30 Nov

4 Reasons Why People Prefer To Shop From Home

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 30.11.15 by John Meloche

3D rendering of a shopping basket connected to a computer mouseWelcome to Cyber Monday! It’s the day that traditionally follows American Thanksgiving and the often-crazy Black Friday shopping day. With prices significantly slashed, Black Friday generally sees swarms of people lining up of outside retail stores hours before they open. Sadly, Black Friday also often entails people fighting each other to get their hands on those items with significantly reduced prices.

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is far less insane. The online equivalent to Black Friday, Cyber Monday provides online shoppers with prices that are just as significantly reduced. It’s not that usual online shoppers would need much incentive to shop via the internet anyways. There are a lot of reasons why many people prefer to stay at home to shop rather than entering the busy malls.

Here are four:

1. It helps to avoid headaches. Let’s be honest. Who enjoys searching for parking and waiting in long line ups? Online shopping helps to avoid all of the headaches that come with traditional shopping. This, of course, is especially true during the busy holiday shopping season. There is never a more busy time in the malls than right now. With Cyber Monday today, many people will be taking the opportunity to shop from home and save money in ways they can’t the rest of the year.

2. It’s easier to compare prices. Many people prefer to browse in various stores in order to compare prices. And it makes sense. Why spend more than you have to for an item that is sold in more than one store? Shopping online, however, makes browsing so much easier. Hopping from website to website takes a lot less time and effort than visiting the physical locations of various stores.

In fact, online shopping helps people who wouldn’t normally take the time to browse to properly compare prices. “When you visit a store, you most likely have to settle for whatever price the vendor has placed on a particular item,” writes Wendy Boswell on About.com, “Not so with online shopping – you have the ability to compare prices from hundreds of different vendors.”

3. It makes shopping so much more comfortable. You can shop in your pyjamas while sipping coffee, if you choose to. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding ways to shop in the most comfortable ways possible. You can shop while lying in bed with your laptop computer if you feel like it. Online shopping is arguably (although it would be hard to argue) the most comfortable way that a person can go shopping.

4. There’s no such thing as “operating hours”. If you can’t get to the mall before it closes because of work or other obligations, then online shopping is definitely for you. It takes away the problems that may be associated with the operating hours of any store you wish to purchase from. Online shopping can be done 24/7. As Boswell points out, “in comparison to a brick and mortar store with fixed hours, online shoppers can choose any time of the day or night to get on the Web and shop.”

Here’s hoping your business is benefitting from Cyber Monday shoppers today!

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27 Nov

3 More Reasons Customers Will Buy From You

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.11.15 by John Meloche

Close up woman hand with many shopping bags and credit cardIn yesterday’s blog, we analyzed reasons why customers support your company. Surely, there are reasons greater than the fact that you may sell what it is they are looking for. It goes deeper than that. People support companies that make them feel better about life. It may sound melodramatic, but it’s true. Do your products and services solve problems that occur in the everyday lives of your customers? More importantly, do you provide enjoyable experiences to those who visit your store?

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it’s arguably (although it would be hard to argue) the most important time of the year to encourage customers to visit your store. If you’re looking for ways to increase foot traffic – not just over the next month, but well into the new year – you’ll want to focus on the real reasons why customers buy from you. In today’s blog, we round out the list we started yesterday.

Here are three more:

1. You have great product selection. Customers have options. There are generally various different types of the products that you sell. And your competition is bound to have them. But, what if you have them, too? What if your company is the one known for having a lot of different options for its customers? If so, it’s bound to have a lot of different customers. How well is your store stocked with inventory?

On BusinessKnowHow.com, Kelley Robertson writes that product selection and availability is a big reason customers choose to support certain brands. “Do you have a good supply chain management or order fulfillment process in place?” she asks, noting that she has placed orders with companies who don’t even respond weeks later. Not having the merchandise you claim to sell is not going to impress your customers.

