customers happy. With that being said, today’s first tip suggests that we find even more happiness through combining business with pleasure.

Combine Business With Pleasure – and Charity. “Spearhead an event, party or conference for a cause you care about,” recommends Microsoft, “That puts you in the position of getting to know lots of people, and shows off your small business leadership skills.” In addition, it showcases your willingness to support your surrounding communities.

This is a win-win situation. Making a difference in your community goes a long way, not just for your business but for the public at large. Don’t think that your charitable actions will go unnoticed. If you’re looking to shine a positive light on your brand, there aren’t many better ways to do so than to support a worthwhile cause that is important to the people who are important to you.

Create A Desination. Now what does this mean exactly? MicrosoftBusinessHub.com challenges us to make our places of business much more than just places to buy stuff from. Customers gravitate towards stores where they can enjoy experiences. The site points out coffee bars that are in book stores or play areas for children in furniture outlets. “Steal this idea,” insists the site.

What can you do at your place of business to make the customer experience that much more enjoyable? Can you give your clients more than one reason to visit you? Is there something that they can do while they are at your place of business other than simply shop for goods? Answering these questions will to change the perception of your business in the general public view.

Become An Online Expert. In yesterday’s blog, we commented upon the importance of e-newsletters. But this idea is obviously not the only one that utilizes the internet for the promotion of your business. The world lives online. Most customers surf the web long before they enter actual store locations. It’s important to keep your hand on the pulse of your buying audience.

Become a master at updating your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Start and join conversations that are relevant in your field. Get people talking about you online and you’ll find that you’ve discovered one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spread the news about your brand. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we conclude our look at Microsoft’s list of inexpensive marketing ideas.

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20 Feb

Boosting Your Business Profile On The Cheap

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.02.13 by John Meloche

In yesterday’s blog, we highlighted the importance of concentrating on the marketing of your business all year-round. For the most part, business owners generally never stop thinking about ways to promote their companies. The thing is, most of them are concerned about the money that they’ll have to spend in order to create more awareness about their brands.

Microsoft understands this. On their MicrosoftBusinessHub.com website, they list several low cost ways that entrepreneurs can market their businesses. Yesterday’s blog carried with it the theme of giving your customers a little something extra. Naturally, promotional products can play a part there. But in today’s first tip, we explore the concept of taking something away.

Drop Break-Even Customers. Microsoft admits that such a concept can make some business owners “gasp”. “You’re falling for the fallacy of increasing sales instead of boosting profits” if this concept shocks you, insists the website, “If you stop marketing to unprofitable customers, you have more time and resources for customers who actually grow your business.”

According to Microsoft, statistics show that the majority of your customer base is likely helping you to just break even. Only about 20 per cent of your customer base is contributing to your total annualized profit. “Take a detailed look at your customer profitability data and then direct premium services and marketing to customers who count,” says the site.

Start An Email List, But Mail Letters Too. E-newsletters are very cost-effective, says Microsoft. But interestingly, they also still believe in the old-fashioned method of sending out useful information in the mail. The point of doing so is to make stronger connections with your most important clients. And achieving this means refraining from hardcore sales pitches.

Whether electronic or “old school”, your letters should provide customers with something interesting to read. You may include an analysis of recent events in your field as well as offering personalized “sweeteners”. For example, you may want to offer a discount on the next purchase of whatever your customer last bought from you. This is a great way to make a personal statement about your appreciation for your client.

Go To Trade Shows And Conferences. As much as emails and mailed letters help you to make quick connections with large audiences in short periods of time, nothing beats a face-to-face encounter. It’s important to take the opportunities of going to events where you can meet new customers and other business professionals to boost your company’s profile.

Microsoft recommends creating eye-catching signage and making sure that you have your contact information readily available. Of course, we at Synergy Marketing know from experience that such events are the absolute perfect spots to disseminate your wonderful promotional products that bear your company’s name and contact information. Call us at 1-877-748-9884 so we can get the right ones in your hands!

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19 Feb

Inexpensive Marketing Strategies Can Make A Difference

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.02.13 by John Meloche

Business marketing is a year-round job. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, most business owners technically never take days off. So even during statutory holidays, entrepreneurs are often thinking up ways to increase profits and grow the reach of their companies. Some business owners, however, think that marketing is something that is necessary just once in a while.

On MicrosoftBusinessHub.com, it is insisted that “when marketing is continuous and targeted rather than occasional and generic, business gets easier.” It should probably go without saying that there is no good time to stop thinking about how to market your business. At Synergy Marketing, we are strong believers that promotional products keep working even when you’re not.

Great benefit is found in the fact that the products are useful. So the more your gift recipients use the products you give them, the more often they’ll be thinking about your business. The handing out of promotional gifts is a marketing strategy that simply works. This has been proven for decades. But perhaps, what really makes this method special is its relative inexpensiveness compared to other marketing strategies.

MicrosoftBusinessHub.com acknowledges that while constant marketing is necessary, it shouldn’t have to be costly. The site insists that good marketing strategies are defined by “putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time.” And there are several way to do that – “on the cheap”. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few of those ideas.

Make Customers Feel Special. This is a theme that we’ve visited in many of our blogs. Your business marketing – no matter the approach – should always focus on making customers happy. They respond to being recognized, says Microsoft, and this is especially important in today’s world where most people appear to be in a rush and too busy to attend to your specific needs.

