30 May

7 More Incredible & Inexpensive Marketing Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 30.05.14 by John Meloche

Business man pressing round social buttonsHow can online marketing help your business? In yesterday’s blog, we attempted to answer that question by listing a number of tips suggested by Kathy Yakal on ITProPortal.com. These days, business owners are in need of cost-effective ways to promote their businesses. And the internet has provided many of those ways. Considering how popular the internet is, how could you go wrong? In today’s blog, we’ll list seven more great tips!

1. Reward existing customers. It has often been said that marketing to your existing customers in order to retain them is a lot easier than promoting your brand to new ones. Never forget those who have already supported your brand. Yakal suggests that you provide exclusive offers to your regular customers. Notify them through email or social media so that they are aware of the benefits that come with your relationship.

2. Use downtime for marketing. You should make every effort you can to keep in touch with your loyal customers. Don’t let them think that they’re not appreciated. Your efforts will go a long way in securing their loyalty. Yakal recommends that “when business is slow, keep employees busy contacting customers. Create email marketing documents your employees can send to individual customers.”

3. Get your customers to bring in new customers. There’s nothing like a good old referral, is there? When you get a referral from one of those amazing existing customers, be sure to reward them. In fact, Yakal recommends that you “offer an incentive like a discount to customers who get a new customer to make a transaction with your business.” Use social media to deliver the news about this incentive.

4. Provide free, helpful information to your customers. A big part about owning a successful business is the ability to give your customers unforgettable shopping experiences. That means going above and beyond the call of duty to please them. They shouldn’t just want to enter your store for your products and services. You add value to the experience by sharing free information, offering tips and taking a genuine interest in their lives.

5. Increase visibility in your community. If you haven’t yet, it’s definitely time for you to jump online. Locate local organizations that can help you with growing your networking opportunities, suggests Yakal. By doing so, you’ll be getting yourself better acquainted with like-minded individuals who will inspire you to develop new marketing techniques. The more people on your team, the better your chances of success will be.

6. Get active in the online community. It’s not just your own community that you need to get involved in. Getting online to make your company known is integral to its success in today’s marketplace. Be sure not to spam discussion forums and other social sites, warns Yakal. “Establish common-sense rules for yourself and your employees regarding social networking and discussion sites, and always strive to be positive and helpful on them.”

7. Check out your suppliers’ websites thoroughly. Relationship-building takes two. But take the initiative to let those you work with know that they have your support. It only helps you out in the long run. Yakal suggests that you “add links on your site to informative and helpful content on those sites. Many corporate sites offer instructional videos and other material that can inform your customers and lead them back to you, ready to do business.”

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29 May

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Market Your Brand Online

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.05.14 by John Meloche

Vector stickers with social media and internetWhen it comes to marketing your business, things have really changed over the past decade. With the advent of social media and smartphones, the ways in which people now communicate with each other have been completely revolutionized. Therefore, the methods by which we promote our businesses have become more advanced. No longer are business owners simply resorting to handing out flyers and pamphlets.

We live in a technologically-advanced world. And everyone seems to be on board! The question is…are you? If you’re not taking advantage of the internet and are not regularly active on social media, you’re likely missing out on many new opportunities to grow your brand. On ITProPortal.com, Kathy Yakal writes that “in this economy, you need all the help you can get to ensure that your business is noticed amid all the noise.”

She goes on to write about a number of cheap and even free ways to utilize modern-day technology so that your business can prosper in ways that it never has before. The key, she notes, is being creative. Using the worldwide web, among other resources, is important if you want to have your brand recognized as an industry leader. Let’s take a look at some of her ideas.

1. Participate in online marketing groups. “Search Twitter and other social networking sites for groups meeting to discuss marketing,” writes Yakal. Remember that these days, connecting with people online is just as popular – if not more – than connecting with people in person. Be sure to expand your reach by contacting marketing groups via the internet that may also help you with promotional ideas.

2. Spruce up your website. “Stale sites don’t attract business,” writes Yakal, “Fresh, frequently updated websites show your customers you’re a vibrant and active business.” So not only is updating your content – through blogging, for example – very important, but you should also be sure to give your company website some visual touch-ups now and again. And how can you remember to do that?

3. Visit your own website frequently. Can your website be improved? How does it compare to the websites of your competitors? Yakal writes that small business websites tend to load slowly and are poorly organized. Don’t make your website look like one of those. Be sure that all of your links are up-to-date and that all of the content is relevant. Too many people forget to keep their websites fresh.

