29 Jun

Make Your Profile Your Problem Solver

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 29.06.12 by John Meloche

How does your business provide solutions to the problems of your customers. This is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Fixing problems. When you can do that, you can pretty much guarantee that you are making your customers happy. Providing a solution can be as simple as posting a great article on your Facebook page!

All week long, we have been blogging about the benefits of Facebook. Not by fluke, we post links to all of our blogs on our very own Facebook profile. This globally popular social networking site only continues to attract more attention. So creating your own profile will only serve to get your business more attention as well.

On Business2Community.com, Susan Payton writes that posting links to articles on your Facebook page is a great way to assist your customers with the problems they have. Answering questions, posting links to relevant articles and offering special discounts to those who require your products and services are all ways to use Facebook to the advantage of your company.

Writes Payton: “If, for example, you are a business consultant, you might write a series of articles on how to start a business. Then when someone is searching for an article on this subject, they find yours. The article leads to your site, and you’ve secured a potential customer.” The content that you post, by the way, doesn’t always have to be your own.

Posting links on your Facebook page has great advantages. Not only will they serve to solve some problems of those who follow you, but they just may garner you some attention from those who you have provided links for. It’s not unreasonable to believe that other Facebook users will post links to your page and website on their pages if they see that you’re not afraid to “give them some love”.

Use Facebook to set up a Q&A, suggests Payton. It can work as an excellent customer service tool. If a customer has a question about a product, you can answer it within seconds allowing other followers to read the answer as well. They don’t have to ask you the question directly through Facebook either.

You can post a little story about a recent customer experience that you would like to share. If you feel that the information will be relevant to others, it just may help bring those others through the doors of your place of business. Of course, you can also use Facebook to ask questions and start dialogues with your target audience.

Get working on “the snowball effect” that Facebook helps you to create, says Payton. She writes that “if you work to post a variety of useful updates daily, you’ll start to see more followers as the weeks pass…Just like any marketing, your social media efforts will take just that: effort. Don’t expect overnight miracles, but know that after a few months of hard work, you will see results.”

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