30 Nov

Holiday Promo Gifts Hit The Spot

Posted in Promotional Products on 30.11.11 by John Meloche

Having the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog champion the practice of giving out promotional gifts is nothing new. But during the holiday season, it can only be expected that we are even more enthusiastic about this customer base-building activity. All year round, our reps discuss with their clients ways in which promo gifts can build their businesses.

Now that there are more customers visiting your store than at any other time of year, it only makes sense to take your efforts up a notch to encourage them to keeping coming back in the new year. One of the most important ways to impress your customers, and to make them feel values, is to simply take the time to get to know them.

During the holiday shopping rush, there will be less time for that. So it will be important to not forget the customers that you took the time to get to know throughout the rest of the year. To those customers, you will want to make sure that they go home with a “personal” promotional gift.

On CommisionOverloadScam.org this week, Henry Cato writes that “nothing is more satisfying than a treat that comes from the heart and is enjoyed by the stomach. Treat those buyers of yours who have been so great to you all year long by sending them sweet treats which will absolutely tempt the feelings and delight the senses.”

One of Cato’s suggestions is coffee or tea along with a promotional mug with your company name and logo on it. He writes that during the holidays, many people entertain guests. So is there a type of gift you can give that will not only be enjoyed by its recipients but by the people who visit them?

Our Christmas Card & CD is the perfect gift. Music, of course, can be shared. And with holidays parties taking place all season long, the chances of family and friends hearing the music that you gave out as a gift is very likely. This Christmas, make your company name the answer to the question, “Where did you get this CD?”.

Your holiday promo gift is a great way to thank your customers for the support that they have given you over the previous year. Of course, it is also a message that communicates that you wish for them to keep returning to your store over the coming years. Providing them with this sense of value and appreciation will have them do just that.

As Cato writes: “And once you are handing a promotional product to your buyers by way of thanking them for the enterprise that has been provided to you…don’t forget that this product can bring you even more chances in the upcoming year. Your clients won’t forget about it.”

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