18 May

Gas Prices Causing Rise In Staycations

Posted in News on 18.05.11 by John Meloche

Last week, our blog took a discerning look at the excessive spikes in the price of gas throughout Canada. For the record, as of this writing, the price of gas in Toronto is somewhere around the $1.28 mark. Thankfully, this is a break from the $1.41 high that gas prices reached less than a week ago. So perhaps gas prices are finally headed downward.

Then again, as one online reader of The Toronto Sun wrote, one shouldn’t assume that the “lower” gas prices are all that low, after all. They may only seem relatively inexpensive in comparison to the “ridiculous” prices that have occurred in recent weeks. Therefore, today’s current gas price really isn’t anything to get all that excited about.

So is there anything positive about the nation’s gas price situation? Yesterday, QMI Agency’s Sharon Singleton suggested that there is a silver lining to this entire issue. That is, if you are a member of the tourism industry, you’re likely about to enjoy the fact that many Canadians will be taking “staycations” this summer.

What is a “staycation” you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s a vacation where you stay at home. And according to Singleton, the surging gas prices are likely to encourage Canadians to not make too many long car trips in the coming months. This isn’t to say that no one will be going anywhere. It’s just that people will be more apt to not going very far.

Singleton writes that in both Canada and the United States, travel industry specialists are noticing that the high gas prices are impacting many people’s traveling plans. According to Tony Pollard, the president of the Hotel Association of Canada, 42 per cent of people who claim to have no vacation plans this year cite high fuel costs as the reason.

Said Pollard: “What I am seeing and what I am hearing is that people are now saying that they are going to travel less and will probably stay closer to home. Ideally, we would want people to travel more and further but as long as they are traveling at all, it’s still a good news story.”

Staycations, it would appear, is becoming a popular trend in Canada. Singleton reveals that just last year, the word actually entered the Oxford English Dictionary for the first time. With gas prices as high as they are today, it is likely that this word – and this trend – will only grow in popularity.

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