18 Jan

Creating Superior Customer Service

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.01.12 by John Meloche

Yesterday, we blogged about our commitment to customer service, here at Synergy Marketing Consultants. At some point, we are all customers. And being treated with respect is a big deal when it comes to making decisions about where to shop. For our staff, this is especially important for us to do over the phone, as this is where the bulk of our business is conducted.

Some businesses, however, neglect to make customer service their first priority. At least, this is the case according to some members of our staff. “I was in a restaurant just the other day,” recalled one of our team members this morning, “And I had to ask our waiter three times to bring some water. I felt like I was being ignored. I won’t eat there again.”

Giving a great impression goes a long way in securing customers for the long haul. Giving a bad one pretty much seals your fate. Customers are a lot less likely to revisit an establishment where they received bad service than they are to revisit a store where they bought a faulty item. Simply put, customer service counts for a lot.

On About.com, Laura Lake tackles this issue by listing several tips that can help business owners improve their customer service. By implementing these tips immediately, believes Lake, business owners can quickly turn around the impressions that customers have of their companies. With some help from these tips, we’d like to offer our own version of that advice.

Make a Good First Impression. Pleasing a customer off the bat is paramount. Putting your best foot forward at your very first opportunity is a crucial step (pardon the pun) towards securing a long-lasting customer. Remember that your first impression may be through a phone call, email or face-to-face visit. So always be prepared to be at your best.

Do Unto Others. To keep things simple, provide the type of service that you would want if you were a customer. It’s as easy as providing respect and courtesy much the same as what you would expect in return. Think about the things that would make you return to a store and offer those pleasantries to those visiting your store.

Be Proactive. Reminds Lake, “Don’t just wait until someone asks you for help, be willing to be proactive and ask your customers how you may be of service to them.” This was a big point of contention when the subject of customer service came up among the members of our staff this week.

“When I walk into a store and I am not acknowledged, it turns me off,” admitted one member of our team, “If they act like they don’t even care that I am there, why should I give them my business?”. Good question. We’ll look to answer it as we continue to provide customer service tips in tomorrow’s blog.

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