30 Sep

2 Smart Ways To Properly Prepare For Job Interviews

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 30.09.15 by John Meloche

Two businesspeople shaking hands and smiling.Over the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has focused on providing tips to business owners who are looking to hire new employees. Conducting job interviews isn’t as easy as you may assume. However, with the advice that we’ve provided, we trust that business owners across Canada will be better equipped with the tools necessary to locate the perfect additions to their work staffs.

With that said, we also mentioned that Synergy Marketing has a habit of conducting job interviews on a fairly regular basis. This is because we enjoy adding talented new individuals to our ever-growing sales staff. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area, have a strong sales background and would like the opportunity to join our team, we urge you to give us a call at 1-877-748-9884 or email info@gosynergygo.com.

Of course, making contact with us is only the first step. You will also need to prepare for a job interview. Clearly, it will be important that you make a good impression. Proper preparation for job interviews goes a long way. That goes for both participants. The interviewer needs to be just as prepared as the interviewee. But how can you properly prepare for your job interview? As always, the Synergy Marketing Blog has the tips you need!

Here are two smart ways to properly prepare for job interviews:

1. Research the companies that you’re applying to work for. It’s important to know a little something about the business you plan on becoming a part of. Synergy Marketing provides Canadian business owners with the best promotional products in our industry! There…now you know a little bit about us. But that certainly doesn’t tell the whole story. Take a look at our company website and get to know the types of products that we sell.

“Depending on available time, use every possible means to learn all you can about the company and position,” advises Louise Giordano on QuintCareers.com, “Go online to the company’s Web site as well as competitors’ sites. Use investor Web sites to learn what’s happening now in the news with this company and its competitors. Use bizjournals.com to find business news by industry and/or location.”

2. Be prepared to talk about yourself personally. It’s great to present your interviewer with information that includes a litany of professional skills that you possess. But, it’s just as important to present yourself as someone who will be enjoyable to work with. Arguably, your charming personality is as valuable as your skill set. Don’t be afraid to open up about yourself as you may be asked about such things as your personal interests.

“Be ready to answer typical interview questions with a story about yourself,” warns Doug Hardy on Monster.com, “To prepare, write down and memorize three achievement stories. Tell about times you’ve really felt proud of an achievement at work or school. These stories demonstrate all those hard-to-measure qualities like judgment, initiative, teamwork or leadership. Wherever possible, quantify what you’ve done.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to research this subject. With the fourth quarter of the year about to begin, many businesses will be looking to bolster their staffs in order to ready themselves for the impending increase in shopping over the next few months. Preparing for your job interview now will put you in a better position to secure the job that you’re looking for.

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29 Sep

4 More Ways To Conduct The Best Job Interviews Possible

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.09.15 by John Meloche

Two businesspeople at an interview in the officeIn yesterday’s blog, we revisited the concept of conducting great job interviews. Naturally, this is an important process in the development of your company. And, as we pointed out, this is especially important during the year’s fourth quarter when business picks up for most companies. Are you a fan of conducting job interviews? Not every business owner is. As a result, we felt it necessary to provide some helpful tips than can get you to grow your team with the best possible new employees.

Here are four more ways to conduct the best job interviews possible:

1. Be clear about the interview process. Every business has its own way of doing things. Some companies request the completion of written tests before deciding upon their successful applicants. Others insist upon an interview process that requires more than one interview, with some taking place over the phone. It’s important, therefore, to be completely clear to your candidates about how you intend on going about the hiring process.

“Thoroughly explain the process to every interviewee,” advises Jeff Haden on LinkedIn.com, “Candidates selected for interviews should know exactly what to expect: when they will interview, where they will interview, who will be involved in the interviews…everything. Make sure there are no surprises, no tricks, no uncertainties, and no loose ends…Be considerate, be thoughtful…be awesome. If you’re not, the best candidate may decide your company is not the right fit for her.”

2. Gather as much information as possible. As we pointed out yesterday, you’ll want to ask questions pertaining to your applicants’ professional and personal lives. This isn’t to say that you should pry into private affairs, of course. But you’ll want to know a bit about their personalities. Even discovering their favourite hobbies can give you some great insight into the type of people you’re considering adding to your company.

This is why references can come in handy. When necessary, you may want to follow up with the people provided as references for your applicants. It will be just as important to confirm the legitimacy of those references as well. “Verify specific information from the resume,” advises BizFilings.com, “Be certain to use open-ended questions (how, what, when, etc.), and always follow up a yes or no answer with an open-ended question.”

