16 Apr

4 Steps To Take During The Rebuilding Process

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 16.04.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_13443360_xsStill reeling from the dismal ending to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ season last week, the staff here at Synergy Marketing is looking more forward than ever to the Toronto Raptors’ playoff run. And can you blame us? The Leafs have appeared in the playoffs just once in the past decade. And the Raps are back in the postseason for the first time since 2008.

The Toronto Blue Jays – well, you know that story. They haven’t been a playoff team since the back-to-back World Series Championships of 1992 and 1993. Those were the days. And while we could reminisce all day long about our sports teams claiming top spots in their respective sports, it should serve as a reminder that we can’t all win all the time. This is especially true when your business is experiencing a slow period.

In yesterday’s blog, we listed a number of ways that business owners can rebound from bad times and rebuild their businesses. But there is an extremely important task in particular to accomplish when building back your brand. And that’s regaining a positive perception in the eyes of your customers. As sports fans, we’re skeptical to believe that our teams are truly going to rebound from bad seasons. So how do your clients truly feel?

On Results-Driven.com, John Marshall writes that it’s important to realize that you must work hard to build good relationships with your numerous customers. If you’ve had difficulties with your business, you may not realize just how much they have impacted your customers’ view of your brand. There are a number of steps you’ll have to take to repair the damage. Marshall advises that you answer a few questions to take those steps.

Have you had any customer service issues recently that have caused some friction? The importance of great customer service cannot be understated. Poor customer service has damaged many a company’s reputation, hurting sales in a great way. Perhaps it’s not your goods or services that are causing the downward spiral with your business. Assess your customer service regimen to see if significant changes are necessary.

Are some of your customers losing confidence in you? Have you noticed that your regular customers aren’t so regular anymore? Look into reasons that they may no longer be visiting you. It’s possible that they may have moved on to one of your competitors. It’s imperative that you figure out why. Regaining the confidence of your customers will take some digging. Make your efforts strong ones.

Have some of your customers lost confidence in your team? Perhaps your problems have come as a result of your staff members. It’s important that you don’t go around pointing fingers. Look deeper into the interactions that have taken place between your employees and your customers. Have any complaints been registered? Again, doing your research to get to the heart of the matter is key.

Have you discussed this confidence issue at any of your recent team meetings? There just might be no better way to figure out what may be happening with your staff members than to address them directly. Request total transparency and give them the confidence to speak freely. After all, you’re all in this together. Making things better for the business makes things better for everyone.

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15 Apr

Rebuilding Your Business The Right Way

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 15.04.14 by John Meloche

Businessman rebuilding a damaged bridge with cityscape in the backgroundIn yesterday’s blog, we (sadly) admitted that we’re hanging our heads, here at Synergy Marketing, over the disastrous end to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ season. What seemed like a sure bet to make the playoffs prior to the Olympic break in February became a free fall out of the playoff picture with just three games to go in the season. The hope, of course, is that a serious rebuilding process is started this offseason.

As we mentioned at the end of the blog, this happens to businesses all the time. It’s not uncommon to experience slow periods and tough times. But, like the Leafs (we hope), it doesn’t mean that you can’t put in the type of work that will see you reach success in the future. On Boston.com, Claudette Rowley writes that there are several steps that can be taken to rebuild your business the right way.

Assess your circumstances realistically. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. Then again, perhaps you need a complete overhaul. Make sure you’re aware of your available resources and strengths as well as your current liabilities, says Rowley. Be sure to be thorough, concise and honest with yourself during this process. Consider whether or not any of your liabilities can be changed into assets.

Locate your opportunities. “Opportunities are embedded in almost all obstacles,” writes Rowley, “Stories abound of entrepreneurs who take an obstacle and turn it into asset.” It’s all about switching your mindset. It’s easy to worry about a bad situation. But it only becomes harder to deal with when you don’t focus on the positive. Brainstorm with your team and make lists of all of your opportunities no matter how small they may seem.

Make note of what you’ve learned. Corrections can be made when you know where you’ve gone wrong. Solving your immediate problems don’t always bring about solutions for the long haul. Incorporate a strategy that addresses the big picture. It may not just be about resurrecting a lost account or reshipping a lost item. You may need to rethink your policies and modes of operation in general.

