17 Jul

4 Ways To Do In-Office Competitions Right

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.07.15 by John Meloche

Group of people ready to race in an officeAt Synergy Marketing, we like having fun in the workplace. We’re not talking about the type of fun that takes our attention away from our important daily tasks. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The fun that we like to have includes friendly competition amongst our sales reps. Our employees are rewarded for their results, and because of that, they are each highly motivated to produce each and every day.

Friendly competition in the workplace helps to inspire teamwork as well. As we have covered over the course of our last two blogs, in-office competition can do a lot to increase your company’s productivity. There’s certainly a right way and a wrong way to go about it though. It’s important that the “games” being played are the types that promote positive atmospheres, not those of hostility and resentment.

1. Be clear about the rules of the competition. It’s important that each and every member of your staff feels confident about how they may be able to win a prize. “Make sure the rules of the competition are extremely clear and firm,” insists GainesvilleBizReport.com, “Study the rules carefully to ensure that there are no loopholes or ways to game the system. Nothing is as de-motivating as having to give a huge prize to someone who cheated the system to win it.”

2. Create team identities. One of the key objectives of creating team competitions, as we’ve been pointing out, is to inspire people to work together. A boost in employee morale is one of the greatest benefits of setting up your own in-office games. However, people do like to have added reasons to put forth their best efforts. Creating team identities that instil senses of pride in competitors helps for the competition to be all that more competitive.

“Research suggests that team composition works best if teams are divided by gender or have an equal gender split,” writes Marilee B. Sprenger on Dummies.com, “A feeling of being a minority in any team is a problem. For instance, a team of four men and two women often results in the women contributing less. Mixed teams generate better ideas than single-sex teams. All-male teams are more likely to become overly competitive.”

3. Recognize people publicly. A physical prize is great. But many employees truly appreciate the gesture that comes with public acknowledgement. Don’t forget to provide praise to your competition winners in front of the rest of your team. It will go a long way in motivating all of your employees to reach similar heights. Sara Angeles of Business News Daily explains how this works for her.

“When my sales reps have an exceptional week I find that publicly recognizing their accomplishments in front of their peers is that extra little morale boost to keep pushing,” she reveals, “We make sure the entire office is aware of the accomplishments of our reps by holding an ‘honouring ceremony.’ The highest achiever receives a custom-made crown with his or her name on it.”

4. Create an in-office podium. We don’t mean that you necessarily have to create an actual podium for your employees to stand on when they win competitions. Instead, we encourage you to give out prizes to more than just your first place winner. “Consider awarding multiple prizes,” recommends GainesvilleBizReport.com, “It is good to have a second and third prize too, so that if one member of the team gets far ahead of everyone else, people will at least continue to compete for the other prizes.”

Synergy Marketing’s promo gifts work as great prizes! Call us at 1-877-748-9884 to order yours today!

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16 Jul

Inspiring Teamwork To Grow Your Company’s Success

Posted in Small Business Advertising on 16.07.15 by John Meloche

Image of business partners making pile of hands at meetingCompetition in the workplace can be a very healthy thing. At the same time, it can be detrimental to your business. The last thing you want is to alienate any of your employees by making them feel inadequate. In yesterday’s blog, we pointed out that creating teams as opposed to setting up individual challenges is probably best. At least, this is what Marilee B. Sprenger of Dummies.com firmly believes.

“Direct competition, or competition between two individuals, can be destructive — if there can be only one winner, then there is always a loser,” she writes, “Too much competition within the workplace can lead to lower productivity, hard feelings, and a loss of focus. Anger and even hostility can arise to a point where people or teams won’t accept others’ ideas. As a leader, you need to carefully oversee competitive situations.”

So how can you create friendly competition in the workplace that serves to inspire and not demotivate? It’s all about inspiring teamwork. As mentioned, pitting people against each other works best when they have team members to encourage them along the way. That way, there are people who may share in the joy of victory. Hopefully, implementing such forms of competition will inspire all of those who take part.

