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Canadian Women Owning The Podium

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 25.02.10 by John Meloche

This year's Winter Olympic Games are proving to be a beautiful display of talent of the many Canadian athletes who have the opportunity of competing on home soil. And while, at the time of this writing, Canada is tied for first with the most amount of gold medals ? 8 ? there is a noticeable pattern in the type of Canadian athlete that is reaching the podium the most often. Women.

Debra Black reports today on The Toronto's Star's website that ?The Olympic podium is looking decidedly female these days as Canada?s Olympic women continue to win more medals than their male team members.? Especially with Canada's women's hockey team securing their third straight Olympic gold medal in a row earlier this evening, this fact is a hard one to miss.

This, of course, is not to say that Canada's male athletes are not competitive ? they do outnumber the women 115 to 91 ? but the Canadian women have truly been shining brightly on the Olympic stage this year.

Black submits the following proof: ?So far, five of our seven gold medals have been won by women: Heather Moyse and Kaillie Humphries for women?s bobsleigh; Ashleigh McIvor for women?s ski cross; Ricker for women?s snowboard cross; Christine Nesbitt for women?s 1,000-metre speed skating and (Tessa) Virtue in ice dancing.?

It should be duly noted that Virtue did win her gold along with her male partner, Scott Moir. Nevertheless, the ladies are truly doing their thing in Van City. Just yesterday, Canada's women took the silver medal in the 3,000 metre short track speedskating relay as Clara Hughes took the bronze in her 5,000 metre race. Not to mention, Canada truly owned the podium in women's bobsleigh as both the gold and silver medals were captured by Canadian teams.

Canadian Olympic Committee CEO Chris Rudge offered this opinion about the success of Canada's women at the Games: ?My observation is that the IOC has gone to great lengths over the past 10 years to make sport more accessible and to bring gender equity to sport. I do believe in my heart and soul that the IOC is trying to bring about gender balance in this world. You can?t force countries to change the way they are.?

As of this writing, Canada has accumulated 16 medals at Vancouver's Winter Games. Of those, 12.5 (we'll count Virtue's as a half because she did win her medal along with a guy in Moir), were won by women. The nation, as a whole, is currently in fourth place in the medal standing behind only Norway, Germany and the United States.

The contribution of the women to Canada's medal count is truly a remarkable feat. Hughes, herself, commented on this wondrous happening: ?There is, and I hate to say this as a female, but there is a lot more depth in men?s sports, especially in endurance sports. It takes a lot more resources and time for men to develop. Sports at this level are unfathomably hard and difficult.?

Canada's female Olympians are truly amazing role models for women everywhere. We would like to salute all of the amazing ladies of Canada who are doing the country so proud at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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