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Compliments And Complaints Both Valuable

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 08.12.09 by John Meloche

As a big believer in excellent customer service, Synergy Marketing Consultants insists on providing only the best. That way, we know what to look for when we are dealing with merchants ourselves. Consumers, especially during this time of year, depend on exceptional customer service to help get them through their holiday shopping.

Imagine what it would be like if the store clerk you spoke to had no idea where to find the item that you were looking for. Even worse, suppose he or she wasn't even kind while addressing your question. It is easy for some people to lose their cool and even get into arguments with those who work in retail stores during this crazy season for shopping. Our first piece of advice is to relax.

Your shopping experience should never become an unpleasant one simply because a store employee was not helpful to you. Your first order of business should, of course, be to locate the item you want. But in order to curb the likelihood of you receiving such poor service in future, you may want to simply report the employee's behavior to a store manager.

Now pay attention. Do so in a polite and cordial manner. This way, the manager is more likely to hear you out and apologize for the inconvenience instead of automatically going on the defensive with someone who he or she may believe is a ?crazy person?. Simply outline the situation calmly. This will generally lead to a change in the way you are treated in that store for future visits.

However, we believe that you should not only complain but feel free to compliment the service when it is excellent. Now there may be less time on your schedule to do so at this time of year, but we encourage you to acknowledge a job well done any time you have a pleasant customer service experience.

It can be as simple as offering the store employee your thanks and appreciation for their help. Taking it one step further, you may also want to speak to a manager to simply commend them for the service provided in his or her store with a ?pat on the back? to the specific individual who helped you.

Especially during the holiday season, it is difficult to not get flustered. And we're talking about both shoppers and merchants alike. So, give the gift of a compliment when you can. Don't underestimate just how good you could be making someone feel by doing so.

In the end, providing appropriate feedback will help for all of your shopping experiences to be great ones, both during this holiday season and beyond.

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