“Structure the competition so people are rewarded for helping each other, or at least don’t profit from making other people fail,” insists GainesvilleBizReport.com, “For example, if a real estate firm holds a competition between agents, it might cause the agents to poach each other’s clients to secure the most sales for themselves. But, if the competition is structured to achieve a team-wide sales goal it will encourage agents to help each other sell.”

Another good way to inspire teamwork in your office is to create a competition against your actual competitors. After all, those are the people who you really want to be better than. Take a look at what your competition is doing and offer rewards to the members of your staff who are able to produce better results. GainesvilleBizReport.com explains how judging your team against your industry competitors can help to bring about improved results.

“Competitions against a market competitor or an important deadline can also be very successful,” reads the website, “Trying to win away a big client from a direct competitor, or beating them to the marketplace with a new product, has long been the kind of competition that can foster massive motivation throughout an entire organization. Two great examples would be competition between Coke and Pepsi or between Microsoft and Apple.”

Sara Angeles of Business News Daily suggests that you set up your own fantasy sports league in your office to create the type of friendly competition that encourages good teamwork. “Players earn points for everything they do,” she explains, “For example, a rep might earn points for increasing pipeline or for every deal they close. Results are shared at online leaderboards and dashboards, visible to everyone in the company.”

As we mentioned yesterday, the end result of any competition should be a prize. Now, while creating competitions within your office can both inspire teamwork and boost productivity, it’s important that your employees be rewarded for their efforts. At Synergy Marketing, we offer a wide array of promotional gifts that can work perfectly as rewards for your team. For more information, or to place your order, simply give us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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15 Jul

3 Ideas For Your Own In-Office Pan Am Games

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 15.07.15 by John Meloche

Businessman jumping over an Olympic high-jump barWith the Pan Am Games now in full swing, here in the Greater Toronto Area, there is a sense of excitement and wonderment in the air. Admittedly, the Pan Am Games aren’t as big as the Olympics, but there are still many reasons to be inspired by the fantastic athletes who are competing in the events taking place. As a business owner, you may want to consider ways to use the Pan Am Games to inspire your staff.

Have you considered having a version of the Pan Am Games in your workplace? No, we’re not suggesting that you set up a pole vault area in the lunchroom. Instead, it may be a good idea to create a little bit of friendly competition amongst your employees. Offering your workers incentives for besting their co-workers can do a lot to increase productivity. Maybe you should create some teams and get some competition going!

Here are three ideas for your own in-office Pan Am Games:

1. Set up a ping-pong challenge. Have you ever entered an office and seen a ping-pong table only to wonder why it’s there? Believe it or not, giving your employees extracurricular games to play can do a lot to ease tensions, relax minds and provide a boost of well-needed energy in your office. Sara Angeles of Business News Daily writes that they come highly recommended by Kevin Baumgart, who is the vice president of sales at Hireology.

“You might not think that a Ping-Pong table for the office would push people and drive behaviours,” he is quoted as saying, “Try it. I promise people will (work hard) to hit metrics. From my experience, chair massagers, beanbag chairs, stand up desk converters, cube art, etc. can all be motivational rewards as well.” Apparently, a ping-pong table can help boost employee morale, but what can be done to boost productivity?

2. Be mindful of who should and shouldn’t be involved in competitions. “Carefully choose the part of your company that will be involved in the competition,” reads GainesvilleBizReport.com, “Competitions won’t work in every part of a business but some of the more obvious areas where they can work beautifully are sales, quality, speed, efficiency, customer satisfaction, innovation, cost savings, new sources of revenue and employee health.”

3. Provide team rewards. As mentioned earlier, it’s advisable to set up teams to inspire your employees to work together. An environment where teamwork is important is one that is most often productive and fruitful. On Dummies.com, Marilee B. Sprenger explains how “cooperative competition” is a lot more beneficial than “direct competition” as it alleviates a lot of pressure that may come with trying to best co-workers.

