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3 More Ways To Advertise To Young People

Posted in Small Business Advertising, Synergy Suggestions on 08.09.15 by John Meloche

Friendly group of students talking  - isolated over a white backgroundWelcome to the end of summer! Okay, we know that, for most Canadians, there is nothing “welcome” about the end of summer. And, in no way should an exclamation mark have been put at the end of our opening statement. Many people – young people especially – dread today because it represents the first day of school for the majority of Canadian students. And while the summer isn’t officially over, summer vacation is certainly done for all intents and purposes.

Now, that doesn’t mean that all young people are upset. On the contrary, many Canadian students are actually quite excited for the beginning of school today. A new school year opens youngsters up to so many new possibilities for their futures. As a business owner, a new school year also opens your business up to a wide variety of opportunities as well. Are you marketing your brand in such a way that it attracts these excited members of the student population?

Here are three more ways to advertise to young people:

1. Advertise in schools. Is there a better place to connect with the student population than the schools themselves? You’d be hard pressed to walk into a restroom on a university campus without seeing an advertisement of some kind. There are many different ways to get your brand better known on school grounds. Contact schools in your area to find out if there are advertising opportunities available.

On HuffingtonPost.com Shawn Prez advocates this practice. “Product placement has proven to be effective with young audiences, which spend a significant amount of time consuming media,” he informs, “Take advantage of this method, as it allows marketers to spend the money and effort displaying their products in time slots or locations that are shown to reach very important and influential demographics.”

2. Be part of “real world” activities. In yesterday’s blog, we championed the use of social media and the creation of your own apps to engage Canada’s school-attending younger population. And while this will always be a wise move, it’s important to remember that not everything is done online. Believe it or not, there is still no substitute for connecting with people in person. And this is certainly true for young people.

On TheFinancialBrand.com, Tim McAlpine insists that you invest in marketing opportunities that will connect you to young people in the real world. “As you develop your young adult marketing strategies, make sure that there is a healthy dose of real-world activities in your integrated marketing mix,” he advises, “Consider event sponsorships, street teams, brand ambassadors on campus, guerrilla activities and stunts, student orientation events and sports.”

3. Try a guerrilla marketing approach. If you’re planning on connecting with youngsters in person, you may want to try guerrilla marketing. Implementing an unconventional method to market your brand is great way to engage young people who may be disengaged from the “same old same old” approach. Prez believes that guerrilla marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with a young, urban crowd.

“ It has a strong impact on driving sales and brand awareness while utilizing minimal resources,” he believes, “Guerrilla marketing focuses on non-traditional tactics, using various brand ambassadors to interact one on one in a very intimate way (being on the ground and actually touching consumers where they eat, sleep, and play such as campuses, concerts, sporting events, nightclubs, etc.)”

One thing is for sure. When meeting your young would-be customers, be sure to give them something to remember you by. To order some fantastic promotional products, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884!

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