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Online Shopping Rules

Posted in News on 07.06.11 by John Meloche

As we have discussed a number of times on the Synergy Marketing Consultants Blog, the internet has changed the way that business is done. The bottom line is that the world wide web has revolutionized both the way companies sell their products and services and the way that consumers shop.

This is why we, here at Synergy, encourage our great clients to check out our website to take a look at the many different promotional items that we have available. We figure if they can “window shop” before making a purchase, they will be more comfortable with their options.

One of the main reasons that people enjoy online browsing is so that they may compare prices. Of course, it’s much easier to jump from website to website than it is to travel from one store to the other. If your website is able to present your products in a unique way and demonstrate that your prices are the best in the business, it’s certainly doing its job.

Yesterday, Dana Flavelle commented on this current phenomena in the Moneyville section of The Toronto Star‘s website. She writes that when customers are aware of how much they will pay for something before even walking into your store, you are no longer selling them. Instead, you are serving them!

These are the sentiments coming out of the STORE 2011 retail conference that took place at the Toronto Congress Centre yesterday. At the conference, Melissa Schaefer exclaimed that today’s consumers are no longer the type who buy products because a television ad has convinced them too. Schaefer, who is a worldwide retail leader with IBM global business services, insists that convenience, speed and service is what counts today.

One’s shopping experience, she believes, is to be “fast, fun and interactive.” This is why new technology has come in so handy, especially for time-pressed individuals who would rather spend their time taking care of other tasks than shopping around for deals. The internet provides the solution to consumers who wish to be served…not sold.

At yesterday’s conference, retailers were encouraged to take advantage of today’s digital technology. Giving customers the opportunities to compare products and prices online helps business owners to become the heads of leading retailers. The internet allows for comparisons to be made continent-wide, not just between neighbouring stores. In today’s society, online shopping rules.

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