21 Oct

Much Ado About Data Plans

Posted in News on 21.10.11 by John Meloche

This past Monday, our blog commented upon the impact that last week’s BlackBerry outage had on users of the service all over the world. Unlike cell phone users of just a decade ago, today’s users of hand held devices tend to text, email and “BBM” each other a whole lot more than they do actually making phone calls.

On Tuesday, John Terauds of The Toronto Star wrote of this modern-era phenomena by pointing out that data plans are making up the bulk of the income made by providers of cell phone services these days. Data plans, of course, allow for smartphone users to use instant messaging programs like BlackBerry Messenger over texting.

As Terauds writes, “Canadians trade nearly 7 billion regular text messages every month. But with the growing popularity of smartphones, the shift to data-based instant messaging has begun in earnest.” With data plans incorporating a limitless instant messaging plan, smartphone users are doing away with their pay-per-message rates usually attributed to text messaging.

“Test messaging is now generally included in data plans,” pointed out one of Synergy reps when hearing of The Toronto Star article, “A lot of people still text but generally seem to prefer the instant messaging. My provider includes both types of messaging in its data plans so you can use either as much as you like.”

Terauds writes, however, that there may be an eventual disappearance of traditional texting. The usage of data plans is, without a doubt, increasing across the country. He notes that Telus’ wireless date revenue has jumped by 39 per cent over the past year. And while Rogers has not released any specific numbers, they too are seeing increases in data usage.

At this point, it seems as if the traditional cellphone is also about to be phased out. It’s nearly impossible to find anyone anymore who uses one, as smartphones have become the norm. A quick survey of reps working at Synergy Marketing Consultants headquarters, earlier today, made quick proof of that.

In fact, Terauds reveals that last week, “Sony Ericsson announced that it would stop manufacturing regular cellphones at some point in 2012, because 80 per cent of its sales now come from smartphones.” The most popular smartphones seem to be the iPhone and the BlackBerry.


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