4. Submit information to blogs. Blogging is the way of the world today. A company website without a blog is one that is simply not providing online users with enough content to keep logging on to it. As Yakal points out, “blog writers are always looking for content for their sites. Target appropriate ones and send them press releases or descriptive emails. Be polite, and bend over backwards to be helpful.”

5. Launch a blog on your site and update it daily. You don’t have to wait for other bloggers to blog about you on their websites. There should be a blog of your own on your website as well. Yakal puts it best when she says: “nothing says ‘I don’t care’ like a blog on which the most recent entry is a week old.” If you’re not much of a blog writer yourself, hire a blogger to get the job done for you. It’s worth it!

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog for more tips on how to impressively market your business in very cost-effective ways.

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28 May

4 More Ways To Boost Your Brand In Your Community

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.05.14 by John Meloche

Business teamworkIn yesterday’s blog, we began to look at some tips outlined by Jesse Aaron on GetBusyMedia.com. His tips pointed towards ways that business owners could get further involved in their communities in order to boost their businesses. When you think about it, community involvement sounds like a no-brainer idea when it comes to garnering interest from those who live nearest to your place of business.

After all, who better to promote your brand to than those who have the easiest access to it? As we pointed out yesterday, there are a number of things that you can do to gain favour within your community and much of it has to do with donating your time. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at Aaron’s tips in hopes that it will inspire your community involvement and elevate your brand.

1. Participate in Community Events. Your town is bound to host a number of festivals, parades and other events throughout the year. It’s important to take advantage of such events by being a big part of them. “Set up a table, run special sales, make your organization and employees stick out so that the members of the community will want to know more about what you offer,” advises Aaron.

2. Give Out Free Stuff. These community events provide you with the perfect opportunities to meet new people and ensure that they leave you with great impressions. And what better way to leave great impressions than to have people walk away with free gifts? Naturally, our great promotional gifts will come in handy here. They’ll make sure that the people you meet don’t forget you.

3. Plan and Host Events. Who says that you should only get involved in community events that other people are throwing? Why don’t you throw one yourself? By hosting an event, you are giving yet another great reason for your community members to walk through the doors of your place of business. Your event will obviously provide another perfect venue to give out your promo gifts.

4. Promotions, Giveaways and Contests. Speaking of giving out gifts, Aaron writes that “whether you are participating in community events or planning an event all your own, having an eye-catching promotion, giveaway or contest at those events will give your community an incentive for participating and attending. You want to get your targeted customer base excited about what you offer.”

As you are very likely aware, Synergy Marketing is your partner in getting you the ideal promotional gifts to grow your brand. There are so many different gifts to select from that it may be difficult to decide which one to go with. Of course, you don’t have to choose just one. But to better assist you with selecting the gift or gifts that will best boost your business, give one of our experienced and friendly sales reps a call.

They can be reached by dialing 1-877-748-9884. At Synergy Marketing, we like to think of the entire nation of Canada as our community. Of course, we don’t have the opportunity to travel all over this great nation ourselves. But we do what we can to show our support of businesses from all points of the map. We look forward to speaking to you soon about how we can help your business become a leader in its community.

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27 May

4 Easy Ways To Make An Impact In Your Community

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.05.14 by John Meloche

Pile of handsMake that seven in a row! Just in case you weren’t convinced by yesterday’s blog, the staff, here at Synergy Marketing, is pretty excited about the recent hot streak being enjoyed by our hometown Toronto Blue Jays. Not only are we big sports fans around here, but we always associate the success of sports teams with the success of businesses. After all, teams are businesses, right?

They have fan bases. They require supporters to spend their money on them in order for them to operate. And they represent a certain demographic. With the Blue Jays, Raptors and Maple Leafs all representing Toronto – the city where Synergy Marketing is headquartered – it only makes sense for us to support these teams. However, it also makes sense of us to draw parallels between our support and the support your business deserves from its community.

As a business owner, you possess the unique opportunity to capture the heart of “fans” from your local community. As Jesse Aaron writes on GetBusyMedia.com, “running a small business can be a challenge, but the best way to make an impact with your business is to first make an impact in the community you serve.” He goes on to provide some ways that you can get involved in your community in order to boost business.

