29 Nov

More Marketing Strategies For Happy Holidays

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.11.13 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_11345505_xsHow much fun is the holiday season? There is a sense of joy in the air that shared among people who’ve never even met each other. There’s just something about the year-end holiday season that brings out the best in everyone. At least, this is what you would hope for as a business owner. You’re likely thinking that business is picking up better than at any time of the year.

And, in most cases, this is true. It doesn’t mean, however, that you don’t need to market your business. Yes, people are shopping more now than ever. And yes, for the most part, they are in good moods. So a sales boost is most likely to take place. And while many industries are happy to see the increase in sales, it is still a time of year when marketing your brand is important.

In fact, it’s more important now than ever. At least, this is what is suggested by Rieva Lesonsky on SmallBizTrends.com. She writes that some small business owners are worried that their holiday sales may not be as good as they were last year. So there must be some ways that these sales can be bolstered. For the past couple of days, we have been looking at her suggestions. We’ll conclude that look in today’s blog.

Try Texting. Suggests Lesonsky, “Ask customers to opt in to receive text messages from you and send them timely discount codes, limited-time promotional offers and more to drive them into your store.” This is yet another way to connect directly with your most loyal customers. It is often said that it is much easier to promote to your current customers than it is to market your brand to new ones.

Your current customers are your customers for a reason. There is something that you’ve done that brings them back. It’s not just what you sell, it’s how you sell it that counts. So never be afraid to communicate with them on a somewhat regular basis. Chances are they will appreciate hearing from you during the holiday season as they’re looking for ways to save money, while buying items they enjoy.

Give Them a Nudge. Speaking of communicating with loyal customers, they are the people who are most likely to refer your business to others. So there’s nothing wrong with asking for a referral now and again. With that said, feel free to remind them that you will provide them with all of their holiday shopping needs in the coming weeks. It only makes sense, right?

Lesonsky suggests that you “remind customers of the short shopping season and use marketing messages that encourage them to start early so they can finish shopping faster and with less stress. Creating a sense of urgency will prompt customers to act.” Marketing your brand can be done in many ways. And there’s no better time than now to do so.

There is also no better time of year than now to hand out your promotional gifts. This is the season of giving, is it not? Your gifts will go a long way in securing customer loyalty long after the holiday shopping season is done. At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide array of gifts to choose from including great holiday-themed gifts. For more information or to place an order, simply call 1-877-748-9884.

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28 Nov

Online Marketing Makes For A Holiday Sales Boost

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.11.13 by John Meloche

communication objectsMarketing your business is a task that is never going to go out of style. And that’s because you never want your business to go out of style! Naturally, there will be times of the year when your business sees a spike. And the current holiday shopping season is most likely one of those times of year. In fact, it is most likely that the present time is providing you with more shoppers than ever!

But that doesn’t mean you should be taking things for granted. In fact, marketing your business to its customers has never been more important. In yesterday’s blog, we took a look a list of suggestions provided by Rieva Lesonsky on SmallBizTrends.com. This list focused on ways that retailers can market their brands throughout the holiday shopping season in order to boost sales.

In today’s blog, we’ll pick up where we left off by returning to that list. As always, we’ll be providing our two cents with each suggestion. As you know, we like to see ourselves as people who know a thing or two about marketing, here at Synergy Marketing. So we enjoy helping business owners out with ways in which they can market their businesses to increase sales. And here’s how…

Reach Out With Email Marketing. You’ve likely seen this tip before. And chances are that you will continue to see it in the future. We live in an internet-savvy world and there is no limit to the number of people you can reach when using the internet. In this case, communicating with people who already support your business is an ideal marketing strategy.

Send out an email to your mailing list and be sure to let them know about the special deals you have in place. Similar to the flyer idea mentioned yesterday, you should offer those on your emailing list a special discount code, so that if they come into your store with it, they will receive exclusive benefits. This is yet another great way to test the strength of your marketing strategies while giving special perks to specific clients.

People enjoy feeling like they belong to an elite club. And if you have an emailing list, it’s only right to give those individuals on the list the opportunity to be the first to take advantage of your specials. With the holiday season bringing out more customers than ever, it’s important to ensure that your loyal customers are brought out of their homes to visit you.