She notes how working in teams helps for each individual to excel. “The collaborative groups support each person’s quest to excel,” she explains, “Post a team chart that shows each individual’s current production rate. Together the team brainstorms ideas that work for each individual. Individual workers implement strategies; results are tracked on the chart. The whole team celebrates a person’s increases.”

At Synergy Marketing, we offer some of the best in-office rewards that money can buy. Our excellent promotional products aren’t just for customers alone. Many of them have made for great incentives in the workplace. Consider putting your company name and logo on the prizes you give out to the winners of your in-office Pan Am Games. For more information, or to place your order, simply give us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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14 Jul

4 Steps To Growing Your Company’s Online Reach

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 14.07.15 by John Meloche

Business man hand reaching out from screen to shake with white  backgroundIn yesterday’s blog, we discussed the importance of blogging and just how much it can help to grow your company’s online presence. As we mentioned, it has certainly worked for us. Not only do we post a new blog to our website each business day of the week, but we also add links to those blog posts to our Facebook and Twitter profiles. This has helped us to grow our likes and followers respectively. But what else can help you to grow your company’s reach online?

Here are four steps to growing your company’s online reach:

1. Keep active on your social media accounts. Hopefully, this tip isn’t completely necessary. Having social media profiles allows you to interact with members of your customer base so that they can gain a greater understanding about what you have to offer. The key, as always, is to be social as opposed to being a blatant advertiser. On Chron.com, Gemma Craig describes the importance of being active on social media.

“Social media networks allow individuals to follow your company or event and make it easy for you to keep your followers updated,” she writes, “You can integrate your social media accounts into your website or blog via widgets and links, increasing its exposure, and can use social media to post specials just for your followers, encouraging new visitors to join your pages.” As mentioned, this has significantly helped us to grow our reach online.

2. Write blogs for other websites. Blogging for your own website is a great idea. As we pointed out yesterday, it helps for search engines to better pick up your website. Thus, you increase website traffic. However, it’s also a good idea to spread your expertise by becoming a guest author on other websites. Even if you’re not writing blogs yourself, get your blog writers to contribute blogs to sites that will add links to your own.

If it’s one thing that all blogs want, it is more content, insists Neil Patel on QuickSprout.com. “If you write guest blog posts on other blogs, not only will you get traffic and more branding, but you’ll also get links, which will help your SEO efforts,” he writes, “If you are looking to find places to guest blog, you can check out My Blog Guest, or you can approach popular blogs in your field one by one.”

3. Partner up with other businesses. This is certainly a tip that we’ve doled out before. But, in this case, we mean to say that you should try to swap advertising space on your website for space on other company websites. That way, you’ll be able to generate a lot more traffic from people who may otherwise never have heard of your business. Create a “links” page on your website to offer this service to would-be partners.

“Some advertisement companies offer special promotions that allow you to advertise your company or event online for a certain duration free of charge, at which point you can pay to continue advertising if it has proved useful to your campaign,” reveals Craig, “Alternatively, you can find websites that have a readership relevant to your company or event and pay for advertisement space.”

4. Be a trusted source of information. Part of engaging an audience online is being able to provide information that is relevant to your business. “From forums to question and answer sites, people need help,” informs Patel, “If you can answer questions related to the products and services your company provides, you can get new customers. You can find these potential customers on forums and on question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers.”

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13 Jul

The Importance Of Blogging To Build Brand Awareness

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Social Media on 13.07.15 by John Meloche

Blog concept.Isolated on white background.3d rendered.At the beginning of last week, we did a bit of blogging about the importance of using social media to grow your brand’s image. These days, it should be a no-brainer for business owners to focus on building the online presence of their companies in order to help them grow. And, in case you haven’t noticed by our daily blog posts, blogging is a big part of helping to strengthen our own company’s online presence. Do you have a blog on your website?

Perhaps, you’re still curious about exactly what a blog is. “On a blog, you post information relevant to your business or event and draw in traffic using keyword-targeted posts,” explains Gemma Craig on Chron.com, “Posting promotional specials on the blog, such as discounts or other incentives, prompts readers to share the links, giving you exposure. Many free blogging services are available online, including Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress.”

