14 Jun

More Marketing Methods To Build Your Brand

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 14.06.13 by John Meloche

Coins and plant, isolated on white backgroundOn About.com, Darrell Zahorsky offers up a number of tips for business owners who are looking to increase sales and drum up more business this summer. The bottom line is that no business can survive without proper marketing. So it’s important to never rest on your laurels by simply assuming that business will remain strong without concerted efforts to improve it.

In yesterday’s blog, we began taking a look at Zahorsky’s tips. At Synergy Marketing, we believe strongly in promoting your business without going over budget. This is why our fantastic promotional gifts have worked so well for entrepreneurs across Canada. They are both cost-conscious and highly effective. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at Zahorsky’s marketing suggestions.

Sharpen Selling Skills. “A high return area for business improvement is the sales function,” writes Zahorsky, “Whether you’re selling to big companies or managing a sales team, never forget to focus on sales improvement.” It’s also important, of course, to hire competent sales staff. Be mindful of the attitudes your new hires present. A focused, energetic and friendly attitude will go a long way in building your business image.

Find Best Practices. The whole “energetic and friendly” thing should not be overlooked. Your business will be judged heavily by its customer service. Be sure to maintain a good approach when it comes to handling customers. Stick to your best practices and don’t attempt to reinvent the wheel, as they say. You also don’t want to waste money and time training those who don’t share your views.

Motivate Staff. Speaking of training, you want a staff of talented and motivated individuals who never feel as if they are unappreciated. Learn what motivates your team, says Zahorsky, and constantly come up with ways to keep them energized. When you have a happy team, you have a productive team. We love keeping the energy up in the Synergy Marketing offices!

We play music. We share jokes during morning meetings. We even have our pets run around the office now and again. Keeping the atmosphere light and the overall working environment enjoyable is a big part of what makes our sales staff so successful. Consider ways to make your work place a fun place to be for the people who work for you. This type of marketing will pay dividends for years to come.

Know Your Limits. When you’re really great at something, feel free to exploit it. But when you know you’re not an expert in a particular field, don’t pretend that you are. It’s okay. Knowing your limitations will help you to better manage your business. Put the right people in the right places to do the right jobs. Managing your team well will help it to become a very successful one.

Take a Break. “Running a small business is hard work,” reminds Zahorsky, “Sometimes the best way to improve your business and re-ignite your passion is to take a vacation.” It’s true. Taking breaks is actually an important part of marketing your business. Don’t burn yourself out. Give yourself opportunities to get recharged and rejuvenated from time to time. And the summer is the perfect time to do that!

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13 Jun

Simple Steps Towards Boosting Your Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 13.06.13 by John Meloche

5-simple-stepsFor many business owners in Canada, the summer season represents the slowing down of sales. During these slow seasons, it’s important to remember that opportunities are presenting themselves. Marketing your business is a year-round job. But as the warm weather approaches, there should be some added effort being put towards drawing attention to your business.

Sometimes, it’s best to just keep it simple. There are some go-to advertising ideas that can help entrepreneurs during any time of the year. But with the summer about to officially get started, it’s a great time to put these ideas into practice. On About.com, Darrell Zahorsky shares some tips on how to help boost business. These simple tips are great reminders for those concerned about the slowing of sales in the coming months.

Keep Score. “It’s amazing how few small businesses have any idea of the daily, weekly, and monthly numbers and financial trends in the organization,” writes Zarhorsky. Are you on top of your books? Be sure to stay mindful of what you’re spending and what you’re making. It’s a simple must-do no matter what type of business you run. Don’t lose sight of the profits you need to make to be successful.

Set Goals. It’s hard to achieve a target if you haven’t set it. Some business owners tend to get complacent during the everyday opening and closing of their stores. Effort must be placed on doing a little more business each and every day. So keep score. Set your goals and work towards surpassing them. Make a game of it if you have to. But never settle for the same old-same old when it comes to sales.

Use High Impact Marketing. At Synergy Marketing, we pride ourselves on providing the best promo products in the business. We are especially proud because we know that our products help business owners gain customer loyalty and generate bigger buzzes for their brands without them having to spend an arm and a leg. Zahorsky agrees that low budget, high impact marketing is the way to go.