Think Mobile. When you’re promoting your business online, don’t leave out mobile-friendly links. This includes links to your website and social media pages. With Facebook and Twitter being so wildly popular, it’s important to remember the various ways in which people use social media. Most often, that entails mobile phone use. Smart phones are used by nearly everyone every day.

If you’re promoting your business online, you’re giving your customers the opportunities to get notifications in the palms of their hands. Such marketing methods make things very convenient for your shoppers. They make things convenient for you as well. After all, there are no flyers to print when they are being emailed or posted to your social media profiles.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue our look at Lesonsky’s list of ways to increase holiday sales.

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27 Nov

Mastering Ways To Improve Holiday Sales

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.11.13 by John Meloche

Holiday ProfitsIt’s an exciting time of year, isn’t it? While the weather may be cold outside, things are definitely heating up for the retail industry. As we all know, the holiday shopping season brings out more customers than at any other time of the year. So taking advantage of that should be on the top of your to-do list for the rest of the year. With so many new customers, you’re bound to increase your sales.

But that’s not automatically true, is it? It’s important to never lose sight of the fact that marketing your brand is important. At Synergy Marketing, we know a thing or two about marketing brands. And we know that marketing is an all-year round requirement. So why would anyone take time off during the holidays? They wouldn’t! So what are some ways to improve your holiday sales?

On SmallBizTrends.com, the answer is provided to us by Rieva Lesonsky. She provides a list of suggestions to give business owners the proverbial legs up on their competition. Keeping in mind that there will be ample opportunities to market your brand this holiday season, these tips have the potential to work more wonders now than at any other time during the year. So let’s dive in to that list, shall we?

Bundle It Up. “Group products and services into packages at different price points,” says Lesonsky, “This helps customize gift offerings so customers feel they’re getting (and giving) something more personal. It can also help you attract both big spenders and bargain hunters.” People love getting bargains. So it’s important to provide as much value as you can to your buyers.

When people are able to receive 2-for-1 deals or special discounts if they purchase more than a certain amount, it gives them the feeling that they are getting more bangs for their bucks. And they are! The best part about it is that you get more as well. Remember that the happier you make your customers, the more potential you give your brand to keep those customers for the long haul.

Keep It Local. Promote your holiday specials in your general area. It may be an “old school” way of thinking, but there’s still nothing wrong with delivering flyers to the homes in your community. Keep in mind that the people who are most likely to visit your place of business are those who live the closest. So it stands to reason that you would market your business directly to them.

Perhaps you can give your shoppers special discounts if they walk into your store with those very flyers that you’ve given them. That will help you to determine the strength of your marketing strategy plus outwardly communicate to your neighbours that they mean the most to your business. Getting to know neighbours, by the way, is a great way to spread holiday cheer – not to mention increase sales.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to discuss Lesonsky’s list of tips for business owners looking to improve their holiday sales. Yes, more shoppers will be out and about over the next few weeks. But it shouldn’t be taken for granted that your sales will increase. Marketing your brand is always important. And the experienced sales reps at Synergy Marketing are available to help you do just that. Call them up at 1-877-748-9884.

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26 Nov

Boost Business With Holiday Marketing On Facebook

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 26.11.13 by John Meloche

Christmas surfing“Facebook is popular” could probably win an “Understatement of the Year” contest. So, as a business owner, you shouldn’t be thinking twice about using the social media giant as a source to promote your business. Completely free to set up and use, your Facebook profile can make a big difference in the number of new clients you attain for your company.

But since the holiday season is upon us, there are new ways to use Facebook that can significantly increase that number. In yesterday’s blog, we took a look at an article by Sarah Mincher on SocialMediaToday.com. In it, she lists a few tips on how entrepreneurs can use can maximize the impact of their Facebook pages by adding some holiday-themed touches. We’ll take a look at a few more of those tips today.

Deck The Facebook Walls. Mincher informs us that “Facebook recently lifted the requirement of using a third-party app when running a Facebook contest. So, now you can directly (and easily) post fun company contests, sweepstakes and giveaways directly to your Facebook wall. Take advantage of this by creating a holiday campaign or promotion for your audience during this time.”