At Synergy Marketing, we love blogging about a variety of topics. However, the general theme of our blog posts focus on business promotion. Considering that we offer Canadian business owners top-of-the-line promotional products, it makes sense for our blog to cater to the marketing needs of our client base. With that said, blogging does a whole lot more than simply increase website visits.

By adding a regularly-updated blog to your website, you encourage others to engage in conversations with and about your business. This is where social media play such a big role. Each and every business day of the week, we post a link to our new blog on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. The intent is to elicit responses from our friends and followers. By drumming up conversation, we inevitably stir up more interest in our brand.

The numbers don’t lie. When we first started up our profiles on both platforms, we struggled to get any traction. Our regular blogging, however, has pushed both profiles north of the 100 mark in terms of likes and friends. While that may not be a huge number to most, it shows that blogging certainly has its benefits. And, in today’s world, getting noticed online is a huge part of growing a company’s success.

On QuickSprout.com, Neil Patel writes that it’s not enough to simply post your own blogs. To increase the popularity of your website, you should also comment on the blogs posted by others. “For this to work, you have to leave comments on blogs that are related to your website, and the comments you leave have to be insightful,” he explains, noting that such a tactic will encourage more visits to your own company website.

Craig agrees that contributing to other online posts can go a long way. “Post in forums relevant to your company or event with a link to your website or blog in your account’s signature space,” she recommends, “By posting relevant, helpful information on the forum, you form a network of like-minded individuals who are interested in your service and draw traffic to your website due to the link exposure.”

If you’re a busy business owner – and which business owner isn’t? – you likely don’t have a whole lot of time to be blogging yourself. We recommend that you look into getting blogging services that can help to present your company in a very favourable light. Let a writing expert do the work for you so that you can enjoy the benefits that come with today’s most popular way to grow your online presence. It works for us!

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10 Jul

3 More Ways To Supersize Sales This Summer

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 10.07.15 by John Meloche

Girl jumping beside summer sale cloud on white sandYou’d like to increase your sales, wouldn’t you? Have you been stuck without an ideal idea for how to boost your sales? Well, in case you haven’t yet checked it out, you may want to give yesterday’s blog a good read. It contains some sweet summertime marketing ideas that may just be what you need to increase your sales over the next few months. In today’s blog, we’ll go ahead and add to that list of ideas. So be sure to read all of this one too!

Here are three more ways to supersize sales this summer:

1. Go to summertime events. Yesterday, we encouraged our readers to host their own events and sponsor as many others as they could this summer. Being where people are bound to be, this summer, is sure to help you get noticed a lot more. However, even when you’re not sponsoring or hosting an event, you should still find time to attend others. Be sure to show up with your promotional gifts and you’re bound to make some new friends who you can turn into customers.

“The summer season yields a number of events that occur in communities across the country such as festivals, concerts, and holiday celebrations,” reminds Victoria Vessella on Business2Community.com, “Locals and tourists alike are in attendance at these events, thus presenting an array of current and potential customers to connect with. Furthermore, in some cases the media is present at events that are worthy of receiving coverage.”

2. Increase your social media use. This past Tuesday, we blogged about some great ways that you can increase your popularity using such social networking platforms as Facebook and Twitter. You may want to go ahead and give that blog a once over as well. Being interactive with others is a great way to spark interest in your brand without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

On PsPrint.com, Brian Morris suggests that you take things one step further by starting up a social media ticket sweepstakes. “Host a social media ticket giveaway sweepstakes in which people can enter by following your liking you and by encouraging others to do so as well,” he suggests, “It’s a great way to get more followers for future promotions. Theme parks, water parks, baseball games, concerts and other events are perfect ticket giveaways.”

3. Hang a banner outside. As we’ve mentioned a few times, when the weather is nice, people come outdoors. So it can’t hurt to do something that is bound to attract all of those extra eyes to your business. Morris recommends setting up an outdoor banner somewhere that people will see it. Be sure to find a fairly busy location that isn’t too far from your place of business. That way, people will be more likely to seek you out.

