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Creating Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.06.12 by John Meloche

Facebook is popular. How’s that for the biggest understatement ever? Yesterday, we revisited the topic of promoting your business on Facebook as it seems to be among the most obvious no-brainers of today’s business world. The thing is, however, not every entrepreneur has taken advantage of the world famous social media site.

The key to understanding Facebook is to know that it is a communication tool. It provides a free source of advertising through the posting of comments, links, photos and other conversation-generating items. Remember that it is about connecting with people in a personal way, in hopes that they will then connect to your business.

On Business2Community.com, Susan Payton provides some suggestions to business owners who may not yet be all that Facebook-savvy. Her suggestions outline ways in which entrepreneurs can utilize Facebook to its utmost advertising-potential. Uploading videos, photos, press releases and media mentions are among her tips.

However, most people who use Facebook do just that. So how can you help for your business to stand out? According to Payton, what you do on Facebook must fall directly in line with your marketing strategy. So, of course, it’s important to have a marketing strategy that incorporates social media.

Writes Payton: “You need to create a strategy that will help you steadily build a following on your Facebook page. The key is to provide value. If a potential customer visits your page, only to find it hasn’t been updated in months, or that it lists update after update of self-promotion, that person will leave pretty quickly.”

So how you do avoid this? Share product information, offer exclusive promotions and post links to useful articles even if they are not your own, insists Payton. You can even post “goofy” photos of your staff to engage visitors. Projecting an authentic view of your brand will help to keep visitors around longer.

But Payton reminds us to have a goal when outlining our marketing strategies for Facebook. Perhaps, it’s to get your profile 100,000 “Likes”. If so, she says, “you’re barking up the wrong tree.” Remember that the goal should be about making genuine contact with existing customers in order to find new ones.

This takes time, Payton assures us. And understanding that it will take time to build trust with your followers will make a big difference in helping your business to move forward. In tomorrow’s blog, we’ll focus on a the specific types of posts you can make on Facebook and how they can help your company build its fan base!

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