Clearly, the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity for you to create a seasonal campaign. Creating one that rewards your Facebook fans is a great way to drum up new business and grow your client base. Perhaps you can launch a contest on your Facebook profile that encourages people to visit your store in order to fill out a ballot and make use of great savings.

By encouraging more people to visit you, you will be given more opportunities to develop new relationships face to face. These opportunities are also very useful for the handing out of promotional products. Business owners across Canada have found that promo gifts come as welcome surprises to new customers, who are often encouraged to return to your store time and time again.

Employee Holiday Highlights. It’s very important to not forget your staff members during the holidays. Keeping their spirits bright is good for business, as this is an attitude that they’ll surely share with your customers. Using your Facebook wall to highlight your top employees makes for excellent use of this social media juggernaut. As Mincher points out, “people enjoy doing interacting and doing business with brands they feel like know or relate with – putting a face, or faces to your brand is a great way to do that.”

One of her ideas is for you to do daily employee highlights. That way, you’ll not leave anyone out – so as to not alienate any members of your staff – and you’ll also have a ton of new cheerfully-based content for your page. Mincher insists that this works to increase your company’s online audience. It is likely that the highlighted employees will share these posts with people they know.

And this is how social networking truly works. The more people that share your statuses, “like” and comment upon them, the better it is for your brand. Marketing can be fun. And this is especially true during the holiday season. Using Facebook to market your company these holidays is not only cost-effective, but very rewarding. For more information on how Synergy Marketing can help you market your brand, call 1-877-748-9884.

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25 Nov

Get Festive On Facebook For Magical Marketing

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 25.11.13 by John Meloche

logo FacebookAs you know, there is a ton of ways that you can promote your business all throughout the holiday season. And, it goes without saying that handing out promotional gifts is one of the best ways to do that. The holiday shopping rush is bound to bring you many new opportunities. But that doesn’t mean that you should take for granted that business will increase for you in the coming weeks.

There are a number of methods you can employ to get more customers into your store. And using social media to gain interest in your brand should be at the top of your list of methods. Needless to say, social networking plays a huge role in the way that people communicate with each other these days. And, therefore, it plays a huge role in the way entrepreneurs promote their businesses.

On SocialMediaToday.com, Sarah Mincher writes that using social media sites such as Facebook can help to optimize the holiday season for your small business. We’ve often blogged about the ways in which you can engage people in conversations using Facebook. Doing so often generates interest in your Facebook page and therefore, your brand. But how can we pick things up for the holidays?

Add Some Holiday Cheer To Your Cover Photo. “Update your current Facebook Page cover photo to reflect the holiday season,” writes Mincher. This is such a simple and easy thing to do, but it can have great results. It reminds your audience that you share something in common with them. According to Mincher, something as simple as a profile pic update, in this way, “humanizes” your company’s image.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. And an acknowledgement of the holidays through your profile picture can actually help to strengthen the relationships you’ve formed with people online. Take a picture of yourself in a Santa hat or get a graphic designer to add holiday images to your company logo. Whatever you decide to do, keeping it festive will garner a great impression.

Get In The Status Spirit. Mincher affirms that when you ask questions on your Facebook page, they work to increase engagement between you and your “friends”. She writes that “studies show the particular action words ‘Post, Comment, Take, Submit, Like and Tell Us’ increase Facebook status engagement, so combine one of these popular words or phrases with a relevant holiday topic (for) an awesome seasonal status!”

It can be as simple as asking people what their favourite Christmas songs are. Ask shoppers if they’ve completed their holiday shopping yet, or if they are prone to last minute scrounging. Encourage your online friends to click “like” or to comment on pictures that you post. Just don’t forget to ask a question such as “Does it look like I love Christmas or what?” when posting your holiday-themed photos.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at some tips provided by Mincher. Of course, there are countless ways to utilize Facebook to your advantage. But the more holiday spirit you inject into your profile, the better. Who doesn’t love the holiday season? And what business owner wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? If you’d like to take advantage of our promotional products, call us up at 1-877-748-9884.

