16 Feb

Blogging Is The Best

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 16.02.10 by John Meloche

In the many conversations that our amazing staff have here at Synergy Marketing Consultants, we discover that there are a ton of business owners out there who are looking for relatively cheap methods of promoting their businesses. And why wouldn't they? It makes good sense to illuminate your brand in as best a light as possible…without having to worry about paying a hefty electricity bill while doing it.

Oddly enough, we receive a lot of website traffic thanks in part to this very blog. And since we take the time to update it ourselves, it basically provides us with one of the most cost-effective methods of keeping our business on the minds of clients everywhere. Blogging is fun, effective and not at all costly.

The very fact that you are reading this helps to prove our point. But you don't just have to take our word for it. Amber Singleton Riviere of WebWorkerDaily.com believes strongly in the use of regularly updated website content as a means of effective marketing and promoting of a business.

Riviere, in fact, admits that writing is her ?single greatest lead generation strategy.? Through her own blogs, she is able to effectively communicate to her readers to generate interest in her business. Her writing also allows her to filter and screen potential clients by opening them up to her personality and working style.

In addition, the more content she writes, the more often that potential clients will be able to locate her in their search engines. This is especially important in her line of work although the same effectiveness of online communication can be enjoyed by any industry. She writes: ?As a web worker, I can?t imagine being able to build an online business without writing and publishing content on a regular basis.?

For some businesses, taking it to the next level may be appropriate. Riviere also recommends that businesses create and maintain a high quality video blog or podcast. Now although this doesn't necessarily apply to all business types, she admits that ?if you?re only producing one type of media, you?re missing out on a large group of potential customers and clients.?

Says Riviere: ?Although it can seem intimidating at first, audio and video content can actually be easier to produce than written content. Start off slowly by committing to one podcast or video blog per month. If you?re able to keep up that schedule with ease, slowly increase your frequency.?

She also advocates the use of a high-quality newsletter. Admitting that some believe that this resource is a ?thing of the past?, Riviere feels that newsletters have proven to be very successful ways to communicate to her clients, as they encourage them to continue doing business with her.

One newsletter a month will do it, she says. Containing a number of articles and recurring sections, these newsletters also may include new promotions or discounts to those who receive them. As a result, she finds that she attains many immediate sign-ups as well as positive feedback about her posts.

These concepts are all effective and all inexpensive. And all it takes is some creativity. Blogging has most definitely helped us. It can help you too.

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