1. Serve on a Community Board. Aaron writes that this is one of the best ways to become known in your community. He advises that you try to find a board that will suit the interests of both yourself and those who are most likely to support your business. These boards, he notes, are often full of influential people so “connecting with them will be beneficial, as they will lead you to the people who you are ultimately aiming to serve as customers.”

2. Volunteer. There is a lot of power in volunteering, insists Aaron. It shows that you are willing to give of your time and be part of something that is bigger than your business. “It makes you a team player,” he writes. Being a volunteer automatically puts you in a win-win situation. It shows your community your charitable side which goes a long way in building relationships. And it obviously shines a favourable light on your business!

3. Build Partnerships. Making connections with people in your community is a surefire way to get your business exposed on a broader scale. Aaron points out that if you are already on boards or volunteering, building partnerships is an easy feat. It’s practically inevitable that you’re going to meet new people and become better associated with them over time. Work out ways to help others so that they are willing to help you as well.

4. Donate. It’s not just your time that you should be donating in order to help your business succeed. Your donations don’t always have to be monetary either, Aaron points out. Perhaps you could donate your space so that large, local groups can meet. By supporting community organizations, you will not only gain favour in your community, but be recognized as one of the community’s leaders.

In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll continue to take a look at some more of Aaron’s ideas on how to get better involved in your community. It should go without saying that the more you get involved in your community, the more your community will support your business. And speaking of support, we’re looking forward to cheering on the Toronto Blue Jays in their next game tonight! And we’re looking forward to hearing from you as well.

Call Synergy Marketing to order your promotional gifts at 1-877-748-9884.

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26 May

Toronto Blue Jays Enjoying A Red Hot Streak!

Posted in News on 26.05.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_38268603_xsDon’t look now, but our hometown Toronto Blue Jays are in first place in the American League and are on one hot winning streak! You’ll have to forgive us for getting this exciting this early in the season. Considering the dismal end to last season (a dead last finish in our division), you can’t blame us for celebrating the recent success being had by our Jays.

As sports fans in the City of Toronto know all too well, before the beginning of the 2013 Major League Baseball season, many moves had been made to significantly improve the Blue Jays’ roster. Many even predicted our new look team would win the World Series. Of course, that was not to be. Not even close. A host of injuries coupled with underperformances by some big stars made for a bust of a season.

But as of yesterday’s 3-1 victory over the Oakland Athletics, the Jays managed to pull off their second sweep in a row. The reigning World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox fell in all three games played with the Blue Jays last week. Is this a sign of things to come? Will the Jays be able to hang on to their lead of the American League East? Will this season become the one we expected last year?

“It may be a little early to start planning any parades,” commented one of our Synergy staff members yesterday, “The recent winning streak is great. But let’s not forget that the Jays had an 11-game winning streak last year and that didn’t do much to save our season. What’s working in our favour is that the rest of the A.L. East isn’t playing so well. So if the Jays can keep up their winning ways, we’ll be in good shape.”

Well things are certainly in good shape right now in Blue Jay land. Yesterday’s afternoon game was a sellout at the Rogers Centre. The large crowd was encouraged, in part, by a free jersey giveaway. The first 20,000 fans received replica jerseys of either Jose Bautista or Edwin Encarnacion – two of the Jays’ biggest stars. See…we told you free giveaways work!

“Man, was it a fun day!” exclaimed our rep who took the game in live at the former SkyDome, “The place was packed, the sun was hot and the Jays did it again. There was a lot of energy in the building reminiscent of the days when we were playoff contenders, back in the early 90’s. I’m hoping that the Jays keep it up, because there’s nothing like putting a winner on the field to fill the seats.”

It certainly does help that the Jays are currently 29-22 and have a two game lead over the New York Yankees for top spot in their division. This is a place they have not held in five years. Expect the Synergy Marketing Blog to devote a bit of attention to the Blue Jays’ season as it did last year. Here’s hoping that this year’s blogs, however, will be filled with much happier news.

Tonight, the Blue Jays welcome their division rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays to the Rogers Centre to begin a three game series. It’s certainly a good time for our hometown heroes to keep up their winning ways as beating teams in the same division is the best way to secure a playoff spot. Yes it’s early. But we’re excited! And if you’re a Toronto sports fans, you should be too. Let’s go Blue Jays!