“Strategically placed outdoor banners – near busy intersections, festivals and shopping districts, for example – can put your sales promotions and brand name in front of thousands of people for cheap,” he writes. With your banner attracting more people to your store, you will be given some great opportunities to hand out your promotional gifts. As we’ve detailed earlier this week, they work wonders in making great impressions.

“Give away a cool summer gift to customers who spend a certain dollar amount,” advises Morris, “The extra incentive can drive customers to you instead of your competitors.” He goes on to write that summer-themed promotional items would work really well this time of year. Of course, Synergy Marketing can provide you with all of the summer-themed promo gifts that you need. Simply call us at 1-877-748-9884!

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09 Jul

3 Sweet Summertime Marketing Ideas

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 09.07.15 by John Meloche

PrintWhen the summertime comes – and it’s here! – there are plenty of opportunities to promote your business in new and interesting ways. As we’ve blogged about a number of times in the past, the summer encourages more people to come out of their homes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they plan on paying your place of business any visits. That is, of course, unless you find great ways to entice them.

Here are three sweet summertime marketing ideas:

1. Partner up with other businesses. Surely, this is an advertising strategy that can work all year round. But, remember that more people are likely to be out and about when the weather is nice. Therefore, if you have partnered up with another business that you’re not competing with, you will double your chances of having customers learn about you. Offer to promote other businesses in return for their referrals of your brand.

On PsPrint.com, this marketing strategy comes highly recommended. “You can partner with non-competing businesses to put together attractive packages that offer customers discounts but ensure you and your partners profit,” writes Brian Morris, “Dinner, movie, spa hotel package, anyone?” He also recommends that you extend your partnerships to sponsoring popular events that take place throughout the summer. It can’t hurt get noticed at all the festivals and concerts.

2. Host a summertime event. In addition to sponsoring other events, why not host one of your own? Throw a summer party on the grounds of your business to give people opportunities to check out what you have to offer. At the very least, they will become aware of where you are located and may just develop an interest in returning long after the party is done. However, as Victoria Vessella points out on Business2Community.com, you have to plan your party intelligently.

“In order for your event to be successful, make sure the event includes elements that will make customers want to attend,” she writes, “Be especially conscious of those customers who cannot travel during the summer for one reason or another and therefore are craving downtime. Attendees will leave your event satisfied if they have been provided with ample food and drink and the opportunity to relax with other members of the community.”

3. Offer giveaways. Clearly, this tip is right up Synergy Marketing’s alley. As we highlighted in yesterday’s blog, promo gifts have been proven to benefit the businesses that give them out. When you offer customers something for free, they are lot more likely to want to come back to visit you again. Not only do promo gifts make excellent “thank yous”, but they provide incentives to people to keep doing business with you.

“Consumers become more attracted to your business and less attracted to your competition when they have the possibility of receiving something for free,” believes Vessella. “Giveaway items can include your company’s staple products, seasonal items (such as beach towels, flip flops, or sunscreen), technology devices (such as a tablet), gift cards to non-competing businesses, or other items branded with your company’s logo.”

You do know, of course, where the best place to buy your promotional products from is, right? At Synergy Marketing, we offer high-quality products that are known for helping Canadian business owners grow their reach and improve their brand images. We have a wide selection of promo gifts to choose from. Be sure to check them out on our website and then give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 to place your order!

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08 Jul

5 Findings That Prove The Power Of Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 08.07.15 by John Meloche

img-crystal-wine-stopper-front-logo-2-1024x1269At Synergy Marketing, we provide the best promo products in the business. Yes, this is a claim that we have been chanting for many years now. And we stick by it! Our experience has proven to us that when Canadian business owners make use of our promotional gifts to advertise their businesses, they enjoy a long list of benefits. Among them are customer loyalty, increased sales and regular referrals.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Promotional Products Association International has conducted a number of surveys to discover the true power of the promotional product. Each of them have shown that business owners were able to practically double their opportunities of being contacted by their promo gift recipients than companies that didn’t offer promo gifts. Interested in learning about some of the statistics?