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22 Nov

Promo Gifts Make For Very Happy Holidays!

Posted in Promotional Products on 22.11.13 by John Meloche

ornament_01_big-160x160In yesterday’s blog, we began looking at an article by Jill Harness on TopTenReviews.com. In it, she lists a number of suggestions for business owners concerning promotional gifts that work best during the holidays. It goes without saying that the holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to give out promotional gifts. Being in the spirit of giving just comes with the season.

Don’t lose out by having your competition best you in this department. At Synergy Marketing, we have an array of holiday-themed promotional products that will encourage your clients to support your brand for years to come. Yesterday, we provided some information about our great Christmas Card and CD combos. As timeless as these gifts are, today’s blog will offer a few more suggestions.

Calendars. Just two blogs ago, we championed the calendar as the perfect holiday gift. Inexpensive and practical, calendars are year-long promotional tools that are universally used and appreciated. Consider that these promo gifts literally have the ability to promote your brand each and every day for an entire year. And as Harness points out, they make perfect non-denominational gifts.

At Synergy Marketing, we have 25 different calendar designs to choose from. From vehicles to animals, scenery to buildings, sports to food and so much more, our calendar designs cover every type you can think of. Choosing the right one for your brand will be very important. It’s a good thing that we have a team of experts who have experience in helping Canadian business owners make good choices.

Ornaments. Although Harness admits that Christmas ornaments are only used at one specific time of year, it’s important to keep in mind that they can be used each and every year. Talk about a promotional gift that is never worth throwing away! A promotional ornament serves as a yearly reminder for your clients about where to do business. An ornament is a “cute way to send your message”, says Harness.

At Synergy Marketing, we offer amazing Christmas tree ornaments in a variety of shapes. These unique brushed aluminum ornaments come in three holiday designs: Tree, Star and Snowman. Great ways to keep your company on the minds of your clients all throughout each holiday season, these ornaments are sold at just $5.99 each. The price includes one location laser engraving and a black gift box.

“This is a great time of year to hand out gifts,” commented one of our oldest clients this week, “It only makes sense considering it’s the holiday season. I know my customers get a kick out of getting something for free when they come to see me. Especially since they are spending so much these days, they like the feeling of getting something extra. My gifts have helped me to keep my customers over the years.”

Keeping your customers can be made easy. It’s all about giving out the best promotional gifts for your brand. At Synergy Marketing, we are only too happy to help you choose the perfect gift. Give one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps a call at 1-877-748-9884. With so many holiday-themed gifts to choose from, you may end up having your most successful holiday season ever!

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21 Nov

Choosing The Perfect Holiday-Themed Promo Gift

Posted in Promotional Products on 21.11.13 by John Meloche

Xmas-CD-2011-160x160Here come the holidays! And as we’ve been blogging about for the past couple of weeks, it’s the perfect time of year to hand out your promotional products. After all, it’s the season of giving. And when giving out your promo gifts this holiday season, you may want to pay particular attention to the types of gifts you are handing out. There are several holiday-themed gifts to choose from.

As Jill Harness writes on TopTenReviews.com, “Sending a holiday gift is a good way to get your brand remembered and show customer appreciation. Depending on your business, you may want to refrain from offering anything that gives preference to one specific religion, but organizations such as churches and certain political groups may be better off buying items that are affiliated with specific beliefs.”

As mentioned, with so many holiday-themed gifts to choose from, it will be hard to go wrong. As you know, Synergy Marketing is here to help you with your holiday-themed promotional gifts. But let’s take a look at the suggestions listed by Harness as to what gifts may make the most sense for your clients this holiday season. Remember, it’s all about securing customers’ loyalty for years to come.

Christmas Cards. It’s hard to go wrong with these, right? Well, perhaps it depends on the types of cards you give out. Cards are thoughtful gestures that don’t often separate you from everyone else. However, as Harness points out, “while you could buy generic Christmas cards at any local store, purchasing them from a promotional product company will allow you to brand them with your logo and a personal message.”

