28 Nov

4 More Reasons Consumers Love Online Shopping

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.11.14 by John Meloche

Online shoppingIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the concept of online shopping and just how popular it has become in Canada. For obvious reasons, it’s very convenient. And arguably, convenience is the top reason that it has become so popular with Canadians. Obviously, in Canada, holiday shopping is an experience that includes going out in the cold. Sometimes, this involves blistery, stormy and snowy conditions.

Online shopping helps to avoid all of that. Staying at home, keeping warm and cozy and doing your shopping via the internet is a wonderful idea for a lot of people. Does your company offer its customers the ability to shop online? At Synergy Marketing, our entire promotional products catalogue can be found on our website. Admittedly, we enjoy speaking with our customers directly over the phone once they’ve decided upon the gifts they want to order.

Even if they haven’t yet decided, we love speaking to them to help them to make the best choices. The point, however, is that they are able to order their items without ever having to take a step outdoors. When you offer your customers the same benefit, you’re bound to increase your sales. At least, this is what Gilon Miller seems to believe in an article posted on UpstreamCommerce.com.

He offers a list of benefits to online shopping based on conversations he’s had with consumers. Yesterday, we analyzed four of those benefits. In today’s blog, we’ll round out the final four. Considering that it’s the holiday shopping season, online shopping is bound to take off if it hasn’t already. Today, by the way, is Black Friday. And that means Cyber Monday is next – the biggest online shopping day of the year! Here are four more benefits to online shopping.

1. Comparison of Prices. There is likely no easier way to browse than to do so online. Think about all of the time and energy it takes to go in and out of every store that you are interested in. As Miller writes, “online shops make comparison and research of products and prices possible. Online stores also give you the ability to share information and reviews with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a product or retailer.”

2. Crowds. As mentioned yesterday, crowd avoidance is one of the most popular reasons that online shopping is so well-loved. No waiting in long lineups, no search for parking spots – online shopping makes holiday shopping a dream. “Crowds force us to do a hurried shopping most of the time,” Miller points out, “Crowds also create a problem when it comes to finding a parking place nearby where you want to shop and going back to your vehicle later loaded with shopping bags.”

3. Compulsive Shopping. “Many times when we go out shopping we end up buying things which we do not require because of the shopkeepers’ upselling skills,” Miller continues, “or we’ll compromise on our choices because of the lack of choices in those shops.” Online shopping helps for consumers to buy what they are looking for and that’s it. Saving your customers money, by the way, will be a huge plus for you this holiday season. Naturally, they’ll be looking to save money. Your allowance for online shopping will help in the process.

4. Discreet Purchases. Is shopping sometimes an embarrassing experience? Let’s be honest. When shopping for loved ones, we don’t always want to be caught in the stores they like, that we would never frequent in general. “Some things are better done in privacy,” says Miller, “Online Shops enable me to purchase undergarments and lingerie or adult toys without the embarrassment that there are several people watching me and my choices.”

Synergy Marketing believes in the online shopping trend, however, we enjoy speaking with our customers over the phone directly. That means that we allow them to shop within the comfort of their homes and places of business. Our promotional products, by the way, are perfect giveaways during this time of year. Please peruse our website to learn about all of the amazing promo products that we have to offer. Or simply call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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27 Nov

4 Reasons Consumers Prefer Shopping Online

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.11.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_4396887_xsTomorrow is known as “Black Friday” in the retail world. And, for many holiday shoppers, it means getting up early and waiting in long lineups just to be among the first to get the chance to take advantage of some incredible deals. Is your business preparing for Black Friday? If not, there’s no cause for concern. And that’s because Cyber Monday is right around the corner! Wait. Is your business preparing for Cyber Monday?

Just to be clear, Cyber Monday is essentially the online equivalent of Black Friday. And, it should come as no surprise that online shopping is an increasingly popular trend in Canada. The truth is, online shopping is popular all throughout the world. But, in Canada, shoppers seem to be taking to the internet more than ever. There are, as you can imagine, numerous benefits to shopping online.