Here are five findings that prove the power of promo gifts:

1. Promo gifts are proven to garner referrals. According to PPAI, “a survey conducted Louisiana State University indicated accompanying a request for referrals with an offer of a promotional product incentive drew as many as 500% more referrals as an appeal letter alone. The results speak for themselves!” Evidently, promo gifts offer excellent incentives. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for free?

2. Promo gifts are proven to increase brand interest. PPAI also reports that “adding a promotional product to the media mix generated favourable attitudes toward a print ad in all cases. The use of a promotional product as the advertising medium alone achieved maximum impact, up to 69% increasing brand interest and 84% in creating a good impression of the brand.” And what business owner wouldn’t want to improve his or her company’s image?

3. Promo gifts are proven to have staying power. TV commercials usually last about 30 seconds. But how long to promotional gifts last? PPAI surveys have found that “58% of respondents keep a promotional product anywhere from one year to more than four years. Even if the recipient uses the item only once per week, that’s a minimum of 52 impressions made over the course of a year with the possibility of more than 208 during a five year window.”

4. Promo gifts are widely enjoyed and happily accepted. “People love receiving promotional products, there’s no denying it,” insists PPAI, “Whether it’s a little boy playing with a yo-yo from the local bakery to a woman carrying a tote from her nail salon, promotional products are appreciated and welcomed in all walks of life. 90.4% reported either currently owning or possessing a promotional product received within the last 24 months.”

5. Promo gifts help customers to remember your brand. Want proof that promo gifts help to keep your business on the minds of customers? PPAI reveals that a survey conducted by LJ Market Research found that their “respondents’ ability to recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product they had received (76 percent) was much better than their ability to recall the name of an advertiser from a print publication they had read in the past week (53.5 percent).”

At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide variety of promo gifts to choose from. And they work! Countless business owners have boosted sales by handing out promo gifts, making their customers feel valued and appreciated. That’s what keeps them coming back! Choose from flying saucers, golf tees, water bottles, wine stoppers, pens, knives, key chains, flashlights and so much more! Call us today at 1-877-748-9884!

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07 Jul

4 Ways To Grow Your Company’s Social Media Popularity

Posted in Social Media on 07.07.15 by John Meloche

Twitter bird chattingIn yesterday’s blog, we celebrated our 100th Twitter follower. Not the world’s biggest milestone, we know. But, as mentioned, we spend most of our time on the phone. We predominantly use social media to post links to our daily blogs. Admittedly, we could be using our Facebook and Twitter profiles a lot more. Could you be doing the same? As we pointed out yesterday, social media can go a long way in helping to bring more awareness to your brand.

Here are four ways to grow your company’s popularity through social media:

1. Encourage interaction. Remember that the best ways to use social media is to actually be social. Good advertising on Facebook and Twitter is a whole lot more than blatantly advertising your products and services. Instead, it’s important to engage in conversations by commenting on and liking other posts. One of the ways to drum up conversations is to encourage your customers to discuss their favourite aspects of your brand.

“Ask customers to share pictures on your Facebook page that show them using their favourite product that they bought from your website,” write Shannon Belew and Joel Elad on Dummies.com. This way, you are both advertising your products and drumming up conversation at the same time. It also promotes the best type of advertising there is – word-of-mouth. And arguably, the online version of word-of-mouth promotion can’t be beat!

2. Be a consummate hashtag user. When we first started posting links to our blogs, we omitted the use of hashtags. When we changed all of that, we noticed a spike in the number of followers we would receive. Hashtags automatically attach your social media posts to conversations that involve the same topics that you are hashtagging. For example, the word #blog always appears with the hashtag in front of it in our posts.

