17 Dec

Drive Up The Spirits Of Those Less Fortunate

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 17.12.09 by John Meloche

We have talked a lot about gift-giving on the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog lately, not only because it is the holiday season, but because it is something we do all year round. It is the nature of our business as we believe strongly in the concept of businesses giving out promotional gifts as a means of generating more interest, and eventually more income for their companies.

The holiday season is most definitely a time for giving. But we should do our best to never forget that there are many individuals out there who are unable to give. Sure, the entire nation has been hit hard by the recession, but Canada is still home to a large number of families who are unable to afford food, clothing and even shelter during the season that is supposed to be joyous for all.

Perhaps, one of the most beneficial things your business can do this holiday season is participate in a drive of some kind to benefit those who have less than you do. Either a food or a toy drive (or both!) can mean a world of difference to so many families out there who depend on the generosity of others during the holidays.

It's simple. Simply set up a box or barrel of some kind that allows your customers to leave either non-perishable food items or unwrapped toys in for those that are less fortunate. In addition, you may even want to consider allowing clients and employees to drop off clothing that can be donated to the cause of your choice.

Firstly, this will be met with great gratitude by the organization that you donate your goods to. It makes sense, of course, to contact the group of your choice who you would like to have sponsor the drive in order to legitimize your cause. You wouldn't want to give the impression that you will be keeping all of the donations for yourself!

Secondly, your community will look very fondly upon your company. The simple notion that you are a generous and thoughtful organization can play a big role in the year-round perception of your business.

Thirdly, and perhaps, most importantly, donating your time and efforts to a food, toy or clothing drive will give you the fulfilling feeling that you are doing something selfless and kind. Now, that's a gift worth receiving!

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