31 Jul

6 Ways To Get Your Social Media Campaign Off The Ground

Posted in Social Media on 31.07.15 by John Meloche

Social media button conceptAre you on social media? While it’s never too late to start, you’re certainly behind the times if you haven’t yet established a Facebook or Twitter account. Don’t worry though. Today’s blog will certainly steer you in the right direction as it relates to growing your social media following. All week long, we have devoted our blogs to the concept of using social media to grow your business. And why not? It’s worked for us!

Growing your business has a lot more to do than gaining likes and followers on your social media accounts, of course. The point of starting up your profiles is to bring greater attention to your business without blatantly advertising it. Social media platforms are all about starting up conversations and getting people interested in what you have to say. As mentioned, if you need a little help getting started, this blog is the right place!

Here are six ways to get your social media campaign off the ground:

1. Don’t go account crazy. As we’ve pointed out in many of our blogs, Synergy Marketing is active on Facebook and Twitter. For now, that’s it. To be successful in the social media world, you don’t necessarily have to be on every single platform out there. According to Jayson Demers on Inc.com, “being active and engaged on a few social networks will net you more followers over the long haul than sporadically posting on many networks.”

2. Don’t go post crazy. It’s important to post regularly. But “regularly” doesn’t mean every five minutes. Who has time for that anyway? Inundating your followers with posts may get annoying. And over-posting will diminish the strength of each post, as you’ll be disallowing them from getting proper traction. “Test out different posting frequencies and see which ones result in the most engagement and shares,” suggests Demers.

3. Make your posts relevant. Posts can be funny. Posts can be thought-provoking. Posts can be whatever you want them to be! But never forget who your target audience is made up of. Refrain from meaningless posts that don’t add to the overall image of your brand. “Social media growth is more likely to happen when you’re focusing on sharing amazing, quality content that you know your audience loves,” believes Demers.

4. Posts links to your accounts everywhere. In yesterday’s blog, we mentioned that we have Facebook and Twitter icons on the right hand side of our website linking visitors to their respective accounts. It’s important, however, to include links in as many places as possible. Demers recommends that you include links to your accounts in your newsletters, your email signatures and your blog posts.

5. Discuss social media conversations on your blog. Here’s a tip that we’re literally taking right now. Sort of. As you know, this week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been dedicated to the topic of social media. It helps! “Entice your blog readers to follow you on social media by crossing the blog/social network divide,” recommends Demers, “Blog about heated or interesting conversations taking place on your social media accounts.”

6. Promote your social accounts in-store. Not to be lost in all of this is the fact that you’ll still be meeting new people the old tried-and-true, face-to-face way. Remember that one of the best ways to keep in touch with your loyal customers is to follow them on social media and have them do the same to you. “Offer your in-store guests an incentive to like or follow you on social media,” Demers suggests.

Good luck!

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30 Jul

6 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Following

Posted in Social Media on 30.07.15 by John Meloche

Twitter bird chattingThis week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been dedicated to discussing the use of social media in order to grow your small business. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, it has certainly helped for our company to grow its online interest in recent weeks. Our Twitter followers are growing slowly, but surely. And we’re happy to know that with each blog we post, we are generating more interest in our brand.

Naturally, you can do the same for your company. Yesterday, we mentioned that including hashtags in our Facebook and Twitter posts have helped for us to gain more attention. There are, of course, a number of other tactics that you can use. And while we’ve been enjoying greater social media success as of late, we don’t claim to be social media experts. So we figured we’d get some help from Jayson Demers of Inc.com.

Here are six ways to grow your social media following:

1. Share original content. What makes you unique? What makes you stand out from your competitors? The answers to these questions should be found in your social media posts. Offering interesting, one-of-a-kind points of view will help to garner greater interest in your accounts. “Sharing other people’s content should be a valuable part of your strategy, but make sure to share your knowledge and insights as well,” says Demers.

2. Place social media links on your website. On the right hand side of the Synergy Marketing website, you will find icons for our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Every visitor to your website should be given easy access to your profiles too. “Link to your social media accounts on your Contact and About Us pages,” insists Demers, “These visitors are already reaching out to you; give them another way to connect with you.”