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23 May

7 More Tips For Finding The Perfect Marketing Solution

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 23.05.14 by John Meloche

MarketingFor the past couple of blogs, we have been analyzing a list found on Printwand.com. This list – as you should know if you’ve been paying attention! – provides business owners with ideas about how to promote their brands. There are tons of ideas. Some may work for your business. Some others – not so much. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at that list in hopes that we can find the perfect marketing solution for your brand!

1. Create coupons. Customers love to save money. Coupons can be given out in coupon books or mail packets, says the website. It’s also a good idea to add them to any of your marketing materials that you may distribute. Coupons also serve as great reminders about where to shop. And who doesn’t like getting discounts when they are shopping? Make your store the go-to destination for the products you sell.

2. Offer upgrades. Do you sell a higher-end version of an item that your customer is purchasing? Use your opportunities to inform your customers about the best products you have so that they feel they are receiving top-of-the-line items. Not everyone is looking for the best of its class, preferring to spend less. But it doesn’t hurt to put it out there that upgrades are available.

3. Sell replacement parts. “Determine your product’s lifecycle and find out when it tends to start getting worn out,” writes Printwand.com, “Stay in contact with your customers to make it easier for them to get the product fixed.” People love when the businesses that they buy from show that they care. Make your customers’ lives easier by ensuring that their products last longer.

4. Offer guarantees. Skepticism runs rampant among most consumers. And can you blame them? With the amount of products and services out there that aren’t up to snuff, customers often worry about the purchases that they make. Alleviate that worry. Offer a guarantee so that your customers will gain stronger senses of confidence about your brand. Just be sure to live up to it!

5. Easy return policy. Customers often get pretty annoyed when they are unable to return products that don’t turn out to be what they expected. As well, Printwand.com reminds us that “impulse buyers will be more likely to purchase items that they can easily return later if they choose.” Make it easy for customers to return their purchases and you may just be surprised how many more items get sold and how so few items get returned.

6. Free trial. Sometimes, customers need to get better acquainted with a product before they purchase it. A free trial offer will take care of that. When potential buyers know that they can test out a product before buying it, it helps to put to rest any fears that they may have about the product. If you stand behind your product, be confident that a free trial offer will help to sell it.

7. Business card coupon. “Print the back of your business card so that it doubles as a coupon. This will encourage people you meet to purchase from you as well,” says the site. Remember that people love discounts. They’re pretty hard to beat. Using your card as a coupon is a great way to not just advertise your business, but get people interested in visiting it.

Good luck! Remember to call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to order an awesome promotional product to help increase those sales!

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22 May

7 More Interesting Ideas For How To Boost Sales

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 22.05.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_17437129_xsIn yesterday’s blog, we began to take a look at a list found on Printwand.com. It provided a number of options for business owners to use as promotional ideas for their companies. In many cases, the tips pointed out tried-and-true methods of business advertising. And, in other cases, some interesting ideas were presented that you may never have considered before. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at that list.

1. Point-of-sale displays. Sometimes, a little outside-of-the-box thinking is required to drum up extra sales. Printwand.com has an interesting idea on how to attract attention to products by the way they are displayed. “Present your in-store products in an unusual way. Stack them in a huge pyramid, or use oddly shaped signs. If you have a window out front, create a wacky display using mannequins or other fun objects,” reads the site.

2. Offer free shipping. Anytime the word “free” is used during a marketing campaign, it is bound to draw some attention. If your company ships its items to its customers, free shipping in an excellent way to encourage such sales. Make sure that your company website makes clear which specific items are eligible, and between which dates that free shipping is available.

3. Offer easy payments or installment plans. If your store sells big ticket items, it may be a good idea to give your customers a little bit of a break when it comes to paying the items off. Yes, many customers will be using their credit cards which give them the same luxury. But as Printwand.com points out, “these are simple ideas that attract customers by making your products more affordable.”

4. Offer a group or referral discount. There’s nothing like a referral to help boost your business. If you offer customers discounts when they refer your company to others, you’ll be getting them to do your promotional work for you. The site insists that “these are the sort of discounts that get people talking.” Group discounts are great too. After all, the more customers you get, the better, right?

5. Bundle products or services together. Package deals are actually quite popular. They help you to move more of your product, but they also help customers to feel that they are receiving greater value for their hard-earned money. “Package no-selling products with your more popular products,” says Printwand.com, “Giving a customer more for less both encourages them to buy and clears your idle inventory.”

