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Fall Into Some New Fall Marketing Ideas

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 18.09.13 by John Meloche

autumnAlthough summer doesn’t officially come to an end until this weekend, it’s pretty much done. The chill is already in the air and any day now, those leaves are going to start changing colour. For your business, that means the ways in which you promote have to change as well. It may not yet be time to start putting up Christmas decorations, but times are certainly changing.

In many stores, Halloween displays are already up. Although the annual spooky celebration is still over a month away, the displays demonstrate the need for business owners to think ahead. On the Intuit Small Business Blog, Rachel Hartman writes that the fall season presents a number of opportunities to entrepreneurs. She offers up several ideas on how to utilize the changing of the seasons to boost business.

Go back to school again. Okay, so maybe you graduated a long time ago and have no intention of returning back to the classroom. After all, you are in business for yourself so when would you have time for classes? In actuality, Hartman recommends that you offer “school-centered deals and promotions”. You may even want to consider hiring students who may be able to help you reach a younger market.

Then again, maybe taking a class isn’t so bad an idea after all. Many long time business owners get a little too caught up in their own way of thinking simply because they’ve been in business for many years. It doesn’t hurt to learn something new. There must have been advances in your industry since the day you first opened your doors. Expand your mind and knowledge of your business world and see if it doesn’t help.

Support local sports. Get involved in local schools as well as youth sports leagues and see if you can sponsor a team. School is in, obviously, so the more noticeable your brand is among the student population, the more young customers you are bound to attract. As well, you may want to have your business name and logo don the sweater of a local sports team.

Consider this. Every game played is an advertisement for your brand. During the game, you may want to be present so that you can offer special deals for team members and fans, suggests Hartman. “Pass out samples, coupons, or free T-shirts to those who come to the game,” she writes. Doing so is an awesome way to attract members of your community to your company.

Think themes. There are a variety of fall themes that you can celebrate at your business. Fall colours are loved by most whether they enjoy the cooler weather or not. Give your place of business that “warm and cozy” fall feeling by putting up season-minded decorations. As well, come up with special seasonal sales where your prices “fall back”. This will inject some new life into your store!

“I actually like celebrating Halloween early,” shared one of our clients earlier this week, “I get the scary stuff up and it intrigues people to take a look around my store. They end up asking questions about where I got certain decorations and those conversations end up turning into ways that I can help them with something I’m selling. It’s fun and it’s good for drumming up business.”

Be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog as we provide some more marketing ideas for fall!

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