Identify your solutions and strategies. “Once you’ve assessed resources, strengths and liabilities, understand your opportunities, and have crystallized what you’ve learned, it’s time to identify the best solution to rebuild,” insists Rowley. You may have to come up with a new long term plan to truly set your company on the right path. Having gone through your first three steps, you should be better prepared to make decisions that will benefit your brand well into the future.

Commit to a plan of action. To get your company back on track, you must be diligent. Rowley suggests that you specify a number of roles. Determine who will spearhead your plans and figure out who will need to be involved and in what capacity. Outline the steps that you will be taking and set deadlines to hold your team members accountable. Be sure to implement a communication plan so that you can evaluate progress and know when you’ve succeeded.

“When the unexpected happens in business, the outcome can be a temporarily bumpy ride,” explains Rowley, “But once you find the opportunity inside of the circumstances, galvanize your courage, and gather your resources, the outcome can be even better than you had imagined.” And while you’re on your way back to the top, don’t forget to contact Synergy Marketing for assistance with promoting your brand to your new customers.

Call us at 1-877-748-9884.

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14 Apr

Closing A Bad Year For Canadian NHL Teams

Posted in News on 14.04.14 by John Meloche

Scotiabank PlaceOkay, so admittedly we’ve been trying to avoid this topic. With a host of Toronto Maple Leafs fans making up the Synergy Marketing staff, it’s a hard pill to swallow for most of us that our beloved Buds are out of the NHL playoff picture. With a dreadful end to what appeared to be a promising season, the Leafs are officially done with hockey until the start of a new season in October.

“What a disaster,” commented one of our heartbroken employees, “After our run last year, you’d think that the Leafs were bound to do better. Obviously, there’s got to be a lot of changes made in the offseason. I hope we can get it right for once.” Perhaps, things are already about to change. This past Thursday, it was announced that NHL Hall of Famer, Brendan Shanahan would be taking over as President of the club.

“It’s a cool move to have him as part of the organization,” mentioned another one of our reps, “but honestly, should we get all that excited? It’s not like he’s the GM. I’m not sure exactly what impact he’ll have, but I’m more concerned with the changes they make to the actual team roster. We’ve got to strengthen our blue line (defense) because we let up way too many shots on goal. And that means too many goals!”

If you live anywhere outside of the Greater Toronto Area, the continued downfall of the Toronto Maple Leafs probably comes as great news to you. It’s not lost on us Torontonians that our team is not all that well liked across the rest of the country. But this year, Canadians don’t have much to cheer about in general. Yes, our country has won Olympic gold. But of the seven NHL teams representing Canadian cities, only one of them are in the playoffs.

“And it had to be our arch enemies too,” exclaimed another Leaf fan/Synergy rep, “The Montreal Canadiens are the only Canadian team vying for the Stanley Cup and it couldn’t be worse news. As a Leafs fan, I can do nothing but cheer against the Habs all playoffs long. It’s really kind of sad that no other team from Canada will be playing in the postseason.”

It is sad indeed. In the Western Conference, the four Canadian franchises make up the bottom of the list in the standings. Literally, at the time of this writing, the worst four records belong to the Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers in that order from fourth worst to dead last. To say it was a bad NHL year for Canadian teams in an understatement.

“It can’t get much worse than this,” offered our first heartbroken team member, “That’s the only good news. Next season has to be a better one for the Leafs and even the other teams from Canada. I can’t remember a season when it was this bad.” Rebuilding will definitely be the word of choice for six of the seven NHL teams from Canada during this offseason.

The general managers of their respective teams clearly have a lot of work to do. As you can imagine, having such heavy responsibilities isn’t all that uncommon in the business world. Throughout time, various companies have experienced downward spirals that they are forced to recover from. In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll explore some ideas about how you may be able to get your business back on its feet after going through a bad patch.

Let’s hope members of the Leafs brass will be reading!

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11 Apr

Free Giveaways Astound And Amaze!

Posted in Promotional Products on 11.04.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_7220158_xsWho doesn’t like getting something for free? We all do. But that doesn’t mean people like giving things away for free. But here’s the thing. They should! Especially if you’re a business owner, the whole “give it away for free” thing can really work wonders for you. Many entrepreneurs only see the dollars and cents side of things when considering their marketing strategies.

