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Becoming An Expert Social Media Communicator

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 24.10.13 by John Meloche

Social media seems to be a hot topic this month. Well, to be honest, it’s been a hot topic for quite some time simply because social media are used to discuss hot topics! This week, we’ve been looking at articles that promote the use of social media for business marketing. Earlier this month, Ian Lurie wrote on Entrepreneur.com that using social media the right way, can get your business boosted in a big way.

It’s all about doing the “little things”, he says. And while admitting that there is “no shortcut to success”, utilizing your social networking profiles to the best of your ability will help to increase your brand awareness in ways you likely never imagined. This is especially true considering that following his list of tips will cost you absolutely nothing. Advertising your business for free can’t be a bad thing, can it?

It’s all about being a good communicator, Lurie says. It needs to be constantly reiterated that social media is all about socializing. As he puts it, it is “really a crowd of people talking – usually to each other.” So how do you “cut through the noise and really engage with people”? How do you avoid turning people off while simply trying to inform them of what your business does? Lurie offers his tips.

Write well. When you’re posting on your Facebook and Twitter profiles on behalf of your business, it’s important to not just use proper punctuation and grammar, but the right tone as well. You want to “write in a comfortable voice, not a formal one,” says Lurie. Keep it short and concise when possible and be sure you’re confident in what you’re saying before sending your message out into the world.

Use images when it makes sense. People do love their pictures. And as Lurie reports, posts with images get approximately two to three times more interest. However, you don’t want to add pictures to your posts simply for the sake of adding pictures. Make sure they are relevant to your post. Remember, they don’t all have to be directly related to your business. It’s all about getting people interested in your topic.

Utilize video. As much as people love pictures, they seem to love videos twice as much. Is it any wonder that sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are so popular? Nothing attracts an audience like an interesting video. Share videos that make sense. And while you’re choosing your videos, make sure that they are in keeping with the type of audience you are looking to attract. You don’t want to offend anyone.

Take advantage of all social networks. According to Lurie, there’s really no limit to the number of different social media profiles you can have. Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular, but there are several more sites out there. From Google+ to LinkedIn to SlideShare, there are various sites that can help your business expand its reach across cyberspace.

Respond immediately. “If someone asks a question or proposes an alternate viewpoint, answer them quickly,” writes Lurie, “This gives people the impression you care about their needs and are responsive.” It is also the entire purpose of social media. They give business owners direct links to their customers and the unique ability to keep in constant touch. Make use of this great invention!

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