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Has Facebook Gone Too Far?

Posted in News on 25.06.12 by John Meloche

“I thought maybe it was just my computer,” recalled one our Synergy sales reps earlier today, “but when Facebook introduced the new Timeline feature, it seemed to slow everyone’s computers down. No matter where I logged in, the pages seemed to freeze and take forever to function. It was very annoying.”

Facebook’s introduction of Timeline – which includes a rectangular cover photo in addition to a new side-by-side display of activity that takes place over time on one’s profile – seemed to do more to annoy that excite Facebook users. The reason, it seems, it not so much in the launching of the feature, but in the way it was launched.

“It sort of just came out of nowhere,” remarked another rep, “and it seemed to frustrate a lot of people that they weren’t given a choice to maintain the older look of their Facebook profiles. To some, it just looks messy and confusing.” This apparent lack of choice, by the way, is the reason why Facebook users are becoming annoyed with the introduction of yet another change on the popular social media site.

As Debra Black reports in today’s edition of The Toronto Star, Facebook users are about to have their email addresses default to an @facebook.com account. An account, she points out, that people rarely use, if they use it at all. She writes that according to Gizmodo, the online Gadget Guide, the email account switch began today and is already drawing the ire of many Facebook users.

“I hope this doesn’t change the way that I have to log in to my account,” mentioned another team member, “I prefer to have things kept simple. This sounds like an unnecessary change that serves no one except Facebook itself. Why do I need a new email address with the Facebook name if I already have a Facebook account? I’m not sure I get it.”

As Black writes, “Facebook launched its own email addresses to get everyone to use the platform as an email service as well, but the initiative failed dismally. No one wanted to switch over from their own personal email accounts with Hotmail, Sympatico, Yahoo, G-Mail and not to mention work email IDs.”

Is there a way to avoid this? Thankfully, Black writes that there is. Gizmodo suggests that Facebook users go to their Timelines. They may click the “About” tab under the information bar or they may click on “Update Info”. Scroll down to “Contact Info” and hit edit.

“Then,” explains Black, “switch the crossed out circle symbols to a full circle for each box you want visible. If you don’t want @facebook.com to be your default email switch it from a full circle (Shown on Timeline) to a crossed out circle (Hidden from Timeline.)” Finally, Gizmodo also suggests that you check your privacy settings to make sure that only your friends may see your information.

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