And therefore, they see free giveaways as something that doesn’t make logical sense. “How am I supposed to make money that way?” some ask themselves. But, as we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, the entire concept of promotional products works heavily in a business owner’s favour. At Synergy Marketing, we’ve known this for many years as our products have helped to build countless relationships between businesses and their clients.

However, as Ideas4SmallBiz.com explains, freebies are excellent ways to promote your business whether they are promotional products or not. In yesterday’s blog, we outlined a few reasons listed by the site why giving away free stuff can work for your small business. Is there really something to the whole theory of “getting something for nothing”? Let’s review a few more reasons, shall we?

Customers are more forgiving when something is free. Is there a better way to overcome a disgruntled customer than to give him or her something for free? This works like a charm. Imagine waiting too long to be served at a restaurant. Then imagine getting a free round of drinks to make up for your long wait. Your freebies shouldn’t serve as excuses for poor service, says the website, but they are great ways to put smiles on faces where there were once frowns.

Positive Brand Association. According to Ideas4SmallBiz.com, “people love to get something for free, no strings attached. It makes them happy and brightens their day.” Quite simply, when you provide your customers with freebies now and again, they will automatically like your company more. Your gestures give the impression that your customers mean something to you. And, of course, they should!

Creates a buying habit. People are lot more likely to give your business a try if they have a sample of what you offer, says the site. If you provide positive experiences, your customers are bound to come back. What’s more is that they will be more likely to recommend your brand to others. The freebie you may have once thought of as a waste of your marketing money is actually a hook that can reel in a host of new customers!

In our many years of experience with providing Canadian business owners with promotional products, we’ve come to discover many interesting things about the “free giveaway” strategy. At the end of the day, it just makes people happy. And isn’t that what you’re in business to do? Of course, the plan is to make money. But the happier you make your customers, the more money you’re bound to make.

Promotional products work because they are functional. What you give out for free should be of some worth, of course. No one wants worthless garbage. And promo gifts couldn’t be more of the complete opposite of that. Useful and handy items that can be used again and again make the greatest promo gifts. Pens, key chains, water bottles, flashlights and so much more are available to you now. Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to order today!

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10 Apr

Free Stuff Gives Your Brand A Big Plus!

Posted in Promotional Products on 10.04.14 by John Meloche

Free - Green ButtonSometimes, to really get a good buzz going for your business, you need to think “outside of the box”. Coming up with new and inventive ways to highlight your company’s greatest attributes will help to separate it from its competition. And even though promotional products have been around for decades, it can be argued that using them as part of your marketing strategy is “outside of the box” thinking.

That’s because your promotional gifts are made to be given out for free. Some people – many people, actually – still live under the idea that you can’t get something for nothing. Giving things away for free – anything – can’t be a way to generate money, they believe. But the opposite is actually true! Promotional gifts work wonders because they offer incentives for customers to come back and visit your place of business.

They work as great advertising tools because they provide constant reminders about where people should shop. Your promo gift has a lot more value than a business card or a flyer. Those generally get tossed in the garbage or lost in a pile of other cards and flyers. Your promo gift, however, is a useful and handy item that can serve its recipient well for many years to come.

On Ideas4SmallBiz.com, it is argued that giving things away for free is an effective promotional model. The site, in fact, lists a number of reasons why “free stuff” can work to elevate the status of your company in the public eye. At Synergy Marketing, we’ve believed in this concept for years. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few reasons that may help you believe in this concept as well.

Free stuff creates a buzz. The website acknowledges that “it doesn’t take long for news to travel.” And when you give your customers reasons to talk about you, they will! Especially given the fact that social media is all the rage these days – as we’ve pointed out in our last two blogs – word travels faster than ever. Get people talking about you by handing out free gifts that are bound to please all who receive them.

Encourages people to try your products/service/experience risk free. The concept of handing out items for free doesn’t have to be confined to just promotional products. Ideas4SmallBiz.com suggests that you hand out samples of your products so that you can encourage customers to continue using them. According to the site, “people are more likely to try something they normally wouldn’t if it is free and without commitment.”

It’s the hook that gets customers in – so they’ll stick around and spend more. The website admits that you will always have customers who wish to buy “the bare minimum”. But there are so many more who will be willing to spend more with you because they’ve been given the opportunity to save money by receiving something for free. This is certainly true for restaurants. Free drinks mean more money for appetizers!