First of all, you get to avoid all of those long lineups in the stores and shopping malls. Many people dread the idea of Black Friday as they have no interest in wrestling with other shoppers to get their hands on sought-after items. Instead, they much prefer to do their shopping in the comfort of their own homes. After all, what sounds more convenient? Sitting in front of a computer in pyjamas, or spending upwards of fifteen minutes looking for a parking spot?

“Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, more and more people say they prefer online shopping over conventional shopping these days,” writes Gilon Miller on UpstreamCommerce.com, “It’s important to understand the psyche of the online shopper. Cater to this and you’ll have them flocking to your… er, online store.” Here are four reasons that consumers prefer shopping online.

1. Convenience. This is the obvious one, isn’t it? As Miller reiterates, “You don’t have to wait in a line or wait till the shop assistant helps you with your purchases. You can do your shopping in minutes even if you are busy, apart from saving time and avoiding crowds. Online shops give us the opportunity to shop 24/7 and also reward us with ‘no pollution’ shopping.” This reason alone should encourage you to offer this option to your customers, don’t you think?

2. Better Prices. Miller writes that many consumers point out that they’re able to secure better deals when they shop online. This is one way that you can create an incentive for more people to visit your company website. If you offer free shipping or discounted prices from your site, you’re a lot more likely to increase your sales. Miller points out that this is an effective marketing strategy that many businesses employ. “Many online shops offer discount coupons and rebates,” he writes.

3. Variety. “One can get several brands and products from different sellers at one place,” writes Miller, “You can get in on the latest international trends without spending money on travel; you can shop from retailers in other parts of the country or even the world without being limited by geographic area.” This too is an important point to make about online shopping. Offering this option allows people from all over the world to buy from you!

4. Fewer Expenses. Miller also writes that staying home and shopping online will save you the money that you would be spending if you were to make an excursion. Consider the fact that you have to eat, use gas and likely buy more items than you anticipated when you go out to shop. By offering your customers the ability to make purchases via your website, you enable them to save a lot of money.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to examine the benefits of online shopping. And don’t forget to contact Synergy Marketing to get your hands on our great promotional gifts. Feel free to check out our website to learn about all of the great gifts that we have to offer. Better yet, call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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26 Nov

5 Stats That Speak To The Effectiveness Of Promo Products

Posted in Promotional Products on 26.11.14 by John Meloche

Teamwork statisticsJust how effective is giving out promotional products? This is generally the top question asked by business owners who speak to our Synergy Marketing sales staff on a daily basis. For those who have never tried giving out promo gifts to their customers, they wonder if such a marketing strategy is worthwhile. Sure, it doesn’t cost much to do when compared to other modes of advertising. But does it work?

On Biznik.com, Erik Anderson answers that question with detailed information found from studies conducted by PPAI (Promotional Productions Association International). They studied a panel of 1,005 consumers who had all recalled receiving promotional gifts over the course of the previous two years. The answers provided by the respondents were very telling. Here are some findings, as outlined by Anderson, that speak to the effectiveness of promo products.

1. 83% of respondents like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message. Evidently, customers enjoy getting things for free. Who doesn’t? But this finding indicates that people also enjoy receiving products from companies that they like supporting. Retaining the support of your customers is one of the main reasons to hand your gifts out. The fact that they appreciate the gesture will go a long way in retaining their loyalty.

2. 48% would like to receive promotional products more often. This revelation supports the idea that business owners should continue their promotional gift-giving ways well into the future. You don’t just need the holidays to roll around in order to be in the giving mood. This is why Synergy Marketing offers such a wide array of promo gifts to choose from. We have something for everybody that can suit the needs of customers at any time of the year.

3. 73% of respondents think they were given a promotional product to promote a service, a product or a message. Promo gifts are not “trick” modes of advertising. Of course, they are handy and practical products that can be used on a daily basis. The gifts themselves have great value. However, customers realize that branded gifts are sources of advertising. This finding should help quell the fears of business owners who think customers may not appreciate the gifts.

4. 56% think it is an expression of gratitude for business/action taken. And this is the reason why customers tend to appreciate promo gifts so much. They realize that, as much as promo gifts are advertising tools, they are also symbols of gratitude. Promotional products are arguably the best way to say “thank you” to your customers. Our experience has shown that your customers will reward you with return business and by offering referrals to your company.

