20 Jan

Great Gifts To Grow Your Business

Posted in Promotional Products on 20.01.12 by John Meloche

Synergy Marketing Consultants prides itself on providing the best promo products in our industry. For years, our clients have been proving that handing out promo gifts to customers is a very cost-effective way of growing customer bases. Keep your company on the minds of your favourite customers by handing out one of our great gifts to them.

But with so many gifts to choose from, which is the ideal choice? Our amazing sales reps are standing by to discuss just that with you. Every company is unique and therefore, they all have unique client bases. Picking the right gift means considering the ways in which you want your customers to feel about your business. Let’s take a look at a few options.

It’s cold out there! But what else were we to expect in the middle of January, right? Our Translucent Ice Scrapers make the perfect gift for this time of year. During the icy cold winters, it’s important for drivers to be able to get that ice off of their windows before driving off. These gifts are sure to come in handy all winter long!

Speaking of it being cold out there, it’s important to bundle up. And our 100% Acrylic Winter Toque with Cuff will help your customers to do just that. Allowing embroidery for up to 5000 stitches, these toques are great ways to boldly promote your business throughout the cold winter months.

Believe it or not, it’s also important to protect yourself from the sun during the winter. Especially when the sun’s UV rays are bouncing off of the white snow, it can be damaging to your eyes. The Europa Sport Sunglasses are stylish ways to stay protected while looking cool in the cold!

We all need key chains don’t we? But the Xcaliber 5 Function Rosewood Knife With Key Chain is more than just your average key holder. Complete with knive, nail file, can and bottle openers, this promo gift does it all. It’s the perfect example of a practical and handy gift that will be used regularly, guaranteeing your favourite customers don’t forget you!

Even in today’s world of technology, pens are still used every single day. Our Paper Pens are awesome! Not only are they the perfect writing utensils but they also serve to protect the environment. Made up recycled materials, these nifty pens remind us all to reuse and recycle. Not to mention, they offer daily reminders about your business!

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