3. Get in on conversations. Don’t just post your own content, but comment upon the posts of others. You’ll also want to be sure to be interactive with those who take the time to comment on your posts. That way, you’ll be engaging in conversations with people that you can turn into new fans of your brand. “Posting engaging content is just one piece of the puzzle,” writes Demers, “Respond to questions, comments, and complaints in a timely manner.”

4. Hold contests. Is there anyone who doesn’t like getting something for free? It’s pretty much the Synergy Marketing philosophy! Why else would we offer Canadian business owners the best promo products in the business? Demers suggests that you hold contests via your social media accounts to build more buzz: “Hold contests and make liking your Page or following your Twitter account a requirement for entry.”

5. Follow others. Don’t be so bold as to think that you’re deserving of followers that you don’t have to follow back. Return the gesture. At Synergy Marketing, we make it a point to follow back each and every one of our followers. Perhaps, this is what has helped us gain so many new ones in recent weeks. “Don’t just count on others to find you,” advises Demers, “go out and actively find others in your niche whom you can follow and engage with.”

6. Tell stories. Demers also warns against being “overtly promotional”. Again, it’s important to remember the social aspect of social media. Instead of blatantly advertising your company, “use stories to connect with and engage your fans,” he encourages, “Stories are far more likely to be shared than promotional content.” Your story could always be about something your company did to brighten someone’s day. See, it still works out as promotion!

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we round out this week’s series of social media related blogs. And don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-9884 to order promo gifts to advertise your company!

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29 Jul

Remarking On Our Recent Social Media Success

Posted in Social Media on 29.07.15 by John Meloche

Young businessman drawing social media communication concept. Isolated on white.As of this writing, the Synergy Marketing Facebook account boasts 116 likes while the Synergy Marketing Twitter account is edging it out at 119 followers. This is a new and interesting occurrence in our company’s social media world. For quite some time, our Facebook account seemed to be more popular than our Twitter account. It seemed like we were never going to crack 100 followers!

In the past couple of weeks, however, our Twitter account has stormed back with a vengeance. Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that numbers in the low 100s don’t exactly make for brag-worthy statistics. However, our rise in popularity via our social media accounts in recent weeks speaks to a very important point about doing business in this day and age. It’s important to stay active online in order to gain more notice.

We’ve certainly blogged about this before. In fact, over the past two couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been taking a look at the ways in which social media can help your business promote its next summer event. The truth is that social media have the ability to promote just about anything you like. It’s all how you decide to use your profiles. As we’ve mentioned in blogs past, it’s important to actually be social on social media.

They’re not called social media for nothing! Engaging and participating in conversations online is what truly helps for accounts to take off. If you’re under the impression that you should only be using your Facebook and Twitter accounts to blatantly advertise your products and services, you’ve got it all wrong. At least, that has been the experience of many a business owner. Instead, it’s important to post content that is both thought-provoking and conversation-worthy.

Now, we’re not trying to claim ourselves as social media experts or anything. But our recent growth in social media success has proven that we’ve learned a thing or two. In fact, it was just earlier this month that we celebrated our 100th Twitter follower. That took quite some time. So evidently, we’re picking up the pace. Many of our blogs have listed ways to grow social media followers. But, in today’s blog, we’ll reveal one major thing we’ve done to grow our following.

Hashtags. Every time we post a blog to our website, we post a link to it on Facebook and Twitter. We also include a question along with the link in order to provoke some thought. The blog is meant to answer that question. The intent is to get our audience curious about what we’re asking in the hopes that they click the link. And while this has seemingly helped, it wasn’t until we started incorporating hashtags in our posts that we noticed a significant spike in followers.

By adding hashtags, our posts get picked up in a number of conversations about similar topics. Admittedly, we weren’t even sure how hashtags worked this time last year. But we’re thankful that our understanding has helped us to pick up some steam in the social media world. Here’s how we posted yesterday’s blog on both of our accounts: “What other ways can #socialmedia help you to plug your next #summer #event? Check out our latest #blog to find out!”