5. 21% keep the promotional product more than 4 years. As we’ve often said on the Synergy Marketing Blog, promo gifts are not like business cards or flyers. They don’t get thrown away nearly immediately after receipt. Instead, promotional products are used for many years, keeping your brand name on the minds of their recipients for a much longer period of time than traditional modes of advertising.

“In our rush to market via the latest and greatest channel, we sometimes forget that offline advertising still works,” writes Anderson. And we couldn’t agree more. Contact Synergy Marketing today by calling us at 1-877-748-9884. We’ll be sure to get you set up with the ideal promotional product to market your business throughout the holiday season and beyond. The results are in: promo gifts work!

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25 Nov

5 Ideas For Increasing Sales This Holiday Season

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 25.11.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_5694525_xsOn Shopify.com, Humayun Khan writes that “The National Retail Federation predicts holiday sales to increase 4.1% (to $616.9 billion) this year, a full percentage higher from last year. With a huge opportunity for profit, large retailers are fighting tooth and nail for consumers to spend their holiday budgets on their businesses.” So how do you compete with all of the other businesses out there?

Khan notes that larger retailers often win over shoppers with their low prices and free shipping. Not to mention, they have huge advertising budgets that help them become known to the masses. For the most part, people have already decided upon where they plan on doing their holiday shopping. So where does that leave you as a small business owner? Firstly, it’s important not to think that way. You have every bit a right to cash in on the holiday shopping season as they do.

Secondly, it’s important to note that, as a small business owner, you actually have some advantages over the bigger-named brands! You have the ability to make personal connections with your customers. This is where our promotional gifts come in so handy. They are great ways to encourage loyalty that lasts well after the holidays have past. Khan, however, provides five other ideas for how you can boost sales this holiday season.

1. Creatively Package Your Holiday Gift Boxes. “Shoppers during this weekend are in a rush to find ready-made unique items to gift to their loved ones,” writes Khan, “Why not do the gift-wrapping work for them?” People have always loved convenience. And with the hustle and bustle that comes along with holiday shopping, the more convenient you make the experience, the more your customers will thank you. Create one-of-a-kind gift sets that are all ready to go!

2. Make a Clever Holiday Video. The power of the internet cannot be understated. A great way to attract more visitors to your business is to post a video that will help you to stand out from your competition. “A small budget and a creative mind can go a long way when promoting your store, so if your video is distinctly humorous or clever enough and aligns with your brand you can have a recipe for a heavily-shared video,” says Khan. YouTube awaits you!

3. Focus On Pinterest. According to Khan, “When used right, social media tool Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools to sell online and in-store.” He goes on to note that major brands use Pinterest to host contests. They provide incentives to shoppers by asking users to include particular hashtags when “pinning” certain items they want. “Not only did these ideas retain loyal shoppers, but also drove hefty amounts of traffic to their social sites,” Khan informs.

4. Partner Up With a Global Brand. Joining forces with other businesses is always a good idea if it’s able to open your company up to a whole new audience. This, of course, is generally the point of taking this marketing avenue. “Creating a strategic partnership with a global brand will boost exposure for both brands,” writes Khan, “When you cross-promote each other through blogs, social networks, and emails, you both reap the benefit of the partnership.”

5. Build Valuable Content Around Your Products. This is where blogging comes in! At Synergy Marketing, we often blog about the various promotional products that we have to offer, knowing that sharing this information through social media can be very beneficial. Khan agrees. “You can encourage you customers to share blog posts, articles, social media posts and emails organically by providing them content they can actually use,” he reveals.

Don’t forget to get your hands on those perfect holiday promo gifts. Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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24 Nov

Social Media Factor Huge In Holiday Shopping Decisions

Posted in Social Media on 24.11.14 by John Meloche

Blue bird in christmas cap.We don’t generally go too long without blogging about the power of social media, here on the Synergy Marketing Blog. And that’s because we know just how powerful it can be! In all likelihood, you know this as well. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account? It doesn’t seem like it, does it? With these social networking platforms among the most popular in the world, it only makes sense for business owners to take advantage of them.