6. Upsell. “Highlight your more expensive products,” suggests the website, “Give those products more attention in your store or on your website. Provide benefits and reasons why those products are better.” It only makes sense to give more attention to your biggest sellers. Informing the public about how beneficial they can be is an important step in selling a lot of those products.

7. Cross-sell. Printwand.com reminds us that a customer is more likely to make another purchase from you, directly after making a purchase. Cross-sell a product that may work in conjunction with the product that has already been purchased. Give your customers the opportunity to feel that you are doing your best to meet their needs and make their shopping experiences more fulfilling.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we conclude our look at these great promotional ideas. And don’t forget to call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to order a great promotional product to help grow your business!

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21 May

6 Smart Promotional Ideas

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.05.14 by John Meloche

diagram graph for finance businessWe’re all about smart promotional ideas, here at Synergy Marketing. To us, “smart” entails that you are effectively getting the name of your brand out there in a favourable way – without having to spend big bucks to do it. Small businesses aren’t given much of a choice when it comes to spending money on advertising. Big budget commercials are pretty much out of the question.

So playing it smart not only involves keeping within a budget, but coming up with inventive ideas that will attract attention to your brand. According to Printwand.com, “sometimes all you need is a good idea to give your business a promotional boost.” The site goes on to list a number of ideas that we’d like to tackle over the course of our next few blogs.

1. Have a sale. It’s always easy to start with the obvious, right? Having a sale is always a great way to encourage more of your customers to return to your store. But how you advertise the sale will go a long way in how popular it makes you. Use social media to plug it. And be sure to make the sale significant. Printwand.com suggests that you don’t have one too often or customers may only visit you when one of the sales is happening.

2. Hold a contest. This is also a popular tip. The site suggests that you automatically enter your customers into the contest whenever they make purchases. You could offer one of your products as a prize, or of course, a promotional product could make an excellent prize as well. The key, as always, is to generate more interest in your brand and to get customers to keep coming back.

3. Give something away for free. Says Printwand.com: “Hand out samples of your product, promotional products branded with your logo, or other gifts at a key location. This lets people experience what you have to offer first-hand at a key location.” Now who are we to argue with that? People love to get things for free. And they’ll certainly remember where to shop if their free items come with your company branding.

4. Frequent shopper cards. It’s always a good idea to reward those who shop with you most often. It’s widely known that it’s easier to promote towards customers you’d like to retain than it is to market to ones who have never visited your store before, “Offer customers a discount or free product after they’ve made a specific number of purchases,” suggests Printwand.com.

5. Give discounts to targeted groups. As a business owner, it’s important to know your target market. When you specifically acknowledge those who are most likely to support your brand, you will be putting your company in high favour with them. These targeted groups can change up as well. For example, you may want to offer specific discounts to all of those customers who entered your contest.

6. Offer a trade-in. Do you own a company that can benefit by having its customers trade in their old products in order to get a discount on something new? If so, this is a great way to encourage repeat business. And as you know, customer loyalty is practically integral to the growth of any business. Trade-ins make customers feel that they are receiving more value as they get to use their unwanted to help make their purchases.

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we take a look at some more great promotional ideas. And be sure to call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to order an amazing promotional product to help boost your brand!

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20 May

6 Sweet Promotional Ideas For Spring

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.05.14 by John Meloche

spring labels collection with textWe hope that you all enjoyed your Victoria Day long weekend! And we hope that one of the things you were able to enjoy about it was the wonderful, warm weather. At least in Toronto – where Synergy Marketing is headquartered – it was a great holiday to be outdoors. Now, that we’re back to our work week, this past long weekend can’t help but make us think about how to help promote your business in the coming months.

Warm weather often brings out the best in people. Not to mention, it brings more of those people out! That means, when the weather heats up, your business is bound to attract more attention. This is why it’s important to put a little “spring” into the ways in which you promote your business. On DermalInstitute.com, Erin Carey writes about ways to step your promotional game up for the spring. Here are her top six tips.

1. Start small. Although Carey specifies her advertising tips for skin care clinics and treatment centres, her ideas can help a wide range of businesses. For example, when she recommends that you begin weekly “mini events”, there are various ways that you can make that work for your business. On days when the sun is out, maybe you should move a few items outdoors for a “sidewalk sale”. Simple and easy. You get the idea.

