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Argos Looking To Capture Grey Cup This Sunday

Posted in News on 20.11.12 by John Meloche

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, there is a lot of excitement going on in Toronto’s sports world these days. And to be completely fair, it’s not all about the Toronto Blue Jays. Yesterday, one of our reps noted that the Jays are Toronto’s only team to have won a championship in “recent memory”. Meanwhile, the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League are preparing to win this coming Sunday’s 100th Grey Cup.

The last time the Argos won the Cup was in 2004, so it’s fair to say that that would be recent memory – especially since the last time the Jays won a World Series was in 1993. There are many young people walking around Toronto with no recollection of that! Meanwhile, the Argos’ chances of winning this year have only become sweeter by the fact that the game will be played at Rogers Centre in Toronto – their home field.

“It’s going to be awesome,” mentioned one of our Toronto-based clients who has season tickets to see the Argos, “I just had this feeling that they would make it (to the Grey Cup final) this year. And it’s fantastic that they get to play at home. Hopefully, the city of Toronto will enjoy a big celebration this coming weekend.”

Hopefully, history will be on the side of the Argos who take on the Calgary Stampeders for the championship this Sunday. Last year, the B.C. Lions captured the Grey Cup at their home field, B.C. Place in Vancouver. They also pulled off this same feat in 1994, which happens to be the last time before last year that any team was able to win a Grey Cup on their home field.

“The field that the Grey Cup is played on is determined well in advance, long before the season begins,” informed one of our sales reps, “So it’s pretty cool when the winning team actually represents the city where the game is being played. Next year’s game is in Regina. But hopefully, that won’t matter and the Argos will win back-to-back championships.”

Perhaps speaking too soon, our rep shows a passion for his team that is shared throughout the Synergy Marketing offices. Well, by almost everyone, that is. “It’s hard for me to get excited about a championship being won by a team from an eight-team league,” said a co-worker, pointing out the relatively small size of the CFL, “Winning the Grey Cup is nothing like winning the Stanley Cup.”

Our poor rep may have to wait another year before any Stanley Cup is awarded. The National Hockey League remains locked out leaving fans with no ability to watch their favourite hockey stars in action. As far as Toronto and Calgary are concerned, the Grey Cup will have to do. But don’t think the Grey Cup isn’t a big deal.

According to Wikipedia, the game “is Canada’s largest annual sports and television event, regularly drawing a Canadian viewing audience of about 4 million.” Being headquartered in Toronto, the Synergy staff is reasonably is biased towards its hometown team. With the Argos having won the most Grey Cups in history with 15, there is hope that this Sunday will be our “sweet 16th”!

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