Traditional advertising methods tend to cost too much money for most business owners. Print ads, radio spots and TV commercials are all very pricey ventures. As well, they don’t make personal connections with your target market. Promo gifts, on the other hand, are useful items that are impactful on a daily basis. They show your customers you care and always remind them of where to shop.

Master Business Presentations. Are you an expert in your field? If so, it’s time to show that off! According to Zarhorsky, “A powerful business presentation can help improve your small business by leaps and bounds. Learning the essentials of a knockout business presentation can reap many rewards.” You may even want to create a video to post to YouTube demonstrating your expertise.

Monitor Trends. It’s so important to keep up with the times. As mentioned earlier, many business owners get complacent in their roles, assuming no additional efforts need to be made when it comes to marketing their businesses. However, staying current is key. Set up your profiles on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already. Social media sites are arguably the most popular ways to communicate with your audience these days.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog for some more great marketing tips!

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12 Jun

Planning To Be A Champion In Your Field

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 12.06.13 by John Meloche

hockeyTonight’s the night that hockey fans have been waiting for since the beginning of the year – literally. The NHL got off to a late start thanks to a lockout. When play began in January instead of the usual October, hockey fans were treated to a shortened-season that brought about a lot of excitement. And it has all come down to this: The Stanley Cup Finals!

This year, it’s two Original Six teams going head-to-head. The Chicago Blackhawks will take on the Boston Bruins to battle it out for all the marbles. Being the best, as you can imagine, takes quite a lot of hard work. Both teams, of course, had to win three series each in order to make it to tonight’s final for the “holy grail” of hockey. Toronto Maple Leafs fans know this all too well.

The Leafs took the Bruins into overtime in Game 7 before losing their opening series. The definition of a heartbreaker, the game saw the Leafs winning 4-1 with under ten minutes to go in the third period. But let’s not rub salt in what is likely still a sore wound for Leafs fans. Back to the point – hard work and dedication are what champions are made of. This goes for your business as well.

Being dedicated, however, is a lot more than showing up on time for work every day. To be the best, you have to take steps to getting your business ahead of its competition. Like the Bruins and the Blackhawks, defeating your opponents requires some strategic thinking. On Entrepreneur.com, Tim Berry provides some tips for business owners who are looking to become champions in their fields.

Do a sales forecast. “Break your sales into components, such as specific products, groups of products, channels or buyers,” writes Berry. It’s important to project your estimated sales so that you can track your results based on your expectations. Once you do this, it will lead to better planning for the sale of products and services in the future. Planning – like practice – makes perfect.

If you’re a startup company, estimate startup costs. Take note of all of your expenses including those that you incur before your first day of business, says Berry. This includes legal expenses, renovations and repairs, developing prototypes, equipment, inventory and even the cash you have in the bank. You must constantly be aware of how much you’re spending to best determine how much you need to make back.

Estimate your expense budget. Berry calls it a “burn rate”. In other words, it’s important to be on top of things that are bound to burn your money. We’re talking about such things as rent, payroll, utilities and marketing expenses. Being mindful of all of these things is what will best help you develop a sound sales forecast that will give you something to track.

Write a To-Do List. When you plan for success, you’re most likely to achieve it. When you write your plan out, you’re more likely to stick to it. Plan out and write down milestones such as dates, deadlines, business activities and how much they’re going to cost. Outlining your “concrete specifics” is bound to keep you on track. Plan to be a champion in your field, and you may just reach the finals after all!

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11 Jun

Do The Unexpected To Dominate Your Field

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 11.06.13 by John Meloche

Business-DominationHow can you stand out from your competition? Each and every day, our Synergy sales reps ask this question to their clients. Being extraordinary means doing things to be successful that your competition won’t do. What makes your company special? Have you ever stopped to think why your customers come to you and no one else for your products?

Or…do they visit your competition from time to time? How can you be sure to secure their loyalty? Knowing the answers to these questions is bound to propel you and your company to greater heights. As Anne Mueller points out on OpenForum.com, being average in today’s business world is simply not good enough. It’s all about growth and expansion. It’s all about being better than the rest.

