26 Aug

How Can Content Marketing Impact Your Business?

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We’ve discussed lead generation and its most prominent forms: content and email marketing. We’ve already gone into detail on the merits of email marketing. But we’ve yet to discuss content marketing. Content marketing is just as important as email marketing. Businesses are definitely starting to acknowledge this and as a result content marketing is skyrocketing in popularity.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is used for lead generation by 83% of B2B marketers. While lead generation typically entails a lack of interpersonal relationships, content marketing operates differently. By providing valuable information to your audience, you further enable yourself to connect with your fans. This content thus acts as a means of building deeper relationships with fans. It helps generates legitimate leads by permitting the development of relationships with people. It’s that interpersonal twist that really differentiates content marketing from other digital marketing mediums. Nothing is better than loyalty, content helps you achieve that.

Not only does content permit you to develop relationships with fans online, but it also helps draw more attention to your website. We mentioned the role of SEO in content marketing campaigns. Essentially, by providing trendy content on your website, you create more indexed pages on your website and capitalize on external interest. This all leads to increasing your chances of being noticed via organic search. This is especially important today as search engines serve as a critical starting point for online transactions. According to Pinpoint Market Research and Anderson Jones PR, 93% of B2B buying processes begin with an online search. This just stresses the extreme influence search engines have on e-commerce transactions.

Content marketing revolves around providing useful information to your fans. It requires constant updates and attention to detail. But when done properly, content marketing campaigns can have a profound impact on your client base and online success. So start writing!

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24 Aug

How Does Lead Generation Affect Your Business?

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Lead generation is the effective transformation of people into legitimate leads for your business. We’ve discussed its stance in the business world, but how does this digitalization actually affect your business? While the use of lead generation is a highly contentious debate, it can work seamlessly with your other means of marketing.

The acutal developing and gathering of serious leads is an extremely difficult task. But the various forms of lead generation can work in harmony with your e-commerce platform in specific. Lead generation can appear through email marketing and content marketing. Both can have a profound impact on your e-commerce platform, however they do so in different ways. Email marketing can provide a direct path to your website and promotes e-commerce sales. Promotional emails can contain links that can send customers right to a product’s purchasing page. What does this do? It provides customers with additional ease in performing e-commerce transactions. Not only that but it quickens the sales process in general. Email marketing looks at the purchasing process and aims to increase conversions on your website.

If email marketing focuses on conversions, what does content marketing do? Content marketing promotes e-commerce but doesn’t necessarily focus on the sales process. Instead it focuses on generating website traffic. Content marketing feeds off of SEO, and thus creates interest for your website via organic searches. By adding indexed pages to your website and writing about trendy topics, you increase your chances of being noticed through search engines. The goal with content marketing is to really bring people to the site and rely on the sales process to take over from there. It really acts as a spark that incites the sales process.

Lead generation is a great compliment to your digital marketing efforts. While the task of generating serious leads may be difficult to achieve, it can still serve as a benefit to your digital marketing campaign. Tomorrow we’ll revisit the conundrum that is gathering serious leads and go into depth about whether or not lead generation is worth it for your business.

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08 Jul

Business Demographics: The Millennials

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Today we’re going to explore a different social factor pertaining to business: demography. It’s key for businesses to explore the population they’re catering to. With these stats and information, they can predict trends, develop more products towards a larger group of people, identify which group of people to target specifically, etc. The point is demographics can contribute greatly to a businesses’ success. We’re going to dig deeper into one of the biggest demographic groups today: the millennials.

The millennials can range from a 12-year-old to someone who’s in their mid 30’s. It’s a relatively large age gap, and as a result accounts for a large proportion of the population. In fact, millennials are becoming so prominent, that they’re actually starting to overtake baby boomers as the largest living generation. This has been seen through the North American countries, especially the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, millennials now number 75.4 million, surpassing the 74.9 million baby boomers. This may be beneficial, however being a part of a large cohort such as the millennials comes with challenges.

