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Make Your Business Word-Of-Mouth Worthy

Posted in Promotional Products, Synergy Suggestions on 27.08.12 by John Meloche

You can never underestimate the power of promotion. As a business owner, promoting your business is such an important part of your everyday job. You can offer the public the best products and services in the world. But if no one knows they exist, how will they buy them? And if no one knows where to get them from, how will they be sold?

At Synergy Marketing, we know very well the importance of promoting your business. On a daily basis, our reps speak to business owners who are looking for new and inventive ways to grow the reach of their companies. And they want to do this without having to rely on a big budget. Our promotional products work wonders in that department.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional modes of advertising, our promo gifts help business owners to deliver that personal touch. We have often heard that the best possible type of promotion that a business can get is through word-of-mouth. And we couldn’t agree more. This is the key to promo gifts. When customers receive our gifts, they feel valued and appreciated.

This encourages them to not only keep coming back to the companies that gave them the gifts, but it also gives them reason to recommend those businesses to others. On MarketingMo.com, Roy H. Williams writes of the guidelines that business owners should consider when trying to generate word-of-mouth promotion.

He writes that it “is triggered when a customer experiences something far beyond what was expected. Slightly exceeding their expectations just won’t do it.” We often communicate to our clients that it is the experience – not the product – that makes a customer want to tell others about your brand.

Think about it. How interesting is a story about a great product? It’s a lot more common to have someone tell you about an occasion in his or her life that was of some unique interest or significance. Stories about the experiences are what counts. When a company does something special – that is, something that most other companies would never do – it gets reported.

Think of a news broadcast. You’re not going to hear every single newsworthy story in every show. There will never be enough time for it. So how can you make it so that your business becomes part of your customers’ “broadcasts”? When our clients hand out our promo gifts to their customers, they work to create stories because of how useful they are.

Pens are used daily. Key chains are used daily. Our gifts are part of your everyday life. And let’s be honest. Not all companies are prone to handing out gifts. So don’t be like everyone else. Be different. Be memorable. Be newsworthy! Make it so that your company may enjoy work-of-mouth promotion on a regular basis.

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