3. Be prepared to answer as many questions as you ask. Remember that your candidate isn’t exactly the only person being interviewed during the interview process. A smart job applicant will be prepared with questions about their potential new place of work. They too, are trying to assess if they’ve located a good fit. In fact, it’s a good idea to encourage your interviewees to ask any questions they may have.

Haden points out that there is a special way to go about answering questions during the job interviews you conduct. “Great candidates are evaluating you, your company, and whether they really want to work for you,” he reminds us, “They’ll ask questions…Give them time to ask. Answer thoughtfully. Be open and candid. But never sell. Trust that great candidates will recognize a great fit and a great opportunity.”

4. Close the interview professionally. The people you are interviewing have taken the time to visit you in person and (hopefully) prepare themselves for the meetings. It’s only right to acknowledge their efforts regardless of how they performed during the interview. “Thank the candidate for his or her attention and interest,” advises BizFilings.com, “Indicate what the next step will be and the time frame within which it will occur.”

Synergy Marketing proudly offers job opportunities to worthy candidates. For more information about joining our team, call 1-877-748-9884 or email info@gosynergygo.com.

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28 Sep

3 Great Job Interview Conducting Tips

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 28.09.15 by John Meloche

job interviewBy the end of this week, we will be in the month of October! And while the month immediately conjures up images of Halloween for most people, business owners are aware of another important fact about this time of year. The fourth quarter has started! The end of the year obviously includes the very busy holiday shopping season which – believe it or not – is about to start, and really take off in about a month or so.

Therefore, many business owners will be implementing some new strategies to prepare for the impending rush of new customers. In some cases, strategies will involve new ways to advertise products. In some others, it requires the hiring of new staff members to help with the expected increase in customer visits. Some business owners, however, aren’t big fans of conducting job interviews. But they are necessary in order to locate the right fits.

So…here are three great job interview conducting tips:

1. Be clear about the type of person you’re looking for. One of the reasons that some business owners hate conducting job interviews is because they know they’ll be forced to sift through poorly-worded cover letters and insufficient resumes. It can be a very tedious process interviewing people who are clearly not qualified for the position. One way to avoid that is to be crystal clear about the types of individuals who would make for best fits in your company.

On LinkedIn.com, Jeff Haden writes about the importance of communicating your company’s specific needs in its job postings. “Identify that critical need, determine how you measure success in the position, assess the common attributes of your top performers, determine what qualities mesh with your culture…and tailor everything in your selection process finding the perfect person to solve that critical business need,” he strongly advises.

2. Develop a rapport with your applicant. Many business owners make the mistake of believing that job applicants are solely required to impress their interviewers. But, in truth, that isn’t the case. It’s incumbent upon businesses to also impress those who wish to work for them. After all, your candidates will likely have a number of options to choose from as they perform their job searches. Why should they choose you?

It’s wise to establish a rapport by being friendly, approachable and willing to answer questions. You want to give as good of an impression as the one you’re seeking to ensure you have a good match. “Greet the applicant with a pleasant smile, firm handshake, and a casual statement or two,” recommends BizFilings.com, “Outline the interview objectives and structure. For example, say ‘In the time we have, I would like to…’.”

3. Create a conversation instead of performing an interrogation. In keeping with making your candidates feel both comfortable and welcome, you’re going to want to engage in a conversation that goes both ways. Remember that you’re not just looking for people who can perform their duties well, but you’ll want to add members to the team who can gel well with others. Get to know your candidates in a more personal manner.

“The best interviews are actually conversations…but you can’t have a conversation with someone you hardly know,” informs Haden, “Again, the more you know about the candidate ahead of time the more you can ask questions that give the candidate room for self-analysis or introspection. And once you ask a question, the key is to listen slowly. Give the conversation room to breathe.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to provide further insight into this subject. And, by the way, if you or someone you know is looking for a job, call Synergy Marketing 1-877-748-9884 or email info@gosynergygo.com. We’re always looking to add talented individuals to our team!

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25 Sep

Choosing The Right Gifts For The Right Industry

Posted in Promotional Products on 25.09.15 by John Meloche

firebeater-group-logo-1024x1269All week long, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been covering the business of saying “thank you”. As a business owner, showing your appreciation to both your customers and your employees is an excellent way to boost the image of your brand. Firstly, communicating your gratitude to your customers will help them to feel valued. In return, you’re more likely to secure their loyalty for the long haul.