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to review this concept and reveal a few more reasons that “free stuff” can work to boost your business. As always, the friendly and experienced sales reps at Synergy Marketing are standing by to take your calls so that they may speak to you about the wonderful promotional gifts that you can use to build buzz for your brand. Give them at a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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09 Apr

Twitter Is A Great Business Booster

Posted in Social Media on 09.04.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_35067017_xsIn yesterday’s blog, we discussed the power of Facebook and its ability to grow your business for free. On the Synergy Marketing Facebook page, you’ll see links to our daily blogs each and every day. It is our intention to engage our readers while providing them with direct access to our promotional product catalogue. But, as you know, Facebook isn’t the only social media giant out there.

Twitter is wildly popular as well. But you knew that already. As pointed out by Wix.com, “Twitter currently boasts around 650 million users worldwide.” With so many subscribers, we knew that it was important to begin tweeting again. So just a couple of months ago, we made sure to jump back on to our Twitter account to post links to our daily blogs.

We also know the importance of engaging your audience through this social media juggernaut. Instead of just posting the links to our blogs, we now ask questions to inspire replies from business-minded individuals who would like to learn more. Naturally, the links direct our followers to our website just as they do on Facebook. But Twitter is unique in that it is able to spark interest with so few words.

As The Wix Blog reminds us, “the strongest characteristic of Twitter as a social network lies in its 140-character tweet limit. The updates that are posted here are short and clear. While Twitter does offer visual content options, text-based posts are more dominant and often include links to external websites.” Do you have a Twitter account? If not, what are you waiting for?

As you likely know, registering a Twitter account is free. And just like with Facebook, most users use their mobile devices to check into their accounts to respond to tweets and post their own. It is actually quite incredible just how much power social networking has in the world of business promotion. For no additional cost, you have the potential to connect with millions through their smartphones each and every day!

Wix.com speaks to this phenomenon. “If you’re trying to reach a broad audience that’s receptive to marketing messages, Twitter might be the best bet for you,” reads the blog, “About 39% of the people who took one recent survey indicated that they’d rather hear from companies on Twitter than on any other social platform, beating out Facebook.” The site goes on to reveal there are about 58 million new tweets every day.

Learning Twitter jargon will play an important role in how successful you are using this brand of social networking. Using “hashtags” to join or create conversations, “retweeting” relevant and interesting posts, making “mentions” that include other Twitter users and using “direct messages” to interact with specific Twitter followers are all important elements of using the medium to your advantage.

As well, Wix.com writes that “an important thing to take into account is that the average lifespan of a tweet is extremely short, so you need to be able to post quite frequently – without, of course, spamming your audience – to increase your business’ visibility.” We do our best to tweet daily and should probably do so even more regularly. And if you want to better promote your business, you should too!

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08 Apr

Facebook Is A Great Business Booster

Posted in Social Media on 08.04.14 by John Meloche

logo FacebookAt Synergy Marketing, we speak to Canadian business owners on a daily basis. We know that one of the most important aspects of running a business is promoting it. So we offer inexpensive, yet very effective promotional products that bear their company names and logos. For decades, promo gifts have helped entrepreneurs secure customer loyalty, increase sales and garner referrals.

But during our many conversations with these business owners, we come to discover that many of them employ other modes of advertising – as they should. Promo items work excellently with just about any marketing campaign. And using social media to plug your business is one of the most obvious marketing campaigns that a business owner could employ.

Each and every day, we post a link to our new blog on our Facebook page. After all, Wix.com reveals that “Facebook is the number one network for people all over the world to connect and share content.” These days, such a revelation doesn’t account for big news. Who doesn’t have a Facebook account, right?

“Brands that are active on Facebook get to update their followers on exciting news, promote special deals and hold occasional online contests,” says the Wix Blog, “They also create focused ad campaigns that target a carefully selected audience.” One of the greatest aspects about using Facebook to promote your brand is that it’s free. Is there any reason not to use it?

“Facebook was designed to encourage people to interact,” reads the blog. So it’s important to note that when you’re promoting your business, you should be mindful of the ways in which you interact with your online friends. In other words, you must be social. Simply promoting a product or service is not bound to gain you much attention. Facebook is a lot more than just a place to post a commercial.