Keep in mind that your promo gift is meant to add a personal touch to the customer experience. Naturally, you’ll want all of your customers to enjoy the holidays. But you’ll also want to remind them of where to shop well after the holidays are done. At Synergy Marketing, we have a number of holiday cards to choose from. But to be honest, they are more than your average Christmas cards!

Holiday CDs. “An increasing trend in holiday promotional products is the concept of holiday CDs,” writes Harness. And, at Synergy Marketing, we are well aware of this trend. That’s why our Christmas cards come with CDs that contain instrumental holiday music! Each CD is comprised of 12 memorable holiday classics and there are two different card designs.

What’s great about these items is that there are no dates on the cards so they can be used for this year, next year and any year thereafter. The music, of course, is timeless. So investing in these CD and card combos is an excellent idea as you’ll have great holiday gifts for years to come if you choose. Usually $5.49, these cards with CDs are now on sale for only $3.99 each!

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at Harness’ suggestions as to what promotional gifts make the perfect holiday giveaways. As always, our Synergy Marketing sales reps are available to speak with you about which gifts would work best to promote your business. Give them a call at 1-877-748-9884 and let’s work on making this holiday season your best one yet!

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20 Nov

5 Reasons Why Calendars Make Great Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 20.11.13 by John Meloche

ExoticCars-160x160With the new year fast approaching, one of the most sensible promotional gifts that you can give your clients is a new calendar. Useful for obvious reasons, the calendar is a year-long reminder to your customers about where to shop. They are also great gifts because of their practical use. A calendar is not something one is quick to throw away. Its year-round use ensures that you’re getting bang for your promotional bucks.

At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide variety of calendars to choose from. Naturally, the type of business you own will help to determine what calendar works best for you. But if you’re not yet convinced that snapping up a bunch of calendars to give out to your customers is a good idea, today’s blog will outline a few reasons why you may want to consider changing your mind.

Cheap, cheap, cheap! Calendars top the list as the most inexpensive promotional gifts that you can invest in. No matter what design you choose, each of our calendars cost only $1.98. Now think about how much promotional punch you get to pack for less than two bucks. Your promotional calendars will be hanging on your customers’ walls for a full year. It doesn’t get much more cost-efficient than that.

Wide array of designs. At Synergy Marketing, we have no less the 25 different calendar designs to choose from. And every single one of them is awesome! Exotic Cars, Kittens, Dogs, Wildlife, Homes and even Swimsuit Models, we literally have every type of calendar that you could possibly desire. You don’t just have to settle on one design either. Perhaps, picking out a few would be the best choice!

Longevity. Promotional products have worked for decades because they are useful items. Far more impactful than a business card, a promo gift advertises your brand each and every time it is used. A calendar, of course, is good for an entire year. That means that for the entire year of 2014, your clients will have daily reminders about your business. You can’t beat that!

Practical. Let’s be honest. Calendars are go-to gifts. There’s nothing risky about handing a promotional calendar to a client. Everyone needs calendars so it will be hard to find someone who can’t make use of the one you give out. Unlike some gifts which may potentially miss the mark depending on your target market, a calendar is universally accepted and used.

Available now! It’s mid-November. This is the best possible time of year to hand out calendars as promotional gifts. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t make much sense to give them out in June. And with Christmas coming, you couldn’t choose a better time to be in the spirit of giving. With so many designs available now, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to get the calendars of your choice.

Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to order the calendar of your choice today. You’ll be glad you did. Being so cost-effective and sensible given the time of year, you can’t go wrong with ordering promotional calendars. Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps about the designs that may make the most sense for your customers. Remember, it’s all about securing their loyalty for the long haul.

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19 Nov

More Business Boosting Holiday Marketing Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.11.13 by John Meloche

Holiday ProfitsIn yesterday’s blog, we began looking at an article by Alisa Bartash on DCMarketingPro.com. In it, she lists a number of suggestions for business owners to consider when it comes to their holiday marketing strategies. Interestingly, they begin with a steady focus on the type of audience your business has. Some business owners, believe it or not, run businesses without fully knowing who to market to.

