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Making Social Media Your Marketing Partners

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 27.02.14 by John Meloche

Social Media SignWe’re not going to pretend that we’re social media masters, here at Synergy Marketing. But we have been active on social media for some time now. Readers of our blog know how much we advocate the use of social networking to help build business. And why wouldn’t we? For the most part, using sites such as Facebook and Twitter are free! But you don’t have to take our word for it.

SocialMediaToday.com writes that “Social media is now a crucial part of any successful businesses marketing plan. It offers us a platform to interact with existing and potential customers and can often provide us with feedback and new ideas.” The site goes on to reveal a few facts about today’s most popular social networking sites that further prove their importance in today’s business world.

According to the site, 50 per cent of Facebook’s users check their profiles out every day. To be honest, we’re pretty surprised by this statistic as we tend to think more people are using it a whole lot more than that. And, in fact, we’re right. The site goes on to mention that 23 per cent of Facebook’s users log on five times or more each day! Now, that doesn’t surprise us.

If we polled the Synergy Marketing offices, we’re sure we’d find that the majority of our staff members hop on to Facebook on a daily basis. Each entry into the Synergy Marketing Blog is posted to Facebook. So, it goes without saying that we log on every day! How often do you log on? SocialMediaToday.com reminds us that your logins are “opportunities to expose your followers to your brand through creative content and interaction.”

The site also informs us that using social media do a lot more than simply connect you with your existing customers. Your profiles help you to attract new ones. The website reveals that 54 per cent of marketers gained new customers through Facebook last year. And, it should go without saying, that this is a trend that will only continue to grow in popularity. This is likely because social media is all about being social.

Yes, they make for great advertising tools, but social networking sites are made with the purpose of getting people to communicate. Getting involved in conversations and giving your company a “voice” and a “face” are what attracts consumers these days. Your profiles allow you to give your brand a personality that people can attach themselves to in ways that never existed a decade ago.

And Facebook isn’t alone, of course, in accomplishing this. Twitter should not be overlooked, insists SocialMediaToday.com. Last year, 36 per cent of businesses gained new customers through Twitter. Who knew 140 characters could be so powerful? Remember that tweeting also allows you to post links to videos and pictures – two things that always seem to generate a lot of interest.

If you’re not using social media, you haven’t yet tapped into the most inexpensive yet effective sources of advertising for your business. Just last week, we blogged about how you can use your promotional products to boost the popularity of your social media profiles. For more information on how to get the promo gifts that are right for your business, call Synergy Marketing at 1-877-748-9884.

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