Now, it is true that it’s important to be social through your social media platforms. That includes both asking and answering questions, offering insight and clicking “like” on the posts of others. But, for small business owners, social media also provide numerous ways to promote their brands free of charge. And considering the vast popularity of the Facebooks and Twitters of the world, that’s a lot of bang for your buck!

The benefits of using social media to promote your brand are only bound to increase during the holiday season. Naturally, this time of year brings out more shoppers than at any other time of year. It’s probably an understatement to say that it would be a good idea to advertise all of your stores’ special deals and discounts online. After all, the internet is where a lot of people go first to browse for gifts.

On MarketingLand.com, Greg Sterling reveals that a recent study found that social media channels will play a major role in the shopping decisions made by consumers this year. The MarketLive survey was conducted online among 1,000 smartphone owners – half of them male, the other half female, Sterling informs. The tying bind was that each respondent spends a minimum of $250 per year through e-commerce.

What were some of the most interesting findings from the survey? “30 percent of respondents had made a purchase as a direct result of ‘engagement with a social networking site’ within the past year. That was up from 18 percent the previous year,” writes Sterling. Apparently, looking for and sharing product recommendations as well as discussing gift ideas is a big part of what people use social media for during the holiday shopping season.

What were the biggest factors in what got people to spend their money with certain merchants? According to Sterling, “free shipping, deals, points and discounts” draw the most interest. “Most consumers remain highly price sensitive and want offers to motivate them to buy,” he reveals, “whether on conventional e-commerce sites or social media with buy buttons.”

So what else did the survey find? Says Sterling, respondents “would likely be influenced by recommendations and personalized emails (and) they would be fairly receptive to personalized ads or, by implication, retargeting on social networks. A quarter of respondents said they would be anticipating personalized display ads on social sites and would be ‘taking advantage’ of such ads as part of their shopping this holiday season.”

So what does this mean for your business? Well, if you haven’t yet taken advantage of social media, the time to start is now! As you’re likely aware, starting up a Facebook or Twitter account is free. And there are many other social media platforms out there. At Synergy Marketing, we do what we can to stay active on social media. A link to each and every one of our blogs can be found on our profiles. Here’s hoping you “like” them!

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21 Nov

5 More Ways To Make Work A Jolly Place

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.11.14 by John Meloche

Happy office employees having fun at work in an office chair raceIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the concept of having fun in the workplace. Creating a fun work environment is generally an all-around good idea. It helps for your employees to enjoy coming in each day and that makes them want to work that much harder. It then helps for your customers to recognize your brand as an upbeat and fun place to visit and do business with. Is there a downside to making work fun?

In some cases, things may get out of hand. That’s why it’s very important to lay down some ground rules so that your staff knows what is and what is not acceptable. After all, you don’t want people to think that your office is a place where “play time” is appropriate. At the same time, you don’t want the members of your staff to feel that each and every day on the job is a dreary and stressful one.

So what to do? Yesterday, we began looking at a great list of ideas from Jody Urquhart on AGCareers.com. She writes that lightening up your business meetings with playful activities and sharing personal favourites with your staff are great ways to lighten the mood and cheer things up at work. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at Urquhart’s list in hopes that it will help for your staff to have their most joyous holiday season on the job yet! Here are five more tips.

1. Gather your co-workers for the “Joy of Work” hour. “Everyone must talk about something good at work,” explains Urquhart, “Take turns telling stories about the things that make work a joy. Each person should contribute ideas on how to make work more fun.” This is a great idea because it encourages feedback from your staff. After all, ensuring that they are enjoying themselves means listening to what they enjoy!

2. Have a fun recognition program. It’s always a good idea to recognize the contributions of your staff members. This should be a year-round practice. As Urquhart writes, “fun is not a reward for performance, but can be a way to encourage employees to perform. For example, you could create ‘games’ out of productive activity…who can motivate the most patients in a hospital to smile and say something funny to the head nurse. Playful and goal-oriented fun is best.”

3. Respond to fun when it happens. Sometimes, things just happen spontaneously. Go with it. Allowing your staff members the freedom to be themselves will go a long way in making them the motivated, hard-working team that you want for your business. “Funny things occur all the time,” Urquhart writes, “but if you are obsessed with left-brain analytical thought, you might find it hard to stop and respond. Natural spontaneous humour is a blessing.”

