30 Aug

Filling You In On How To Promote For Free

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 30.08.13 by John Meloche

ewtpyboFor the past three days, we have been examining a Chiara Fucarino article from ExcelLiving.com. Importantly, it fills business owners in on how to promote their businesses without going broke. Being creative seems to be the underlying theme to her tips. It doesn’t necessarily cost you a lot of money to advertise your brand, it just requires some creativity and effort.

Blog. Naturally, Synergy Marketing is big on this one. Our blog helps us to communicate with our customers on a daily basis. And as Fucarino insists, “The blogging community is huge.” Blogs full of helpful tips – such as this one – are very useful. But you should also incorporate interesting, well-written content on a variety of topics. We often like to speak on current events, sports and other happenings in our city in our blog.

“I quite enjoy your blog,” commented one of our clients earlier this week, “I like that you guys are always sharing advice that business owners can use to their advantage. You also write in a very easy-to-read way so it takes me no time to read your blogs every day. I’m no writer myself, but I can see why blogs are so useful. It makes people want to check out your website more often.”

Put your website on the radar. There are other ways to promote that website of yours. Online directories can be pretty valuable, says Fucarino. Registering your business with as many as you can find is always a good idea. She even suggests finding an industry association that will allow you to list your URL on their website. Exchanging links with other companies will help in a big way too.

Beef up your social media profiles. You likely saw this tip coming. It should come as no surprise that you need to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Millions of people all over the world use these social networking sites every single day. Why shouldn’t you? Keeping your profiles updated with relevant information will keep your target market interested. Be sure to be interesting in what you post, don’t just advertise.

“I tend to post a lot of pictures on my page,” reported our client, “I find that people leave the most comments when I do that. I find that when you’re not just advertising but you’re actually drumming up interesting conversation, you get more attention on social media. So I make sure to have a combo of cool news pieces, funny jokes, pictures and specials that you have to come into my store to get. And it works!”

Host contests and giveaways. “Who doesn’t love free stuff?” asks Fucarino. That’s exactly what we were thinking. Your promotional gifts can actually make great prizes for your contests and giveaways. At the very least, you can include them along with whatever product or service you plan on offering in your contest. Be sure to use social media to promote it. You’re bound to attract new customers!

Enjoy your weekend everybody! And be sure to contact one of our amazing sales reps at 1-877-748-9884 when you’re ready to decide upon the promotional gifts that are right for your business. There are many to choose from. And our staff is made up of experts at selecting the appropriate gifts for every business type out there. After all, it’s their job to boost your brand!

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29 Aug

Putting Away Fears With Free Marketing Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.08.13 by John Meloche

imagesIn yesterday’s blog, we began looking at a Chiara Fucarino article from ExcelLiving.com. In it, she lists a number of ways that business owners can market their businesses for free. Her list helps put to rest some fears that many entrepreneurs have about promoting their companies – including the one about it costing a fortune. In actuality, a lot can be done for nothing at all.

Put your business on the map. Specifically Google Maps and Yahoo! Local, says Fucarino. You likely know by now that most Canadian consumers jump online to research stores, products and services before visiting physical locations. If you’re not online, you practically don’t exist! Registering your business with the aforementioned sites won’t cost you a thing either.

Get your business into the Yellow Pages. While you’re at it, head over to the Yellow Pages website and register your business there too. It’s free as well as quick and easy to do. Fucarino admits that the use of that big yellow book isn’t nearly as frequent today as it used to be, it’s still worth your time and energy to be listed. Why not take advantage of every free listing you can get, right?

Write letters to local newspapers. “If you offer your unique business knowledge to the community, they will take you seriously and begin to associate you with your business,” writes Fucarino, “If you find an article in a previous publication you want to discuss, write a polite, interesting, and newsworthy letter to the editor. Don’t forget to include your business’s website address and contact information!”

Yelp often! Have you heard of Yelp? Admittedly, we’re pretty new to it ourselves. But as Fucarino suggests, logging on to this site will help you respond to customer reviews a lot quicker, plus it will get visitors to the site to learn a lot more about your business. Be courteous and helpful, she reminds us, as you don’t want to taint your business’ reputation by getting into an online fight with anyone in the message boards.