Instead, you should work to engage your audience by asking questions while answering the ones that they pose. According to Wix.com, “the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times a day, not only on the network itself but across millions of websites worldwide!” The more likes and shares you get, the better. And what’s better than getting free plugs?

When you’re on Facebook, you’re opening your business up to millions of possibilities. Literally. The Wix Blog writes that 1.23 billion people are registered Facebook users. And no less than 945 million of them access their accounts using their mobile devices. With a Facebook account, you’re literally in the palms of people’s hands on a daily basis. It’s a way to really make your connections count.

With that said, you should connect with as many people as you can on Facebook. But be sure to look up similar businesses and take note of the people who follow them. Invite them to your page. Consider how often you’d like to post and what type of posts you’ll be sharing on your profile. Facebook is a free way to connect with people worldwide and bring your business more attention. We log on daily. You should too!

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07 Apr

Getting Your Business Into The Spring Of Things

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 07.04.14 by John Meloche

Mother and daughter sunbathing smiling teen friendSpring is here! And although the weather may not have warmed up the way you like just yet, it’s still time to get into the spring spirit. Promoting your business is a year-round job. But the job changes when the weather does. Or, at least, when the seasons change, it’s time to adopt a new approach to the ways you reach out to your customers. People love warm weather. Can your company help them to enjoy it that much more?

Consider the fact that the springtime generally brings more people outside. That means that you have more opportunities to welcome new customers into your place of business. In Toronto – home of Synergy Marketing headquarters – this is especially true. We just came off of one of the worst winters in recent memory. People are just dying for a reprieve from all of the cold and snow.

A posting yesterday on the Buffalo Grove blog commented upon this fact. “As the weather warms up, many industries see an increase in business,” it reads, “If you want to capitalize on stir-crazy consumers, you’ll need to be prepared to grab their attention and offer them a reason to check out what you have to offer. Luckily, there are plenty of great options for spring-themed specials for any business.”

It goes on to list a few ways that business owners can capitalize on the changing of the seasons from winter to spring. These ideas, we think, can be quite profitable if done right. To be honest, they’re quite simple to implement. But often, it’s the smallest things that can bring you the biggest rewards. We’d like to take a look at some of the Buffalo Grove blog’s ideas in our own blog today.

Add Spring Signage. Spring is the perfect time to add a sidewalk sign or banner in front of your store, advises the blog. Keeping in mind that warmer weather promotes greater foot traffic, you’ll want to make sure that you have an eye-catching display that will encourage customers to check you out. Be sure to use bright colours and really give off that fresh, spring feel in your banner.

Create Shelf Space With A Spring Cleaning Sale. You’re likely to have a bunch – or at least a little – of your winter inventory left over. No doubt, you’ll want to sell it pretty quickly to make room for your new spring product lines. Sell them off with significantly lowered prices that you promote in a festive way in the coming weeks. You’re bound to attract many new customers who may just stick around to peruse through other items.

Support The Team. The Buffalo Grove blog reminds us that there are plenty of sporting events taking place all throughout April. In Toronto, we’re quite excited about our Raptors entering the NBA playoffs for the first time since 2008! As well, the Blue Jays have just gotten off to a brand new season. Supporting your home team at your business is surefire way to gain yourself some new fans.

Celebrate Earth Month. “April is Earth Month and you don’t have to specialize in environmental products for it to be a great opportunity to connect with your customers,” says the blog. It recommends that you use your social media profiles to promote your “best environmental practices and solicit ideas for new ones.” Social media is a great way to connect with your client base, and this great cause is a good topic to discuss.

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04 Apr

6 Cool And Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 04.04.14 by John Meloche

AdvertisingYou’re a small business owner. You don’t have the kind of money required to put out a television commercial. As Joyce Smith writes on TweakYourBiz.com, “while the price of a 30-second spot on primetime television soars to as high as $110K a pop, the cost versus ROI is simply not worth it anymore.” So what affordable ways are there to promote your business? Smith suggests that you simply get creative!

Sponsored events. Look into the events that will be taking place in your community over the duration of spring and summer. Contact those who are putting them on and offer to be a sponsor. Getting in good with the members of your community is a great way to shine a favourable light on your business. Smith points out that this can also help to grow the demographic of your target market.

