16 Dec

Give A Little To Get A Lot

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 16.12.09 by John Meloche

One of our esteemed associates at Synergy Marketing Consultants cracked up the entire staff this morning with his weekend tale of gift-giving with his close friends. For the past six or seven years, this colleague has been engaged in a holiday gift exchange ritual with a number of his buddies and their wives and girlfriends. To the surprise of our staff, this group of jolly individuals go all out by spending upwards of $300-$400 on one gift!

All except one, apparently. One friend, explained our co-worker, has been notorious during this annual tradition for spending the least on his gift. The rest of the group then, secretly hopes to not received him as their gift-giver. While some members of the group have received gifts as elaborate as a new pair of high-end designer sneakers or even an XBOX 360 complete with a couple of games, this one Grinch-of-a-friend has offered up cheap cologne or a flimsy watch.

One member of this particular group has apparently received this stingy gift-giver for the past three years straight! Although the draw for gift recipients is ?random?, this poor individual got stuck again this year with the lamest present of the bunch.

When asked by a co-worker why the group doesn't mention to the cheapskate the unspoken rules of the gift-exchange and its spending expectancy (?Cheapo? also apparently lucks out each year by getting some of the best gifts available), our story-telling associate simply shrugged.

The moral of the story? The true nature of the holiday season is the joy of giving and sharing with family and friends and not making sure that you hit the jackpot! But the story can be an excellent analogy for business owners of all kinds.

A good business owner, of course, makes certain of the return on his or her investment. To spend more money than what you make back is obviously not good for business. So how can business owners ensure that they are not losing out this holiday season and well into the future?

We believe it has a lot to do with perception. You will receive more clients and increase your business' success if your client base believes that you are top-notch in your industry. The promotional items offered by Synergy are cost-efficient but very effective. Our many happy clients are prime examples of those who spend a little to make a lot back. The gifts given to their clients offer them lifelong loyalty in return.

Give yourself that gift this holiday season. We are sure we have the right promo gift for you.

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