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Office Fun Promotes Productivity

Posted in Synergy Suggestions on 11.12.12 by John Meloche

In yesterday’s blog, we revisited the topic of having fun in the office and its ability to promote productivity. Synergy Marketing is home to a sometimes boisterous and energized working environment. The energy in the office each day helps to spawn a hard-working and competitive nature that is used as motivation to make sales and intrigue our customers.

The objective in our office is to introduce to our clients the many ways that our promotional products can help to increase their customer bases. These conversations are often pretty enthusiastic. This helps to develop friendlier relationships between our reps and their clients. Not to mention, it showcases that when one is having fun at work, he or she is likely to accomplish more.

On FastCompany.com, Tom Stern writes that implementing “fun-inducers” at work will get everyone’s minds going. He notes that the increase of productivity is often the result of injecting fun within an office setting. To help business owners to do this at their places of business, Stern lists a number of helpful ways to accomplish fun at work.

Fun Email Subject Headings. It’s okay to poke fun at yourself. Stern suggests that you do so when sending inter-office emails that feature the subject heading, “FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS USELESS DRIVEL.” There’s not a whole lot you can lose by giving your employees a reason to chuckle every now and again. This is not to imply that you shouldn’t be taken seriously, of course.

Be Specific When Exchanging Pleasantries. Instead of asking “how was your weekend?”, ask questions like “did you gamble away your first born again?” or “say, did your boyfriend ever find out what you did?” And while Stern’s examples certainly may not be appropriate for everyone, he reiterates his point that simple joking around in the office can help to lighten things up and make for better work days.

Movie Matinees. In a suggestion that we’ve never seen before, Stern suggests that once a month, the entire office takes a long lunch and goes out to a movie matinee. And although he recommends that “this suggestion on hold until Hollywood actually makes some good movies again”, it makes for a very original way to help your employees enjoy coming to work for you.

According to Stern, “there is no limit to the ways in which you can inject some fun into the workplace.” Obviously, not every working environment is the same and not every tip will work for every business. Think of the likes and interests of the people that make up your staff. Come up with ways to put smiles on their faces that will last throughout each and every work day.

With the holidays coming up, more people will be thinking of their times off work more than the actual days of work leading up to the break. Make it so that your place of business is a fun place to work. This will work wonders for your company well into the new year and beyond. Here’s hoping you have some fun at work today!

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