4. Commit to being fun and it will change your approach to work. Is being fun hard for you? Don’t worry. It doesn’t come easy to everyone. That doesn’t mean that you don’t know how to enjoy yourself. It simply means that – like all good business owners – your focus may be on the success of your business. “Start slowly with a few activities and communicate your desire to create a more relaxed workplace,” Urquhart advises, “Don’t expect things to turn around overnight.”

5. Encourage staff to leave work behind at the end of the day. “Employees shouldn’t be so consumed with work that it affects their family life and leisure activities,” says Urquhart, “Find fun ways for employees to ‘unload’ at the end of the day or week. Create a ritual like writing a ‘to do’ list and posting it on the board. By doing this, you commit to not thinking about the things on the list until the next day.”

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20 Nov

5 Ways To Create Fun Working Environment

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.11.14 by John Meloche

Leisure at workplaceThe end-of-year holiday season is a very interesting time. For most of us, it’s filled with joy and excitement. And for many others, it’s a time of stress and worry. To be honest, most of us actually fall into both categories! There’s a lot of money to be made for business owners, but it also requires a lot of work. At the same time, there’s a lot of money to be spent and a lot to prepare for. Celebrating the holidays can really be tough!

It’s important to remember that your commitment to growing your business during this time of year will take quite the toll on the members of your staff. Don’t forget that they have a lot on their plates as well. And adding stress to their lives due to added responsibilities and demands in the workplace won’t help for your company to thrive in the coming weeks. So what to do? Make work fun!

It’s often been said that a happy staff is a productive staff. And arguably, there is no better time of year than now to make your staff happy. They’re likely to be busier than ever due to an increased demand from customers. But since the holiday season is quickly approaching, your team members will also want to take part in all the joy that the holidays tend to bring. On AGCareers.com, Jody Urquhart provides steps to creating a fun workplace. Here are five.

1. Give up the notion that professionalism means being serious all the time. It’s not impossible to run a successful business and have fun at the same time. As we alluded to, keeping things light around the office will actually help for your employees to work harder, not less. “It’s possible to take yourself lightly and still be competent and productive,” writes Urquhart, “Start to promote the benefits of humour at work.”

2. Define what fun is in your workplace and what it is not. Of course, it all can’t be fun and games at work. It’s important to lay down ground rules to make clear to your team what is and what is not appropriate. You want your employees to enjoy their days at work, but you’re not looking for anyone to goof off. As well, you don’t want anyone to get offended. Urquhart writes that you should draw the line at sexual humour and other off-colour jokes.

3. Add fun to meetings. Business meetings provide great opportunities to relay to your staff all of the various tasks that need to be completed during each day. Meetings, however, also provide great chances to promote team-building and a fun working atmosphere. “Bring in fun things such as Nerf balls, a basketball and hoop, or party blowers,” suggests Urquhart, “Start a meeting with a humorous story or joke.”

4. Collect and share your favourite cartoons and jokes. There’s no way to help the fact that when people work together every day, they’re going to interact and get to know each other. Consider just how much time your group of employees spend with each other. Encourage them to get to know each other in fun ways. And make sure that you’re part of the action! You can even “create a Joke Board or a Humour Newsletter,” says Urquhart.

5. Let customers know you are a fun company. A big part of making sure that your employees enjoy their work days is how it translates to your customers. Involving your customers in all the fun will go a long way in shining a favourable light upon your brand. “Do something just for fun (organize fun customer events, dress for fun, share funny things with customers),” suggests Urquhart, “and give employees tools to create a fun relationship with customers.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to explore this topic and unveil more of Urquhart’s tips. Have fun at work today!

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19 Nov

5 Steps To Securing Super Holiday Sales

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 19.11.14 by John Meloche

Christmas ShoppingThe malls are already filled with shoppers looking for holiday gifts. And they’re only bound to get even more crowded. Remember, we’re still in November. In the coming weeks, things are going to get busier than ever! And that goes for your business too. Don’t think that, because you’re a small business owner, you can’t cash in big during the holiday shopping season. Holiday sales are on the rise.