That way, people who enjoy reading blogs have a better chance of finding our latest post. On Entrepreneur.com, Jim O’Hara writes that “retailers continue to revolutionize the way consumers shop on social media. For example, Amazon has elevated the social commerce experience with #AmazonCart, which allows Twitter users to add products from tweets with a link directly to their Amazon shopping cart so they can purchase the item later.”

3. Keep it interesting. Do you ever wonder why crudely shot YouTube videos are able to get more views that polished productions? For the most part, our society is incredibly intrigued by reality. You can use this fact to your advantage. Instead of being focused on your products and services, you may want to offer up some personal tidbits about yourself that you think that people would find interesting.

You may be surprised to discover how many people you’ll endear yourself to. Belew and Elad write that you can do the same about your business. “Use Twitter to tweet interesting or unusual facts about your business or products and provide a link to that product page on your site,” they encourage, also recommending that you should “send out short tips via Twitter on how to use your services or products.”

4. Promote your online store. “You can optimize your online reach even further by adding a shopping cart directly onto your Facebook page, so your customers are able to shop and purchase without ever leaving Facebook,” informs O’Hara. And while we agree that this can be a lucrative decision, Synergy Marketing most enjoys conducting business by phone. Of course, our phone number is available on our social media pages.

But just to confirm that you have it, call us at 1-877-748-9884 to order promotional products for your business today!

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06 Jul

3 Ways To Use Social Media To Grow Brand Awareness

Posted in Social Media on 06.07.15 by John Meloche

Business man pressing round social buttonsWe’ll be the first to admit, here at Synergy Marketing, that we’re not exactly social media experts. However, we will also admit that we’ve taken a lot of advice from social media experts, and it’s greatly helped to grow our reach via platforms like Facebook and Twitter. While we could stand to send out a few more tweets than we usually do, we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally broken the 100 follower mark on Twitter!

It may not sound like a large feat for a promotional products company that boasts that best promo products in the business. But, for a team that focuses more on customer interactions over the phone than over the internet, we’re quite pleased with this new milestone. At the very least, you can be guaranteed a Facebook post and a tweet once per business day of the week. We always post a link to every new blog that we write.

It’s one of the many pieces of advice that we’ve taken over the years. And, since it’s worked for us, we thought that we’d pass along the advice to you. Of course, we’ve written many blogs on the power of social media in the past. And a number of our clients have told us that they’ve been quite helpful. So in celebration of our 100th follower (we’re actually at 104 as of this writing), here are three ways to use social media to grow your brand awareness:

1. Make it about your customers. The important thing to remember when using social media is that it is more about interacting with others than it is promoting your products and services. That’s why you don’t see a whole lot of tweets about our promo products. Instead, our tweets are generally set up as questions that our latest blog post can answer. It helps to intrigue our followers and drum up conversations that can take place online.

Your posts can go a long way in developing relationships with potential customers. “Social media is a place for genuine engagements with consumers and often these dialogues result in loyal, long-term customers,” writes Jim O’Hara on Entrepreneur.com, “In addition to promoting product deals, you can use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to share nonproduct-related stories and visuals that will evoke positive emotions and lead to ‘sharing.’”

2. Offer a follow back guarantee. At Synergy Marketing, our policy is “follow us, and we’ll follow you back”. It’s all part of being a member of the social media community. By following those who follow you, you give yourself more opportunities to engage in worthwhile conversations that can build business relationships. It helps to grow your reach, giving your business more chances to garner interest.

On Dummies.com, Shannon Belew and Joel Elad offer this advice. “Follow customers and vendors as well as influential bloggers, journalists, industry analysts, and others with a large following and significant influence on your business or industry,” they recommend. As mentioned, we make sure to follow all those who follow our Twitter account. And we’d like to say “thank you” to all of you who are our followers!

3. Make it a customer service tool. Social media can provide excellent avenues for customers to get help from you. You can use your profile to answer questions and offer help. “For many consumers, a company Facebook page or Twitter handle is their first customer-service resource and the last thing you want is for unhappy customers to share negative experiences with other followers,” says O’Hara.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to look at ways to grow your brand’s awareness through social media!

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