Secondly, employees that are both happy and proud to work for your company perform the best jobs. It only makes sense to employ a staff of regularly-motivated individuals to get the best possible production out of your workers. As our last few blogs have highlighted, there are many inventive ways that you can show your appreciation to your customers and employees. And there’s no better time to begin implementing them than now!

However, it’s wise to select the morale-boosting method that best suits your business. Of course, you don’t just have to stick to one method. But some decisions should be based on the type of company you own. One such decision is the type of promotional gift you decide to give out. With so many to choose from, it stands to reason that some may be more appropriate than others, depending on your business type.

So which promo products will work best for your business? Let’s consider the industry that you’re a part of.

The automotive industry. Synergy Marketing has a great selection of promo gifts that work perfectly for members of the automotive industry. They include the Firebeater™ Fire Extinguisher, Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer (which doubles as a key chain) and the Xcaliber™ Escape Knife. All of these gifts take into account that your customers and employees are vehicle owners who can always use a helping hand on the road.

Check out our Automotive section!

The office environment. A large number of us work in office spaces complete with cubicles, computers, desks and writing materials among other supplies. There are many different business types that utilize this type of working environment. And, as such, there are many different promotional gifts that work perfectly for employees who work in offices. Among them are the 5 In 1 Ruler, Gold Plated Letter Opener and Retractable Mouse Pad.

Check out our Desktop section!

The food industry. Two products that are sure to never go out of style are food and drink. Therefore, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafes and the like will always have ample opportunities to impress their customers with handy and useful promo gifts that they can use again and again. As a result, our Aluminum Water Bottle, Stainless Steel Travel Mug and Professional Wine Opener are among are most popular gifts for this industry.

Check out our Drinkware section!

Real estate agents. Many of those who work in real estate find themselves in very interesting entrepreneurial positions. Many agents work for themselves and have to find their own independent ways to secure business. Synergy Marketing’s incredible selection of key chains works very well for such individuals. It goes without saying that you always need keys to open the door of your new home, right?

Check out our Key Chains section!

Of course, there are many more promotional products to choose from. At Synergy Marketing, we proudly offer Canadian business owners a wide variety of promo gifts to ensure that they are always choosing the right gifts for their specific markets. To order the promotional product of your choice, simply call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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24 Sep

3 Ways To Make Your Employees Proud To Work For You

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 24.09.15 by John Meloche

Smiling lady working at call center office with colleagues“More than two-thirds—67 percent—of people surveyed by Boston-based Globoforce said they were motivated by praise from a manager and 78 percent said they’d work harder if their contributions were recognized,” reports Margaret Littman on Entrepreneur.com, “So, thanking folks isn’t just a social nicety. It boosts the bottom line.” And what business owner doesn’t want to boost his or her bottom line?

It can be argued that a focus on employee morale is both the most effective and most cost-conscious method of brand-boosting available. It’s widely known that when people are happy to be working for their employers, they are bound to perform at their best. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, it’s very beneficial to acknowledge your workers. How are you making your employees proud to work for you?

Here are three ways to encourage that:

1. Come up with cool traditions. What makes working for your business different than working for anyone else? People feel great senses of pride when they are part of something special. And, as we discussed yesterday, it’s your job as a business owner to make your employees feel special. On Grasshopper.com, Emma Siemasko writes that creating traditions that are unique to your business can significantly boost employee pride.

“Employees who are committed to your company are a huge asset to you,” she reminds us, “The longer talented employees stick around, the bigger the benefits to you and your business. A fun way to encourage commitment is to create traditions. Zappos designs different license plates with employees’ names on them. Team members get a license plate for every milestone like 1 year with the Zappos team, 5 years, 10 years, etc.”

2. Be charitable. As we’ve often said in the past, giving to charity is a win-win situation. Showing your generosity towards worthy causes is an important action to take all on its own. But, as a business owner, you stand to present your business to the public in a very favourable light by displaying its charitable side. Your employees will certainly notice as well, and not hesitate to spread the word about your company’s kind deeds.

Littman is an advocate of being charitable. In fact, she recommends it as a way to reward your employees for jobs well done. “Giving to charity is a personal decision, and even well-intentioned efforts to make a donation in someone else’s name fail,” she notes, “Opt for a giving card like those offered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Using this gift card, the recipient can give to the cause of his or her choice.”

3. Send them home with cool “swag”. Proud employees are bound to represent the companies they work for on their chests. Literally! How often have you seen someone wearing a t-shirt or sweater with their employer’s name and logo on it? That’s the sign of a proud employee. “Show employees you appreciate them with cool swag,” insists Siemasko, “Get t-shirts, stickers, and water bottles with your logo stamped on.”

