07 Sep

More Power on the Go!

Posted in Promotional Products on 07.09.16 by John Meloche

September is a busy month for many as businesses get busier and students return back to school. That means, your phone will be doing more work than usual. Ensure that you have a backup plan for battery life for your phone or your personal devices anywhere you go. Thanks to the USB Power Bank, you can now extend the battery life of your phone and personal devices helping you to stay connected on the go.

What is a USB power bank?

USB power bank is an external battery compatible with your mobile phone and other electronic gadgets. It is very convenient to carry as it is small enough to carry in your pocket. This product can be especially ideal for long business trips or for commuting students.

Adding extra hours to your phone’s battery life will ensure that you are always prepared!

This power bank comes in 3 different colours (Black, Blue, Red) and can be purchased at:


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22 Aug

Reflecting On Rio

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 22.08.16 by John Meloche

Another Olympics has passed and wow was this one memorable. We got to see Usain Bolt be Usain Bolt once again in what might be his final games. Add some breakout performances from Andre De Grasse, Penny Oleksiak, and Katie Ledecky, and you have what might be the best summer Olympics to date. The question is how will you remember this Olympics? With the closing of these games, we’re reflecting on marketing lessons we can take from these games.

It was obvious that right from the very beginning these Olympics were going to be something special. With all the controversy beforehand, we knew that Rio was going to be home to some very interesting storylines. This interest has translated into sales. Merchandise sales have exceeded expectations, especially in the North American countries. The grand successes from Andre De Grasse and Penny Oleksiak have encouraged many  Canadians to further admire these games. This admiration has lead to an increased desire to remember these games and nothing enables people to remember events more than promotional items. The memorable performances from Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, and Simone Biles have created mass interest in the States as well.

The main point is, people try to savor these moments. The teenage star surprising everyone and taking gold, one of the greatest Olympians competing in his final games, and complete domination from your favorite team. People want to remember these moments and keep them in their hearts. You want to be able to say, “I saw one of the greatest Olympians ever,” or “I witnessed quite possibly the craziest Olympic moment ever.” Promotional products help you recall those moments. They essentially do that talking for you. They’re a key component of the Olympics, financially and mentally. So wear that merchandise proud and remember those moments that brought countries together.

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21 Jul

The SWAG Behind Music Festivals

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 21.07.16 by John Meloche

We’ve always discussed promotional items and their ability to capture moments that we cherish. We’ve mentioned how they serve as a tangible memory, or link back to a certain event. While we have only used this definition for large sporting occasions, it certainly applies to other big events as well. Another great example of an event that promotional items, or SWAG, thrives in, are music festivals.

Coachella, Lollapalooza, Osheaga, the list goes on. Music festivals are now becoming big ticket shows in North America. Their popularity has increased dramatically over the past couple of years, as these shows are now bigger than ever. How do promotional items factor into this?

People attending these festivals want to get something that serves as a symbol of all the fun they had. Mitchell Peters, from Billboard, wrote that merchandise sales are going through the roof mainly because festivalgoers want a souvenir and a remembrance of that weekend. Promotional items are the only marketing tools that can enable you to achieve that. People are now starting to spend absurd amounts of money on merchandise. Even now music festivals are starting to implement cashless transactions within the festival grounds. Instead of paying with cash, you load up money on your ticket, wristband, etc., then you buy things with that. This was done to make it even easier to buy merchandise, food, drinks, etc.

There is a huge market for music festival SWAG and it’s only growing. The increased popularity of music festivals is feeding right into merchandise sales and enhancing them greatly. It’s clear that if you want to remember your awesome time from an event like this, SWAG is what you need.

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12 Jul

Promotional Marketing in the MLB All-Star Game

Posted in Promotional Products on 12.07.16 by John Meloche

Well that was an entertaining Home Run Derby last night. We definitely learned a couple of things last night, it’s hard to be a repeat champion, Giancarlo Stanton is an absolute beast, and that the All-Stars were sporting some great SWAG. The retro font complimented the yellow and black base colors very well. This year’s All-Star game has produced some quality SWAG and people are most definitely noticing it.

