29 May

3 Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Summertime Slump

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.05.15 by John Meloche

sad broker with falling down graphIn yesterday’s blog, we unveiled some rather unique summertime marketing strategies. Now that we are just a few short weeks away from the official beginning of summer, it only makes sense for Canadian business owners to start thinking of ways to welcome the new season. And, by “welcome the new season”, we mean utilize summer themes to promote their businesses. This is especially important for business owners who generally experience a summertime slump.

“Summer can be a slow season for some industries and a peak season for others, but you don’t have to experience the dreaded ‘summertime slump’,” writes Michelle Nickolaisen on Grasshopper.com. If you own a company that often sees a slowing of business during the summer, perhaps this is the year when you kick your summertime advertising into full gear. In other words, it’s time to work a little harder to keep sales going.

Here are three ways to avoid the dreaded summertime slump:

1. Call your clients. Don’t assume that they’re just going to keep coming to you. If you’re used to slower sales during the summer, now would be a good time to check in with your loyal customers to see if they have any needs that you can meet in the months to come. Letting them know that their business means a lot to you is an excellent way to advertise your brand. In most cases, they’ll appreciate your getting in touch.

Teneo Results insists that you create a sense of urgency. “Businesses tend to take longer to make decisions in the summer. Don’t wait to follow up on your proposals – call them now,” advises their website, “And, don’t forget to use your consultative sales skills to create a sense of urgency. Enjoy your summer, but also be sure to stay on-track to meet your year end sales goals. Be tenacious during the next 4 weeks.”

2. Create a “staycation” campaign. Just because summer is on the way, it doesn’t mean that everyone is planning to jump on a plane. Many people tend to enjoy their summer vacations at home. The “staycation” theme is something that you can use to your advantage. As Nickolaisen points out, many people have to stay home with their kids or they have a lot of work on their plates. Sound familiar?

“If these people are your target customers, then doing vacation themed marketing to them isn’t going to have the results you want,” she states, “Instead, market to where your customers are at right now. If you’re talking to overworked business owners, a series of entertaining posts or photos based around the idea of the “office staycation” could increase engagement and customer loyalty (which can, in turn, lead to increased sales).”

3. Start a summer giveaway. Earlier this week, we posted a number of blogs championing the idea of using free giveaways to promote your business. It seems only right that we conclude this week’s series of blogs by reiterating that all-too-valuable piece of advice. As our blogs pointed out, there are many benefits to giving your customers free items. Among them is the fact that they allow for customers to try your products before buying them.

Of course, if your products are of the high quality that you purport them to be, chances are that your customers will come calling to purchase them in the future. “Giveaways are a tried and true marketing technique,” affirms Nickolaisen, “When done correctly, they can boost sales significantly. If you sell something that goes with a summery theme, then feel free to do a giveaway of one of your products.”

At Synergy Marketing, we offer promotional products that make for the perfect free giveaways. To place an order for the promo gift you wish to hand out to your customers this summer, call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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28 May

4 Unique Summertime Marketing Strategies

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.05.15 by John Meloche

Young businessman lying on a deck chair with his laptop on the beachSummer is coming! It’s always an exciting time of year. With the sunshine and warmth that comes with the season, it’s rare to find a person in a bad mood. As a business owner, it’s pretty important that you take advantage of that. We’re just under a month away from the official start of summer. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t kick start your summer promotional campaign right away!

Here are four unique summertime marketing strategies:

1. Rent a human billboard. We did say that the marketing solutions in today’s blog were unique, right? On her website, award-winning author Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland suggests that entrepreneurs take advantage of this very eye-catching suggestion. The summertime brings people outside. Your walking billboard is bound to attract the attention of all of those extra eyes. As you can imagine, this works especially great on bright and sunny days.

“You know that nothing gets around more than a guy walking up and down a crowded hotspot for the world to see,” Grosvenor-Holland insists, “Imagine your brand, business or book being advertised at the peak of summer beach season. This is an attention grabbing idea if I’ve ever heard of one.” We’d have to agree that when it comes to grabbing the attention of new customers during the summer, a human billboard is a pretty good idea.