At Synergy Marketing, we proudly provide Canadian business owners with the coolest swag that they can get their hands on! Pens, water bottles, key chains, wine stoppers, golf tees, knives, flashlights and so much more are available at very affordable prices. Consider giving them to both your customers and your employees in order to make the best impressions possible. To order yours, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 today!

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23 Sep

5 Ways To Show That You Prioritize Employee Morale

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 23.09.15 by John Meloche

Woman wearing a headset working at customer supportOver the past couple of days, the Synergy Marketing Blog has been focused on the concept of appreciating customers. It wasn’t the first time we’ve covered this topic and it certainly won’t be the last. We are in the business of saying “thank you” to customers, as our amazing promotional products are most often used as methods of showing gratitude. It should go without saying that it’s important to show the people who support your business how much they mean to you.

On Grasshopper.com, Emma Siemasko states that your customers aren’t the only ones who deserve to receive signs of your appreciation. “It’s not the products, services, and profits that make a company great — it’s the people who make them happen,” she writes, “Your employees are the ones who boost your marketing, talk to customers, and balance your books, but they don’t always feel appreciated.”

Making employees feel valued is a key component to any successful business. Especially when the team members are the ones who are in direct communication with the employees, it’s important to have them be proud members of the organization. Boosting employee morale, it can be argued, should be on the top of the priority lists of all business owners. Is it on the top of yours?

Here are five ways to show that you prioritize employee morale:

1. Make it a point to express thanks often. The easiest and most obvious way to show your team that they matter to you is tell them whenever it’s appropriate. Siemasko writes that this can be done face-to-face, through emails or handwritten cards. Just know that the more you show your appreciation, the more your employees will feel valued. This can go a long way in ensuring that they remain productive.

2. Give your team some time off. No matter how much people love their jobs, they love spending time with their families even more. You can ensure that you have a happy staff by allowing them a little extra time to be with their loved ones now and again. “You can’t add more hours to the day, but you can give an extra day (or afternoon) off to someone whose work has been exemplary,” suggests Margaret Littman on Entrepreneur.com.

3. Throw a party or take them to lunch. Who doesn’t enjoy a party? It’s hard to go wrong with free food and drinks. And if you’re looking to show that you care about the morale in your office, you’ll splurge on a nice restaurant or caterer once in a while. “Give employees a chance to unwind, and remember that genuine expressions of appreciation are more powerful than kegs of beer,” advises Siemasko.

4. Offer up your parking spot. Many business owners have the luxury of getting top choice parking spots. Many of their employees wish they had such parking spaces. Perhaps, you can offer your spot for a week as an incentive for your top producing employees. As an alternative, “if most of your staff takes public transportation choose a transit pass for the employee of the month,” recommends Littman.

5. Celebrate milestones. “Your employees’ lives are full of big moments, both inside and outside of work,” reminds Siemasko, “Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate them can go a long way.” She goes on to point out that there is no shortage of milestones that you can acknowledge. Birthdays are the most obvious. But celebrating work anniversaries and other accomplishments such as marriages, moves and the births of children are also very worthwhile.

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to explore this topic. And don’t forget one of the most tried-and-true ways to boost employee morale in history – giving them free promotional gifts. To order yours, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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22 Sep

3 More Ways To Properly Thank Your Customers

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 22.09.15 by John Meloche

Thank YouSaying “thank you” is a simple enough gesture. Yet, you may be surprised to know how many people forget to say it every day. This is especially important for business owners as they should be saying “thank you” to each and every customer who supports their companies. As a business owner, there are many different ways to thank customers. We went over a few suggestions in yesterday’s blog.

We pointed out that saying “thank you” often entails doing something special for your customers. Simply saying the words is nice and all – but not necessarily a gesture that will bolster your brand’s reputation for the long haul. As we pointed out yesterday, customers tend to respond to such gestures as handwritten notes, rewards programs and companies going the extra mile. But what else can you do to properly thank your customers?

Here are three more suggestions:

1. Offer invites to exclusive events. Customers enjoy feeling like they’re part of something special. When you provide exclusive benefits to customers who provide you with the most support, it’s an excellent way to show your appreciation. You can take it one step further by holding special events and sending out invites to your most loyal customers. This can be very beneficial for your brand.

On Japkin.com, Oleg Posternatsky explains. “When someone buys your product or avails of your service, you can thank him or her via an invitation to an exclusive event that will teach him or her something relevant and useful,” he writes, “It’s a win-win situation. Your customers become more discerning consumers and you were able to pave the way for a better appreciation of your products and services.”