We’ve discussed the effectiveness of promotional marketing items and their ability to capture extremely meaningful moments. But again we have to look at the money making side of these items, because when it comes down to it, it’s all about the return on your investment. The MLB is definitely generating a considerable return on their All-Star SWAG right now. According to MLB Senior VP/Consumer Products Steve Armus, licensees of All-Star Game SWAG have sold out their initial shipments and have been “chasing incremental business for more than 10 days.”(Lefton, 2016) Not only that but New Era, the designer and main distributor of the All-Star hats, is anticipating its best All-Star Game sales total ever. The demand is most definitely there and is debatably stronger than ever.

This is why promotional marketing is so effective. It’s one of the most effective marketing tools for the sole reason that people want to don the same gear as their idols. They want a tangible symbol that reminds them of when their idol hit 20 home runs in the final round of the Home Run Derby. Nothing else can serve that purpose, and that’s why SWAG is irreplaceable.

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11 Jul

Marketing Lessons From Euro 2016

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 11.07.16 by John Meloche

What an amazing tournament! This year’s Euro was unbelievable, with all the upsets that took place, the injuries sustained, the goals scored, it was truly a remarkable event. However, with Euro 2016 finishing yesterday, we’re reflecting on our Euro experience and evaluating effective marketing ideas implemented during the tournament.

We’ll start this segment off by noting the effectiveness of promotional items. Promotional items are one of the most useful promotional tools, and when you combine them with such a significant event such as Euro,then you’re exponentially increasing their popularity. It’s important to note that these products can become more than just promotional tools. For most Euro supporters, when they receive these items, they typically tend to preserve the items and keep them in mint condition. This in turn promotes the idea that these promotional items become collector items. This is a very realistic idea as many people tend to keep these items as a landmark for their memory; a visual cue of their Euro 2016 experience (I can guarantee you every Portugal fan is doing this right now.)

The idea behind these items are that they become easily cherished. They develop sentimental value and serve as a lasting memory of an amazing experience. So to all the Portugal fans out there, congratulations, and make sure you keep that mini Portugal soccer ball in tiptop shape.

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30 Jun

Great SWAG for Canada Day

Posted in News, Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 30.06.16 by John Meloche

Canada Day is tomorrow and it’s going to be a beautiful day. With the great weather we’re getting it would be crazy not to embrace the outdoors. Companies are doing exactly that as they’re celebrating with all sorts of great outdoor events. In addition to this, there’s been a lot of corporate swag giveaways. But we’re wondering what the best swag to give is? Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Hats. A classic corporate gift. This is perfect for the outdoors and those beautiful sunny days. Not only this, but it allows your employees to represent your brand almost anywhere they go. It’s a great promotional gift that has multiple purposes, something that’s good for everybody.
  2. T-shirts. Another classic summer gift. Really part of the ideal summer attire, and again another effective means of company representation. A great travelling advertisement.
  3. Steak Knives. Speaking of outdoor events, BBQ’s are a Canada Day staple. They’re perfect for the summer weather and great for celebrating our great country. Nothing’s better than a nice BBQ on a nice summer day. Steak knives just help that idea and let your employees enjoy their Canada Day that much more.

While it is Canada Day and we are celebrating our country, this is a great excuse to hand out SWAG and celebrate your employees. We’re celebrating the country and the great people living in it.

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24 Jun

The Business Behind the NHL Draft SWAG

Posted in News, NHL, Promotional Products on 24.06.16 by John Meloche

Yesterday we discussed the NBA draft and the extraordinary value that promotional products bring to their brand. Well the same can be said for tonight’s NHL Draft. Yesterday’s blog really focused on the sentimental value created by these items, today let’s really focus on what it’s all about… dollars and cents!!

While these promotional items at their core resonate a lasting memory, they also serve as lucrative business strategy. These items help capture all the feeling behind these events and as a result they become wanted, not only by players, but by everybody. Draft hats are a great example of this. Kids look up to these players and aspire to become hockey players themselves. These hats allow them to enhance their imagination and can help them recreate their dream to become a professional player. Not only that but these hats can be a reminder; these kids are working towards a common goal: to wear that hat for real. This is a highly effective marketing campaign as according to nhl.com, overall merchandise sales gained 15% of the league’s revenue. It’s cited to say “growth was driven by strong category sales in lifestyle apparel, headwear, etc.” These promotional items contribute to a lot of growth and sales, and will continue to do so as long as their reputation is maintained.

The draft is a special time, it’s a chance to get your career started and make your dreams come true. These small items are the quintessential symbols for hope, perseverance, and hard work; all the ingredients needed to make your dream a reality. Good luck to all the draftees, congratulations on being able to finally wear that hat.