2. Host a summer party. Yes, a human billboard is a cool idea. Perhaps, no idea is cooler. That is, of course, unless you’re willing to host a big summer party! Seriously, can you beat a good old fashioned summer barbeque? As if the warmth and sunshine weren’t pleasing enough, the very smell of barbeque brings about a sense of unparalleled enjoyment in nearly all of us. Not to mention, a party is a great way to attract both old and new customers to your store.

“Even if your business is online based, hosting a local event can get you in front of new people and position your business as a community leader,” writes Michelle Nickolaisen on Grasshopper.com. She goes on to note that you don’t have to throw an extravagant event complete with music and dancing. “Think instead about hosting a relaxing event that also gets you in front of potential customers,” she suggests.

3. Advertise on the sidewalk. Everyone else will be outside enjoying the sunshine. So there’s no reason for you to stay cooped up indoors. Grosvenor-Holland suggests that you take advantage of the warm weather by getting outside and using sidewalk advertising. Specifically, she recommends decorating the sidewalk with your company logo and brand messaging. This will go a long way in attracting the attention of many a walker-by.

“Now this type of ad places your logo or your wording directly on the sidewalk for the world to see,” she explains, “Of course like the hand stamp it will only last until the ink or chalk comes in contact with water, but the exposure of your ad to the foot traffic an average sidewalk gets could be truly amazing for your business and after all the goal is to draw attention.” One of the best aspects of this strategy is that you can keep updating and changing the style of the ad.

4. Hand out free summer swag. Nickolaisen recommends the handing out of promotional gifts that help customers beat the heat. At Synergy Marketing, we have a number of great promo gifts that work amazingly during the summertime. Our collection of water bottles serves as just one example. To place an order for the promo gift you wish to hand out to your customers this summer, call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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27 May

3 Ways Giveaways Make For A Powerful Marketing Strategy

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 27.05.15 by John Meloche

Free - Green ButtonOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focused on the concept of free giveaways as effective marketing strategies. It stands to reason that we would champion such an advertising practice considering that we offer Canadian business owners the best promotional products in the business! However, as our blogs have pointed out, promo gifts aren’t the only free giveaways that work effectively.

Businesses all over North America have been prospering for decades by offering their customer bases everything from free advice to free food. A friendly conversation at a summer barbeque has never hurt a business owner. And offering up something for free to your client base won’t hurt you either! “Offering a free give away can be a powerful and effective marketing strategy,” writes David Frey on FrugalMarketing.com.

Here are three ways giveaways make for a powerful marketing strategy:

1. They “hook” your audience in. If you’re truly confident in the high-quality of the products that you offer, you should have no problem allowing your customers to test them out. That way, they will have the opportunity to see for themselves just how great what you have to sell really is. Giving people the opportunity to try out your goods for free is a great way to “hook” them in to paying for them in the future.

Frey certainly believes in this philosophy. “Prospects who test your product or service risk-free might recognize its value and continue purchasing what you offer,” he writes, “Or even better, your prospect will get ‘hooked’ on your product or service and won’t be able to live without it.” If you don’t have enough of your product to give away, consider staging live demonstrations so you can show your customers the benefits of buying your products.

2. They help you to hold on to older customers. It is very often said that keeping your current customers is a lot easier than attracting new ones. It’s important to never forget those who have already shown support to your business. You certainly don’t want to lose them! Free giveaways help to keep your current audience engaged, believes Heather Holdorf. And she points out how promotional products can do the trick.

“How do you engage customers with shot glasses that have your company’s logo on them?” she asks on Yahoo.com, “The allure of giveaways often give customers an extra reason to visit you at an event. If you market free giveaways online, your brand might come across your customers’ paths when they least expect it and in turn spur a conversation that ends in additional business.” But there’s another important reason that giveaways are so effective in promoting your brand.