Put your URL on everything. In case it hasn’t been made abundantly clear already, your online presence means a lot in this day and age. Make sure that everyone knows your website address. As Fucarino points out, it should be in your email signature, on your company’s letterhead, your business cards and even your promotional gifts. Your website is often your first impression, so make it known!

Join online communities. Showing your expertise in your field is very important. And the worldwide web is probably the best place to show it off. “Find relevant discussion groups online and contribute with your knowledge,” says Fucarino, “Make sure you mention your business and include your URL in your forum signature. Always be nice, polite, and helpful!”

Tomorrow, we will complete our three-part look at Fucarino’s list of tips. Promoting your business doesn’t have to be expensive, as you can now tell. In many cases, it doesn’t have to cost you anything at all. And even when you’re spending money to promote – because let’s face it, you’ll have to at some point – it doesn’t have to cost you much. For proof, contact one of our reps at 1-877-748-9884.

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28 Aug

Finding Out A Few Free Promotional Strategies

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.08.13 by John Meloche

images2On ExcelLiving.com, Chiara Fucarino poses the question “Did you know that 80 percent of businesses fail within the first 3-5 years?” That’s pretty harrowing information for young business owners looking to start up companies they’ve likely been dreaming about for years. Clearly, sufficient marketing efforts are necessary to not only keep a business going, but keep it successful.

The key, of course, is to grow. One of the reasons the promotional products at Synergy Marketing work for Canadian business owners so well is because of the connections that are made because of them. Promo gifts create a personal connection between giver and recipient. Customers who leave stores with free gifts often feel valued as a result of the gestures.

“It’s a pretty creative way to market yourself,” insisted one of our clients this week, “It tells the customers you appreciate them. But it also gives them a reminder that your store is the one to keep visiting all the time. The gifts live with the customers so it’s not like some business card they throw in the garbage. They help me to whip up conversations too, so I get to know my customers better.”

And while there are few advertising strategies that make personal connections the way promo gifts do, there are, of course, numerous ways to advertise. Fucarino understands that many entrepreneurs don’t have big budgets with which they can promote their brands. As a result, she provides a list of ways that business owners can market their companies for free.

Win awards. Easier said than done, right? Maybe so. But if you’re an expert in your field, perhaps there are ways to get your company noticed because of it. Such recognition, insists Fucarino, is bound to get your business some free exposure. Winning awards gives you bragging rights, she notes. And the publicity you get from the award you win may help grow your business in ways you never imagined.

Attend town hall meetings. It’s important to get your business recognized by its community. By offering insightful comments and solutions to problems in your area, you will earn the respect of those who live nearby, says Fucarino. Of course, these meetings also present opportunities for you to collect contact information of the people in your neighbourhood. Be sure to invite them to your place of business.

Give back to the community. It’s one thing to get to know the members of your community. It’s another thing to actually help it out. Host events and volunteer at others that are being thrown in your area. Encourage charitable organizations to promote the fact that your business is involved. Of course, there’s something in it for you. But there’s nothing wrong with giving back to those who need it most.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to examine Fucarino’s list of tips. We find that the more we research such tips, the more knowledge we gain about our own methods of advertising. Of course, we hope that they’ve inspired you too. As always, if you’d like to speak to one of our representatives about ways that Synergy Marketing can help promote your business, simply call 1-877-748-9884.

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27 Aug

YouTube Is Your Tool For Boosting Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.08.13 by John Meloche

youtube2In yesterday’s blog, we took a look at a Zeke Camusio article from StartupNation.com that started by admitting that “most people are afraid to use YouTube to promote their business.” We began taking looks at his tips for business owners on how the video uploading website can be used to promote their companies. In today’s blog, we’ll pick up where we left off with those tips.

Add Your URL to the Description. Never forget to add links to your company website and other social media profiles in the description of your video. Consider each video you upload as another link to the sites that will bring more customers into your business. Each video, of course, should also encourage viewers to contact your business. Make sure they have the right contact information!

