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Holiday Promotions Are Paramount

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 15.12.09 by John Meloche

The holiday season is in full swing and business owners all over Canada are doing their part to capitalize on it. Are you?

This season, is perhaps the easiest one of them all to package your products and services as ?holiday specials?. Regardless of your business type, it is always a wise idea to offer your client base a special deal during this time of year. Known for its bargains, the holiday shopping season is one when business owners must remain competitive to survive.

Do you have any ?gift packages? available? Is there any way that one of your customers can get something extra or perhaps, for free if he or she buys from you? Is your store more festive-looking or does it maintain its year-round appearance?

There are so many ways to diversify your brand during the holiday season. Anita Watts, of FilmJournal.com explains how movie theatres do this in an effort to boost revenue. While some of her ideas are specific to the movie industry, they can be very helpful to business owners of all types.

Watts notes that one of the most creative ways to promote sales at concession stands is to have holiday-themed packaging. With cups and candy or popcorn bags bearing the colours of the season, theatres have managed to ?promote a spirit of community involvement and festivity?, according to Watts. All of a sudden, these popular year-round treats have become holiday items that are, somehow, more successful.

Restaurants, delis, lounges and bars can all take advantage of this concept. She cites Starbucks as a company that notoriously capitalizes on the holiday season by selling its items as gifts.

?Here?s a thought,? she writes, ?Why not sell hot chocolate or Cherry Coke in Christmas cups and actually give it away free if the consumer buys a $20 gift card at the concession stand as a Christmas gift??

The concept, says Watts, is not much different that having promotional items to promote your business throughout the year. Sure, your customers will come to expect a certain measure of quality from you. But what can you do to even exceed their expectations to ensure their loyalty?

?The consumer does not want to see the same thing over and over again without something new and exciting,? she insists, ?That?s one of the reasons why bringing in the promotional cups and bags works.?

The holidays are generally a joyous time for most people. Business owners should take advantage of the season by offering customers holiday benefits that may prove to maintain a stronghold on their competition well into the new year.

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