Being a part of a large cohort means you’re competing against lots of people. The competition is so fierce that it’s even hard to get a job! The iffy job marker also makes this issue even worse. To get a steady job nowadays, you have to specialize. You need to have prestigious degrees, e.g. a MBA, PhD, etc. Where before you could probably get a job with only a high school diploma, this larger cohort has produced mass competition and has increased expectations for solid jobs. The business world is extremely dynamic, and one of the most notable forces affecting it are the people who make it up.


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04 May

3 More Ways To Build A Bigger Buzz For Your Brand

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Word on yellow wallThere are numerous ways to generate excitement for your business. Perhaps, you don’t have the type of boisterous fan base that the Toronto Raptors have. But still, you have several opportunities to entice your target audience to become interested in what you have to offer. We’re not just talking about run-of-the-mill advertising here. We’re talking about inventive ideas that get people talking.

In yesterday’s blog, we discussed following the leads of both the music and film industry. Firstly, you need a “hook” to get people thinking about your brand on a regular basis – much like popular songs. It’s also advisable that you launch teasers to generate greater interest in your soon-to-be-released products – much like Hollywood films.

But what else can you do to build a bigger buzz for your brand? Here are three more ideas:

1. Start a countdown. Some of the most exciting events in our lifetimes are anticipated through countdowns. New Year’s Day is the most obvious one that comes to mind. But consider those events that are advertised by how long you have to wait until they are launched. New television shows or professional sports seasons are often counted down in these ways. Why not place a countdown on your website to tease the launch of a new product?

“Countdowns serve two purposes: they act as a reminder for your audience and they build anticipation,” explains Lauren Hooker on ElleAndCompanyDesign.com, “I can think of several brands and businesses whose countdown for their new website, product, or business venture kept me on the edge of my seat and encouraged me to tune in on the day and hour of the launch. You can start a countdown within your blog posts, in your blog sidebar, on your homepage, and/or across your social media accounts.”

2. Establish wait lists for your products. Okay, wait a minute here. (See what we did there?) Isn’t the concept of making people wait one to completely avoid? People hate waiting, don’t they? Well, when you consider that when you make a product appear highly sought-after and very well-liked, making customers “wait” for it may not be all that bad an idea. On Forbes.com, Jayson DeMers explains further.

“Offering a wait list for your product or service can be risky, but it can also help contribute to a sense of anticipation and scarcity; both of which can generate huge buzz for your business,” he describes, “Test out wait lists for new products, services and events. Offer ‘limited’ seating at webinars and live events. During busy times, put clients on a wait list for your services rather than telling them you’ll get in touch when you have an opening.”

3. Offer free giveaways. Now where have we heard this piece of advice before? Surely, the Synergy Marketing Blog hasn’t missed any appropriate opportunities to remind its readers that offering customers something for free has long been a marketing strategy that works. “Giveaways are a great way to get your audience involved with your launch through shares and feedback,” says Hooker.

At Synergy Marketing, we offer the best promo products in the business to serve as your company’s free giveaways. To place your order for the promo gift of your choice, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at info@gosynergygo.com! You can also sign up for our Insider E-Flyer Program HERE!

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19 Apr

Taking On The McGangBang!

Posted in Uncategorized on 19.04.11 by John Meloche

In past blogs, we’ve made it no secret that we employ a fun bunch here at Synergy Marketing Consultants. We’ve long believed that possessing a highly energetic and jovial attitude helps to communicate excitement for your business. This is why if you’ve ever had a conversation with one of our fantastic sales reps, you’ll likely recall it as a memorable experience.

Now, among the zany characters that make up our office family is none other than our Vice President of Marketing, John Meloche. Known for having a good time, John is also someone who is notorious for having a good lunch! Or perhaps, a bad lunch depending on how you look at it.