So how can you make your customers feel special? Well, naturally, for us at Synergy Marketing, we feel that it’s all about giving customers that little something extra. In many cases, that includes a promo gift along with a purchase. But it also means going that extra mile to show your customers that they matter. Having a strong customer service regime should always be a big part of your marketing strategies.

Give Prospects Something To Keep. Microsoft encourages the giving out of material “that recipients actually will use.” So, of course, we’re not the only ones who feel (read: know) that promotional gifts will help your company to get a lot further in getting noticed than standard business cards. Contact one of our reps at 1-877-748-9884 to get the gift that’s right for your company today!

You can choose from mugs, water bottles, pens, flashlights, sunglasses, key chains, knives, tools and so much more! Our reps are experts at picking the right gift for the right company. Combining your gifts with the other tips given by Microsoft are bound to help you boost your business. We’ll continue our look at more inexpensive marketing strategies in tomorrow’s blog.

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18 Feb

Promo Gifts Never Take Holidays

Posted in Promotional Products on 18.02.13 by John Meloche

Today, in the province of Ontario, we are observing Family Day. And although the Synergy Marketing offices will not be open for business until tomorrow morning, we know that that there is no taking time off from running your company. Naturally, holidays are meant to give people more time to spend with their families. Obviously, today has been especially set aside for family.

But even though it’s a holiday for most people, we are sure that most business owners are thinking about their companies anyway. It’s hard for an entrepreneur to take a day off. Just ask anyone who owns a company. Quite often, their holidays are used to make plans for the forthcoming business weeks and months. At Synergy Marketing, we understand this type of thinking.

A business owner is a special type of person who is dedicated to the success of his or her business. Of course, if an entrepreneur is not focused on his or her own business, who will be? It’s no easy feat to run a business. While employees take their holidays to get away from work, those who own the companies often have no choice but to think about new ways to better profits.

This is yet another reason that promotional products work ts well in helping to elevate small businesses to higher heights. Your promo gift never takes a day off! Consider that all of the promo gifts you give out work double duty. Firstly, they bear your company name and logo, so they serve as constant reminders about your business and how to keep in contact with it.

Secondly, your practical and useful gift can be used each and every day. Naturally, this includes holidays. So even when you’re not working, your promotional products work for you. As always, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients often confirm the power of the promo product for us. They notice that when people are on holiday, their gifts are actually used more often.

“I remember right after the Christmas holidays, I got a noticeable increase in my business,” commented one of our clients last week, “Customers mentioned to me that over the holidays, the water bottles I had given out had really come in handy. In fact, the gifts inspired some of them to join a gym in the new year. The bottles provided that added incentive I guess – to work out and come back to my store.”

“Promo gifts are great for the household,” another client informed us, “I find that the ones that are the most family friendly – like mugs or flashlights – are the best for encouraging family members to learn about your business. One of my newest customers is a daughter of a person who frequents my store. She came in the other day saying ‘I saw your name on my dad’s mug!’”

Synergy Marketing opens bright and early tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. EST. Please give one of our friendly and experienced sales reps a call at 1-877-748-9884. Our staff is only too happy to help you to select the perfect promotional gift to grow your company. So take your Family Day off and relax. Allow us to do the work for you by getting you a new promo gift that is bound to boost your business.

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15 Feb

Considering The Promo Gift Standpoints

Posted in Promotional Products on 15.02.13 by John Meloche

It’s all about promotional gifts this week. Okay, let’s be honest, at Synergy Marketing, it’s ALWAYS about promotional gifts. But as our blog has made clear over the past several days, using promo gifts in tandem with a sound marketing strategy is the best way to ensure that your company is able to increase its client base. Using promo gifts to your advantage can be a big part of your company’s success.

TheFreeLibrary.com agrees that promotional gifts offer a “creative and catchy way to bring attention to your business.” The site also agrees with our series of blogs this week in that it insists that choosing the best promotional items for your promotional plans is an important first step to take. Do some research, implores the website.

By doing so, you’ll not only choose the right gifts to promote your brand, but you will also discover the best distribution techniques. Thankfully, TheFreeLibrary.com offers up some tips on how to do all of this properly. We must say, once a thorough read through of this week’s series of blogs is complete, you’ll be a promotional gift-giving wizard! Now to the tips.

When it comes to handing out promo gifts, “it is important to look at it from the standpoint of a business owner and a consumer,” reads the website. Let’s look at it from the standpoint of the business owner first, shall we? You want to consider affordable promotional items that will have your business name, logo or slogan prominently displayed.

We’ve always felt, here at Synergy, that one of the greatest benefits of our products to the business owner is that they are far less expensive than traditional modes of advertising. Try running an ad in a magazine or getting a commercial on television for the same cost of an order of promotional gifts. It’s not likely to happen.

Now let’s look at things from the standpoint of a consumer. As TheFreeLibrary.com points out, “it is important to choose promotional items that consumers want. Promotional items can turn into more of a hassle than anything else when no one wants them.” This is why our reps, here at Synergy, always consider the usefulness of the gifts they recommend to their clients.

“So which promotional items are the best for your business?” asks the website. At Synergy Marketing, you can choose from pens, mugs, water bottles, key chains, knives, tools, hats, sunglasses, flashlights, calendars and so much more! We have desk top items, automotive gifts, sports items and even fashion selections as options. To make the best choice possible, we recommend speaking to one of our friendly and experienced sales reps. Simply call us up at 1-877-948-9884 to speak to one today!

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