Sounds a little easier said than done, right? Mueller lists a number of ways that being different, and therefore, more noticeable can be achieved. Her tips include doing the opposite of what your competition is doing and going that extra mile to ensure that you provide superior customer experiences to anyone else in your industry. These ideas were outlined in yesterday’s blog. In today’s blog, we’ll focus on a few more ways to be unique.

Do the unexpected, the new, the different. It’s important to have products that “provide a combination of desirability plus difference (to) have the potential for huge success.” She makes note of Apple products such as the iPhone which can be described as both “pretty and useful.” People don’t just desire the technology, she points out, they also enjoy having a product that is “beautiful to hold”.

The concept isn’t all that difficult. Consider selling something that is normal or well-known. You could assume that the public’s familiarity with the product is a reason that it is able to “sell itself”. However, it’s important to never take anything for granted. Put a spin on the so-called normal and do something unexpected with your product. “You might find a surprising hit,” says Mueller.

Dominate the field. We all want to be the best at what we do, don’t we? There is a way to achieve this. It all comes down to having a “never say die” attitude. In other words, quitters never win. There is a long list of entrepreneurs who have come and gone, simply because they have given up on their dreams. Finding running a business too hard, they eventually pack things up and leave the industry open for domination by others.

“The secret of being more successful than everybody else is not quitting when everybody else does,” insists Mueller, “That’s how you go from mildly successful to wildly successful, and that’s how you dominate your field no matter what it is.” Domination means putting out one idea after the other. There never really is any end-all, be-all. To be successful, you have to continually top yourself.

This may involve some failures. But what better way is there to learn? Making mistakes is perhaps, the best way to understand how to make advances in your marketplace. Concludes Mueller: “If you want to be successful, dominate yourself first. No self-doubt, no delusions, no indecision, no hesitation. Then take your idea, make it better, take it further, build it higher, and show everybody else how it’s done.”

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10 Jun

Tips For Taking Your Business Further

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 10.06.13 by John Meloche

GettingAheadIf you are a successful business owner, it’s probably a safe bet to say that you are someone who took chances. The entrepreneurial spirit is one that encourages risk-taking in order to stand out from the crowd. Getting a business started is no easy feat. But making a business a stand-out success is another thing altogether. To do so, being completely unique is practically mandatory.

On OpenForum.com, Anne Mueller writes that “growing richer than everybody else means building a business that is not just okay, average or even mildly successful. It means building a business that is wildly successful. Doing that means going a bit beyond the ordinary.” She then goes on to offer up a number of tips that can help business owners achieve the extraordinary.

Start by setting your own standards. Mueller insists that business owners stop basing their standards on what everyone else is doing. She challenges entrepreneurs by getting them to ask themselves if others are as successful as they want to be. The bottom line is that no one else’s success should be the benchmark for your own. To truly grow your brand, you need to work towards achievements far and above the norm.

Do the opposite of everybody else. Mueller takes it one step further by insisting that company owners go against the grain to be unique. Trends are bound to phase out. Try not to jump on and off bandwagons. Instead, begin your own trend by figuring out what people are not doing. What needs of your target market are not being met? How can you fulfill them in ways that your competition is not?

Do things better than everybody else. If doing things differently isn’t necessarily for you, then it’s time to focus on simply doing things better. That includes making vast improvements in all areas of your business. There is likely to be room for improvement in customer service, design, testing, product quality, pricing, accessibility for your customers as well as providing feedback, guarantees and follow-ups.

Average is the enemy. “If you want to be more successful, be the one who sets the bar high. Then make sure you reach the bar every single time,” writes Mueller. Have you been settling for your current rate of success for too long? It’s important to not rest on your laurels. Strive to be the best in your industry by improving upon areas where you think you are already excelling.

Take it further than everybody else. Going that extra mile is what will truly get you noticed and remembered, says Mueller. That doesn’t mean that you should take things too far. Be smart about each move you make by always keeping the customer in mind. Perhaps, a publicity stunt is in order. Just be sure to not offend or injure anyone in the process!