Today, John decided to head out for lunch to McDonald’s – a fast food restaurant you may have heard of before. Proudly, John returned to the office with the standard French fries, soft drink and the not-so-standard McGangBang. Yes, you read that right. John had a McGangBang for lunch!

A lot less offensive than the name implies, EatMeDaily.com confirms the McGangBang as a McChicken Sandwich inside a Double Cheeseburger. John’s sandwich-within-a-sandwich, in fact, was taken even one step further. John placed a McChicken Sandwich in between his Double Quarter Pounder!

“Delicious!” was all a full-mouthed John could exclaim when asked about his slightly modified concoction. “That looks so good!” replied a co-worker. “That looks so disgusting!” responded another. The McGangBang, you see, is not officially on the McDonald’s menu. But, of course, it can be created by creatively combining the above mentioned menu items.

How “nutritious” is the McGangBang, you might wonder? NutritionData.Self.com lists the Double Quarter Pounder as containing 760 calories, 462 of which come from fat! It also contains 20 grams of saturated fat which is 100% of one’s daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet!

The McChicken Sandwich, on the other hand, weighs in at a slimmer 430 calories, with 207 of them coming from fat! It contains 5 grams of saturated fat which is 23% of one’s daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet. That would make the McGangBang a whopping 1190 calorie sandwich!

Needless to say, Synergy Marketing Consultants doesn’t recommend or endorse this meal. Then again, we don’t wish to dissuade you from having fun coming up with your own concoctions to tantalize your tastebuds! At the time of this writing, John could not be reached for comment about how much he enjoyed his meal. We do, however, wish him a speedy recovery!

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18 Apr

Simple Solutions To Soaring Success

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At Synergy Marketing Consultants, we work within the ‘business to business’ working model. Our clients are business owners, and as such, we work diligently to help them find ways of increasing their own business. Of course, the better we are at our job in growing the client bases of our customers, the better business is for us.

As always, the Synergy Marketing Consultants blog works to assist business owners with tips and advice that can also help propel companies forward. Pushing your company forward doesn’t have to be complicated. So, as leaders in the industry of promotional gifts, Synegy has long championed cost-effective methods to promoting your business.

To do so, SmashBrand.com advises that you keep your marketing strategies simple and straightforward. To put it plainly, growing your business means growing your sales. So, at the end of the day, impressing your customers should be at the top of your priority list. Keep them at the forefront of your concerns so that each of your decisions will encourage them to keep coming back.

How can you meet their needs in ways that other companies do not? One simple method is the “surprise price reduction”. SmashBrand.com notes that when customers bring an item to the register to discover that it is being sold at a price that is lower than what is listed, they become “pleasantly surprised and genuinely happy”.

Perhaps, you can introduce an in-store promotion that communicates that on a daily basis, “surprise discounts” are available. If you legitimately offer such deals each and every day, this will be an exciting feature about your store that is sure to catch the attention of your customers. Not to mention, word will spread that your establishment is the place to shop if you are looking for a good deal.

We mentioned earlier that the concept of growing your business should centre around impressing your customers. Why not use your customers to further communicate that you are in business to please them? SmashBrand.com suggests that you “use your strongest customer relationships in new product development initiatives”.

Writes the site: “Asking your customers to become an active participant in evaluating your new product is a great way to propel your relationship forward…When you take the time to show your customer that your interest lies in getting them the best price and best option on new products, they’ll come to see your company as ahead of the game. It shows that you trust their input and value their expertise.”

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15 Apr

Spread The Love

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Throughout this week, the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog has been talking a lot about ways you can both stay ahead of your competition and give your customers the star treatment. The two essentially go hand in hand. If you can give your customers the type of experiences that will encourage them to keep coming back, you will guarantee yourself a loyal client base for years to come.

Of course, having that client base grow is always something that should be a concern to business owners everywhere. Earlier this week, OpenForum.com posted a blog with similar sentiments. There are numerous ways that you can have your customers fall in love with you. Many times, it’s the small things that they remember and cherish. And too many businesses are missing out on this.