By posting this way, we injected our blog alongside other posts that involve social media, summer, events and blogs. And, as a matter of fact, we welcomed two new followers shortly after posting it! Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to unveil tips on how you can grow your company’s social media following. And be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter while you’re at it!

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28 Jul

4 More Ways To Plug Your Summer Event Via Social Media

Posted in Social Media on 28.07.15 by John Meloche

Sexy woman works near the seaUsing social media to promote a business is nothing new. Not by today’s standards, anyways. Jumping online and starting up social media profiles should be on the to-do lists of all business owners – if they haven’t done so already. In yesterday’s blog, we discussed the fact that social media can help to do a lot more than simply connect you with new potential customers. They can help promote your company’s summer events in an effort to grow your business!

Here are four more ways to plug your summer event via social media:

1. Create a unique hashtag. The “#” symbol has significantly increased in popularity over the past few years. No longer simply referred to as a “number” or “pound” sign, the “hashtag” creates conversation links that will put your social media posts in the mix with many other similarly hashtagged posts. On SocialMediaExaminer.com, Kimberly Reynolds writes that you should create a hashtag and use it across all of your social media channels.

“This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many events skip this vital step,” she says, “Create, use and market your event-specific hashtag. You should be using this hashtag well in advance of your event dates and it should be included on EVERYTHING. Every digital image you create, every piece of collateral, your email signature…Anywhere you can think of—share it!”

2. Include your event information in your bios. All social media outlets allow you to create a short bio that will tell friends and followers all about you. This bio can be updated at your leisure. So, it’s a pretty safe bet that including information about your upcoming summer party in your bio would be a good idea. Reynolds writes that, once you’ve created your unique hashtag, it should be included in your bios as well.

“Now that you’ve created your hashtag, don’t forget to add it to the Bio (About) section of each of your social accounts,” she advises, “An event hashtag in the Bio section is an often-underused tactic, but it has the potential for big gains. Once you have a link to your event, update your Bio section, and then people have a very simple way to find out more. They just need to click the link!”

3. Share behind-the-scenes content. As you can imagine, a lot goes in to planning an event. Reynolds highlights the fact that people love to see behind-the-scenes footage and will likely be interested in taking a look at how your entire event unfolded. “A LOT of work goes into pulling off a fantastic event,” she notes, “Give a glimpse into this exciting and sometimes chaotic experience by sharing images and videos of the preparations going on.”

She goes to advise you to “share stories of how you’re pulling everything together and don’t forget, mistakes and challenges happen. Be authentic and share the challenges you face and what steps you took to resolve them. It humanizes your brand and makes you more relatable. Posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos is also a great way to generate buzz and boost engagement.”

4. Welcome new followers with an invitation video. Reynolds writes that Instagram has particularly made this step an easy one. “You have 15 seconds to say thank you to your new followers and invite them to your event,” she instructs, “This is especially effective if the person making the video will also be at the event to greet attendees. Who doesn’t like to see a familiar face when in unfamiliar surroundings?”

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27 Jul

4 Ways Social Media Can Help Promote Your Summer Event

Posted in Social Media on 27.07.15 by John Meloche

Pretty woman sitting by tree with laptop computerJuly might almost be over. But the summer sure isn’t over yet. There’s plenty of time to throw an event in celebration of the wonderfully warm and sunny weather! Why would you do that, you ask? Well, to grow your business, of course! The summertime provides the perfect opportunities to welcome new customers through your doors. Events take planning, however. And they also require some promotion.

Here are four ways social media can help to promote your summer event:

1. Release a highlight reel from previous events. Have you hosted an event before? If so, it’s your first step into making the next one that you throw even better. On SocialMediaExaminer.com, Kimberly Reynolds highlights the fact that videos make up some of the most popular content found on the internet. By utilizing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, you can really help boost your brand awareness this summer.