2. You are trustworthy. Are you easily accessible to your customers? Are they able to quickly get you on the phone or get speedy responses to emails? Do you follow through on your commitments? Do your deliveries make it by the time they are promised? Answering these questions in the affirmative will help to clarify whether you are trustworthy or not. And they will help to either encourage or dissuade customers from supporting your company.

On MarketingProfs.com, Verónica Maria Jarski writes that your trustworthiness and reputation are big parts of what makes customers want to do business with you. “Protect your good name, and do everything in your power to ensure that your customers, prospects, friends, employees, and colleagues view you as a person of value,” she insists, “Keep in mind that your credibility, plausibility, and truthfulness will also win you far more customers than exaggerated claims and over-the-top promises.”

3. Store cleanliness and layout. How inviting is the physical location of your store? People should enjoy its atmosphere and like the very idea of entering your doors. Stores that aren’t well-kept are bound to lose customers. Remember that the buying experience is just that – an experience. Having a store that is fun to visit provides incentives to people who are deciding where to shop.

“Is your store clean, tidy and visually appealing?” asks Robertson, “I recently visited a new store in the city and, even though they had been open for less than a week, many of the shelves were in complete disarray and products were scattered haphazardly. Make it easy for people to find product, prices, and to manoeuvre around the store.”

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26 Nov

3 Real Reasons Customers Support Your Company

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 26.11.15 by John Meloche

portrait of young man pay using credit card while shoppingAlthough business owners from all over Canada continually look for new and inventive ways to entice customers to buy from them, it’s during the present holiday shopping season when they really want supportive customers the most. This time of year is notorious for having the highest amounts of sales for businesses of all kinds. Naturally, people are busy with their holiday shopping. But that doesn’t mean business owners can take that for granted.

There must be ways that they can encourage more foot traffic through the doors of their stores. And some of the best methods are found in the ways in which employees interact with customers. It’s important to keep in mind that the customer experience usually overrides the product or service purchased as a reason a customer keeps coming back. Are you interested in finding out the real reasons why customers support your company?

Here are three:

1. Your company makes them feel good. Your customers are always greeted with a smile. Staff members take the time to find out what their greatest interests are and find ways to serve those interests. Employees are friendly and engaging. These are just a few of the most significant ways that your company can make customers feel good. And they just so happen to be some of the most important reasons customers will shop at your store.

On MarketingProfs.com, Verónica Maria Jarski writes that “your prospects will judge your worthiness based on how you make them feel. This includes how well you communicate, your content depth, your website’s quality, etc. Your prospects will also be more likely to engage in conversations with you when you allow them to interact in ways they prefer…remember you are marketing to people first, so build the human bond by remembering personal details and listening carefully.”

2. Your employees are friendly. It seems like the simplest thing to pull off, doesn’t it? Just be nice to the people who enter your store. So why is it that customers so often complain about being mistreated by retail employees? It’s because not everyone has mastered the supposed-to-be-simple art of being nice. When you have approachable store workers – especially during the holidays – it will serve your company very well.

On BusinessKnowHow.com, Kelley Robertson writes that the attitude of your staff has a major impact on customer satisfaction. “Is your team friendly and well trained in customer services procedures?” she asks, “Do they exhibit the mentality that the customer is important and comes first or do they spend their time gossiping and gabbing? Do they eagerly approach the customer or do they wait for customers to come up to them first. I recently bought an aquarium and although the staff was knowledgeable at the store I felt like I was intruding on their time.”

3. Your products and services improve their lives. Whatever you sell should be advertised as necessary items in a person’s daily life. Find a way to demonstrate that your products and services can make life easier. If you’ve done this already, you’ve secured yet another reason that customers choose to come to you for what they need. According to Jarski, people make purchases based on increasing pleasure and decreasing pain.