2. Implement customer feedback. One of the best ways to show your customers how much you appreciate them is by making changes in your business that they have influenced. The customers who really care are the ones that offer feedback and truly appreciate when there is proof that it has been taken into consideration. Perhaps, you should send out surveys via email or even put in phone calls to check up on customers who have recently visited you.

On GrouponWorks.com, Monika Jansen explains that people really enjoy the feeling of being able to have helped the companies they get services from. She highly encourages business owners to listen intently to feedback in order to make appropriate changes. “If a customer shares an idea for an improvement, whether it’s different store hours or a new product, let them know what you’re doing to implement it,” she insists, “They’ll be thrilled to know you listened.”

3. Recognize your customers on your website. A company that truly appreciates its customers shares it with the world. One of the best ways to thank your loyal customers is to showcase them on your website in a special section dedicated to them. Perhaps, you can write blogs about customers who own businesses in an effort to help them expand their own customer bases. As Posternatsky points out, this will cost you very little, but gain you quite a lot.

“People want to be recognized. It’s almost human nature to want to be famous,” he says, “This is a low-cost token of gesture of gratitude that you can execute. You can have a ‘Featured Customer’ section on your site or your blog and even on your social networks. Focus the spotlight on them and make them the star of the show.” And, as always, don’t forget to hand out those great promo gifts to advertise your brand!

Always making for great ways to thank customers, your company’s promo gifts can be ordered by calling Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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21 Sep

3 Ways To Begin Your New “Thanking Campaign”

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 21.09.15 by John Meloche

Thank youNow that we have officially entered into the fall season, many Canadians are preparing for their favourite fall holidays. Halloween comes at the end of October, of course. And Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. At Synergy Marketing, however, we tend to celebrate Thanksgiving all year round. Our amazing promotional products are widely known as some of the greatest ways to say “thank you” to the people who matter to you the most.

To business owners, customers certainly mean a whole lot. After all, with no customers, businesses wouldn’t succeed. So, it should go without saying that it’s incredibly important to thank them as often as you can. You certainly don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to thank your customers. But it’s certainly a great time of year to begin a new “thanking campaign”. And there are many different ways to get one going!

Here are three:

1. Put it in writing. It’s always polite to say “thank you”. But it just seems to have greater meaning when it is put into writing. And we don’t just mean sending appreciative emails. A handwritten note shows that you’ve put some time and effort into thinking about the person you’re sending the message to. A sincere “thank you” is made obvious by the fact that you’ve put pen to paper. If you haven’t gotten a pen out in a while, now would be a good time.

On Japkin.com, Oleg Posternatsky writes that this gesture can go a long way. “In a world of digital communication, seeing handwritten notes is like witnessing snow fall on the Sahara – a very rare occurrence,” he writes, “People underestimate the impact of this simple gesture…Because no matter how old-school this is, nothing beats that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that someone took the effort to painstakingly write a letter manually.”

2. Try going “over the top”. By today’s standards, customers expect excellent customer service from all companies that they do business with. So simply being nice isn’t exactly going to set you apart from your competition. Sometimes, it’s necessary to go over and above the call of duty. The whole “actions speak louder than words” theory applies here. Providing special bonuses to customers as a way of thanking them is one of those actions.

On GrouponWorks.com, Monika Jansen highly suggests that you go out of your way to “wow” your customers as a way of showing gratitude. “Do something totally over-the-top for one customer,” she recommends, “It could be random (the 8th person who walks in the door, or a customer you know is going through a tough time). Treat them to an experience they won’t forget, and they will tell everyone they know about it.”

3. Set up a rewards program. Arguably, there’s no better way to thank a customer than to save him or her money. People love getting discounts. And let’s be honest. Your most loyal customers deserve a discount or two now and again. Perhaps it’s time that you set up a rewards program that enables your customers to earn points that lead to future discounts or even freebies. Posternatsky recommends this strategy as well.

“A number of businesses shy away from loyalty rewards schemes because almost everyone is doing it,” he admits, “Well, this is because it works! People dig these kinds of incentives. To some extent, being able to receive exclusive rewards adds to your customers’ self-worth, at least when doing business with you.” The only thing that we can think of that’s better than a rewards program is giving away gifts for free!