According to Frey, customers who receive free giveaways are a lot more likely to feel that they owe you something. Your kind gesture works as great encouragement to buy from you in order to return the favour. “This principle is called the ‘Law of Reciprocity,’ which simply states that people naturally feel an obligation to return favours as a way of expressing their thanks,” he explains.

As you are well aware, Synergy Marketing offers Canadian business owners the best promo products in the business! And how are we so confident that our gifts are the best? The combination of their high quality, low cost and excellent effectiveness has been helping companies all across Canada to grow for many years now. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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26 May

4 Benefits To Your Business Of Free Giveaways

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 26.05.15 by John Meloche

Free stickerFREE! It’s one of those words that is just bound to capture people’s attention. No matter how you slice it, the word “free” always comes with a positive connotation. If something is “sugar free”, it generally connotes healthy eating. If someone is “free from disease”, it clearly communicates that he or she is in good health. And when a product or service is provided for “free”, it usually makes for very happy customers!

Ryan Eisenacher agrees. “’Free’ has always been a very powerful word,” he writes on BrandingPersonality.com, “For businesses, ‘free’ can attract a lot of publicity.” He does warn, however, that offering free giveaways can “come with a price tag”. He cites a KFC promotion that was revealed on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as a bad example. It was too successful, he reveals. The fried chicken brand ended up angering customers by running out of food!

Carefully executed, however, a free giveaway can be an excellent way to boost your business. At Synergy Marketing, we offer Canadian business owners the opportunity to give away free promotional gifts that bear their companies’ names and logos. Because promo gifts are so practical and useful, they go a long way in both pleasing customers and reminding them of where to shop. And because promo gifts are so long lasting, their advertising power is virtually endless!

“In terms of marketing, giveaways provide businesses with a low-cost solution for collecting leads, acquiring return customers, and generating product awareness,” writes Eisenacher, “Trade booths can gain a lot of attention with promotional items – you might even be surprised at the amount of instant brand awareness they can bring to the table (literally).” As we alluded to earlier, the benefits to free giveaways are many.

Here are four benefits to your business of free giveaways:

1. They provide good returns on investments. Some business owners assume that by giving away free gifts, money is automatically lost. Our clients have proven that the opposite is true. Not only are promo gifts incredibly affordable, but the return on the investment far outweighs the initial costs. “A giveaway can actually be a cheaper way to advertise than the traditional methods,” asserts Chelsea Segal on CoxBlue.com.

2. They help to boost brand reputation. Don’t assume that all free giveaways have to be physical items. Segal reminds us that giving away information can be just as valuable. It’s important to be recognized as an expert in your field in order to be regarded as a leader in your industry. Sharing your knowledge with customers can go a long way in building your brand’s reputation. “By giving people more knowledge of your product, you can impress them with your expertise and leave them intrigued, curious about what more your company has to offer,” says Segal.

3. They help to attract new customers. As mentioned before, the word “free” does a lot to turn heads. If you’re looking to expand your client base, you could do a lot worse than adopting a free giveaway marketing strategy to reel more people in. “Free giveaways are a great way to appeal to specific demographics where your brand has room for improvement,” writes Segal, “Giveaways are (also) a great way to sharpen your focus on the targets you really care about.”

4. They remind people of where to shop. We also mentioned before that free giveaways make for great reminders. “By reminding people what specialty products you have to offer, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors in the areas that matter most to you. Let your customers know what makes your brand unique,” notes Segal. And, at Synergy Marketing, we offer the best reminders around!

For more information about our wonderful promotional products, call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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25 May

How Free Giveaways Can Financially Benefit Your Business

Posted in Promotional Products on 25.05.15 by John Meloche

Oh Yeah Its FREE Red Shopping BagHow can giving away something for free earn you money? At Synergy Marketing, we answer that question each and every day. By providing Canadian business owners with the best promo products in the business, we demonstrate how certain acts of goodwill can turn into lucrative transactions. There are many reasons that promotional gifts work to adequately advertise businesses. One of them, quite simply, is that promo gifts are useful!