“There are two basic reasons why people purchase anything,” she explains, “to increase pleasure (e.g. glowing health, freedom, popularity) or decrease pain (e.g. stress, financial problems, poor health). Focus on your product or service’s most compelling benefits as you communicate with your target audience—then, make sure you deliver on your promises. Be specific.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog, as we continue to unveil reasons why customers support your company.

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25 Nov

Winter-Based Promo Gifts Speak To Warmth And Safety

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 25.11.15 by John Meloche

firebeater-group-logo-1024x1269This morning, Torontonians were lucky enough to wake up to a snowless environment. With some of the white stuff coating our lawns just a couple of days ago, many of us were worried that winter had officially arrived. Synergy Marketing’s hometown is generally known to experience major snowfalls closer to the turn of the year. However, most of the rest of Canada isn’t generally so lucky.

There are parts of our great country already covered in snow. That may come as no surprise to you. And it certainly doesn’t come as any surprise to us. On a daily basis, Synergy Marketing’s sales reps speak to business owners from all over the nation. “How’s the weather out there?” is a common question asked. So, believe it or not, our staff members know a thing or two about the ups and downs of Canadian weather.

With that said, our team is also well-versed on what types of promotional gifts work best for different types of businesses across Canada. And, in many cases, the locations of those businesses play a big role in selecting the right promo gifts. Handing out promotional products to customers should always be part of a smart marketing strategy. It must keep in mind how the gifts will serve to benefit their recipients.

So, for example, in climates where blistering cold and snow are prevalent, it’s wise to hand out promo gifts that speak to the need to keep warm. In yesterday’s blog, we mentioned how our Wrap Around Earmuffs are among our best winter-based promo gifts. For obvious reasons, these muffs come in handy for Canadians all across the country. After all, no matter where we are located, we’re bound to have to fight off the cold at some point in the coming months.

One of the things about winter that we don’t often like to talk about is how dangerous the season makes the roads. Especially when the roads become icy, it can be especially harrowing for drivers. While this is something that isn’t all that fun to discuss, it is necessary to point out that all Canadians should be investing in safety measures for winter driving. At Synergy Marketing, we have a number of great promo gifts that speak to that need.

The Firebeater™ Fire Extinguisher is one such gift. This handy dry powder fire extinguisher comes complete with a mounting bracket for your home or office, but is ideal for having in your vehicle. During the cold and snowy winter, we recommend that recipients keep these fire extinguishers in their cars and trucks. They are ideal for putting out fires caused by flammable liquids such as petrol, oil, propane, butane and natural gas.

Here’s hoping that your customers and employees avoid accidents among other car trouble all winter long. But in the unfortunate circumstance when a fire may result, the Firebeater™ Fire Extinguisher will be an excellent and potentially life-saving item to have handy. At only $39.95 each, these gifts are considered part of our high-end line of products. But they’re also among our most important.

This winter, advertising your business effectively will have a lot to do with the concern you show the recipients of your promotional gifts. The winter-based promo gifts offered by Synergy Marketing speak to the needs of all Canadians to be warm and safe. Place your order for these and any other promo gift of your choice today by giving us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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24 Nov

Earmuffs Make Ideal Promo Gift Choices During Winter

Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business Advertising on 24.11.15 by John Meloche

ear-muffs-logo-1024x1269At Synergy Marketing, our many years of experience have taught us that there is no such thing as a wrong time of year to hand out promotional gifts to customers. But during the gift-giving holiday season, it only makes sense to get in on the tradition. Your customers have options. They can go to just about any store they want to make their holiday purchases. Why not find ways to encourage them to support your brand instead of your competitors?

As mentioned, our experience has shown that when Canadian business owners hand out promotional gifts, they encourage customers to keep coming back. There is a sense of newfound loyalty that is sparked in a person who gets something for free from a business that he or she usually has to spend money with. It’s a gesture that goes a long way. And to reiterate, the current holiday shopping season is the best time of year to make that gesture.

