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Advertise During The Holidays

Posted in Uncategorized on 10.12.10 by John Meloche

During the holidays, business owners everywhere are experiencing their highest sales of the year. Some may even take for granted that customers are bound to head into their stores in droves. And while sales should certainly increase during this time of year, there is definitely no reason why entrepreneurs should lay off of advertising.

The idea that one may not “need” to advertise his or her business during the holidays is one that should be quickly dispensed! In fact, the opposite approach, should be practiced. As Joshua Bailey of eHow.com writes, “In order to boost your sales and profit, you need to advertise in a way that will give your company an advantage over others.”

Advertising, continues Bailey, is a key reason that consumers will buy your products. The holiday season, especially is a time when shoppers are carefully considering how to spend their hard-earned money. The better your advertising, the more opportunities you will present for your business to draw in customers.

Bailey recommends that Christmas-themed advertisements should be released around the end of October. It is around this time that many consumers begin thinking about what they plan to buy as gifts to celebrate the holidays. Bailey also recommends that you make your Christmas advertisements stand out.

His advice echoes something that Synergy Marketing Consultants has long believed in. Writes Bailey: “To be different, set up an account online or even a personal blog. Make sure you are repetitive with your company’s name so consumers can replay it in their minds.”

“The Internet plays a huge part in consumer buying these days,” he continues, “so chances are people will start there before even leaving the house. It is easy and simple for people to do, and if you are one of the companies who has put effort into this realm of advertisement, your ad has a higher chance of being seen.”

Bailey even suggests using Santa Claus himself to lure people into your store. Based on his advice, it doesn’t seem as if there is any copyright on the image. So if Santa can give an endorsement to your product, you may want to consider utilizing the big man’s rapport with the buying public!

As well, be sure to grab the attention of your customers by offering them money-saving discounts. There is nothing a shopper likes better than the feeling that a good deal has been received. Free shipping, for example, is always a popular idea. Finally, Bailey reminds you to keep the advertisements going. Remember, you can continue to profit well after the Christmas season is over.

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