By handing out a promo gift that actually adds value to the life of the recipient, it shines a favourable light on your brand. It’s a good impression that’s not bound to dissipate anytime soon. This is especially true if your products and services are high quality and your customer service practices are top-notch. The act of giving something away for free draws customers in. Who doesn’t like getting something for free, right?

The key is to maintain the relationships that you spark with your free gift. And although Synergy Marketing champions the use of promotional products as advertising sources, they aren’t the only things that you can give away for free. Sharing your expertise and being giving of your time is an excellent way to grow your customer base. Not only will your tips and advice endear you to your clients, but they will encourage referrals from them as well.

After all, people love the idea of working with experts. It gives them confidence that they’ve made the right choice. On BusinessKnowHow.com, Janet Attard communicates this perspective. “Offer a free, no obligation consultation to people you think could use your services,” she suggests, “During such consultations offer some practical suggestions or ideas – and before you leave ask for an ‘order’ to implement the ideas.”

Giving something away for free also takes the pressure off of your customers. Most people know when they are being blatantly sold to. And, often, it rubs them the wrong way. When you offer a sample of what you have to offer, it puts the ball in their court. They have the freedom to choose whether or not they wish to buy without pressure. If your product is worthwhile, chances are that they will be back for more.

Susan Solovic of ConstantContact.com agrees that the act of giving something away for free can financially benefit your company. “If someone has the opportunity to experience your product or service, chances are they will want to purchase more,” she writes, “Don’t be afraid to give someone a free trial or a sample. In today’s economy, people are more comfortable purchasing something they have been able to experience first.”

“Get samples of your product or your work into as many hands as possible,” reiterates Attard. It’s important to remember, however, that your free products should serve to help your customer in his or her daily life. When you prove that your brand can solve a problem, your customers will be more likely to continue coming to you in order to have those problems solved. This is why promo gifts work so well at advertising small businesses.

Pens, key chains and water bottles – just to name a few examples – all solve problems. We all need something to write with, keep our keys together and drink water, don’t we? At some point or another, these items are sure to come in handy. If you haven’t yet tried the “giving something away for free” advertising model just yet, now would be a good time to try. To order the promotional product of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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22 May

3 More Ways To Take Full Advantage Of Social Media

Posted in Social Media on 22.05.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_71124979_xsIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the topic of social media marketing. It’s safe to say that there is no doubt that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular ways in the world for people to communicate with each other. Therefore, it should go without saying that entrepreneurs should be taking full advantage of these social media platforms on a daily basis. It certainly pays to be active online.

It should also be highlighted that taking advantage of social media can be done for absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. There’s no reason to not have active accounts when they have been proven to be able to spread the word so greatly about your business. Each business day of the week, Synergy Marketing posts a link to a new blog on both our Facebook and Twitter profiles. What can you do you take full advantage of social media?

Here are three ways:

1. Don’t over-promote. Naturally, it’s wise to inform your audience of the various products and services that your company has available. But, it’s important to remember that, when it comes to social media, it’s all about being “social”. Discuss how your products can help people in their daily lives by posting comments about the various things that people may need help with. Speaking about your customers’ needs instead of blatantly advertising will help you get further.

Susan Gunelius shares these sentiments on Entrepreneur.com. “If you spend all your time on the social Web directly promoting your products and services, people will stop listening,” she writes, “You must add value to the conversation. Focus less on conversions and more on creating amazing content and developing relationships with online influencers. In time, those people will become a powerful catalyst for word-of-mouth marketing for your business.”

2. Work on building trust. Keep in mind that your activity on social media should be engaging Ask questions without necessarily posting the fact that you have the answers. In other words, the more you engage people in conversations, the more you will be able to get them to value your opinion. Your opinion, naturally, is that your business can help to resolve any issues that your friends and followers may have.