At least, this is what Julie Gordon writes on Inc.com. “This year, holiday sales are predicted to rise 4.1 percent compared with 2013,” reveals Gordon, “But with only 26 days between Black Friday and Christmas, valuable shopping time will be at a premium. The National Retail Federation is also forecasting that 2014 e-commerce holiday sales will see a 9 to 12 percent uptick, so any delay in preparing for this year’s–or next year’s–holiday shopping season could quickly cause lost sales.”

So don’t delay. There is still over a month to go until Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that you have any time to waste in the “holiday business marketing” department. “Small-business owners wishing to grow both their sales and customer base during the most critical part of the retail calendar must plan ahead and avoid scattered marketing tactics,” says Gordon. And with that, she offers five steps to boost your company’s sales this holiday season.

1. Develop your holiday strategy early. And, by early, we mean that if you haven’t gotten started yet, make today the day you get things going! Beginning your marketing strategy off the top of next week is the latest you should begin. Gordon advises that you engage your customers as much as possible. You can do this through making special offers as a well as other incentives to draw in first-time customers.

2. Prepare your business and staff. Naturally, the whole team has to be on board. It’s important for the entire energy of your business to be holiday-focused. This will come in very handy in the customer service department. Gordon notes that you can “help ease your customers’ anxiety by emphasizing exceptional customer service. This may mean specific training sessions for your current staff or adding temporary help to meet a holiday rush.”

3. Thank and retain existing customers. If it’s one thing we know, here at Synergy Marketing, it’s that customers really appreciate it when they are shown appreciation. Gordon agrees. She writes that there are some simple, yet effective ways to thank your customers that will encourage them to support you during the holidays. They include personalized email messages, invites to customer-appreciation activities and mentions on social media.

4. Attract new customers. What small business owner doesn’t want to secure new customers? During the holiday season, you will be given more opportunities than normal to meet and retain new customers. “It is always important to reach new customers using multiple avenues,” affirms Gordon, “This includes announcing special discounts and promotions via local newspaper ads, holiday circulars, and even postcards.”

5. Monitor results. It’s integral to your company’s success that you get a good handle on what you’ve accomplished so that you can learn from your missteps. This will help to develop your new strategies for the future. “Compare the weekly sales results for the current and previous years, both in-store and online,” advises Gordon, “If there are differences, determine what accounted for them. Jot down a few new ideas for the coming year (but don’t wait six months to do so).”

And never forget to hand out your promotional gifts throughout the holidays! Order yours today by calling Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884.

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18 Nov

5 Ways To Host A Cost-Conscious Holiday Party

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.11.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_10288138_xsYes, it’s just the middle of November. But business owners all over Canada are already planning their Christmas parties. There are even business owners who have thrown theirs already! At Synergy Marketing, we like to wait until the last day of work, right before the holidays become official and throw a big party in our office. But, surely, there is no one right way to throw an office holiday party.

At Synergy Marketing, we’re in the business of showing people appreciation. For years, promotional products have been used by Canadian business owners to thank their customers and inspire continued loyalty. Your holiday party serves much the same function. Of course, it provides your staff with the opportunity to unwind, have fun and celebrate the holiday season. But your party is also your way of saying “thank you” for jobs well done.

Holiday parties, however, can be expensive. You’ve spent all year doing your best to save money where you can while earning as much as possible. Now that the end of the year is nearly here, it’s time to celebrate – but how to do so in a way that’s not going to break the bank? On AmericanExpress.com, Rieva Lesonsky writes that it is certainly possible to throw a cost-effective holiday party. Here are five ways how.

1. Do it in the daytime. “Inviting employees’ spouses or significant others can double the cost of your party,” says Lesonsky, “Instead, hold a daytime party for employees only.” She suggests having lunch at a nice restaurant or even giving the staff the afternoon off to give them more time to complete their holiday shopping. This will help them greatly as it will avoid the need for parents to get a night time babysitter.

2. Don’t be boring. This is a tip that we proudly practice each year, here at Synergy Marketing. Our parties are never without food, music and drinks – all of the right ingredients of a good party. However, we also like to give out awards so that the event still serves to boost team spirit. Lesonsky speaks to the importance of this when she writes that “you can have a gift exchange, hand out year-end awards, hold a costume contest or play karaoke – whatever fits your business’s vibe.”