Use Multiple Calls to Action. There are several ways to engage your YouTube audience. The best ways, according to Camusio are to provide such calls to action as “Please rate this video, Follow me on Twitter, Find me on Facebook, Subscribe to my videos, Visit my blog for more great videos, Embed this on your site, Please post your comments, Send this video to your friends (and) Check out my channel.”

Soft-Sell. It’s best not to ask people to purchase your good and services outright, says Camusio. Instead, the above mentioned calls to action should be left to do the work. If your videos are interesting enough, viewers will want to learn more about you. YouTube works best when videos are posted that get people talking. They will want to share them with others.

Video Responses. Don’t forget to post comments on other videos that are related to your own. Each comment you post will become a link to your own page. Don’t spam, warns Camusio. Be unique with what you say each time. The comments you make should be interesting enough to make others want to check you out. The more you comment, the more traffic you will end up generating.

Create Playlists. Adding your videos to playlists will allow you to create categories on your channel that will better service the visitors to your page. Depending on what videos you upload, you may want to focus on various areas of expertise. Perhaps, you’ll have a “Demo” playlist that includes videos that demonstrate your products and services. However, you may also have a “Jokes” section that may get even more hits. The possibilities are truly endless.

It’s a Social Network! Remember that YouTube is another social networking website. Reminds Camusio, “you can add friends, message them, join groups, create your own group and use the bulletin board to interact with the YouTube community.” It requires your willingness to interact with others. Remember to engage others in conversations and not just advertise to them.

Promote Your Videos. It’s not enough to simply upload your videos, Camusio insists, you have to promote them as well. Write blogs and embed your videos in them. Be sure to post links to your videos on Facebook and include them in your tweets on Twitter. Ask others to copy the links to share them with their friends. YouTube videos work best when other social networks help to spread them around.

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26 Aug

Making YouTube Your Way To Promote

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 26.08.13 by John Meloche

youtubeAt Synergy Marketing, we make regular use of our Facebook and Twitter profiles by posting links to our daily blogs. What we’ve found is that these links generate greater traffic to our website. Once visitors find our website, they are given easy access to our catalogue of amazing promotional gifts. This, of course, encourages them to peruse through our promo products before giving us a call.

Social media, as you may have guessed, can truly work wonders in the promotion of your business. But it doesn’t stop at Facebook and Twitter. YouTube is also a wildly-popular website. Nevertheless, according to Zeke Camusio on StartupNation.com, “most people are afraid to use YouTube to promote their business. But you shouldn’t be and here’s why: the most popular videos aren’t professional productions.”

Camusio is right. Take a look at YouTube and you’ll find that the most random, everyday, amateur videos are the most popular. They also happen to be the most unique, funny, informative and interesting videos on the site. This, ladies and gentlemen, should be the angle you take to promote your business using YouTube. And Camusio offers up some tips on how do it right.

Copy What Works. “Don’t reinvent the wheel,” insists Camusio. “Generally, the videos that do well are funny, weird, or useful. Spend an afternoon watching YouTube videos and learn what works.” It’s also important to discover what videos in your industry have the most views and the highest ratings. Figure out what your competition is doing right and find ways to do it better.

Put Keywords Everywhere. One of YouTube’s best features is the fact that it allows you to tag your video with as many keywords as you like. When people are searching Google for topics relevant to your brand, they’ll have a better chance of finding your video. That is, of course, if you’ve tagged it properly. Be sure to have keywords in your title, the description and the tags.

Steal Keywords from Popular Videos. Clearly, Camusio is not worried about originality. It’s all about doing what works. So if popular videos in your market are using certain tags, it can’t hurt to use the same tags for your video. As he points out, this will increase your chances of having your video listed under “suggestions” when someone views a similar video.

Customize Your Channel. Another great feature of YouTube is the fact that it allows you to create your own channel. You’re not just uploading videos that get lost in cyberspace. Your channel effectively becomes yet another useful social media profile for your company. Make sure your channel is customized to represent the look and feel of your brand.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at a few more of Camusio’s tips. YouTube, as has been pointed out, can be just as useful as the Facebooks and Twitters of the world – if not more. It not only gives your company a voice, but it gives it a face as well. Putting your face out there may just be what your brand needs to help increase its fan base.