“Trust is an important element in obtaining customer loyalty, and one of the best ways to gain this trust is giving people easy online access to information about your company,” writes Kristina Cisnero of Hootsuite.com, “Neglecting your social media presence is one way of losing the opportunity to gain new customers or nurture current relationships.” She goes on to note that your social media profiles serve as the “voice” and “face” of your company in today’s world.

3. Practice patience. At Synergy Marketing, we have been active on Facebook and Twitter for a few years now. Admittedly, our online audience has built slowly. We know, however, that it is up to us to continue to engage our audience with interesting content that is relevant to their daily lives. One thing is for sure, though. Our audience continues to grow. We’ve learned that being patient is a factor in achieving social media marketing success.

Gunelius agrees that it’s important to practice “the law of patience”. “Social media and content marketing success doesn’t happen overnight,” she reminds us, “While it’s possible to catch lightning in a bottle, it’s far more likely that you’ll need to commit to the long haul to achieve results.” Please feel free to “like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. And, of course, you can always call Synergy Marketing to learn more about our promo gift at 1-877-748-9884.

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21 May

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Profiles

Posted in Social Media on 21.05.15 by John Meloche

Social media conceptOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been analyzing various points that have been made about the power of email marketing. Some have argued that taking advantage of your email list can be a lot more beneficial than advertising on social media. The argument is that your email lists are targeted. You’re sending specific messages to specific people instead of publicly posting messages in hopes that they will have an impact.

Let’s make one thing clear, however. While such a point can be considered valid, social media marketing is certainly not going the way of the dinosaur any time soon. After all, even dinosaurs are making a comeback in yet another soon-to-be-released Jurassic Park movie! Of course, no comeback is necessary for the Facebooks and Twitters of the world as they continue to be all the rage. So how can you leverage your social media profiles to get the most out of them?

Here are three ways:

1. Pay attention to the pages of your friends and followers. To know what truly makes your audience tick, it’s important that you spend some time getting to know them. Take a look at their Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what it is they are talking about. Don’t be afraid to “like” or comment on these posts. After all, that’s what the posts are there for. And, your interactions will only create more links to your own profile.

Understanding the needs of your customer base is vital to your success. On Entrepreneur.com, Susan Gunelius champions this perspective. “Success with social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking,” she insists, “Read your target audience’s online content and join discussions to learn what’s important to them. Only then can you create content and spark conversations that add value rather than clutter to their lives.”

2. Be a good “tweeter”. The major difference between Facebook and Twitter is that you can write a lot more on the former. However, that doesn’t make the latter any less valuable. In fact, people enjoy watching the Twitter feeds of others for the quick and interesting anecdotes that many of them post. On Hootsuite.com, Kristina Cisnero writes that many customers start supporting companies after following them on Twitter first.

“With 72% of people more likely to make a future purchase from a small business after they interact with them on Twitter, there’s no reason for companies not to be on Twitter,” she informs, “The key to finding success on social media is to be on the social network your customers are on—and with over 200 million active users, there’s a high chance many of your customers are on Twitter.”

3. Focus on quality. Many people who champion the use of social media tend to post comments, pictures and blurbs on a constant basis. There is the thought, however, that this can become annoying. Too much posting can turn some people off. Regular posting is important to drive traffic to your profiles, but try not to inundate your audience with too much. Concentrate on the quality of your posts over the quantity.

Gunelius agrees. “Quality trumps quantity,” she asserts, “It’s better to have 1,000 online connections who read, share and talk about your content with their own audiences than 10,000 connections who disappear after connecting with you the first time.” She also insists that you practice the “law of focus” and try not to come off as a “jack-of-all-trades”. Showing that you are a specialist in your field can go a long way.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to examine ways that you can make the most out of your social media profiles.

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20 May

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Email Marketing

Posted in Social Media, Synergy Suggestions on 20.05.15 by John Meloche

NewsletterIn our last blog, we began to explore the importance of email marketing and outlined how it can actually be more powerful than social media marketing. At least, this is what Derek Halpern of DIYthemes.com believes. He writes that because your emails can target specific clients, it has the ability to get a lot more traction. Halpern also notes that it’s very important to treat your email subscribers the right way. You don’t want them to unsubscribe.