“Video provides a unique opportunity to convey the energy and excitement of a live event,” writes Reynolds, “Great visuals and catchy audio are a potent combination that drives registration. It also creates engagement opportunities as the video is shared with friends.” She goes on to point out that it’s important to keep your target audience in mind when both creating your highlight reel and planning your party.

2. Post photos of past parties. In addition to videos, still photos are still incredibly popular in the social media world. Don’t be afraid to post a bunch of pictures from your last event to show the world what a great time everyone had. Reynolds encourages you to post pictures that include some of your favourite attendees. By utilizing sites such as Facebook, you can both credit and tag these individuals as well.

She goes on to advise that you plan on snapping shots at your next party. “Take a flattering, fun picture of some of your attendees and create a status update,” she suggests, “Identify the people in the picture and be sure to tag them if you can. This gives people an opportunity to comment and talk about how much they learned or what a great time they had and how much they’re looking forward to attending again.”

3. Request testimonials from your past party-goers. It is very often said that there is no better type of promotion than word-of-mouth promotion. So be sure to get on the horn to your previous party guests and make them the first invitees to your next event. While you’re at it, kindly ask if they’ll provide testimonials based on their last experiences with your company events. Reynolds champions this piece of advice as well. Use Facebook and Twitter to post the testimonials.

“Do you have great comments in the exit surveys from previous events?” she asks, “Maybe you’ve interviewed attendees or speakers and captured statements of excitement about specific sessions, speakers or your event in general. Don’t let those nuggets go to waste! Create a template with branded images and a consistent color palette to help unify your marketing efforts and make it easy to share testimonial quotes.”

4. Create a Facebook event page. Another amazing aspect of Facebook is its feature that specifically allows you to promote upcoming events. “Most people log into Facebook at least once a day,” informs Reynolds, “Make it easy for them to keep up with event news by creating an event page listing. Your event page is also a great place to encourage networking before the event. The convenience of an event page also encourages sharing by attendees.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to explore ways that social media can help you promote your company’s upcoming summer party!

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24 Jul

3 Steps To Ensure Your Marketing Strategies Are Effective

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 24.07.15 by John Meloche

many green targets and three arrows reaching the center of objective, image fading from green to white with blur effect, square format. Strategic marketing or business competitive advantage concept.On the Synergy Marketing Blog, we often provide readers with a ton of useful information in the way of small business advertising. After all, it’s what we do! By offering Canadian business owners the best promo products in the business, we offer ways for their brands to grow on the cheap. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, the use of promotional gifts as part of an advertising strategy can be considered an “old school” method.

Business owners have been using promo gifts for so long that it has earned what we believe to be this long-standing excellent reputation. However, it’s important that all business owners approach each and every one of their marketing campaigns carefully. As Greg Head writes on SmallBizTrends.com, “all successful businesses have a clear marketing strategy that makes everything they do more effective.”

Here are three steps to ensure your marketing strategies are effective:

1. It all starts with defining your target customer. No matter what type of marketing strategy you employ, there must be some specific direction. You’re not just advertising to anybody. You’re targeting a specific audience that can most benefit from what you have to offer. According to Head, being this focused will be the difference between you growing your business profitably and not gaining any momentum for it at all.

“The first decision in any marketing strategy is to define your target customer,” he insists, “’Who do you serve?’ always needs to be answered clearly before you can execute any tactic effectively. This means you have to say ‘no’ to other potential customers who might buy from you but who are clearly bad fits for your narrow focus. This takes time to develop the discipline, but you can’t do effective marketing without it.”

2. It continues with offering a unique benefit. Something that you’ll often see us asking in our blogs is “what makes your business different?” Standing out from your competition is a key ingredient in securing business success. As Head reiterates, your company should be able to offer its clientele a unique benefit. He suggests that you keep your product descriptions simple, with a focus on the benefits that only they can give.

“Your unique benefit should highlight the one (or two) main things your product or service actually delivers (benefits) that your target customer really wants, not a long list of all the things your product does (features),” he advises, noting that his own software company, Infusionsoft practices this tip. “We don’t describe everything our software does or the hundreds of benefits, we keep our focus on those three key benefits in everything we do,” he reveals.