However, during the holiday rush, your business will encounter more customers than at any other time of the year. This is the best time to truly get to know your clients, find out what makes them tick and do all you can to secure their loyalty for the long haul. In today’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at Bartash’s tips to figure out how you can have your best holiday season yet.

Position your company. How do you want to position your brand and the products and services it is promoting in order to appeal to your target market? “Proper positioning can be the difference between losing business to a competitor and making the sale,” writes Bartash, “Make your target audience feel like they’ll be missing out if they don’t purchase your product or service from you.”

It’s important to give your customers a wonderful experience – not just a handy product. Make the people who walk through your doors enjoy their time while in your place of business. It’s the atmosphere and the interaction with your staff that will truly make the impressions necessary to gain their loyalty for years to come. What is it you can provide that your competitors cannot?

Answering this question will be an excellent step in the direction you want your business to go. Of course, that has everything to do with growth. And the more you impress your customers with great experiences, the better chance you give your company to succeed. When considering how to position your company, think of the ways you can make your customers enjoy their experiences, not just your products and services.

Spread the word and socialize. How many lists of tips have you read that exclude the use social media? Allow us to reiterate the importance of such social networking giants as Facebook and Twitter once again. These free avenues to spread the word about your business are utilized by entrepreneurs and everyday people alike each and every day. Don’t lose out by not taking advantage.

Make use of your social media pages to promote special offers, suggests Bartash. As your customers come through the door, you’ll want to dazzle them with the special benefits your company offers that your competition does not. Do you have any special deals and discounts going on? Are there extras that you can add to the purchases to make them more worth the while of your buyers?

Considering the tips provided over the past two blogs will surely work to serve your company well. As always, promotional products can be easily used to coincide with your marketing strategies to truly make the most of these tips. To order your promotional products, simply call up one of experienced and friendly sales reps by dialing 1-877-748-9884. We look forward to helping you with your happiest holiday season yet.

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18 Nov

Making Use Of Holiday Marketing Strategies

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.11.13 by John Meloche

Marketing Bullhorn Megaphone Advertising Sales MessageThe holiday season is here! And that means the stores will be packing up with more customers than ever, if they haven’t already. There are many ways that your store can take advantage of the holiday rush. And resting on your laurels isn’t one of them. Sure, you can sit back and hope to see an increase in the number of customers who walk through your doors. But that’s no way to ensure an increase in sales.

As always, a smart marketing strategy is important. Letting the world know that your place of business is a go-to destination for all of their holiday shopping needs will be an important step in your business-building process. Naturally, you need to advertise your business all year round. But is there really any better time of year than now to do so? We think not.

And that’s because the holiday season sees a spike in spending like at no other time of year. It’s in your best interests to take advantage of that. On DCMarketingPro.com, Alisa Bartash writes about some marketing strategies that can be best utilized during the holiday season. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a couple of her ideas to assist you with your advertising campaigns over the next few weeks.

Brainstorm and get creative. Brainstorming sessions help business owners to generate new ways to promote their products and services. There are a number of ways that you can create these brainstorming sessions. First of all, sit down with the members of your staff and pick their brains. You should pay special attention to those who work directly with your customers.

Figure out what makes your client base tick. Think of ways to better serve them in order to make them especially happy this holiday season. Remember that your marketing strategies should work to not only encourage shopping throughout the holiday season but well into the new year and the years to come as well. Secondly, you may also want to have brainstorming sessions with your customers themselves.

Ask them to participate in a short survey. This may also provide you with the perfect opportunity to provide them with your promotional gifts as “thank yous” for taking part. The key, of course, is to find out what you can do to please your clients for the long haul. Perhaps, you can take to your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to ask your customers what you can best do to serve them.

Define your target. “Determine who your target audience is and the best way to reach that audience,” writes Bartash, “The right message being received by the wrong people won’t result in a successful marketing campaign and will just be a waste of your time and advertising dollars.” This is one of the benefits to brainstorming with your staff and customers.

You will want to pinpoint exactly the type of people who are most interested in your products and services. In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at some of the pointers given to us by Bartash. But, as always, our expert sales staff is available to help you with the promotional products that will best serve to boost your business this holiday season. Call us at 1-877-748-9884.

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