This time of year is also perfect for handing out items that will come in handy during the winter. No Canadian needs to be informed about how cold it gets from November to March (if we’re being nice about it). A promo gift that can help customers keep warm just may be the most ideal marketing tool you can employ right now. On CorporateMeetingsNetwork.ca, promotional products marketing expert, Heide Thorne provides quite the idea.

Hats! “21 per cent of all Canadians own a promotional hat (compared to 16 per cent in the United States),” she explains, citing the findings of a 2012 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, “and 25 per cent of those surveyed in Toronto own one (highest in the world). So while hats are an iffy choice these days, especially for corporate meetings, they are more likely to be appreciated at Canadian events.”

As far as we see it, here at Synergy Marketing, it would be pretty hard to not impress someone by handing him or her some head gear that will help for keeping warm this winter. And we just happen to have the perfect warm-keeping head gear available! Our incredible Wrap Around Earmuffs take it one step further than giving out hats. Hats are great. But they’re also pretty common. Our earmuffs, however, provide a unique spin on your promo gift-giving practices.

These soft fleece fabric, water resistant, seam-sealed earmuffs are adjustable to fit heads of all sizes. Designed to keep out moisture and wind, the Wrap Around Earmuffs are also foldable so that they can be easily stored away after use. The price of just $19.95 each includes printing on both the left and right side of the earmuffs. With these promo gifts, people will be advertising your business wherever they go this winter!

According to Thorne, “Canadians are very receptive to receiving promotional products and have a high likelihood of retaining them, giving your organization and your events greater exposure over the long haul. So definitely add them to your meetings and events marketing mix.” We can’t think of a reason for Canadian business owners to not hand out promotional products as part of their advertising strategies this winter.

Especially during the busy holiday shopping season, you’ll have more opportunities than ever before to impress the people who visit your store. By providing them with a fantastic promo gifts, such as the Wrap Around Earmuffs, you’ll be making quite the bid to have them keep coming back well into the new year. To place an order, give Synergy Marketing a call today at 1-877-748-9884!

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23 Nov

Pens Are Among The Most Powerful Promo Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products, Small Business Advertising on 23.11.15 by John Meloche

bling-small-logo-group-rev-1024x1269If you’ve yet to enjoy the benefits of handing out promotional gifts to your customers, it is definitely the right time of year to begin! With the end-of-year holiday season quickly approaching, there are more shoppers out now than there are at any other time of year. And since they’re all in the mood for giving, it’s a good idea for you to get in that same mood. Handing out free promo gifts has always been an excellent way to endear shoppers to your brand.

If you’re looking to grow your customer base well into the new year, you could do a lot worse than to use promo gifts as part of your holiday marketing campaign. But what are the best promo gifts to use? The answer is debatable. And that’s because there are so many wonderful promotional products to choose from! But as you may have guessed, Synergy Marketing has them all. Let’s see if we can’t find the perfect one for you.

How about pens? According to promotional products marketing expert, Heide Thorne on CorporateMeetingsNetwork.ca, a 2012 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions study found that “forty-eight per cent of Canadians own promotional pens. This is on par with other countries such as the United States at 50 per cent and France at 46 per cent. Only Great Britain had more (56 per cent).”

Even in “the age of e-gadgets”, as Thorne refers to it, pens are still very viable gifts. They continue to be used by people from all walks of life on a daily basis. Pens give your company very easy ways to market itself on a regular basis. In fact, Thorne believes that it will take an entire generation or two to see the popularity of promo pens decline. But, to what does she owe their predicted longevity?

“With pens and writing instruments requiring no power or batteries, they still will be a functional choice going forward for conferences and meetings,” writes Thorne. At Synergy Marketing, we can’t help but to agree. For many years, we have seen our promotional pens continually top the charts as our most popular promotional products. They’re practical, lightweight, handy and easy-to-carry-around.