Very simply, it is important to thank your customers. As we mentioned over the past couple of days, you wouldn’t have a business if you didn’t have your customers. There are many ways to thank them. And your simple gestures will help develop the type of “love relationship” that will have them supporting you for years, while getting others to do the same.

Giving your customers small gifts is one of the suggestions listed on OpenForum.com. Sometimes, going above and beyond the promotional gift, you may want to consider sending your favourite clients thoughtful gifts such as flowers on a birthday. Showing your gratitude will not be forgotten. It will help for you to be regarded warmly. And your business will reap the benefits of your customer’s continued loyalty.

If a customer has made a major purchase in your store, think of sending him or her a thank you card. Be sure to make it hand-written, advises OpenForum.com, as you will want to show that you are personally grateful for the support of your company. Expressing your appreciation to your highest spending customers is essential to getting repeat business in a big way.

Another way to woo your clients to have them choose their own rewards. Introduce a rewards program of some kind and allow your customers to select from a variety of either merchandise items or coupons. This is something you can offer to those who spend a certain amount within a month, suggests OpenForum.com. This encourages more spending which will help for a boost in sales.

It is likely that some or many of your customers are business owners themselves. Perhaps you can show your gratitude by referring others to the businesses owned by your favourite clients. “Pay it forward,” suggests the site. As long as they are not in direct competition with you, your referrals will surely be paid back.

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14 Apr

Celebrate Your Star Customers

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In yesterday’s blog, we listed a few ways that business owners can make their customers feel like stars. After all, where would your business be without its customers? Your customers are people you should celebrate, and as such, you should treat them like celebrities. As we mentioned yesterday, Donna Cutting of BusinessKnowHow.com helps us with ways that this can be achieved.

Cater to your customers’ personal preferences, says Cutting. They may not be as picky and obnoxious as some celebrities, but catering to the needs of your customers is a key in getting return business. You can make your clients feel like stars simply by remembering their likes and dislikes.

It doesn’t hurt to surprise them in way that communicates that you have paid attention to them in the past. If you are a restaurant owner, you may want to take notice of a patron’s ordering patterns. The next time that person walks into your eatery, surprise them by asking if they want “the usual”.

One of our Synergy reps mentioned earlier this week that he absolutely loves going to his favourite sushi restaurant which is just down the street from where he lives. He visits so often that the employees know him by name. “The usual” is all he has to say when making an order. Clearly, he is a repeat customer and “star” at this restaurant and naturally, he recommends it to all of his friends.

Here is one of our favourite suggestions. Being a loyal reader of the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog, you are well aware that we are proud of our long line of amazing promotional products. We are of the mind that giving your customers something for free helps for them to feel like stars.

Cutting concurs. “Give them SWAG!”, she writes, “At every awards show celebrities walk away with gift bags filled with products and paraphernalia worth thousands. There is a reason why people line up — and even pay good money — to give their goods away to celebrities via the swag bag.”

We are sure you know who to call when looking for “swag” to give to your customers. They will appreciate the sentiment and look forward to doing business with you again. Don’t forget, your promotional gifts will be constant reminders to your customers on where they should go when in need of the products and services you offer.

Finally, “be extraordinary”. Cutting suggests that to truly make your customers feel like the superstars that they are, you should be committed to being “remarkable” in every way possible. Think of the little ways that you can impress the people coming into your store. Offer them a feeling – not just an item – that they cannot get from anywhere else. Then it will be you who is the true celebrity!

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13 Apr

Give Your Customers The Star Treatment

Posted in Uncategorized on 13.04.11 by John Meloche

If you didn’t have any customers, then you wouldn’t have a business to run. Simply put, your customers are the most important parts of your business. Who else are you in business for? And who else keeps your business going? It’s important to remember that in the grand scheme of things, your customers are your superstars. So we figure it’s time to treat them like that!