3. It also involves knowing your competition. How can you beat your competitors if you don’t know who they are? It’s important to be up on what your competition is doing. Study what they are offering and how they are advertising it. Find ways to showcase to your target audience that what you have to offer is superior and come up with a superior way to communicate that. This greatly influences the buying public.

“When someone is looking to buy a solution to a problem, they will quickly make sense of the alternatives to compare against – your competition,” states Head, “However, most entrepreneurs haven’t specifically defined who their real competition is and don’t focus their messages to create clear differentiation for their buyers. This frustrates the buying decision process and makes your marketing efforts weaker.”

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23 Jul

3 “Old School” Methods Of Securing Cheap Advertising

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 23.07.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_23205340_s-2015Each day, small business owners from all over Canada wake up thinking about what they can do to better their businesses. We know this because we speak to them on a daily basis! As a result, we also know that one of the biggest fears a small business owner has is being able to afford his or her next marketing campaign. However, at Synergy Marketing, we know that not all marketing campaigns have to be expensive.

In fact, it can be argued that the best marketing campaigns don’t take that much money at all. It’s all about being creative and standing out from the competition. Therefore, the more unique you are in your advertising plans, the better your chances will be of attracting a larger audience to your brand. But again – how can you pull this off on the cheap? According to Greg Fisher on Bplans.com, it’s all about going old school.

Here are three “old school” methods of securing cheap advertising:

1. Get some media coverage. There’s nothing like being in the news to get people talking about you. One way to do that is to submit articles to a local newspaper or magazine that covers topics related to your industry. Fisher refers to this as “priceless exposure” that could help to bring your brand a lot of new customers. In order to secure yourself some media coverage, you will have to put in a bit of effort to get to know the right people.

“Try building a relationship with a journalist or editor,” suggests Fisher, “Networking is a forgotten art and it works best if you can do it in person – try visiting some tradeshows or seeing if any of your existing contacts can put you in touch with someone who will listen. You also need to think of ways to create a story around your business that will be newsworthy for the publication/outlet you’re targeting.”

2. Attend tradeshows. Even if you can’t get yourself a booth at each and every tradeshow that is related to your industry, you’ll want to make sure that you show up to as many as you can. Firstly, this will mark one great way to get yourself some media attention as there is bound to be members of the media covering each event. Secondly, it’s a great way to network in person – something that Fisher believes is a lost art.

The more people you meet in person, the better your chances are of making good impressions on your industry contemporaries. “The power of tradeshows should never be underestimated,” he writes, “As mentioned above, many people don’t know how to network in person anymore, which puts them at a huge disadvantage. If you can network, you’ve got a leg up. The best way to get coverage by the media is to attend tradeshows.”

3. Hand out those promo gifts! Fisher completely sides with Synergy Marketing in our championing of promotional products as tried-and-true ways to advertise your small business. “Want to get a little extra bang for your buck at the tradeshow? Giving away promotional gifts is a great way to do so,” he insists, going on to note that promo gifts help for people to become “die-hard fans”.

“Giving fans a sense of belonging is one of the major benefits of promotional gifts, but they will also help to win over more allies and friends among your customers and within the industry,” says Fisher, “Furthermore, if someone wears your promotional cap to a football game and happens to get caught on camera then that’s free advertising to thousands or even millions of people at once. (Beat that, internet!)”

To order the best promo products in the business, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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22 Jul

You Can’t Go Wrong With Golf-Related Promo Gifts!

Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business Advertising on 22.07.15 by John Meloche

img-golf-tee-set-logo-v1-1024x1269Just in case you weren’t already clearly aware, golf is a pretty popular sport. While it may not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly makes its way into the sport highlights every night. The 144th British Open has just been completed and the Canadian Open is soon to get underway. Names like Tiger Woods and Mike Weir have popularized the sport. And many more are set to make big names for themselves in the near future.

