25 Nov

Cyber Monday Is Coming!

Posted in News on 25.11.11 by John Meloche

Welcome to Black Friday! If you haven’t crossed the border into the United States by now, you’re likely one of the many Canadians who feel that it is simply too much of a hassle to cross the border and line up in front of a store in the wee hours of the morning. As you read this, there is no doubt long line-ups that have transformed into shoving matches between people who wish to buy the same items from the same stores.

Sure, there is some solace in knowing that you’re not stuck in the middle of an unmoving crowd clamoring for what’s left of the most popular products. However, there is another reason to smile today if you feel that you’re missing out on big savings. And that would be Cyber Monday.

This coming Monday has become known as the Black Friday equivalent for online shoppers. Many people prefer Cyber Monday over its pre-weekend counterpart for the fact that it involves no long line ups – and no shoving! Instead, shoppers may relax in the comfort of their own homes and make purchases by using their computers.

“I tried it for the first time last year,” shared one of our Synergy reps this morning, “It was great. I ended up getting some DVD sets at half price, which of course was a bargain, even when you included the shipping costs. Cyber Monday is perfect for those who hate shopping in busy shopping malls.”

“The only thing that people may want to watch out for is clothing,” he continued, “You can’t try anything on when you buy online!”. And there lies one of the problems with Cyber Monday. Although, of course, you don’t necessarily have to do all of your shopping online. For some people, the thrill of the shopping atmosphere during the holiday season is a good enough reason to visit the stores.

“I prefer shopping in stores,” shared another co-worker today, “There’s something about the decorations and music and even the noise of all the other shoppers that just helps you to remember that Christmas is coming. Besides, when I’m in the mall, I enjoy meeting up with friends. It’s all part of the experience.”

Whether you enjoy shopping in stores or online, Cyber Monday still seems a very worthwhile occasion to take advantage of. For those items that don’t need trying on, you may want to consider jumping online Monday morning to discover what sales may be available.

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