22 Nov

Decorate With Care

Posted in Uncategorized on 22.11.10 by John Meloche

We are definitely in the festive mood here at Synergy Marketing Consultants. All our employees who walked into work this morning were greeted with an array of decorations and lights that have created a whole new aura in the office. How do you not love the holiday season?

The actual holidays may not be here just yet. But that’s no reason you can’t make your staff feel the wonderment of the season as they enter work each and every day. Now, while we have streamers, lights, snow-speckled windows and even a Christmas tree, we acknowledge that not everyone celebrates the same holidays during this time of year.

So, while we advocate sprucing up your office during the holiday season, we also recommend keeping everyone who works in the office in mind. Courtney Flaherty of eHow.com is like-minded. On the website, Flaherty suggests five different things to consider when decorating your office to celebrate this time of year.

“Pick the colors,” writes Flaherty, “Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so when choosing ornaments for the display, consider picking colors other than red and green. Black and white look great together and so do purple and blue. Ornaments in various colors can be found at almost any store that sells decorations around Christmas.”

Flaherty also recommends that you be sure to keep your staff safe while the decorations are hung throughout the office. You will want to make sure that any hanging ornaments don’t hit anyone in the head! It’s best to select locations of the office where people are generally seated to hang decorations instead of a “well-traveled location with lots of standing or walking.”

As well, Flaherty suggests that you cut ribbon in a variety of lengths, anywhere from one to two feet long. By threading the ribbon through the top of ornaments and tying a strong knot, you’ll be sure that your decorations won’t fall off and crash down on one of your staff members.

You may also want to tack the ornaments to the ceiling using the tail end of the ribbon instead of taping them. With varying types of tape, it’s important to know that not all adhesives stick to walls and ceilings. You’ll want to be sure that none of your hard work goes to waste with falling decorations that end up breaking upon a crash landing!

Lastly, not all ornaments need to be hung. Save a few for glass vases to be placed on tables and desks. This provides a “festive pop of colour” on all levels of the office. The holidays are almost here. But the spirit of the holidays has most definitely arrived. Be sure to have fun and stay safe decorating your office this year!

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