29 Jun

Introducing Some Great New Gifts

Posted in Promotional Products on 29.06.11 by John Meloche

Synergy Marketing Consultants is proud to announce the unveiling of a few new promotional items that we know are bound to dazzle and delight your clients and colleagues. One of the reasons that we are confident that we provide our customers with the best promo products in the business is because of their impeccable quality.

However, another reason is the functionality and usefulness of each of the products that we offer. As always, we talk to our clients about selecting the items that would best suit their businesses and their own clients. But there are also those amazing products that are suitable for just about everyone.

Take, for example, the new ProVision Xtreme. These awesome sunglasses can obviously be used by anyone. And they most certainly can be used at anytime. Good for any season and certainly ideal for physical activity, the ProVision Xtreme sunglasses are equipped with spring hinges and shatter proof lenses!

Must importantly, they give your eyes 400% U.V. protection. Before getting our hands on these bad boys, we didn’t even know that was possible! The ProVision Xtreme sunglasses are top-notch quality items that are often reserved for a company owner’s favourite and most prestigious clients.

Something that may also catch their eyes is the “Timberline Commando”. This is perfect for the fishing and hunting lover of the outdoors. Complete with a triple blade, perhaps this knife’s coolest feature is the camouflage handle! It also comes with a belt pouch and gift box. It would be impossible not to impress the recipient of this great new gift.

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler and more cost effective, look no further than the Illuminator Solar Powered 3 LED Keychain Flashlight. Keychains are used by everybody every day. These great gifts ensure that your company name remains with the recipient on a regular basis.

As long as they don’t forget their keys, they won’t forget you either! And how could they? These incredible keychains double as bright flashlights and come in great gift boxes. Talk about usefulness and effective marketing all wrapped up in one small package! Be sure to give us a call today to decide upon which of our new promotional products is right for your business.

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