20 May

More Money-Saving Marketing Methods

Posted in News, Promotional Products on 20.05.10 by John Meloche

Over the past couple of days, our blog has taken a look at the number of ways in which business owners can utilize promotional gifts to grow the reach of their companies. As always, we proudly pronounce that Synergy Marketing Consultants provides the best promo items in the industry today?and we will continue to make that claim!

In all honesty, we know that our success is based on the success of our clients. Providing them with one of the most productive and cost-efficient ways to promote their businesses, our products continue to make business owners everywhere very happy.

Especially in the post-recession era, many owners are looking for inexpensive ways to market and promote their brands. In a post from April of 2006, MoreBusiness.com helps business owners by outlining some of the most proven methods of promoting that don?t break the bank.

As they write, not all businesses can afford the traditional forms of advertising. Television, radio, print ads and billboards cost upwards of six to seven-figure budgets. Not only are these methods expensive but they are slowly become known as ?interrupting ads?.

According to MoreBusiness.com, these types of ads disrupt the regular flow of TV and radio shows, magazine articles and even the view from the road ? depending on what type of ad, of course. As a result, many people have discovered ways to ignore them. Especially in today?s world where digital video recorders are becoming the norm, fast-forwarding through commercials is becoming commonplace.

Obviously, there are cheaper and more effective ways of spreading your message. The first that MoreBusiness.com mentions is ?pay-per-click ads?. These are online ads that you pay for each time someone clicks on them to end up at your website. They are effective because you know that, unlike TV ads, if someone ignores the ad you don?t have to pay for it.

As well, you?ll be guaranteed that whoever clicks on your ad is interested in what you have to offer. Another cheap way to advertise, according to the site, is ?permission-based marketing?. This is where you utilize your website to offer people the chance to sign up for an e-mail newsletter allowing you to market to them regularly.

?Back-end sales? are effective marketing tools as well. This is where you sell a product for a cost so low, you may lose money on it. The objective, however, is to be able to market to this customer numerous times in the future. For example, if you give away a useful, high-quality item for free, the customer may want to come back to you for more of your products.

Finally, you know we?ve mentioned this one before. Perhaps there is no cheaper and better way to promote than through ?word of mouth?. Says MoreBusiness.com: ?There really is no better method of advertising than from word of mouth. You can get word of mouth advertising in one of two ways; both are effective. You can encourage your happy clients to refer other people to you or you can do something that creates buzz and has people talking about you over the watercooler.?

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