When athletes take things further than anyone else, they end up in the Hall of Fame, reminds Mueller. It’s time to push the boundaries and take your business further than the status quo, she continues. “If you’re an artist, you break through old barriers and establish new schools of thought and expression,” she writes, “Good things, big things can happen when you take it further (whatever it is) than everybody else.”

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07 Jun

Get Into Some Offline Marketing Ideas

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 07.06.13 by John Meloche

Offline-MarketingIn yesterday’s blog, we began taking a look at a Dane Carlson article from his Business Opportunities Blog. In it, he reiterates one of the most tried-and-true pieces of marketing advice we’ve ever blogged about. And that is finding inexpensive ways to market your business will go a long way in helping it to grow. Yesterday, we examined a number of ways that business owners could utilize the internet to advertise themselves.

But even in today’s internet-crazy society, there are still plenty of offline ideas that can be just as rewarding. Naturally, handing out promotional gifts to your customers is one of the top ways that Synergy Marketing believes in. They have been well known to build customer loyalty and garner referrals. Today, we’ll look at a few other ideas outlined by Carlson that will build your brand’s buzz.

Cross promotion. Not that you should be contacting your competitors to join forces, but making friends with other business owners is a great way to grow your client base. Come up with a bonus package that you can put together with another business that will add value to your customer’s experiences with either brand. The “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” policy has often worked wonders.

Tell your story. “Write an article about yourself and your business,” suggests Carlson, “Add a funny or intriguing story about how you got started in the business, or let the readers know why the business is so important to you. Be sure your article solves a problem. Write at least two paragraphs about a problem, and one or two paragraphs on how your business can solve the problem.”

Perhaps, you’re concerned about your writing skills. After all, you started a business and your expertise likely lies elsewhere. No problem. As Carlson points out, there are a number of freelance writers out there. You may even want to contact Synergy Marketing to ask about their blogger! The more people know about the real you, the more they will like you. Get a good write-up on you and you’ll see!

Make a Video. Okay, yes we did say that today’s blog would be about offline ideas. But it’s important to note the popularity of such websites as YouTube. Carlson advises that you make a video where you are telling jokes, doing bad impressions or singing a song. Upload it to YouTube and see how many hits it gets. Now you may be wondering how such a video could ever help you increase business.

Yesterday’s blog highlighted the importance of communication with your clients. People need more than to simply like a company. They need to like what the company is all about. A company with a personable, friendly, creative and approachable owner is one that is bound to gain fans. Naturally, you should plug your business in your video. It’s all about generating interest in your brand.

Some of your videos should showcase your expertise. Feel free to discuss your knowledge of your field and why you chose to open your business. You may also want to film demonstrations of how useful your products are. As always, the staff at Synergy Marketing is only too happy to help you to advertise your brand. To get help in picking out the perfect promo gift for you, call 1-877-748-9884.

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06 Jun

Get Up On Your Online Marketing

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 06.06.13 by John Meloche

bigstock_marketing_concept_170495364It’s all about bringing your company more business. This is the basic premise behind all that Synergy Marketing does. Our promotional products work to give your customers great impressions about you. They also work to give your customers reminders of where to shop. In addition, they work to generate more referrals for your brand. Our experience has proven that promo gifts have always been successful in doing all of the above.

It can be quite overwhelming to get all caught up in advertising. Of course, it’s important for you to promote your business. And it’s just as important to not blow your budget while doing so. Our promotional gifts are far less expensive than traditional modes of advertising. But they work best when coupled with other marketing strategies. On his Business Opportunites Blog, Dane Carlson writes about ways you can boost business.

Create a 90-day plan. This is the best way to start, writes Carlson. During this time, business owners should have patience with their new ideas, but also be sure to track their progress. There are simple and cost-effective ways to get your company noticed more often and by more people. Don’t worry about the competition for now, he says, let’s just focus on you.

Find more places to sell online. There are plenty of websites that are well known for their abilities to sell to the general public. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of them? “If you haven’t already done so, sell your product on eBay,” writes Carlson. You can also place ads on Craigslist and Kijiji. Synergy Marketing employs this practice itself.

Build a larger internet presence. If you haven’t yet, it’s time you create profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, there are still a few old-school thinking people out there who oppose social media. But if you’re a business owner, you really aren’t giving yourself much of a choice. It’s important to connect with your audience. Social networking gives you the opportunity to engage in conversations with potential buyers.