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23 Aug

Key Reasons Why Promo Gifts Can Do The Trick

Posted in Promotional Products on 23.08.13 by John Meloche

pensIn yesterday’s blog, we worked to answer the question “do promotional products work?” which was asked by Rob Boirun on ComLuv.com. Of course, the staff, here at Synergy Marketing knows that the answer is “yes”. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Boirun actually lists a number of key reasons why promotional products can work for your company. Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday.

To generate sales leads. Promo gifts are excellent bridges to getting referrals. As mentioned, they inspire customer loyalty. So your best bet is to offer your promo gifts to customers who are likely to tell others about you. And there’s no harm in asking. Saying something as simple as “tell a friend” or asking something as simple as “do you know anyone else I can help?” can go a long way.

Your gift, of course, provides that reminder. They help for customers to not only remember you, but trust that you’ll be there for them in the future. They also encourage clients to recommend you to others. At Synergy, our experience has shown that the more gifts that are handed out, the more sales that are generated.

To promote trade show traffic. Promo gifts are the perfect accompaniments at any trade show. They go a lot further than the everyday business card. Cards are generally stashed along with other business cards and simply get lost in the shuffle, so to speak. Promo gifts, on the other hand, stand out from the pack. The more useful they are, the better. Pens, for example, are perfect for trade shows.

People are always looking for pens to write things down. Be sure to have people leave your booth with a pen bearing your company name and logo. They are lightweight, easy to carry around and obviously quite useful. When you bring your gifts to trade shows, you pretty much guarantee yourself that people will be thinking about your business in the days and weeks that follow.

To introduce new products, services and facilities. Use your promo gifts as methods to promote a new sale or feature at your business. Essentially, they should serve as reminders about the new and exciting happenings going on in your company. If you’re throwing an open house event, contest or outdoor barbeque to end off the summer, your promo gifts will be perfect go-home prizes.

This way, your visitors will better remember the products and services that you introduced them to when they came to your event. If there is anything newsworthy about your business that will draw people in, your promo gifts should be used as the proverbial “icing on the cake”. It’s all about giving people good impressions. You want to be sure everyone who visits you leave with one.

To stimulate employee sales performance and productivity. In yesterday’s blog, we mentioned that promo gifts work great as prizes for your employees. But that doesn’t mean they always have to be given out as prizes. Sometimes, just simply giving your staff members physical “thank yous” is a great way to improve the atmosphere in your workplace. As mentioned, promo gifts go a long way – in many ways.

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22 Aug

Proving That Promotional Products Really Work

Posted in Promotional Products on 22.08.13 by John Meloche

P-517_BIG-500x500On ComLuv.com, Rob Boirun asks the question, “do promotional products work?” This, of course, is a great question to ask the staff, here at Synergy Marketing. This is because each member has many years of experience working with Canadian business owners who have used promotional products to their advantage. As you may have guessed, their collective answer would be a big “yes”!

But why do they work? It’s easy for us to say that we believe in promotional products because they are what our business is all about. But what do others say? Boirun notes that Promotional Product International believes that there are some key reasons why promo gifts work wonders for businesses. We’d like to go through those reasons and add our thoughts to each of them.

To promote goodwill and product image. The “goodwill” part comes from the fact that promotional gifts are free, of course. At Synergy, we are well aware that when business owners hand out their gifts, they are making good impressions on the recipients. As we’ve asked many times before, who doesn’t like getting something for free? But there’s more to it than goodwill.

Your product image improves because promo gifts help customers to gain greater senses of loyalty. Remember that your business is your main product. That means that no matter what you sell, it’s important for your clients to feel good about you. Providing memorable customer experiences is what will really keep customers coming back, and bringing their friends with them.

To reinforce marketing of existing products, services and facilities. Your promotional gift should generally contain your business name and/or logo as well as contact information. That means that with each gift you hand out, you are reinforcing the idea that your company is the one that people should come to whenever they need what it is you sell.