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23 Jun

The SWAG in the NBA Draft

Posted in NBA, News, Promotional Products on 23.06.16 by John Meloche

The NBA draft is tonight! All the anticipation, excitement, and anxiety is going to be coming to an end. If you’re as big as a basketball fan as I am, you probably won’t be able to take your eyes away from the screen. But while you’re watching the draft, keep an eye out on all the swag being featured.

The NBA draft is a place of hopes and dreams. It serves as the starting point for many illustrious careers. What the league does so well, is capture all the angst, joy, and happiness of the draft in swag. While the draft hat may seem negligible at times, it’s really the opposite. That hat seizes the exact feeling that draftees have. That mix of uneasiness and enthusiasm that you’re likely never going to experience again. Those hats serve as a tangible introduction for many hopeful careers. That is something that’s irreplaceable, and thus is an invaluable item for every player.

Years of swag use has given this hat an above worldly meaning and really symbolizes a player’s hopes and dreams. The draft hat is the tangible recreation of what every NBA draftee wants: a chance to live out their dream. So good luck to all the draftees and embrace your NBA swag, that little hat is going to become a big part of your life very soon.

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22 Jun

The Branding of Vegas

Posted in News, NHL, Promotional Products on 22.06.16 by John Meloche

With the NHL Awards taking place tonight and with the much anticipated announcement of an expansion franchise in Las Vegas, we’re digging deeper into the Vegas scene. What happens in Vegas is not staying in Vegas for this blog. Vegas is a hub for promotional products. More specifically, Casinos are a mecca for promotional products. These items have been used to to strengthen their brand amidst a deluge of competitors. With 25 casinos all being located in one concentrated area, you have to compete that much more to put your name out there and keep it there.

When you walk into a casino, you’re essentially surrounded by branding items. The t-shirts, the pens, the hats, everything. Casinos are masters of swag, and they have to be. How do you reinforce your brand in such a highly competitive city like Vegas? You put it everywhere. That’s what these promotional items do; they give the brand life in places where it would otherwise be non-existent. They allow the brand to flourish and grow by branching it out to places all over. That t-shirt you got from a Vegas casino serves a purpose. Not to clothe you, but to serve as a lasting memory of your time from Vegas. Since you’re not supposed to tell anyone about your time there (What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas), your shirt serves as a lasting link to the good times you had. Also it serves as a reminder that if you want to have fun in Vegas, you have to go back to that casino. A great promotional product serves as a memory, a memory that connects you to a certain place and binds you t
o a brand. So whether it’s the MGM Grand or John’s Auto, that hat you are wearing creates loyalty.

Behind all that Vegas flash and fun there are some serious business tactics. While it may not seem like it, promotional products contribute to a large part of a casino’s marketing strategy. While your stories should probably never leave Vegas, your Caesars t-shirt does.

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20 Jun

The Marketing Behind the NBA Championships

Posted in NBA, News, Promotional Products on 20.06.16 by John Meloche

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers on their championship. It was a great series and had one of the best game seven’s in NBA history.

Last week I talked about the Stanley Cup and all the promotional marketing that takes place within that championship. Well the same applies to the NBA championship. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Lebron happier than after he donned his NBA champions hat and t-shirt. Just like the Stanley Cup championships, these promotional items become more than simple clothing items. They become engraved in the moment. They’re walking proof that you’re a champion. All the blood, sweat, tears, and hype that go into winning a championship all resonate within these items. Like the NHL, the NBA has been able to create immense value out of these promotional items.

Not only does that value translate into happiness for the victors, but it also translates into sales. After Golden States won the championship last year, Golden State jersey and merchandise sales skyrocketed. This was seen throughout all of this year as according to NBA.com Steph Curry’s jersey sales had passed Lebron’s. Not only that but Golden State merchandise sales had surpassed Cleveland’s amount and became the most popular team merchandise. These augmented Golden state sales, then contributed to producing the largest Black Friday and Cyber Monday figures for NBAstore.com as their combined sales had been up 20% from the previous year.

The NBA championships have served as a great host for promoting merchandise. The league has done a great job of preserving the championship effort, determination, and memories all through these promotional merchandise. So congratulations Cleveland, wear those hats proud and remember how it all happened.

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