To accomplish this, he insists that you “be more personable and approachable by email because that will make people WANT your emails instead of simply pressing delete without reading them.” So what is the best way to go about creating an emailing list and keeping those who are on it interested in what you have to offer? It’s all about satisfying the unique needs of everyone that you do business with.

Here are three ways to get the most out of your email marketing:

1. Use captivating subject headings. Obviously, it is in your best interests to capture the attention of your email readers right away. Keep in mind that your subscribers are likely people who are inundated with many emails on a daily basis. It’s important to make yours stand out from all of the rest. That way, you will encourage a lot more people to click on your emails and begin reading instead of deleting them right away.

“Your subject line needs to be information-rich and captivating and pack real a punch,” writes Monica Jade Romeri on SocialMediaToday.com, “Many of your prospects will read your email on the go, so your subject line needs to be concise. Mobile devices display a limited number of characters in the subject line, so make your email titles short and sweet with your value proposition featured prominently.”

2. Treat your subscribers like people, not numbers. People know the difference between blatant marketing and genuine messages. There’s a big difference, for example, between referring to someone by name and simply using a blanketed greeting such as “Hello customer”. It’s important to create a friendly and personable tone at the beginning of your email and work to address the specific needs of the people you are sending your messages to.

“Do not assume that everyone on your email list has the same interests; it will make your content less engaging and relevant to your individual email subscribers,” warns Romeri, “Provide options, and take the time to custom-tailor your email content to the unique interests of your subscribers. Inquire about their likes and burning questions, when they opt in so that you can effectively segment your email lists.”

3. Avoid spamming. People who agree to subscribe to emailing lists are generally interested in the information that the emailer has to provide. That doesn’t mean that they wanted to be bombarded with an overload of information. You don’t want to email your subscribers so often that they tire of hearing from you. So be careful. Space out your newsletters and be sure to not become a nuisance to those who are getting your emails.

“Although it may be tempting, refrain from emailing too often—thus wearing out your goodwill,” advises Romeri, “Scheduling an extra email for a good reason on occasion is acceptable. However, when new emails are added to the mix too rapidly, your boosts in sales could level off, stop or even reverse over time. Keep an eye your email engagement metrics, and take care not to become a pest.”

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19 May

Examining The Importance Of Email Marketing

Posted in News, Social Media on 19.05.15 by John Meloche

laptop emailFor many years, Synergy Marketing has had the pleasure of providing Canadian business owners with the ability to grow their brands by using promotional products as part of their advertising strategies. We’ve learned that promo gifts are not only very well received by their recipients, but that they can be handed out in conjunction with other amazing promotional concepts. Take, for example, the contest.

Promo gifts have often been used as contest prizes that encourage customers to place greater value on the relationships they have with their favourite companies. In many cases, promo gifts are used as ways to say “thank you” to customers. It’s hard to argue that there is ever a bad reason to offer your gratitude to those who have supported you. But promo gifts are also great ways to grow a client base.

This can be done by asking those who visit your place of business to subscribe to your emailing list. A customer writes down his or her name and email address and you provide that person with a gift. It’s a fair exchange that benefits both parties. Naturally, customers should be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the list at any time. But the concept of giving away something for free in exchange for an email is an excellent way to do business.

“If you’re serious about blogging and business, you need an email list,” insists Derek Halpern on DIYthemes.com, “When you have someone’s email, you’re allowed to communicate with them when you want, how you want. And when you communicate well, you’ll see a MUCH higher response than any other mode of communication.” In 2015, there’s nothing new about email marketing. But arguably, it’s never been more important!

Halpern believes, in fact, that email marketing is a lot more powerful than social media marketing. And while the Synergy Marketing Blog has often championed the use of social media to spread the word about your brand, Halpern highlights the ways in which email marketing directly addresses specific members of your client base. He writes that the difference between emails and social media posts is that your advertising is “targeted”.