You want your customers to feel a sense of satisfaction and trust whenever they visit you. They should not only enjoy the experience but trust that they are receiving top-quality items and services when they do business with you. Your gift is a reminder of that. It will help customers to remember you on a regular basis. Your gift insists upon being kept in mind as one of the best companies out there.

To recognize employee performance. We’ve often heralded the use of promo gifts for recognizing your employees. After all, no one said that gifts should be handed out to customers only. To build a strong business, you need a strong team. And when your team is motivated to do their jobs well, it only results in increased productivity. It’s important to reward those that work hard.

Use your best promotional gifts as prizes for those who hit certain marks outlined by your company. Provide them as rewards for contests and offer them as incentives for various projects. Your employees will feel appreciated for their efforts and will want to continue to work hard. At the end of the day, don’t you want all of your staff members to have your company name on products in their households anyway?

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we continue to answer the question, “do promotional products work?”

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21 Aug

Taking The Right Steps To Naming Your Business

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.08.13 by John Meloche

namingIn yesterday’s blog, we started up the topic of naming your business. If you’re a new business owner, you may already be well aware of just how hard a task this can be. It’s not quite the same as naming a newborn baby, believe it or not. There are copyright and trademark laws to consider. And there are other factors including what you want to communicate to your audience to keep in mind.

On Entrepreneur.com, there are a number of tips provided to help new business owners decide upon ways to name their new businesses. From enlisting the help of experts to considering the type of message your business wants to send to the public, there are various ways to approach this matter. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at the tips listed on the site.

Get Creative. Perhaps, it’s easier to completely make up a word that is all your own. As the site points out, it seems as if every existing word in the world has been trademarked somehow. So why not come up with a “coined name”? Entrepreneur.com lists Compaq and Acura as examples. Both were named by the naming firm, NameLab. Michael Barr, the company’s president, explains how those business names were coined.

“‘Acura’ has no dictionary definition,” explains the site, “but the word suggests precision engineering, just as the company intended. NameLab’s team created the name Acura from ‘Acu,’ a word segment that means ‘precise’ in many languages. By working with meaningful word segments (what linguists call morphemes) like ‘Acu,’ Barr says the company produces new words that are both meaningful and unique.”

Test Your Name. Part of the entire naming process is making sure you can use it after all. Once you’ve gotten down to about four or five names, do a trademark search. Entrepreneur.com admits that not all names need to be trademarked as long as the government gives you the green light to use your name of choice. Nevetheless, you may want to consider trademarking it yourself.

The last thing you want is to have gone through the long process of selecting the perfect name for your brand only to have it taken by someone else. Going through legal battles and facing infringement lawsuits aren’t very much fun. That goes for you or the person you may need to take to court. Do yourself the favour and spend the money now on making sure your name is yours and yours alone.

Final Analysis. “If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with three to five names that pass all your tests,” says Entrepreneur.com. So if you actually have a few ready-to-use names to choose from, how do you make your final decision? Consider what your original criteria was, advises the site. What name best describes your company? What word best connotes how you want people to feel about your business?

Some business owners simply go with their gut. Some do consumer research or testing with focus groups. Perhaps you just need to read each name aloud or write them all down to see what they may look like on big signs. Once your decision is made, your business will be ready to take its first steps into the real world. And you’ll be ready to print its name on the promotional product of your choice!

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20 Aug

Properly Playing The Name Game

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.08.13 by John Meloche

nameAt Synergy Marketing, we offer our clients the best promo products in the business. For decades, promo gifts have allowed business owners to promote their companies in very cost-effective ways. Just as importantly, promo gifts provide personal touches to any advertising strategy – something that goes a long way with customers. Promo gifts are useful and handy, making them great ways to remind clients of you on a regular basis.

You may choose any promo gift you like to affix your company name and logo to. But what if you’re the owner of a startup company? What if your company doesn’t even have a name yet? Many entrepreneurs have excellent ideas about how to start a business. They know what type of industry they would like to enter and have all kinds of ideas on promotional strategies.

But, in some cases, coming up with a company name is the hardest part. According to Entrepreneur.com, choosing a name for your business means quite a lot to its potential success. “Ideally, your name should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the product or service you have developed,” says the website. A lot of thinking must be placed into coming up with the right name.