Pens are practically the perfect go-to “can’t-go-wrong” promo gift. And, as you are likely aware, Synergy Marketing offers its customers a wide variety of pens to choose from. Take the Kressman™ Ballpoint Stylus, for example. This traditional, yet stylish medium point metal stylus pen with black ink comes in red, blue and black designs and is packaged in a velvet sleeve. The price of only $3.95 each includes one location printing.

We even have a great selection of more “high end” writing utensils for your most esteemed clients. Try the Large Bling Pen on for size! These high-quality crystal stone-filled twist action metal ball point pens come in black, teal, pink and white designs. The price of $19.95 each also includes one location printing. We’re only scratching the surface here. One of our friendly and experienced sales reps can fill you in on all of the different promo pens we have available.

Give Synergy Marketing a call today at 1-877-748-9884!

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20 Nov

Stats Show The True Power Of The Promo Gift

Posted in Promotional Products on 20.11.15 by John Meloche

img-nightvision-pen-logo-rev-1024x1269The Synergy Marketing Blog is an excellent source of business information for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We’re quite proud of the amount of content that we’ve added to our website over the years. At this point, our blog includes countless lists of tips and advice that help business owners to grow their businesses. At Synergy Marketing, that is what we do. We help our clients to advance their companies in ways that no one else can.

Of course, it isn’t just our blog that helps out. We’re known for providing Canadian business owners with the best promo products in the business! We’re confident that we can stand by that claim because of our history of helping entrepreneurs garner referrals, increase sales and grow stronger relationships with their customers. Now, you don’t have to take our word for it. On ePromos.com, it is explained that there is statistical proof to support the power of promo gifts.

83% of consumers like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message. This statistic, which is provided by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), speaks to a simple fact about human nature. People like getting things for free. It’s that simple. When you consider the marketing strategy that is the handing out of promo gifts, know that it speaks to this basic human desire better than any other type of advertising out there.

After receiving a promotional product, 85% of consumers do business with the advertiser. This PPAI stat proves that promo gifts work. They not only serve as reminders to recipients about where to shop, but they also come in handy on a daily basis. This is one of the key benefits to giving out promo gifts. Flyers and business cards get thrown away. Pens, key chains and flashlights get used regularly. It’s advertising that has staying power!

90.4% of people report currently owning or possessing a promotional product received in the last 24 months. Speaking of staying power, how’s that for determining the power of the promo gift? If you hand someone a promo gift, that person is bound to hang on to it for at least two years. At least, this is what PPAI reports. Can you think of another advertising strategy that will have the same kind of long-lasting impact?

89% of consumers can recall the name of the advertisers on a promotional product they received in the past 24 months. Do you want to be memorable? Are you looking to outshine your competition? According to PPAI, you could do a lot worse than hand out promo gifts to your customers. Evidently, they help for people to remember the businesses that gave them out. If you want your business to be remembered, you’ll hand out promo gifts to your customers.

53% of consumers use a promotional product at least once a week or more. Okay, so here’s the deal. Chances are that when you hand out promo gifts bearing your company’s name and logo, more than half of your recipients are going to use it on a weekly basis. The bottom line is that promo gifts work. And they’re a lot less expensive than traditional marketing strategies. So how can you go wrong?

Contact Synergy Marketing to order the promotional product that will work best to promote your business. Our friendly and experienced sales reps look forward to speaking with you and helping you select the perfect promo gift. Give us a call at 1-877-748-9884!

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19 Nov

4 More Ways To Boost Holiday Shopping Sales

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 19.11.15 by John Meloche

Shopping cart with boxes and bags, happy holidaysPreparing your business for the busiest shopping season of the year can be hard work. But, it can also be a lot of fun. Just consider how much more money you stand to make if you find the right ways to encourage more customers to walk through your doors in the coming weeks. As we pointed out in yesterday’s blog, you know that shoppers will be out in full force looking for holiday gifts. What can you do you ensure that more of them visit your place of business?