3. Get personal. Do you want to host a holiday party at your home? Some business owners enjoy doing this as they’ve made great friends with many members of their staff. As Lesonsky points out, it will also save you on the cost of restaurant meals. In addition, she notes how much people enjoy “the personal touch of being invited to your home.” If you really want to cut costs, she continues, you can make it a potluck.

4. Think outside the box. Maybe your holiday party doesn’t have to be a holiday party after all? Would it be better to hold it in the new year? How many people do that? “Your holiday party doesn’t have to be in November or December,” Lesonsky writes, “Hold your event in January, and you’ll likely pay less for room rentals, deejays, catering, etc. Employees with packed schedules in December will appreciate it, too.”

5. Say thank you. This is what it all comes down to. As mentioned, it’s important to show your staff members that you appreciate them. This is the best time of year to do so. “In addition to the party itself, make sure each staff member receives some type of personal thank-you from you,” Lesonsky insists, “Depending on your budget, that could be paid time off, a gift card or cash, or simply a thoughtful handwritten note about why you value them as part of your team.”

Don’t forget that promotional gifts are among the best ways to say thank you. Be sure to hand them out at your holiday party. To order yours, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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17 Nov

5 Ways To Boost Business This Holiday Season

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.11.14 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_14890107_xsWith all of that snow on the ground (it’s coming down now, here in Toronto where Synergy Marketing is headquartered), there’s no denying that winter is here! Never mind what the calendar says. One look outside will tell you that we don’t have to wait until the 21st of December for winter to start. The same can be said about the holiday season. In the business world, the holiday season has been well underway for weeks.

We don’t need the actual holidays to arrive before we start celebrating. To be more specific, as a business owner, you’re called upon to ensure that your company is well promoted throughout November and December. Sure, business is bound to pick up anyways. But with so much more competition during the busiest shopping time of the year, it’s important to better engage customers so that they choose you over the others.

So how do you do that? On TalentEvolution.com, Jared S. Smith writes that “the holidays are a busy time – not just for shoppers but also for businesses. For some companies, holiday sales can determine starting the New Year on a good or not-so-good note.” With that, he provides five solutions for business owners looking to market their companies strongly over the next few weeks. In today’s blog, we’ll analyze his tips.

1. Engage your customers on social media. There’s no surprise that social media is being heralded as a top choice way to communicate your company’s marketing plans. Smith insists that there’s no better time than now to get on Facebook and Twitter to share your warmest holiday wishes while asking questions that will inspire customer responses. The more you engage your friends and followers, the more attention your brand will receive.

2. Email customers to say “Seasons Greetings”. Speaking of engaging others, don’t forget to send out your holiday cards – digitally. These days, sending out personal emails is a perfectly acceptable way to showcase the personal touches you’re willing to add to your customer interactions. “Incorporate holiday images, themes, content or offers to your monthly newsletter,” suggests Smith, “Also, you can simply wish them well for the holiday season and New Year with a holiday e-card.”

3. Add to your SEO program. Evidently, Smith believes in the power of the internet. And, in this day and age, who doesn’t? “Develop content for your website that is holiday-based,” he recommends, “Offer shopping and gift ideas, safety tips or party information. Make it personal when possible, and use this chance to make your customers feel closer to your business.” This is where regular blogging will definitely help you. Trust us, we know!

4. Special offers draw in new customers. “Discounts and special offers encourage potential customers to take action,” says Smith, “When people realize there is only a short time to take advantage of such deals, they are more likely to act.” This is also the time of year when people are looking for the best bargains. With all of the extra spending they plan on doing, offering them chances to save money will attract a lot of interest your way.

5. Customers love freebies. Now where have you heard that before? At Synergy Marketing, we know all too well how important it is to offer customers free promotional gifts. “Investing in an array of promotional freebies is a terrific way to engage customers,” Smith agrees, “If funds are tight, offer a printable item such as a calendar after customers provide their email address.” As you know, Synergy Marketing offers the best promo products in the business!

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