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Find Us On Facebook!

Posted in News on 30.01.12 by John Meloche

We’ve just made it easier for you to find us on Facebook! Now, we have to admit that we have been so busy around the Synergy Marketing Consultants Inc. offices in recent months, that it’s made it difficult for us to practice what we preach when it comes to our social networking. We’ve often blogged about how important the use of such sites as Facebook can be for your business.

Firstly, we have recently updated our Facebook profile to include a link to each and every one of our blogs. Because all blogs will be posted to our Facebook page, it will now allow you to post your comments and opinions about what we write. Secondly, like we mentioned, you can now easily find us on everyone’s favourite social networking site by logging on to facebook.com/synergymkt.

This short form moniker for our company is also used as our official Twitter name. So whether you are “liking” or “tweeting” don’t forget to look us up under “synergymkt” and you’ll find us right away! These sites are two of the best ways to keep in touch and stay updated about our latest products and newest happenings with Synergy!

On Techipedia.com, marketing specialist and self-professed “tech geek”, Tamar Weinberg discusses how important the use of Facebook and Twitter is for business owners. In fact, she points out a growing trend in television advertising that highlights this belief. Many companies, she notes, display their Facebook URLs over their company websites in television commercials!

Clearly, there is a shift in the way that businesses are promoting themselves online. And as many consumers now see it, if you are not on Facebook or Twitter, it’s almost as if your don’t exist! Weinberg goes on to outline how creating a Facebook profile for your business can help it reach new levels of success.

One of the first things that should be known about the widely-popular site, says Weinberg, is the difference between a profile page and a fan page. Profile pages are for personal use and should be indicated by your first and last name. A fan page, however, can be created in conjunction with your profile page to represent your business.

Our fan page, for example, is clearly named “Synergy Marketing Consultants Inc.” and has our company logo as its profile picture. Once established, there are some “do’s and don’ts” recommended by Weinberg that may contradict some previous tips you may have read about using Facebook.

“Don’t use a Facebook Group,” she writes, “They are outdated (from Facebook’s early days) and do not support Facebook Markup Language (FBML) or Facebook Apps, so they are not as interactive and thus do not make as strong of an impact.” We’ll take a further look at Weinberg’s advice in tomorrow’s blog.

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