This is important. In today’s social media-crazed world, people don’t just want to be spoken to. They want to be included in the conversation. That means giving them opportunities to share their views. Doing so on Facebook and Twitter will give you the chance grow your customer base as your own perspectives can help you to develop a bigger fan base.

Stay in touch with your customers. Keeping with the theme of communication, Carlson insists that you put an effort into developing your client relationships through writing. “Design an e-zine, and email it to your current customers,” he writes, “Place advertisements for other local businesses, do it for free for awhile, until the e-zine starts gaining popularity and then you can charge for the advertising spaces!”

You’ll notice that many of Carlson’s tips have a lot do with having a strong online presence. These days, most consumers will locate their favourite places to shop on the internet before actually paying them a visit in person. In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few more of Carlson’s business-growth tips that focus on some offline marketing ideas. Be sure to check it out!

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05 Jun

Be The Drummer Of More Business This Summer

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 05.06.13 by John Meloche

drummerHow do you drum up more business? According to Caron Beesley in one of her recent blogs, it’s all about taking advantage of the summer time. Who doesn’t love summer? (Okay, we realize some people don’t – we’re not sure we understand why!) It’s the time of year when the sun is out, the weather is warm and people really enjoy being outside. So why shouldn’t you be taking advantage of that?

Over the past couple of days, we have been blogging about Beesley’s tips on how to better utilize the warm summer weather to your advantage. Holding themed days, giving back to your community and “summer-izing” your marketing strategies are all among her suggestions. In today’s blog, we’ll round out her helpful list of ideas in hopes that we can help you have your hottest summer yet.

Drum Up Business with Promotions. For some businesses, summer is the slow season. If this is the case with your company, these tips are especially important for you. You may want to come up with some special summer promotions to drum up more interest in your brand. Beesley recommends offering limited-time discounts on some of your slower moving items. You may also want to create some package promotions.

For example, you can offer discounts to customers who buy more than one product or service. As well, you may want to take advantage of the flexible schedules many people have during the summer time. Beesley writes that you should consider ways to draw in people during your “off-peak hours” through such ideas as “bring a friend for half price or a free consultation.”

Plan for Your High Season – Take the Pulse of your Market. Beesley reminds us that if summer is your slow season, it’s important to use your extra time wisely by planning your marketing activities for the rest of the year. During your slower days, you should conduct some market research to gauge what your customers think of your business and the products and services that you offer. Feel free to ask them questions by emailing them questionnaires.

Don’t be afraid to start up chats with your clients when they visit you. In your worst case scenario, this summer is still a slow one – but the research you do to discover more about your target audience may help you to build business in the months following the summer time. Again, it’s all about using your time wisely. Gaining new customers has a lot to do with paying attention to your current customers.

If there is one thing that all of Beesley’s tips have in common, it’s that each one provides business owners with a perfect opportunity to develop stronger relationships with their customers. At Synergy Marketing, we are experts at building and strengthening business relationships. Our incredible promotional gifts have been helping entrepreneurs pull this off for decades.

When customers receive their gifts, they immediately feel greater senses of loyalty and appreciation. The key is to select the gift that is most fitting for your brand. Be sure to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps by calling 1-888-748-9884. It’s time to boost your brand in a big way. Think about the tips doled out over the past three blogs and how you can incorporate promo gifts to increase business this summer.

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04 Jun

Entice Your Customers All Summer Long

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 04.06.13 by John Meloche

Summer-Business-425x272In yesterday’s blog, we began discussing a few ways in which entrepreneurs can increase business throughout the summer months. When it’s hot and sunny, people are generally in better moods. They are also outdoors a lot more often. Why shouldn’t you be taking advantage of these facts by making your place of business a more enticing place to visit? Yeah…we don’t know either!

You’re likely to relate to Caron Beesley. She too, is a business owner. And she feels that the summer is the best time to grow your business. In a recent blog, she writes of a few strategies that you can employ to encourage customers to visit your company more often. Her tips include hosting cookouts and spoiling your customers through other special invite-only events. Today’s blog includes more of her suggestions.