On BusinessKnowHow.com, Donna Cutting poses the question, “if Johnny Depp walked into your workplace today, how would you behave?” Movie stars, as we all know, are often greeted with a special type of treatment generally reserved for the world’s top celebrities. Wouldn’t we all love to be treated that way?

For some reason, we celebrate (the reason for the term “celebrity”) movie stars, singers and athletes more than we do people that mean the most in our everyday lives. Don’t your customers deserve to be celebrated? We sure think so. And Cutting would agree. She writes that there are six celebrity secrets for making your customers feel like stars.

What is one of the first images that come to mind when you think of actors arriving at an awards show? The red carpet! Cutting suggests that you give your customers a “red carpet arrival” when they come to your place of business. In other words, show them that you are glad they came. Smile, greet them and welcome them to your store. Sometimes, friendly eye contact is all you need to communicate that you are happy to see them.

Call them by name, insists Cutting. If your remember your customers’ names, it indicates that you have made them priorities to your business. We generally know every movie star’s name as if we have some sort of relationship with each of them. Well, your customers are your stars and deserve that recognition. Wouldn’t you agree?

Cutting goes so far as suggesting that you name some of your products after your favourite customers! It may sound like a crazy idea, but it has been done before. Some restaurants, she points out, name their favourite dishes after famous people. Perhaps, this is a tactic that would be beneficial to your business.

Secret three is to remember and refer your customers. It is one thing to remember names, it is another to remember different things about your customers. Get into conversations with those you notice in your store. Drumming up a discussion will help you to get to know them better.

Firstly, this will encourage them to want to come back as they know that they are welcome in your establishment. Secondly, your new friends will come back looking for you and likely recommend your business to others. You never know when you might just be making someone’s day by taking the time out to get to know that person.

We will continue to take a look at ways to give your customers the star treatment in tomorrow’s blog.

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12 Apr

Let The Playoffs Begin!

Posted in Uncategorized on 12.04.11 by John Meloche

Well folks, the National Hockey League season has officially come to a close and the Stanley Cup playoffs are about to get underway. And no, this is not a blog about how heartbroken we are, here at Synergy, that our Toronto Maple Leafs are missing the playoffs for a record-breaking sixth consecutive season.

We didn’t particularly believe that they were getting in anyway. (It still hurts though…). Before we digress any further, we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage you to consider your spot in the playoffs…the business playoffs, if you will. Here’s how it works…

In hockey, as well as basketball which will also see the NBA playoffs kick off shortly, sixteen teams enter a tournament style competition to crown a champion. After playing a best of seven series, one team advances after eliminating the other. So in the business playoffs, the key is to think of ways to knock out your competition…one round at a time.

What will you do to get through round one? Perhaps, advertising in the community is the first step. Does your business offer the surrounding community a service that other businesses offer as well? What special mode of advertising can you employ to outshine your competitors? Consider flyering all neighboring houses for an upcoming sale.

This leads us to round two of the playoffs. Once you get your new customers into your store, what can you do to ensure that they keep coming back? Those special discounts may encourage additional sales. But it will be your impeccable customer service that will really impress your new “friends”. Create an environment that people enjoy being in and they will return for more than just what you are selling.

Hopefully, this will get you into the third round. Now the competition is getting fierce! You’ve driven customers into your store and have encouraged them to keep coming back. But now you’ll need to get them to recommend your store to others. Think of a special contest you can have in-store that asks customers to leave their names and e-mail addresses.

Now you’ll have a list of people you can contact regularly to both thank and invite back to your store to enjoy further discounts. But you will have also developed a way to have those customers tell their family and friends about your business. This will get you into the finals!

This is it. The championship can soon be yours! With all of these new customers, ensuring a sense of brand loyalty will be integral to knocking off your competition. Give your company some leverage by providing each one of your loyal customers with a useful and innovative promotional gift. They will appreciate the sentiment and reward you with years of patronage. Congratulations on your victory!

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