2. Partner with other businesses. It’s fair to say that you won’t be the only business owner running special promotions for the spring. You may want to affiliate yourself with other local businesses that don’t represent your competition, in order to get a little cross-promoting going. However, as Carey suggests, “when looking to cross promote, look for businesses that share common ground with you.”

3. Introduce a new package. Skin care clinics aren’t the only business types to be able to provide their customers with special packages that commemorate the spring season. In what ways can you bundle your products and services so that your customers can enjoy larger discounts? It’s all about providing additional value. Your new “spring packages” will greatly help to attract more customers and increase your sales.

4. Display flowers. According to Carey, “it’s always great to keep fresh cut flowers in your business to create a warm and inviting environment. A small bouquet near your cash wrap is all you need but it helps create a sense of renewal and beauty, and I believe it helps increase sales.” Of course, this may not be appropriate for every type of business. But would it work for yours?

5. Plan celebration events. It’s the spring. There are so many things that you can “celebrate”. If you missed out on celebrating Mother’s Day at your business, it’s not too late to acknowledge Father’s Day. Not to mention, summer is around the corner. And that’s worth celebrating! Bringing more attention to your business can be done through a variety of events that simply celebrate your business. Just be creative!

6. Offer a gift. As you can imagine, it is this piece of Carey’s advice that we agree with the most. For many years, we have been proving that promotional gifts help to boost sales, garner referrals and strengthen customer relationships. When your customers make purchases from you this spring, make sure that you add little gifts to the transactions. As Carey points out, “clients always love a gift when they make a purchase, even if it is small.”

Let’s get you the perfect promotional gift to boost your business. Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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19 May

6 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant On Holidays

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.05.14 by John Meloche

Family Eating Lunch Together In RestaurantMany businesses are closed today thanks to the Victoria Day long weekend. But not restaurants! Awesome eateries are perpetually always open to the public, aren’t they? What would we do without these great businesses? After all, there are no days off from eating, right? Restaurants, therefore, have the unique ability to be promoted in ways that other businesses cannot.

Restaurant owners have the responsibility of letting the public know that they are open during the various holidays of the year and that their patrons are always welcome. In fact, they should be letting their customers know that they are not just welcomed, but are encouraged to visit on those days when most people would generally remain home. On About.com, Lorri Mealey addresses this topic by discussing several ways that restaurateurs can promote during holidays.

1. Happy Hour. Happy hours, Mealey points out, are generally offered at pubs and bars each day throughout the week. Cheap drinks and special discounts are often offered on many of the food items. Perhaps, days like today should include several happy hours so that patrons can take advantage of special deals all day long. Remember, you have more opportunities to bring more people through the doors when they are not at work.

2. Two for One Specials. This is “an ever popular promotion”, says Mealey. Clearly, any deal that offers customers the ability to save money is bound to garner some interest. She goes on to suggest that your specials change on a weekly basis. On days like today, you should have specials so that people remember to keep visiting your restaurant during any holiday. Let your customers know that you’re always willing to celebrate these holidays with deals.

3. Coupons. A sensible way to ensure that customers know that you are open during holidays is to offer them coupons that say so. Obviously, these coupons will need to communicate that you are not only open during holidays, but also making special deals available on your meals. Mealey even suggests that you offer these coupons on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

4. Wine Tasting. Specialty dinners help to bring in better business, says Mealey. “Wine tastings,” she writes, “are especially popular, because people love good wine and good food, especially when they come together.” Such an offer can be promoted as a special event for each holiday that comes along. It will work to encourage people to show up at your restaurant in big groups.

5. Beer Tasting. “A restaurant beer dinner mixes great beers, generally microbrews or other artisan beers, with a prix fixe menu,” explains Mealey, “Restaurants can sell tickets or take reservations to their beer dinner. Just make sure your kitchen can handle feeding a large crowd all at the same time.” And that’s the point, right? Get large crowds in your restaurant with this great idea.

6. Contests. “Everyone loves a contest and the chance of winning a free gift,” writes Mealey. She goes on to suggest that your company’s promo gifts would make the perfect prizes. And while there are many other excellent prizes that can be won – free meals especially! – gifts that help to promote your brand are bound to give you better returns on your investment.

The sales reps at Synergy Marketing will be available to take your calls bright and early tomorrow morning. Give them a call at 1-877-748-9884. Let’s get your business promoted with the perfect gift!

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