Hold a Themed Week or Day. Beesley suggests that you come up with cool and inventive ways to show your customers just what your business does for a week or at least a day. If you hold a special event that has you showcasing your expertise, you’re bound to boost your respect levels in the community. Think you’re the best at what you do? Show it off!

This will maximize your visibility and interest in what you do, says Beesley, especially if your demonstrations come as part of a community charity event that includes prizes and giveaways. She even suggests partnering up with another business so that you can help promote each other’s products and services. Doing so will help you to double your reach – as long as you don’t join forces with a direct competitor.

Give Back to the Community. This piece of advice is always an important one to take. As Beesley writes, community projects are great ways to build your brand and give back to the community. There are a number of ways to pull this off. Sponsor and promote a community service day or charitable event. And don’t forget to invite members of the media to your shindig!

It’s always good to help out the members of your community, but getting your company some good press makes this idea a total win-win marketing solution. Beesley suggests that you choose a cause to support that is a good fit for your business. Those who live closest to your place of business will not only become more familiar with you, but they will be endeared to your good nature. And that’s great for business.

Summer-ize your Marketing Activities. Writes Beesley: “From your website to your email newsletter, look for ways to incorporate summer themes and information that are relevant to your customers. Send out newsletters that showcase your summer specials, but mix it up with good content—summer fashion tips, recipes, or pet care in the heat.” In this case, communication is key.

In this social media-crazed world, it’s important to remember that good advertising isn’t just about pushing products. It’s about communicating. Be sure to encourage your customers to respond to your emails and letters with feedback that you can utilize in future marketing campaigns. Give your company a “voice” – one that doesn’t just advertise, but engages others in conversations.

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03 Jun

Super Summer Strategies To Boost Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 03.06.13 by John Meloche

Summer-Business-Advice-409x272It’s June! And depending on where you are in the world, the summer has officially started. That’s because most people allow the weather – not the date on the calendar – to determine what month it is. And when it’s hot and sunny – it’s summer time! Today, in Toronto – where Synergy Marketing is headquartered – it’s a beautiful sunny day. It could be warmer though.

Nevertheless, the sunshine brings to mind a whole new list of ideas on how business owners across Canada can build a better buzz for their brands in the next few months. It’s important to take advantage of the nice weather when it arrives. This is especially true for companies across Canada who may not get to experience the longer-by-comparison summers we get in Toronto.

The bottom line? Get outside! As business owner, Caron Beesley writes in a recent blog, there are a number of ways to incorporate the summer season into your marketing plans. It’s all about giving your customers new reasons to come to you. You can’t just expect them to visit without enticing them. So here’s a few ways that business owners can take advantage of the summer months.

Host a Cookout. People love going to barbeques. Just ask any member of the Synergy Marketing staff. Our office is full of cookout fans! A great way to welcome the warm and sunny season is to turn your parking lot into a party area. Renting space in a public park is also a good idea. Beesley suggests the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, salad and cold drinks as your menu items.

There are tons of ways to make this event worthwhile for people so that they may become your new customers. It’s important to offer incentives for your guests so that they visit your place of business. Cookouts are excellent venues to hand out your promotional gifts and business cards. You may also want to hold a raffle or some sort of contest to gather more information about the new people you meet.

Spoil Your Customers. Not all customers are created equally. Sure, that may sound bad. But it’s a fact in the business world. All business owners have select groups of loyal customers who spend the most money and visit the most often. It’s important to show those customers how much they mean to you. Often, providing them with higher-end promotional gifts is a great way to say “thank you”.

Beesley also suggests that you throw an appreciation event of some kind. Treat your special group to an “afternoon at a winery, a round of golf or an afternoon of fishing.” Sound extravagant? Beesley reminds us that there is a business purpose behind each of these deeds. Not only will you be securing long term loyalty, but you can claim the cost of the customer entertainment expenses as a tax deduction.

Many business owners feel that they are simply too busy to fit in leisure time with their customers. The key, of course, is to remember that it’s not leisure time. Showing your customers you care through fun activities is perhaps the best way to do business. It’s fun for you and them. And it will help you to increase brand loyalty. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog for more great tips!

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