Here are four more ways to boost holiday shopping sales:

1. Seek some marketing assistance. Just because you’re a business owner, it doesn’t necessarily make you a marketing expert. There’s certainly no shame in that. Take this opportunity to consult the advice of an expert in order to provide your business with a competitive advantage this holiday season. Coming up with the right marketing strategy to boost sales will definitely be worth the investment.

On SterlingFunding.com, Karen Erdelac advocates this practice, knowing that small business owners have to “wear a lot of hats.” “You are usually the first in and the last out and devote countless hours to making sure that your company is operating as efficiently as possible,” she notes, “However, sometimes it is best to seek the advice of an expert who can bring forth fresh new ideas. Even if you already have a marketing plan in place, have it reviewed to ensure that it is as comprehensive as possible.”

2. Work to execute your marketing strategy. Coming up with a great marketing plan is one thing. But how can you ensure that it is executed correctly? It will be important to understand each step of the plan so that it can be rolled out successfully. Consider things like the type of products you plan on advertising, how to display them in your store, whether or not they can be purchased online and how long the sales are going to last.

On EvanCarmichael.com, Melanie Boone advises that you focus on the execution of your marketing plan. “We all know that planning is an important element of business growth,” she says, “Execution of that plan however is paramount. Every great plan that sits on a desk and never gets executed is nothing more than clutter taking up space in your office. Since most people think that this is a slow period, you have the opportunity to really focus on execution of your strategy.”

3. Offer more services. This is definitely the time of year when consumers are looking to have things made easy for them. They will be out spending more money, but it’s not because they particularly have more money. The holiday season and shopping just go hand in hand. The thing is, holiday shopping and frustration also tend to go hand in hand. If you can offer more services to make things easier on shoppers, you will likely have a lot more people visiting your store.

“To garner new interest from customers, you may need to re-invent yourself and your company,” writes Erdelac, “For example, if you are a bakery, consider marketing a delivery service for busy professionals. You could deliver your goods at meetings and save them the time and hassle of the pickup. Or, if you have an auto body repair facility, you could offer an additional repair service or bring in a new brand of merchandise.”

4. Hold a contest. People love opportunities to win something for free. Is there a better time to generate such excitement than during the holiday shopping season? Make one of your most sought-after products a prize, but don’t forget to combine it with one or more of your company’s promotional gifts. It’s always a great idea to offer shoppers constant reminders of where to do their shopping.

To order the best promo products in the business, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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18 Nov

4 Ways To Encourage Visits From Holiday Shoppers

Posted in Small Business Advertising on 18.11.15 by John Meloche

Depositphotos_36600585_s-2015With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, business owners from all over Canada are finding ways to encourage more people to enter their stores. And, of course, that makes good sense. After all, there will be more shoppers looking to make purchases over the course of the next several weeks than at any other time of the year. Are you finding ways to take advantage of all of that foot traffic?

Here are four ways to encourage visits from holiday shoppers:

1. Give them a call. There’s nothing like reaching out personally to those who matter most to your business. Sure, you can go ahead and just assume that more customers will be entering the doors of your store over the next month and a half. But, you need to let your best supporters know that you’re thinking of them this holiday season. This will help to ensure that they think of you when considering where to make purchases in the coming weeks.

On EvanCarmichael.com, Melonie Boone champions this idea. “During this time of the year many people are planning and not just for the holidays,” she writes, “Since your competition thinks this is a slow time for business development, it is a great opportunity for you to connect with people on a more personal level. Pick up the phone and call someone who you want to continue a dialogue with. Staying relevant and top of mind is key.”

2. Advertise your company’s uniqueness. What makes your company different? What makes it stand out from the rest? These attributes need to be highlighted when you reach out to those who you wish to encourage visits from. People will be looking for bargains in the coming weeks. It’s important that you advertise, not just your competitive prices, but the facets of your business that bring greater value to the purchases consumers make from you.