How about making a name for your business by celebrating the popularity of golf? After all, golf is widely-known as a sport that is played recreationally by business people from all walks of life. Many business meetings have been held on golf courses. And there are golf courses popping up everywhere to give such business people the opportunity. By handing out golf-related promotional gifts to your business partners, colleagues and customers, you’re making a smart move.

Promo gifts have long been known to promote businesses well into the future – giving them advertising capabilities that television commercial producers can only dream of. At Synergy Marketing, we not only have a wide range of promo gifts to choose from, but we have a special catalogue of golf-related products to offer our clients.

Are you looking for the perfect promo gift for the golf lover in your customer base? Check these out!

Allegro™ Golf Ball Wine Stopper. This amazing wine stopper makes for an excellent gift whether the recipient likes golf or not. But for golf lovers, they’ll certainly enjoy the crystal golf ball that tops the stopper. It comes with a metal base with silicone o-rings to seal in the freshness of the wine. This awesome gift also comes in a two-piece black gift box. For only $29.95 each, the Allegro™ Golf Ball Wine Stopper makes for a very classy promo gift.

Golf Tee Set. Now, you don’t necessarily have to go high end to wow your gift recipients. Our golf tee set is only $3.00 a piece and would make for the perfect gift for any golf lover that you know. Twelve tees come neatly packaged in a key chain holder that offers space for your business name and logo. This lightweight, easy-to-carry-around gift is very practical and useful considering that it doubles as a key chain. It’s definitely hard to go wrong with this one!

Golf Towel. For your golf-playing colleagues and customers, our golf towels would make perfect accompaniments to our golf tees. These micro fibre golf towels come in blue, green and grey and also have space to print your business name and logo. At just $18.95 each, these golf towels are among our newest additions to our golf-related promo gift catalogue – and they are already among the most popular!

Protour™ Executive Golf Clip. Back in the high end section of our catalogue, the Protour™ Executive Golf Clip is arguably our most intriguing gift we have available. It functions as a multi-tool that includes a golf spike wrench, a divot tool, a ball marker and a cigar cutter. It also comes in a waterproof case with a clear lid and interior form-fit mold for protection and easy identification. They are priced at just $29.95 a piece.

For the golf lovers in your customer base, you can’t go wrong with any of the golf-related promo gifts that we have to offer. You may even find that taking up golf may be a good idea for your business. Handing out these gifts on the golf course is bound to make you a few new friends. And these friends may just turn into new business partners or customers. Contact Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 to place your order today!

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21 Jul

3 More Awesome Ideas For Boosting Employee Morale

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.07.15 by John Meloche

Excited successful business team of diverse multiethnic young people sitting at a table in the office cheering exuberantly as they celebrate a successful outcome on the laptop computerWe often talk about how important it is to impress your customers. And, of course, it’s true. Each day, you need to put in strong efforts to satisfy those who have chosen to support your business. After all, what would your business be without them? However, it has to be mentioned that your employees are equally important to your company’s success. What would your business be without them too?

Most often, it is your staff members who are directly interacting with the members of your client base. They are on the front lines when it comes to representing your company. So, it should probably go without saying that your employees also need to be satisfied on a regular basis. The more you work towards improving employee morale, the harder your team is bound to work. In yesterday’s blog, we pointed out some great ideas for how you can do just that.

Here are three more awesome ideas:

1. Celebrate personal milestones. On Inc.com, Jayson Demers reminds us that everyone has lives outside of the office. And, in many ways, those lives enter the office by way of pictures of family members or stories of vacations. Obviously, co-workers get to know each other pretty well. And, as Demers points out, it’s important to appreciate the fact that people can be celebrated at work for a lot more than just the work they do.

“Keep tabs on your employees and celebrate their personal milestones,” he insists, “Doing so not only makes them feel like they’re a part of your corporate family, it also involves your other employees as part of a bigger collective. Celebrate birthdays by gathering people for a celebratory break, send flowers when one of your workers has a child, and send a gift when one of your workers gets married. Little things make a big difference.”

