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5 Ways To Amaze Customers Using Social Media

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 30.01.14 by John Meloche

Social media conceptWe all want to boost our brands. It’s the trait that binds us all as business owners. Who doesn’t go into business wanting to defeat their competition? Who doesn’t want to succeed in greater ways with the passing of each year? If you’re not up for building upon the success that your business has already enjoyed, then there’s no point in continuing to run a business. Is there?

We don’t mean to be harsh. But the harsh reality is that your competition is working on ways on beating you out. Your complacency should be non-existent. There is always something new that you can do to elevate your company’s level of success. On Forbes.com, Karsten Strauss addresses the topic of brand boosting through his interview with Taylor King.

King is the associate account manager of Inward Strategic Consulting. This Boston-based consulting firm has advised such brands as Walmart, HP and Campbell’s. So what does he suggest are the keys to boosting one’s business? Not surprisingly, he points to one’s use of social media and how it can gain a greater deal of respect for your brand. He offers some tips on how to make this so.

Authenticity. It’s great to offer special deals, run contests and throw engaging events. “This may draw a bump in interest but ultimately does nothing to set them apart from the pack,” says King. But what will truly set your company apart from its competitors? Come up with a way to generate publicity for your brand in ways that no other company has before. Do something that is uniquely you. Generating buzz has a lot to do with being original.

Reputation. Getting customer feedback and making it public is a great way to build a strong reputation. Perhaps, this is one way you can promote the authenticity of your brand. Ask your customers to review your business in their own blogs or in their statuses on Facebook. As King points out, “with so many social media outlets and a myriad of voices being projected and heard in real time, being aware of what people are saying has never been more important.”

Response. Social media doesn’t just give you the ability to share information about your business, it allows you to respond to the information being shared with you. Twitter and Facebook can be the perfect avenues for you to address customer complaints. Not only do they give you quick and direct access to your customers, but they showcase to other friends and followers examples of your professionalism and courtesy.

Romance. Don’t think you have to take your customers out to dinner. But King does note that building closer relationships with your customers is important. And social media certainly helps you to do that. “Taking in feedback from the masses and collecting metadata on customers is fine but for a closer relationship with individuals, companies and brands have to go the extra mile and offer tailored experiences,” he says.

Availability. Social media allows you to be so much more accessible to your customers. Nothing is worse than not getting back to a client who may be in need of something you offer. Poor examples of customer service will lose you customers no matter how great your products and services are. Utilize social media to be in constant touch with those who mean the most to your company.

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