And you know where you can find the best promo products in the business, can’t you? Call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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18 Sep

The Art Of Making Your Employees Proud

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.09.15 by John Meloche

Young business people standing behind their director proudly showing the laptopBusiness owners all across Canada know the importance of positive brand representation. This week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has covered this topic, knowing just how important it is for entrepreneurs to always represent their brands in favourable ways. In yesterday’s blog, we highlighted the fact that companies require the cooperation of their entire staffs in order to develop and maintain positive brand images.

And one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that the members of your staff are consistently kept happy. Providing incentives and rewarding top performers is one key way to foster a happy group of employees. The senses of pride and excitement felt amongst your staff members will translate into the way they communicate with your clients. As a result, your brand’s reputation will shine.

On Forbes.com, Blake Morgan suggests that to provide your customers with wonderful experiences, it is imperative that you make your employees proud to represent your business. She believes that pride – not just happiness – is the key to ensuring that your company is always represented in a positive light by the people who work for it. So how can you make your employees proud to work for you?

Respect all of your employees equally. Perhaps, more important than the material rewards is the acknowledgement that the contributions of your employees make a difference in your company. People like knowing that they’ve done a good job. But, they love, even more, that the jobs that they’ve performed are of consequence. Employees on all levels of your business deserve to know that they matter.

According to Morgan, office perks shouldn’t be limited to higher level executives. “A recent Gallup poll found that a whopping 70 percent of workers are disengaged in their jobs,” she reveals, “If your company only offers perks to the higher level executives you’ve got it wrong…The wealth and the showering of praise should come at the lower levels as well. These incentives tell employees ‘thank you,’ and generate many positive returns for the company.”

Showing this kind of consideration and respect is bound to encourage your employees to not only work harder for you, but be proud to be part of your team. It stands to reason that when people feel that they are important, they will take greater pride in themselves. Eliminating any notions that the contributions of any of your employees are insignificant will garner you a staff of very proud individuals.

Encourage camaraderie amongst your staff members. Morgan believes that shows of respect can’t just come from the owner of the business. It’s a practice that must be widespread and practiced by everyone you employ. To have, what she calls “a culture of niceness”, it’s important for everyone to be on board. “Nice just means your culture is one based on values – where employees have consideration for one another,” she describes.

Morgan goes on to note that an absence of “a culture of niceness” is a problem with some companies. But implementing one is easier than you may think. It’s all about being considerate. “There is a culture of consideration – one where sarcasm is nil,” she explains, “Where people bring cookies to work and wish people happy birthday…These are the little things that make work a nice place to be.”

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17 Sep

The Importance Of Keeping Your Employees Happy

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.09.15 by John Meloche

Large group of business people. Over white backgroundThe way you dress, what you say, how you train your staff and how you behave in public all carry a lot of weight. When it comes to creating a positive image for your brand, your own persona has a lot to do with it. As a business owner, your company and the person you are goes hand in hand. When people see you, they see your company. When they see your company, they see you.

So, if they see you doing something that is considered less than respectable, what do you think that implies about your company? You get the picture. This week, the Synergy Marketing Blog has focused on the concept of positive self-representation as a method of putting out a positive image of your brand. In yesterday’s blog, we revealed a few techniques that you can employ to do just that.

But there’s one particular technique that we didn’t mention that deserves exploration today: keeping your employees happy. Yesterday, we pointed out that proper training is imperative if you want your company to gain a favourable reputation with the public. One thing that all customers definitely hate is when they call companies and speak to representatives who provide service that is subpar to the service provided by other representatives of the same company.

However, proper training is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to securing a staff that can positively represent your brand. It’s important to ensure that employee morale is kept at high levels on a regular basis. In fact, Synergy Marketing can help you with this. Many of our clients have informed us that our promotional products are very often used as employee rewards. Providing your hard-working employees with gifts can never be a bad idea.

“Proper training is not enough to ensure your employees are representing your company in a positive and accurate light,” writes Erick Simpson of SPC International, “Satisfied, happy employees not only are your best resources, but also your best representatives. Encourage your employees to go above and beyond their duties by fostering an environment where they are appreciated and rewarded for their efforts.”

We have often said that a happy staff is a productive staff. And this is true no matter what industry you work in. The happier your employees are, the more likely they are to be productive members of your staff. In order to ensure that employee morale is kept high, it’s a good idea to reward those who are performing exceptionally. So monitor the results of your staff’s contributions.

“By performing routine evaluations you can ensure your top performers are being properly compensated for their work while employees who are struggling or not working up to their capacity are offered guidance or additional training to further empower them to perform better,” says Simpson. There’s nothing like a good incentive to keep the members of your staff at their best.

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