2. Offer random acts of kindness. On TheMuse.com, Ashley Fidel advises business owners to take things a step further by getting to know your employees better. In fact, she advises that you ask them to fill out questionnaires that encourage them to list their “favourites”. Everything from their favourite candies, flowers, magazines and sports teams can be information that your questionnaires seek to obtain.

Getting this information will play a huge role in just how thoughtful a boss you prove to be! “When someone’s been working late all week, surprise him with his favourite candy on Friday,” recommends Fidel, “Or, on someone’s birthday, get her a bouquet of her favourite flowers. Everyone appreciates random acts of kindness, but these gestures are more meaningful if you’ve put time into investigating and remembering gifts that they’ll actually enjoy.”

3. Showcase a positive attitude. “The best way to encourage positive attitudes throughout the company is to carry a positive attitude yourself,” insists Demers, “Positive mentalities, just like negative mentalities, are contagious and compounding.” So do the best you can to offer positive and motivational comments on a regular basis. It’s important to lead by example. The more sincere you are, the better, of course!

Fidel agrees, admitting that “it’s impossible to be cheery 100% of the time, but stress and negativity are incredibly infectious.” She continues by stressing the importance of leading by example by noting that “if your team is headed into a busy season or tough project, it’s important to come to work with a good attitude every day and to be diligent about minimizing your complaints in front of team members.”

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20 Jul

3 Great Employee Morale-Boosting Ideas

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.07.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_12131179_s-2015Last week, we threw some ideas your way to help boost both employee morale and productivity at your company. In-office competitions – done the right way – can go long way in helping to lift the spirits of your workers. It’s really important to have a motivated staff. It’s long been known by business owners everywhere that a happy staff is a productive one. So other than injecting some friendly competitiveness in your office, what can you do to boost employee morale?

Here are three great ideas:

1. Flip things around. Monotony can be a killer. One of the easiest ways to drain your employees of any enthusiasm is to force them into the exact same routines day in and day out. Flipping things around a little bit will go a long way in making work interesting for your staff members. Even the slightest alterations to things like work schedules, office music and lunch breaks can serve to improve the mood in your workplace.

“When an employee comes in at the same time, to the same place, and does the same things in the same order every day, you can’t blame them for feeling bored or discouraged,” writes Jayson Demers of Inc.com, “Changing up the routine can have a dramatic effect on morale, even if the changes are temporary or subtle. Make alterations to the scenery around the office, or rotate your lunch break schedules, or take impromptu company breaks.”

2. Don’t ignore employee frustrations. Every company has employees that are unhappy about something. And we’re sorry to say, that includes yours! Not to worry. There’s a way to better things around your offices. Listen to the feedback of your team members and use it to improve your company’s policies. It could be as simple as having more toilet paper available in the restrooms! Ignoring employee frustrations will definitely hurt your team’s morale.

“Even with well-deserved compliments and concrete goals to work toward, it’s completely normal for your team members to experience moments of low team morale,” says Ashley Fidel on TheMuse.com, “Proactively find out from your team members why they’re feeling down and what you could do to better manage them. These conversations can be awkward at first, but they’re also a great way to get honest and helpful feedback.”

3. Acknowledge special achievements. You may be surprised to know just how far a “thank you” and a pat on the back can go. Employees love to be acknowledged for their hard work. And they deserve it! Alternatively, not acknowledging jobs well done can work to demotivate members of your team. Consider different ways that you can publicly show appreciation to the members of your staff who have made special achievements.

This tip is highly encouraged by Demers. “When one of your teams accomplishes their goals, congratulate them and thank them for their contributions,” he advises, “When an individual performs exceptionally well, congratulate him or her personally and publicly. Your goal should be to create an environment where people realize their work is appreciated.” And do you know the best way to show your appreciation?

Give your deserving employees gifts! At least, this is what we feel, here at Synergy Marketing. For many years, we have been proving that when employees receive promotional gifts from their bosses, it greatly helps to strengthen team spirit and overall morale in the office. We proudly offer a wide array of amazing promotional gifts for you to choose from. Simply give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to order yours today!

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