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4 Sweet Ways To Treat Your Employees Right

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.10.15 by John Meloche

Business Team of Mixed Races at OfficeThere’s a lot of talk about “treats” going on these days. With Halloween quickly approaching, there soon will be many costume-clad youngsters hitting the streets in seek of treats. Perhaps, that has got something to do with it! In the business world, “treats” is also an important word. But it has everything to do with how people are treated – candy isn’t always part of the equation. For a successful company, it’s important to treat your employees right.

Here are four sweet ways to do so:

1. Picture them as future superstars. People have plans. And, for all you know, your employees are people with aspirations to move up in your company. By treating them as if they may, one day, own your brand, you just may get the best productivity you’ve ever generated from members of your staff. Help them to grow their potential by offering feedback that speaks to their talents. Foster their growth. You’ll be rewarded in the long run.

“Treat them as if they are eventually going to be better than you,” recommends Success Resources, “You can learn from every one of them in the time they have with you. Treat every employee as your teacher. Even if they’re criticising you. Before you get defensive, take a step back and ask, ‘Is there some truth to what they are saying? Why are they saying it?’ If someone has the courage to speak up, it means it matters enough for them to say something about it.”

2. Encourage them to face their fears. As motivated as some employees may be to climb the ladder of success, some others may suffer from senses of anxiety. Not everyone is confident in themselves. Give your employees the courage to know that their contributions to your company matter. By instilling a new sense of confidence in them, you will be helping them to be more productive. This, of course, benefits your brand.

3. Be fair about compensation. Everyone shows up to work for a pay cheque. We all know that. Keep in mind that the costs of living rise on a regular basis, and it’s only right that your staff members are able to afford them. Offering raises is a standard part of any job. Don’t lose some of your best staff members because you’ve made money an issue. Give what is fair and you’ll receive much in return.

“Research shows money is not the greatest day-to-day motivator,” says Harvey Schachter of The Globe and Mail, “With the exception of a commissioned salesperson, it’s in the background, boring. But if no pay increases have occurred for three years or a recruiter offers somebody $10,000 more, you have a problem. So pay well enough that money is a non-issue should that recruiter call.”

4. Give them responsibilities. Believe it or not, most employees actually do want you to put them to work. They enjoy being depended on as it gives them senses of pride in their abilities. After all, wouldn’t it be better for your business if those who worked for it felt like their contributions mattered? Put people in positions to succeed – not fail. Allow them the opportunities to meet their full potential.

“This means exposing them to the tough choices and situations they will need to experience to start their own businesses,” says Success Resources, “Give them responsibility and ownership. Help them see the importance of delivering value to the people around them. Be a beacon that inspires them to follow. And eventually they will be beacons as well. Eventually, they may leave you, but they will look back and appreciate what you did for them.”

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