Little league sports. Speaking of sponsorship, how would you like to see your company name and logo emblazoned across a local team’s jersey? It’s a great way to stay involved in your community while having your brand promoted on a regular basis throughout the season. Smith points out that “ideally, the players’ parents will also appreciate your donation and in turn, become supportive of your company.”

Prize donations. Keeping with the theme of community involvement, you may also want to associate yourself with charity galas and other events that raise money for those in need. Donate one of your high-quality products or services to help strengthen your relationship with other organizations that can benefit you, suggests Smith. As well, offering your goods as prizes is a great way to generate more word-of-mouth promotion.

YouTube ads. Is there anyone you know who hasn’t watched a video on YouTube? As Smith informs us, “with an average of 1 billion unique visitors every month, YouTube is one of the most effective methods of advertising online.” She goes on to note that “YouTube allows you to target your video ad to a search query that matches your service or product.”

Untapped online markets. By now, we all know to update our websites and social media pages on a regular basis, right? But Smith suggests that you look into other digital demographics that are rarely explored. One example she provides is senior websites. The growing number of seniors in the world, she writes, is an important reason to begin advertising to them more heavily online.

Promotional “swag”. We’re not sure if we’ve called it “swag” before, but promotional products – as you’re likely aware – are excellent ways to grow the reach of your company without spending a bundle. Instead of investing in costly advertising, “it’s more prudent to manufacture small branded items that you can easily hand out at events or client meetings,” says Smith.

At Synergy Marketing, we know a thing or two about promotional “swag”. Contact one of our friendly and experienced sales reps today to discuss which promotional product would work best in advertising your company. You’ll be glad you did! Promo gifts have worked wonders for many a Canadian business owner for decades. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884.

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03 Apr

Trendy Promo Products Pack The Most Punch

Posted in Promotional Products on 03.04.14 by John Meloche

PunchPromotional products have been used in marketing campaigns to promote businesses for decades now. At Synergy Marketing, our many years of experience have proven to us that business owners who hand out promo gifts generate greater interest in their brands and secure customer loyalty for the long haul. This marketing strategy is also surprisingly cheaper than most traditional methods.

We say “surprisingly” only because promo gifts work so well that one would think they cost a lot to implement into any sound marketing plan. The truth is they are far more inexpensive than television commercials, prints ads, billboards, radio spots and just about any other advertising method you can think of. “Trendy” promo gifts, however, tend to be the best received.

Generating more customer interest in your business will not take place just because you’ve handed out promotional products to everyone you meet. You will gain greater interest when you add useful promotional products to an already-established marketing campaign. On Chron.com, Nancy Wagner writes that staying on top of today’s trends is an important step in marketing your brand properly with promo gifts.

“Whether you hand out promotional items at trade shows or as gifts after meeting with customers or prospects, your goal is to get people to call when they’re ready to buy your products and services,” she writes, “By staying on top of today’s trends, your promotional item becomes memorable enough to help build brand while creating a positive impression in the minds of potential buyers.”

So with that said, it raises questions about what promo gifts work best in 2014. Not only do your gifts need to be useful and handy, but they should serve an even bigger purpose than to solely promote your business. This is why trendy promo gifts work so well. They are items that are truly liked and can be used again and again. Wagner lists some suggestions about the type of gifts that people want to use the most.

Going Green. Many people are environmentally-conscious these days. You may want to consider handing out promotional products that have been made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials. At Synergy Marketing, we offer Paper Pens that are made of recycled paper. History has shown that these items are met with great respect and admiration.

Firstly, let’s state the obvious. We all use pens each and every day. Even in the midst of our modern-day fascination with the internet and all things digital, the trusty old pen still comes in very handy. Secondly, eco-friendly pens cater to one’s desire to protect the environment. Again, going green is something important to many people. This trendy gift is a win-win choice to promote your business!

Functionality. Wagner writes that “in a 2011 study conducted by Promotional Products Association International, 69 percent of the recipients of promotional items said the usefulness of the item was important to them.” She notes that useful tools such as flashlights and multi-purpose key chains are among the most functional promo gifts out there. They ensure that your company is thought of again and again.

To order the promo products of your choice today, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884. It’s a marketing trend you’ll want to get in on now!

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