There are also a lot of view points on how to choose the right name. As the site points out, some experts believe that abstract names are best. That way, people feel a sense of awe when thinking of your business. Others feel that the more informative the name, the better. That way, people know what your company is about right away. And then, some believe that making up a brand new and original word is the best way to go.

When it’s all said and done, the key to choosing a good company name is found in the way that the company is promoted. When you back your ideas by a strong marketing strategy, you are bound for success. But where do you begin? Entrepreneur.com actually lists a number of tips that can help new business owners come up with the most appropriate names for their businesses.

Enlist Expert Help to Start. “Coming up with a good business name can be a complicated process,” says the site. So perhaps, getting the help of an expert is the best way to go. You may think that coming up with a name is an easy process. And, if so, you may be surprised to know just how much goes into making the right selection. Entrepreneur.com notes that naming firms have elaborate systems for creating new names.

One thing that they have great experience in doing is finding their way around trademark laws. See? We told you that coming up with a name isn’t such an easy process. It’s important to get advice about what names may be good or bad choices and why. The site admits that attaining the services of a professional naming firm can be pricey. Look into several and weigh your options.

Consider Communication. What are you trying to communicate through your business name? The name you choose should reinforce the key elements of your business, says Entrepreneur.com. Says the site, “Your work in developing a niche and a mission statement will help you pinpoint the elements you want to emphasize in your name.” We’ll continue to take a look at some other naming tips in tomorrow’s blog.

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19 Aug

Jays Winding Down A Disappointing Season

Posted in News on 19.08.13 by John Meloche

Toronto Blue Jays v New York YankeesAt the beginning of this year’s Major League Baseball season, we endeavoured to keep readers of the Synergy Marketing Blog posted on our thoughts about the progress of the Toronto Blue Jays. Suffice it to say, there hasn’t been too much too celebrate in 2013. Our hometown heroes have been anything but heroes in a season that they were planning on dominating.

At the beginning of the season, many people actually had the Jays picked as World Series favourites. However, with about a month and a half left to go before the end of the regular season, Synergy’s hometown team sits dead last in the ever-competitive American League East. Saying that the season has been a disappointment is easily a huge understatement considering the expectations.

“I already had my playoff tickets purchased,” one of our team members half-joked, “With all the acquisitions made in the offseason, I was sure we were going to compete this year. I can’t believe how poorly things have gone. With the exception of that 11-game winning streak a couple months ago, there hasn’t been much worth cheering for. It’s another year wasted.”

Today, the Blue Jays have an off day, so one thing is for sure. The Jays won’t be losing a game tonight. However, they continue to lose heartbreakers just as they did last night against the Tampa Bay Rays in ten innings. Had they won, it would have been the first series that the Jays took over their division rivals in Tampa since 2007. Needless to say, they don’t have a good record in Florida.

“The Jays keep losing against teams that they need to beat,” explained another member of our team, “We had the Sox and Rays this past week and the Yanks are next. Potentially, we could have gained a lot of ground against these guys since they’re all in our division. Losing against them just puts us deeper in the hole. The season is basically won and lost on these games.”

Currently, the Jays sit at a record of 57-67 – a full ten games under the .500 mark. No other team in the A.L. East has a losing record. That puts Toronto 15 games out of first place and 13.5 games back of the Wild Card position. What this all adds up to is having to wait at least one more season before anyone in Toronto can see their baseball team in a playoff position.

“It’s bad,” added our first rep, “We may not have put together a championship team, but I don’t think anyone expected it to be this bad. Seriously, it’s embarrassing. The city deserves better than this and it’s not like we can blame the organization for not trying. All the new players were supposed to make a difference, but they didn’t. I’m not sure what they’re going to do next.”

Only time will tell what will happen with the Toronto Blue Jays. The team, here at Synergy, certainly hopes that the last few weeks of the season will be interesting, at the very least. Can the Jays actually make a push for contention? Is there any hope left at all? Even the most die-hard fans are likely to respond in the negative. Nevertheless, Synergy supports its Jays – as hard as that has been all season.

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