On SterlingFunding.com, Karen Erdelac advises that you plug your brand’s competitive edge. “Every company needs to know their niche,” she insists, “Do you offer lower prices than your competitors? Are you located in an extremely convenient part of town? Do you guarantee a time limit for service? Make sure to lead with these flattering aspects when conversing with your customers. These days, they have lots of choices and you want them to think of your business first.”

3. Network at holiday events. You’re bound to be invited to holiday-themed parties if you haven’t been already. Take these opportunities to enjoy yourself, but also network with like-minded industry professionals. Every occasion when you get to meet other business owners provides you with chances to grow your own business. You never know what partnerships may result from attending a party.

“We are all out networking in some way shape or form, it is how I grow my business and can be a very successful tool if done strategically,” admits Boone, “There is nothing wrong with networking to have fun and meet new people but at the end of the day you want to build your business and you cannot have a networking strategy that is all after-hours wine & dines.”

4. Utilize your promo gifts. It’s widely known that we’re now fully entrenched in the season of giving. Don’t miss out on opportunities to be generous to those who matter most to your business. Provide your customers and employees with free promotional items that not only come in handy on a daily basis, but advertise your company as well. To order the best promo products in the business, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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17 Nov

3 Ways To Please Everybody With Your Decorations

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 17.11.15 by John Meloche

Christmas Ornament In Front Of Businessman Working At DeskIn yesterday’s blog, we touched upon the subject of office decorations during the holiday season. It’s a good idea, no doubt. Boosting employee morale can easily be done when your staff members are able to come to work each day to a vibrantly-decorated place of business. However, as we pointed out yesterday, it’s important to be mindful of different traditions. It’s also important to ensure the safety of your staff when decorating your office.

On Care2.com, Linda Merrill writes that holiday decorations in the office can cause problems. She cites a 2006 International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) survey of employees that found that “25 percent reported problems related to the decorations and 85 percent of the complaints led to policy changes.” So how can you decorate your office space in a way that pleases everybody?

Here are three ways:

1. Allow employees freedom with their personal spaces. This may not apply to all businesses, but for those where employees have their own offices or cubicles, feel free to allow them to decorate as they please. As long as the workspace is not impeded by the decorations and that a “business as usual” environment is maintained, it can be great for employee morale if they are allowed their own freedom of expression.

“Consensus seems to be that for employees who wish to decorate their personal spaces they do so on their own time, such as before or after work or during a lunch break and it should not impose on their neighbours in any way,” reports Merrill, “Truly religious symbols such as a nativity scene should be kept small and unobtrusive, for the owner only. On the other hand, more common decorations such as garlands are more generally appropriate for all because they represent a more commercialized aspect of the holiday.”

2. Start a food drive. This is a hugely important holiday tradition that should garner the involvement of all employees, no matter what traditions they acknowledge. Having a station set up for the collection of non-perishable foods in your office is arguably the best possible “decoration” you can set up. AllBusiness.com strongly recommends that you share the “true spirit” of the season in this way.

“The holiday season is not only a time to celebrate, it is also a time to think of those less fortunate than ourselves,” says the site, “Bring the spirit of giving into your office by organizing a company food drive. Ask employees to bring in canned goods and other non-perishable food items to donate to a local shelter or other aid organization. Display the food items in a corner of the office where the growing pile will inspire employees to bring in their own contributions.”

3. Use your company’s promotional gifts. Who says that promo gifts can’t be used as decorations? The holiday season is a great time of year to help boost company pride. Place your promo gifts throughout the office and offer them as prizes to employees who are the most productive. Friendly competition never hurts. And when your staff members are given more opportunities to earn bonuses, it helps to drive competition.

At Synergy Marketing, we have a wide array of promo gifts to offer our customers. Water bottles, pens, flashlights, wine stoppers, key chains, knives, tools and so much more are available now! We even have a fantastic array of holiday gifts including our very popular Christmas Card and CD combo! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to order the promo gift of your choice today. Simply dial 1-877-748-9884!

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