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How To Heat Things Up This Summer

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 20.06.12 by John Meloche

Today makes it official! Summer is finally here. The season most of us wait for all year long is the one that provides us with the most sunshine, the most warmth and arguably the most happiness. Just ask any kid who is finally done with the school year and he’ll tell you! But what does the summertime mean for business owners?

You have likely read many of our blogs that insist that there really is no time of year that is particularly a bad time to promote your business. But when the sun is out, the people come out too. And that means that the beginning of summer is an ideal time to promote your business in new and inventive ways that you may not have employed in months gone by.

On the Bank of America’s Small Business Online Community website, Steve Strauss writes that “for many small businesses, summer can be a sort of feast or famine time of year.” This is because depending on the kind of business you run, things can either be picking up or falling off during the summer months.

No matter what, summer promotions, insists Strauss, are great ways to keep ahead of your competitors. They are just as likely to come up with cool ways to promote their businesses this summer. So why don’t you come up with ways that are even cooler? Strauss offers a few ideas on how you can do just that.

Have a summertime contest. Aren’t contests fun? And what could be a better time of year than summer to have a contest? This is a great way to get noticed and even more importantly, get people excited about your business. Strauss suggests that you think of a contest that ties what you do to a great prize.

Perhaps, you can offer free items or significant discounts for a duration of time at your place of business. The best part about the contest for you is that it should introduce you to a wide range of new people. Hopefully, these individuals will be people who remain part of your customer base well after the contest, win or lose.

Get some press. Strauss suggests that you come up with a newsworthy idea. The contest itself is a good start. Perhaps, you can also sponsor a local event or charity and invite the media to cover the occasion. The key is to use “the summer angle to your advantage”, writes Strauss, “whatever the case, it has to be newsworthy.”

Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s blog as we continue to take a further look at these ideas.

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