“Recently I sent out a link to my Twitter following, and that earned around 50 clicks in an hour,” he explains, “I also sent that same link to my Google Plus stream, and that earned around 75 clicks. Not great…but not bad either. However, here’s where things got interesting: When I sent out that same link to my email list (it’s about twice as large as my Twitter and Google Plus following), I received more than 1,200 clicks.”

Although Halpern admits that his email list is “twice as large” as his social media following, the fact that he received 24 times more traction with his emails is very telling. He writes that business owners should focus more heavily on their email lists. You will simply get better results, he asserts. So how do you place heavier emphasis on your emailing list? Have an email sign up form clearly displayed on your company website, he recommends.

“You can still link your social media profiles…at the bottom of your sidebar,” says Halpern, “But at the top? That’s where the email signup form belongs. And you don’t want those pesky social media icons anywhere near it because it might tank your conversion rates.” In our next blog, we’ll take an even deeper look into how managing an emailing list can help to grow your business. But don’t forget that you can always order your promotional products by calling Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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18 May

Celebrating Holidays With Eyebrow-Raising Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 18.05.15 by John Meloche

personal-breath-logo-1024x1269Happy Victoria Day Canada! It’s the official ending of the “May-Two-Four” long weekend. So, we imagine that many of you are out and about enjoying the extra day off of work. In the City of Toronto, we’re enjoying some fantastic weather so far. We only hope that our friends all across the rest of our country are having as good a time as we are! Of course, the Synergy Marketing offices are closed for the day. But we’ll be open for business bright and early tomorrow morning.

Business owners all across Canada are likely still “working” today, however. Even when they are not in their offices, they often can’t help but think about their next business moves. It’s just the way of the Canadian entrepreneur. That is why Synergy Marketing is always working so diligently on providing new and exciting promotional products for our clients to use in order to advertise their companies.

When it comes to promoting your business, there really is no such thing as a day off. In fact, holidays like today make for perfect opportunities for business owners to advertise their brands. Barbeques, picnics and other holiday celebrations allow for business owners to meet and greet new people in ways that most people do not. Consider the impact you’ll have when you leave a conversation that you began with someone new by offering that person a free gift.

Pens and key chains, for example, are some of the most practical and useful gifts that can be given out. Both items are used on a daily basis and they are lightweight and small enough to be easily carried around with you. One thing is for sure, no matter what promo gift you decide to hand out to someone you meet during your holiday activities, they will leave great first impressions. However, some gifts do cause some extra eyebrow-raising!

Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer. If it’s one thing that can be associated with nearly every holiday celebration, it’s the consumption of alcohol. In many cases, this can lead to a good time, but it should go without saying that too much drinking is not recommended. Our Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer is no ordinary key chain. It allows you to determine if you have had too much to drink before you decide to get behind the wheel of a car.

These reusable and easy-to-use personal alcohol testers show either green, yellow or red light indicators to help users determine if their alcohol levels are either acceptable or unacceptable for driving. The breathalyzers are FCC & CC approved, come with two AAA batteries, a gift box and one location laser engraving. At only $19.95 each, we believe that these promo gifts are among the most rewarding buys you can make.

Flying Saucer. You’re not always going to want to go high-end when it comes to gifting everyone you meet. A more affordable and practical gift for the summer barbeque is the Flying Saucer. This fun gift is a round 9” lightweight disc that is bound to bring some fun to the attendees of any outdoor event. A definite summer treat, the Flying Saucer is priced at just $4.49, so it’s a more than cost-effective promo gift.

As you can imagine, Synergy Marketing has many more promo gifts that are ideal for celebrations all summer long. As mentioned, we will be back and open for business tomorrow morning and our sales representatives will be more than willing to help you to learn more about the promo gifts that we have available. There are many more holiday celebrations on the way in the coming months. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-9884 to get your promo gifts for them!

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