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5 More Ways To Boost Business Using Social Media

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 07.03.14 by John Meloche

Social MediaAre you following Synergy Marketing on Twitter yet? If you follow us, we’ll follow you back! This is just one of the ways that we are boosting our commitment to being more social through social media. According to Karen Bivand on TheMompreneur.com, this practice is one the key methods of boosting business online. When you support others, they are a lot more likely to support you.

In yesterday’s blog, we listed a number of Bivand’s tips – including that one – in an effort to help our readers get a better handle on how to better utilize social media to their advantage. After all, we’re still trying to do the same around here! Links to our blogs are always posted on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. But we’re doing a little bit more than just that these days.

Our blog links come with questions that we hope our friends and followers will be curious to know the answers to. This is often a top tip when it comes to using social media – engaging your audience by asking questions and encouraging them to join in the conversation. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few more of Bivand’s tips on how to use social media to build your brand.

Join LinkedIn Groups. “Try to find LinkedIn groups that attract a lot of your customers,” suggests Bivand, “Once you are a member of these groups, you are able to directly contact other members of the group. By starting and participating in discussions on these groups, you can showcase your expertise and make real connections.” LinkedIn is widely known as a great way to build your business contacts.

Post polls on Facebook. If one thing is true about Facebook, it has become a place where people love to share their opinions. By holding a poll, you will encourage customers to respond with their thoughts which will inevitably drive a lot more traffic to your page. Make your questions simple and related to your business, advises Bivand. It could be as easy as asking people about their favourite things to eat.

Post tips on Twitter. The Synergy Marketing Blog, as you may have noticed, is a place where you can find a whole lot of tips. But Bivand mentions that even though you’re limited to 140 characters, using Twitter to offer tips can be very useful. Simply post relevant information that is innovative and interesting and you’re bound to get some attention for it.

Offer online deals and discounts. Earlier this week, we blogged about how much people love getting things for free. And that is certainly true. But people also enjoy getting things at discounted prices. Imagine the number of friends and followers you will get if you offer them special promotions and discounts. This is a great way to drive traffic to both your site as well as your physical place of business.

Start a blog. Speaking of blogs, our very own has worked wonders for us. It keeps our website and social media pages fresh and shows our audience that we are experts in our field. If you’re unable to find the time to blog for yourself, hire a professional. It won’t cost you a whole lot but the benefits are immeasurable. The bottom line is that growing your business, in this day and age, requires that you properly use social media.

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